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“Geeeenji” You whimper as your husband carried you too bed “I just wanted to go for a walk” you say slightly grumpy

“Sorry sweetie. But I have told you plenty of times I want you relaxing” Genji smiles kissing your neck making you growl

Genji was a FIRM believer that a stress free pregnancy was key to a safe and healthy delivery. 

“ But I’m only five months. I just wanted to walk down to the-”

“Nope. Sorry sweetie you know the one request. I just want to be positive you are relaxing”

You frown and stick your tongue out at him when he places out in bed  

You understood why he was so paranoid. For most of his recent life he was under the impression that children would be impossible. But both of you were shocked and ridiculously excided to find out you were filled with Genji’s life

Genji chuckled a tiny bit kissing your forehead “I’m sorry darling. How about you take a nap and when you wake up me and you can go for a  short walk” He says softly

You nod a little bit and yawn “alright fine. But only if you don’t carry hold me” You grumble a little bit

“I shall do my best darling” He smiles kissing you deeply on the lips

Time Alone (Bruce X Reader)

Characters: Bruce Banner X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None

Request: Hi! I saw it was your last day of requests so could I request a cute fluff fic where Bruce and Reader have been in a secret relationship and they keep trying to sneak off to make out/be alone but keep getting interrupted by the clueless avengers until finally Bruce drags Reader to his room and then when Bruce thinks they can finally be alone our beautiful Tony comes barging in? Thanks! Love your stuff!

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You had been seeing a scientist for a while now, that scientist being Dr Bruce Banner, who is also an Avenger.  

It’s funny how this came to happen. You were a researcher as well, and so you spent of lot of time in the lab together, but usually with other people, and he was of a higher level to you, so you didn’t want to interfere with his work. You managed to spark a conversation with him when he’d misplaced his coffee, and you offered to go get him another one. That started the routine of you every day getting him his coffee, and lots of small talk, before he asked to go get it with you.

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hot love (m)

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→ pairing: namjoon x fem!reader

→ genre: smut, fluff

→ au: uni au, best friends au, friends to lovers

→ word count: 3,000

→ request: ❝A namjoon smut where you like each other, but technically aren’t together. he sees you and jimin being extra friendly with each other. Then he loses it when you throw yourself onto jimins lap just playing around. THEN HE CALLS YOU TO HIS ROOM AND YEA GALWBEKSBE and at the end some fluff where they finally get together? Jealous Namjoon is my favorite 👀🙏❞

→ summary: You, Namjoon and Jimin are like the Three Musketeers, best friends for as long as you can remember. But there’s more going on between you and Namjoon. In the end, his jealousy puts you both into your places.

The look on Namjoon’s face could kill right about now.

Namjoon is generally a very gentle soul with clumsy hands and a tall, well-proportioned build, but there are times when his expression turns blank and the tips of his ears go red. You’ve known him long enough to tell when he’s angry and right now, Namjoon is angry.

But you aren’t really sure why.

It’s pretty indecent to be sitting on Jimin’s lap while your crush sits across from you, but it’s also pretty indecent to mindlessly flirt with other girls at a party that Namjoon had invited you to. And he’d done just that so in your mind, this is payback.

Plus, Jimin’s lap is really comfortable. His thighs make amazing cushions and the hand he has on your waist is warm, comforting you because he knows all too well about your situation with Namjoon.

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Rancher!McCree AU - Chapter 1 - Jesse McCree x Fem!Reader

A/N: I received this request a while ago and it took me some time to get up the courage to write and post it. This became sort of self-indulgent. The reader is a woman of color (mixed race) but I still want everyone to be able to enjoy it. This is my first time trying something like this…

This first chapter is just an introduction to the characters and their personalities. I’m expecting this fic to be quite long with lots of pining, stolen glances, etc… Its set in the late 1800s, some time after the Civil War.

No title yet but maybe I’ll think of something or one of you will be able to help me lol.

Words: 2,702
Warnings: racist terms, mention of prostitution

Before your mother died, you had promised her that you would never let anyone own you. You told her that you would never be someone’s slave. She wanted you to be strong, but you could never be as strong as her.

Opportunities for a woman around here were few and far between, especially for a woman of your color. The worst part was, you were hardly accepted by the people you most resembled. See, you are what the people here consider a mulatto, a mutt, or what some people called a house negro. You didn’t ask to be born this way, you just were. You blamed the white man that had his way with your mother for all your hardships. You swore you would never work for a white man and you wouldn’t let one take advantage of you.

