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“All Smiles”

Request:  Could you do one where a fem reader looks at Luke the same way Han looks at him in skysolo fics? Innocent cute beautiful boy with big bright eyes.I’d like to see that because usually a female perspective would describe him as tall and strong. Please?

-This was cute to write!

You made your way through the door, accidently slamming it behind you. Making your usual way from the door to the couch, you found Luke Skywalker and sat down right next to him.

“Honey I’m home.” You practically whispered, your head finding its way onto Luke’s shoulder. It took you a few minutes, but you realized that Luke was grinning at you. Not his usual dorky grin either. “What?” You looked at him, curious on what was going on.

“I have a SUR-PRISE!” Luke began to giggle. He then quickly kissed you, jumped off of the couch, and practically ran toward the kitchen. You were left waiting on him. Luke’s happiness was contagious, so you couldn’t help but giggle as you listened to his footsteps coming back into the room.

“Close your eyes!” Luke was brimming with absolute excitement.

You placed your palms over your eyes, debating in your head whether or not you should be scared, terrified, or excited.

“Open!” The first thing you saw was Luke, he was staring at you, beaming. Pure happiness was showing in his eyes. Then you looked down to what he was holding.

In his palms laid an open box- inside a necklace. You had to gasp, the thing was absolutely gorgeous. Gently you took the box out of Luke’s hands and admired the piece of jewelry. The pendent was a circle, the first letter of your name + L. You couldn’t help but admire the thoughtfulness in it. It wasn’t an anniversary, and it wasn’t a birthday. There was no holiday going on (that you could think of.)

“Thank you, so very much, love. You’re too sweet.” You stood up to give him a kiss on the cheek, and noticed his cheeks turn a light shade of red.

Luke stared at you with hopeful eyes. “Do you like it?”

You had to grin at him. He was absolutely adorable. “Why, of course!” You wrapped your arms around him. Luke hugged you back, his face buried in your shoulder.

“I’m so so glad you like it. I knew when I saw it I just had to get it for you.” He grinned at you.

“Can you help me put it on?” You asked, knowing he’d be all over that request.

“Yes! Yes, sure.” He took the box out of your hand, very gently removing the necklace and unclasping it. You pulled your hair out of the way, turning around for him.

“There you go.” He whispered, and you turned around to face him again.

As soon as you turned around he let out a small gasp. “Y/n. You look absolutely beautiful. I mean- you look absolutely beautiful with or without the necklace- but you look really gorgeous, gorgeous.”

“Thank you so much, my dear.” You smiled at him, before planting a gentle kiss on his still blushing cheek.

This is what you loved about Luke Skywalker. No, not the necklace hanging around your neck. The thoughtfulness he held. Yes, he was a Jedi. Strong, brave, everything good. Then there were the parts of him excited over getting you presents, and the part more than willing to lay with you on the couch as you two watched your favorite movie. Luke was the kind of boy who was perfectly willing to indulge in all of the simple joys. He relaxed you. He reminded you of what was important. And all you could think about for the rest of the night was how happy he was, and his innocent excitement over giving you a gift. The boy cuddled up next to you was all smiles.

Cramps & Cuddles

Tony x Fem!reader

Request: Hi. I was wondering if maybe you could maybe do a story like you did with Red White and Blue, but instead do it with Tony x Reader. Maybe with the reader have really bad cramps but trying to hide them. Tony somehow has a hunch and ends up being really touchy-feely with the reader. Bonus points if there are cuddles and maybe belly rubs?? - @deadlyblackpanther

A/N: I had a really hard time writing serious Tony because I mostly see him being sarcastic, but I liked the challenge. Also, I’m so so sorry it took me this long, I’m hoping I make up for it with the story, and I hope you like it!

  You were laying in bed, deciding whether you should get up and get ready or stay under the satisfying warmth of your covers. You gave in to five more minutes, knowing you’d regret it anyway and most likely be late. Tony Stark was throwing a party tonight, but you had gotten your period yesterday and had horrible cramps. Despite your pain, you couldn’t bring yourself to skip it. You’d do just about anything to spend more time with Tony, your not so secret crush. Grunting, you rolled out of bed and onto the floor and crawled to your closet. You stood up and began to look through your options, finally settling on something comfortable and cute. You made yourself look presentable and left your room for the party, already dreading it.