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Requested by @fearlessmercenaryimaginesHey, are your requests still open? If they are can I request a Sandor “The Hound” Clegane X Female Reader. Perhaps they’re travelling together and they stop to watch the watch the stars and Sandor is sweet and fluffy. Thank you for all of the amazing work you do

Here you go, lovely! I do not own Sandor. He belongs to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: very brief mentions of fire and death, but mostly FLUFF

Pairings: Sandor Clegane x fem!reader

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You’d always loved being outside. Ever since you were a little girl, you’d spent as much time outdoors as possible. During the day, you had climbed trees and watched the clouds roll by, sometimes dreaming you were floating with them. Then, when the sun set and the stars came out, you would sit for hours just gazing up at them, wishing you could fly around them.

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“Rest Your Weary Bones, My Love” - (Ardyn x Fem!Reader) REQUEST

Right I know I said I was busy today, but one of my plans just fell through. Soo I’m going to do this extremely fluffy fic now and then do the two kinky requests later tonight.

This one is for @cellarhapsodos. It’s been on the backburner for ages because I didn’t feel confident with the idea until now, but she has the patience of a saint. Thanks sweetheart, I hope this is everything you wanted it to be! I know it’s a little short, sorry :(

Anyone else noticed Ardyn seems a lot more exhausted in Episode Prompto?

Tumblr Masterpost


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Back when

Request:  Can I request a T'challa x fem reader fanfic were the reader is a childhood friend of his younger sister Shuri but as she lives in Europe they can only write each other bc of there busy schedules. The reader is a student in university. And Shuri knows about readers crush on her brother and plots to get them together when reader is visiting. Thank you :)

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T’Challa Udaku//Black Panther x fem!reader

You nearly fell down the stairs running to the mailbox, eager as always. Every tuesday there was a fancy, addressed letter to Y/N Y/L/N shipped all the way from Wakanda. An ivory envelope with a neat stamp on the front paired with your name written by the king himself. Your roommate would joke how your eyes seemed to sparkle as you nearly ripped your mailbox off the wall. Long letters with endless mutual compliments, talking about whatever was going on. It made you happy. More happy then you would with a friend… You denied it much so but with the occasional letters paired from Shuri, she argued the opposite. As you started reading T’Challa’s lettre, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. After the usual ‘Dear Y/N’ ‘Glad to receive another letter’ and ‘How is your study going?’ there was a special addition in the envelope. Re-reading the bottom bit, your jaw dropped in surprise.

Speaking Writing about travelling; I wanted to mention that I’ve we’ve really missed your presence at the palace, like when we were children. Incorporated to this letter are plane tickets, to Wakanda. I- as well as Shuri have missed you an incredible amount and would like you to accept the tickets and visit us, in your upcoming time off university.

I hope you can accept this mere gift, and not go on and on about how this is ‘too much’ again. Because it’s not- you deserve everything it.

Still absolutely amazed, you reached into the envelope to indeed see a ticket to a private plane. “Holy fuck” you whispered to yourself. Before you know, you’re on a plane back to Wakanda. You’re not sure if the trembling hands are of the flight or of seeing T’Challa again. T’Challa and you- you weren’t together, not really. He was busy with being a king, a leader of an entire country while simultaneously protecting it. You were busy with university, education important as ever. 

Before you left- your childhood best friend dropping you off at the airport- you shared a moment. T’Challa didn’t know what went through his mind as he pulled you back by your wrist, snaked his other hand around your hip and pressed his lips against to yours. Millions and millions of thoughts raced through his mind until you returned the kiss, cupping his jaw with both hands. As you two pulled apart, the last call for your flight got blasted through the airport. You hesitated, before giving him another quick kiss. T’Challa’s hand lingered and it felt to physically hurt him to let go. 

And there you were. His dark eyes sparkled as yours do as well. Clearing your throat, you break eye contact and- as calmly as you can manage- walk over. Not being able to help himself, T’Challa opens his arms for a hug, not regretting his decision. You leave your suitcase a step behind as he folds his arms around your figure and you wrap your arms around his chest as well. “I’ve missed you” he whispers into your ear and you smile into his chest. “I’ve missed you too” you say, pulling away and instantly seeming to melt as you look into his eyes. 

A sound of someone clearing their throat make you flinch and step back, only to be pulled into a tight hug by Shuri. “Fuck, I’ve missed you” she giggles into the hug, as you do as well. “I did too, Shuri. You look so great” you say, pulling apart and looking at the girl. “You do too, Y/N” she replies, with a smirk on her face. As you lock eyes with T’Challa again, your stomach twirls, in the great way and Shuri smiles, nudging T’Challa with her elbow. “Oh- yeah,” he stutters, uncharastically nervous. “While you’re here, would- would you like to go to dinner some- sometime?” he asks, scratching the back of his head in sheer awkwardness of his own words. You mirror his small smile, and nod enthusiastically. Boy- are you glad to opened that envelope tuesday morning.

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Eren x his fem crush (reader) first kiss imagine or headcannon?

+ It wouldn’t have been planned at all, it would most likely happen the night of coming back home from an expedition.
+ Neither of you had seen each other the whole day except for that morning. Even still, you parted your ways with a long hug.
+ When you two saw each other you couldn’t help but to jump in his arms giving him a huge hug because neither of you were certain if one of you would still be alive.
+ “I’ve missed you.”
+ “I missed you too, Eren.”
+ “I was so afraid that you had-”
+ “No.. I’m here now. That’s all that matters.”
+ You pull away from the hug but Eren’s arms are still around your waist.
+ Time seemed to stop as you looked up into his big teal orbs. It was like it was only you and him in the universe.
+ “Can I kiss you..?” Eren would ask never breaking eye contact with you.
+ You would then nod shyly with a light tint of pink on your cheeks. He places his hands on both sides of your face.
+ Eren leans in and leaves a couple centimeters between his and your lips.
+ He’s hesitant as he grazes his lips against yours until he finally plants a kiss on your lips.

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Fics Coming At Ya!

Hi there, lovelies!! Here’s the new list of fics that I’ll be posting soon! 

*A GoT one-shot called “Stargazing”: Sandor Clegane x fem!reader

*A SPN Disney AU called “The Sun Meets the Sea”: Dean Winchester x fem!reader x Sam Winchester

*A GoT Disney AU called “To Break the Spell”: Sandor Clegane x reader

*A Tolkien Songfic! based on “The Willow Maid” by Erutan: Fili x fem!reader

*An Avengers fic titled “Flaw?”: Steve Rogers x fem!reader

*Part 2 of “The Girl in the River”: Bofur x fem!reader

*An Avengers one-shot called “Sticking Up For Others”: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader

*An OHSHC fic titled “Cautiously Optimistic”: Kyoya Ootori x fem!reader

There you go!! We’re getting close now!! 

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Ok what if Emily, Tracer, and Phara (separetly) had a crush on fem! Reader and thought she was straight bc they've only seen her with guys and one day someone's like you know she's bi right? Like how would they react

Emily would feel a bit stupid. Apparently everyone knew you were bi/pan, except for her. However, she’d ask you out immediately (or at least try to get closer to see if you’d ever be able to have a crush on her)

Tracer would immediately ask you out. She has waited long enough now so why should she waste more time?

Pharah would also feel stupid - why hadn’t she realised before? She would befriend you to see if you’d ever like her as more than friends.

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hello! i don't know if you are taking requests but i will try anyways. could you write one peter parker x fem!reader where they are together but she doesn't know he is spider-man and she gets bit by a spider and peter tries to make she feel better and just look at her and says something like "maybe it will give you super powers" and she laughs and kiss him and is just very sweet and fluffy and ahjshshwsj. thank you! sorry this is so long! love your writing! bye

Yes ♡ ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

Come Back (Charles Xavier x Fem!Reader)

Series: Read My Mind

First Previous

Summary: Charles realized his mistake in ever letting you go.

Requested: Considering I don’t take one-shot requests, no, this was not requested.

Warnings: Ehhhh… No.

Author’s Note: Last part of this series!! Woo!

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The Way I Feel Inside (Eggsy x Reader) Part 1

Summary: Based off of the song, ‘The Way I Feel Inside.’ (I saw Sing a month ago and honestly loved Taron’s singing so here we go)

Pairing: Eggsy x Fem!Reader

Warnings: None that I can think of

Word Count: 1636

A/N: So sorry about such a long hiatus guys. Hopefully this is a sign that my writer’s block is clearing up

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Eggsy and Roxy found themselves in a bit of a predicament.

To an outsider looking in, the partners appeared to be having a marvelous time. Eggsy twirled Roxy, her scarlet dress catching the light oh so perfectly that it sparked envy into some of the women in the room. Nevermind the fact that her date looked at her as though she were the stars to his moon, and the two appeared to whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

But in fact the opposite was true.

“What if they can’t reach us?”

Roxy smiled, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. “Are you really doubting Y/N’s talents?”

(Your POV)

“Morgana, I must insist-”

You cut off Merlin’s protests with a simple glare. The man held his tongue, but you could see the conflict in his gaze as he rolled his chair beside yours. Your fingers moved with grace, pressing the appropriate keys as you attempted to hack into the most complex system you had met yet: the Kremlin.

“If you even hesitate for too long-”

“Merlin,” you said, clearly exasperated, though not tearing your eyes away from the monitor now. “If you ever expect me to one day take your place, you have to trust in my skillset. Why else would you have sponsored me?”

He didn’t answer, and for that you were grateful. There was enough stress surrounding your current situation, and you would be lying if you said that your main focus was completing the mission. No, it was to make sure Eggsy got out alive.

Not that anyone needed to know that.

(Eggsy’s POV)

“Galahad, can you hear me?”

Eggsy smiled at the familiar voice. “Loud and clear, Morgana.”

Roxy’s shoulders relaxed as they twirled along the dancefloor, now able to focus on their mission without worrying about if they would even make it home.

“Good. I’m looking at the blueprints right now. There’s a hallway somewhat hidden away to your far right.” Eggsy turned his head, allowing his eyes to be yours. “Right behind Ambassador Tolstoy, can you see it?”

“Yeah,” Eggsy confirmed, dipping Roxy so she could peer past the group of fat politicians.

“Do you want me to lead Fyodor over there?” His partner questioned, her eyes already searching the crowded space for the engineer they were meant to kidnap.

Both agents heard a chuckle, most likely from Merlin, when your voice spoke into the comms again. “Lancelot, no offense, but Fyodor does not necessarily go after people like you.” Eggsy could hear the smile in your voice. “Galahad, from what I’ve observed since the connection has been re-established, the man cannot take his eyes off of you.”

Eggsy’s cheeks burned a bright red as he chanced a glance to his left. Sure enough, there stood Fyodor Romanov, a Russian gangster who single-handedly led to the assassination of four Kingsman agents two months prior. The target sipped a glass of cognac, though it appeared he had an appetite for something that would guarantee a more prolonged satisfaction.

“Galahad, all you have to do is talk to him. Maybe flirt a little, maybe a kiss…”

Roxy laughed as Eggsy twirled her around. “You’re not helping,” he grumbled out.

“Merlin will be with you the whole time. Lancelot, I’m going to contact you on a separate frequency; we have something else for you.”

Eggsy led Roxy to the edge of the dance floor, where they removed themselves from each other. Roxy tilted her head to Fyodor, her eyes sparkling. “Have fun,” she said, before walking away to do whatever it was you needed her for.

As Eggsy approached Fyodor, Merlin attempted to give him a few pointers. “Just pretend he’s Princess Tilde.” Eggsy scoffed. “Right, forgot that’s a sour topic. I’m sure from a certain angle he has to look semi-appealing.”

Eggsy shook his head, grabbing a flute of champagne and chugging it. “It’s not that he’s ugly Merlin; it’s just that I can’t–”

“How about Y/N?” Eggsy froze where he stood. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed how you stare at her. I’m sure that with enough imagination, and more than just one glass of champagne…” He trailed off, hoping Eggsy could follow his method of thinking.

Eggsy siddled up to the bar, right beside Fyodor. Sending the Russian his most charming smile, he whispered to the bartender, “Your strongest. Keep it coming.”

(Your POV)

You leaned back in your chair, pinching the bridge of your nose as you tried to will away the headache that was coming on. Too long staring at a screen did that to a person. Add to that the constant worrying about Eggsy… you really needed to sleep this one off.

You felt Merlin’s gaze on you, and dropped your hand to meet it. “What’s wrong?”

“Y/N,” it really never was a good sign when Merlin’s tone was serious, “how long do you plan to go on like this?”

“I have no idea what you mean.” You did.

“After what happened with Dean, I just don’t want you getting hurt again.”

“If you’re trying to imply I feel something for Eggsy, then you might need more rest than I do.” Not wanting to speak of the matter anymore, you stood from your desk and left, heading for your quarters.

Merlin sighed, shaking his head. It was then his stomach dropped as he saw your comms unit, discarded, but online. He turned it off, for once hoping his agents weren’t listening as they so often didn’t.

But fortune was not on anyone’s side that day.


For the next week, a palpable tension rested heavily in the air. In an effort to prove Merlin wrong, you spent the majority of your time overseeing various missions, leaving the array of monitors only to eithe eat, sleep, or use the restroom (though you found that with the help of some friends and a pillow, you could do the first two down there).

Meanwhile, you noticed Eggsy appeared to be a bit down the last few days, when you would see him that is, but you just assumed it had to do with Princess Tilde, who had gotten married that week as well. Remembering how willingly Eggsy went to her once a month, you would be lying if you said you weren’t glad she had gotten married; even Eggsy had limits. Yet that still didn’t mean you enjoyed his sour mood.

One day, you decided to approach Roxy about the subject. You found her in the gun range, eyes fixed in determination as her bullets went through the same hole over and over and over again. In hindsight, her cold stare and rigid posture should have given it all away.

Fast forward ten minutes, and you found yourself in the infirmary, listening to Roxy apologize again and again as the nurse stitched up the result of a bullet grazing your arm.

Not a second later Eggsy comes into the room, his eyes wide as he takes in the scene in front of him. “What the hell happened?”

You cut off Roxy before she could say anything. “Tried practicing in the shooting range again. Now you know why Merlin keeps me off the field.” You tried to smile but winced as the nurse pulled a little too tightly on your skin.

Eggsy nodded, his concern fading before that icy mask fell over him yet again. “Well, after you’re done here, he wants to see you downstairs. Something about a Japanese hacker group.”

Without another word he left the room. You turned to Roxy, who now avoided your gaze. “What the hell is all of that about?”

“He’s just been really upset about Princess Tilde.” She pressed a hand to her comms unit and sent you an apologetic smile. “Sorry I have to go. I’ll make this up to you.”

As she rushed out of the room, you felt a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time: loneliness. Sure, your friends were there (you supposed Merlin counted as a friend as well), but they were all lying to you. For the first time in a while, you felt like an outsider in a place that had come to mean home.

When the nurse cleared you, you headed straight for lower ground, deciding it better to immerse yourself in work rather than face the conflict at hand.

Merlin and Eggsy were standing there, waiting for you. Your superior’s eyes trailed to the bandage wrapped around your arm, to which you shrugged, wordlessly promising to explain it to him later.

“Morgana, thank you for joining us so promptly.” Merlin greeted. He turned to Eggsy, who seemed to be looking at anything except you. “Would you like to tell her or should I?”

Eggsy twirled one of Merlin’s pens in his hands. “You’re the boss.”

What the hell had gotten into him? But you didn’t have much time to contemplate this as Merlin turned back to face you.

“Lancelot is in Tibet for the rest of the month, and, due to the bombing last week, I barely have enough field agents as it is.” He couldn’t be serious. “I need you to join Galahad on a mission.”

You listened to Merlin explain the mission details. It was a usual: high class citizen who exploits their business for the sake of profits. This one in particular is suspected of human trafficking. However, your attention solely remained on Eggsy.

You watched him avoid your gaze purposely. His jaw clenched as Merlin explained the two of you would pose as a newlyweds attending a gala in Paris. Eggsy would be the supposed bastard of some aristocrat who you didn’t bother remembering the name of. The job was simple: get in, grab the banker, and get out.

Unfortunately, when it came to you two nothing was simple.

(A/N Part 2 is in the works. Let me know what you guys think)

Who Is It? (Tony X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter x Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: I love your Tony Starks daughter stuff! Can you write one where the avengers come back from a mission to avengers tower and Tonys daughter is sitting in the living room being like ‘hey I hacked into your system 'cause I’m your super smart daughter and have no where else to go’ and Tony starts to get really protectiv over her. And then finds out that she is falling in love with Peter, but Tony is basically the last one to find out? Sorry, that kinda got long ^^ I love the way you write btw :)

Originally posted by fymarveluniverse

Feeling the jet land let the Avengers take a sigh of relief. Another mission a success. They all hurried out of their uniforms and into the tower, hoping to put on a good movie, eat some snacks, and take a well-deserved nap.

However, walking in to the main room, they saw you on the couch with your phone in hand, looking bored. “Y/N?” Your dad, Tony called.

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Girlfriend (Draco Malfoy x Female!Reader)

Requested: yep @bear105 sent this and I love it. It is an amazing prompt.

“I’m just trying to find reasons to keep us talking, honestly.”

A/N: I know that it took me a while to get to this but here you are dearie.

Warnings: nope. not even swearing.

Word Count: 657

Blurb:  Draco is dating Pansy Parkinson. Or at least that’s what (Y/N) thinks. Now, will Malfoy’s plan work? Or will his plan fall apart at the last minute?

She laughed loudly. A loud, screeching laugh. (Y/N) was not jealous. Ever. 

So what was this emotion she was feeling right now?

She just wanted to spend as much time with Draco as Pansy or Blaise. Was that really too much to ask?

“Shh Pansy!” Draco hissed at the girl who was currently laughing so hard he was surprised she hasn’t fallen over yet.

“Why are you saying that Draco?” Parkinson wheezed. “She’s practically your girlfriend.”

The blond haired boy scowled silently as his fellow Slytherin student continued chuckling. Quieter this time.

(Y/N) and he had spoken before. But they weren’t even friends. Let alone dating. 

Well, he was going to fix that. Soon.

“Pansy if you don’t shut up this instant I will hex you so hard that your dead grandmother will feel it.” he said calmly.

“Why?” questioned the girl, looking around. Aha! 

There, by the fountain was poor, innocent, little (Y/F/N). Oblivious to Draco standing there, blushing.

“Oh! Because there she is!” Pansy said as loudly as she could while obviously pointing in the direction of (Y/N).

“Pansy!” Draco panicked and tried to drag her away.

The commotion grabbed (Y/N)’s attention. She looked up to see Draco Malfoy and his girlfriend Pansy Parkinson messing around a few feet away. 

Draco’s hair had gotten sort of messy from trying to get Pansy away. It glinted softly in the setting sun.

Sighing loudly she got up from her space, dusted herself off and set off to her dorm.

“(Y/F/N) how nice to see you?” Pansy smiled as the girl passed her.

“Parkinson. Malfoy.” the girl acknowledged them, briefly looking into Draco’s dazzling grey eyes.

Draco who was still trying to drag Pansy off just nodded and blushed even more. 

How was he going to go through with his plan if he couldn't even say one word to the girl?

“Rude.” (Y/N) muttered as she walked away, just loud enough for her to hear.

“(Y/L/N)!” Draco yelled, catching up to her. “Glad I caught you.”

“Hello, Draco. Why is that?” she questioned, suspicious that something was going on. 

She rarely spoke to the brilliantly blond-haired boy.

“I just wanted to ask if you could help me study for the potions test next week?”

“Malfoy. What are you playing at? Is this a prank?” (Y/N) asked.

“What?” the blond said, utterly confused.

“You’re the best at potions. Top of the class. Except maybe Granger. Why would you need my help?” 

“Fine. Then maybe I could help you?” he offered, running his hand through his hair as (Y/N) tried not to pass out.

“No, thanks. I don’t need your help.” she answered, slightly offended.

As she started walking to herbology he continued.

“Maybe I can walk you to lesson? Or to dinner later?” he suggested.

“Why? Don’t you have plans with your girlfriend?” 

After a confused look from Draco, she whispered. “Parkinson?”

He just laughed.

“No need to be a jerk about it! I get it you’re in a happy relationship and I’m not! Happy now?” she yelled before setting off down the corridor.

Draco came to his senses quickly after and grabbed her arm gently.

“No! No! That’s not it at all.” he explained. “She’s not my girlfriend. Honest.”

“Oh. I didn’t know. Sorry.” (Y/N) replied. She still had a chance. “So why were you asking to walk me to dinner and stuff?”

I’m just trying to find reasons to keep us talking, honestly. So that I could ask you something.”

“Ask away.”

“Would…Would you…”

“Yeah? Go on.” she prompted.

“Would you be my girlfriend?” Draco mumbled.


“I knew you were going to say that. This was stupid. I shouldn’t have asked. I knew…Wait! What?”

“Yes!” (Y/N) giggled.

He lifted her up and spun her around as they both laughed.

“Thank you (Y/N).” Draco whispered before kissing her passionately.

When they pulled away all he said was “I guess my plan worked.”

This made his girlfriend laugh. 


Draco Malfoy


HP Universe







please live

as u can guess from the title this is angst as hell so i wish yall some luck getting through this long-ass fic

i like it tho

pairing: crankgameplays/ethan nestor x reader

word count: 1203 im so sorry its so long

rating: t for the angst,,, 

warning: car accidents, mentions/signs of drunk driving

request: Can you do number 39 (from the prompt list) with Ethan and a fem!reader please :) log euou blog omg your perfect

prompt: “I love you, you asshole.”

Originally posted by itshowell

 It was late. It was at least midnight, probably later - earlier? You didn’t know - and it was strangely quiet outside, which meant that lines in restaurants would be nonexistent. And you were craving some Chinese takeout.

 Luckily, you weren’t the only one awake, and you could hear soft swear words every so often coming from the room down the hall.

 You crept off of the couch and made your way down the narrow hallway. Reaching the door, you knocked gently and heard a frustrated “come in,” before you opened the door, hinges creaking at the movement.

 Ethan sat at his desk, the computer screen illuminating his face. It was the only light on in the room, so you moved your hand across the wall until you found the light switch, flicking it on. Ethan squinted at the sudden light and looked at you. “What’s up?” He asked.

 You were planning to ask him, but seeing how stressed he was and how the dark circles under his eyes were bright and screamed that he needed a break. Ethan had no choice but to come with you now.

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OKAY I LITERATELY DROPPED EVERYTHING TO DO THIS REQUEST!!! I have gone through something similar anon. And I came out alright. YOU JUST GOTTA HAVE FAITH. 

Warnings: Feels

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You sat bundled on the couch re-reading the note you had gotten from Mercy over and over. “The possibility of having a child might be extremely slim” That phrase kept replaying in your head. You had promised your husband Jesse a family. A family one like neither of you had ever gotten to enjoy due to the crisis.

You jumped when you heard the metal spurs on his boots clink trying to hide all the evidence that you had been crying

“Darlin im home” He says with a smile expecting his usual greeting hug and kiss. But nothing

“Doll where are ya?” he asks peeking his head into the living room to see you stuffing tear stained tissues into the trash bin “Y/N? Whats wrong?” He asks putting his serape and hat on the coat hanger

“I-Its nothing Jesse don’t worry about it” You blurt out rubbing your still puffy eyes

“This don’t look like nothin darlin” He frowns kicking off his boots and sitting next to you. Within seconds you are in his lap. An arm around you while the other plays with your hair

“Tell me whats wrong darlin? Somebodys ass i gotta kick? New sad movie you saw?”

You shake your head gripping his shirt tightly. Terrified to tell him what was actually happening. But he would need to know sooner than later. Better to fill him in than leave him in the dark while you two possibly try for years to have a kid

“Jesse. I went to see Angela today. And got some really bad news” You say shakily. This was getting harder and harder with the passing second. As the tears started to swell up again you started to shut off. Your ability to talk practically flew out the window as you pushed the note to him and started to sob

He was torn for a second. Read the note or comfort my wife. Was the question running through his head at the moment. So he skimmed the note for a brief moment. Only getting the important words. you saw him bite his bottom lip looking rather upset

“Y/N…I don’t”

“Im so sorry Jesse. I know we promised each other a family and than i ruin it with thi-”

He cut you off by pressing his lips against yours. He was crying too?

“Don’t apologize darlin. Please you’ll make yourself think its your fault”

“But it i-”

“it aint sweetie” He smiles wiping your cheeks of tears “Ill have none of that darlin. Hell The note says itll be hard not impossible” he says with a big goofy grin on his face making you laugh a little “So Y/N my lovin perfect wife and future mother to a whole bunch a kiddos. Will ya help me help you have a baby by belivin?” you nod and hug him tightly. Pressing your face against his solder. He was right. You had a family on the way. You just didn’t know it yet

You’ve What!? (Peter X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Sexual themes, drinking, threatening

Request: Beauty, could I ask one in which the reader is the babygirl of the avengers, and has been datind Peter Parker for a long time, but they dont bother them( because think is a child thing, like they just hold hands) but one day they a little drunk and playing “ Never have I ever” and someone ask: “had sex” and Peter and reader drink, and everybody freaks out and starts making questions and threatening Peter and want to kill him (but Natasha and Wanda protect him) and funny cute things like u do <3

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“Hey lovebirds, are you gonna play never have I ever with us?” Tony asked. He was asking you and Peter, who were laid on the couch cuddling. You two had been dating for a long time now, over 6 months, and still going strong. He was a total sweetheart and treated you like royalty. He did it because he was him, but also because he knew that you were the baby of the family of Avengers, and they were ever so protective of you. You had been an Avenger for just over a year and being a year younger than Peter, made you the youngest Avenger and that meant everyone looked out and after you. Missions alone was unheard off and one injury and they would protect you like a precious gem. They saw your relationship with Peter as harmless and nothing past cuddles, kisses and holding hands.

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anonymous asked:

Hanzo giving shy/short fem s/o a hickie for the first time?

FEMALE PROUNOUN READER/ no proof read sadly

Dating had never been something Hanzo had thought much about, everything was always way more imporant and other maytters far more pressing. But since joining Overwatch he felt himself change in alot of ways, some he was pleased about while others confused him. He had been dating another member for a few months now, he’d had sex before, he wasn’t that bad at contact with other humans but he’d not fully dated anyone.

And it sure was odd.

He’d often pretend he was reading a book while he listened to the younger members talk about their realtionships. Lucio and D.va would often watch those God awful cartoons and sappy shows while he was in the room and he’d tried to catch a few things. He wasn’t the most unromantic person in the world but he was very much awkward with most things…

But he was learning, and as much as he hated to admit it, Mccree was also a decent person to ask, hadn’t made too much fun of him when the subject of making make out sessions more intimate.

It was a Thursday night and you had both gotten the might off, no missions, duties or paperwork, just catching up with one another after a week of being ships in the night, passing at lunch before being rushed off to one thing or another.

Hanzo put his arm around your waist and leaned down to nuzzle his face against your neck slightly as you fiddled with the keypad to your room, he loomed over you and had a fair way to lean to playfully kiss along your neck. So much taller then you, but he didn’t seem to mind how mismatched you both looked side by side. You opened the door after managing to pull your boyfriend away from you for a moment.

“Eager tonight aren’t we?” You asked with a small blush as you peeked your head out the door way seeing if anyone had seen you two.

Everyone knew you were both going out but you were still very shy about anything in public, or even outside your room. He made a little hmmm as he walked over to the mini fridge you had. “Do we still have sake?” he asked knowing he’d left a bottle last time he was over.

“Oh yes, I haven’t touched it” you mused as he got the small bottle out and managed to find the cups. pouring you both one, a nice way to relax after a day he always thought, he was a fan of it hot but you didn’t like it that way.

“Here” he sat next to you on the small sofa you had.

“T-thanks” you said taking the dinky little cup in your hands.

He put his arm around you as he sipped his, pulling you closer, you leaned into his touch and made a pleased sigh, it had been a week since you had got to fully enjoy oneanothers company. You both made conversation, a few chuckles here and there, he was a soft spoken man and didn’t mind that you didn’t talk alot, neither the sort of people to just fill silence with idle chit chat.

After a few cups of sake you felt hands on you, not that you minded at all but you still had a bright red blush as your older partner pushed you back on the sofa, your head rested on the arm as his lips found yours. Your eyes fluttered close as you moaned into the embrace, deepening the kiss.

Soon Hanzo had removed his lips from yours, kissing your jaw, your cheek and moving down to your neck… kissing along the sensitive flesh and basking in the shy little murmurs of approval that escaped even s you tried your best to muffle them. The kisses got more heated, sloppy, before there was a nip.. you made a small squeak as there was a pressure on your neck.

Hanzo had been watching one of these silly shows with the younger ones and had inquired what the marks on a girls neck was, after being told something wild had awoken in him, the need to mark you as his in such a simple way. He sucked on the soft skin of your neck, adding a nibble for effect, the sounds you made, the way you arched your body, all of it. seemed you liked it as much as he did.

When he was certain he had made his mark he pulled away, brushing some of the loose hair that had fallen over it away and smirking, there was already a bruise forming, he looked at your flushed face as a hand went to your neck.
“M-my first hickey..” you said blinking at him.

“Well.. maybe I should give you your second and third…” that devilish grin as he sank back down renewed the red hue across you cheeks as you let out a little yelp and moan.

The next morning you both sat in the kitchen, Hanzo sat at the table eating toast while playing saduko in the paper, You stirred your coffee and smiled to yourself, last night had been lovely, more intense then ever before.

You almost jumped a mile when Mccree suddenly leaned against the counter drinking from his own coffee mug, eyeing you up… the cup being set down and such a shit eating grin on your friends face.

“Well,well lookie here… marked by the dragon huh darlin’?” he chuckled at his own joke while you went bright red and Hanzo choked on his toast.