  You were uncomfortable, bored, and alone. Everyone else on the team was busy trying to protect the public image, entertaining guests, or flirting. Tony was busy with some girl, obviously getting close to her. You loved him desperately, and when combined with you PMS made you fairly pissed. All you wanted was to crawl back into bed, maybe with netflix and Ton-

  “Y/N!” Your daydreams were been interrupted by the very same man who occupied them.

  “Hi Tony,” you smiled at him bashfully, forgetting your earlier frustrations.

  “I’ve been looking for you the entire time.”

  You remembered that you were mad, and sassed him. “Really? You seemed pretty caught up with the brunette over there.”

  “That was just schmoozing,” he said, smirking.

  “Well I think I’ve had enough schmoozing for one night,” you retorted as you turned to leave. You were so mad that you had let yourself fall in love with someone who blatantly had no interest in you and you suddenly couldn’t stand to be in the same room as him.

  “Where are you going? Party’s tha-”

  “Why do you care?” You attempted to make a dramatic escape when a huge wave of cramps hit you. You tried to stifle a moan of pain as you clutched your stomach.

  “Y/N! What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly as he ran up to you.

  “Nothing ah-argh!” You cried out as another wave of cramps hit you.

  “You need to see a doctor or something,” Tony muttered under his breath as he helped you leave the party.

  “Tony this has been happening for a while now, like every month, so I think I know how to deal with it myself.”

  “What the fuck, Y/N!”

  “Tony just think about it, jesus. It’s pretty norm- ahhh!” Your cramps hit again.

  “What?” He paused, maybe to use that billionaire brain of his, “Oh,” he faltered and blushed before starting again. “I’m going to take you to your room and then we’re going to turn on netflix and eat ice cream or something. Do you want any pamprin?” He asked as he hit the elevator button and then ushered you inside.

  “No thanks, it doesn’t really work for me.” You hit the button for your floor, confused. “Why are you helping me? I was pretty mad at you about 4 seconds ago.”

  “Cause I care about you. A lot.” The elevator doors opened and he picked you up bridal style and carried you to your room.

  “Uh, Tony?”


  “I can walk on my own, you know.”

  “Yeah but if your cramps hit again it’d take longer, and I like to show off my amazing strength.” He said with a wink.

  You giggled as he placed you on your bed, then he turned on the tv and tossed the remote to you.

  “Pick something for us to watch and I’ll be right back.”

  You looked through your options for a while and ended up picking one of your favorite movies from your childhood. You wondered what was taking Tony so long until you saw him with his arms full of a few flavors of ice cream and lots of chocolate, as well as a heating pad, and there was guy behind him with a mini fridge.

  “Put that over there next to her on the other side of the bed.” He told the guy, before joining you on your bed while you sat there in shock. “Thanks,” Tony said, waving the worker off when he had finished installing the fridge. He then got up and put the ice cream in it.

  “Tony, oh my gosh.”


  “Do I really need a mini fridge?”

  “Yeah. I didn’t know if you would want to eat chocolate or ice cream first, and I didn’t want the ice cream to melt either way so I had one of the waiters I hired for the party take the one from my room and move it here,” he explained.

  “You didn’t have to do tha- Oh! I completely forgot about the party! I don’t want to keep you from your guests. You should go have fun.” You didn’t want him to leave, but you also didn’t want him to miss his own party.

  “Nah, I’d rather stay with you. The rest of the team can handle the press,” he smiled at you as he rejoined you on the bed.


  “Now scoot over,” he said as he climbed behind you so you were sitting in between his legs with your head resting on his chest. “Is that comfortable for you?”

  “Yes, very,” you smiled as you turned on the movie. Tony laughed as soon as he realized what it was, and handed you the chocolate he brought. Then he began to massage your lower stomach in small and gentle circles and you relaxed against him. Your cramps were practically gone, and it wasn’t too long before you and Tony were close to sleep.



  “I love you.”

  “Love you too.” 

- Admin Kira

Um... Hi (Clay x Reader)

Request by anon: clay out for his morning run, and he see’s reader waiting for the ok-to-walk light at the crosswalk and he stares/is so enamored he runs into a pole or smthin and completely embarrasses himself. maybe after he offers to walk reader to where they’re headed and can’t help but flirt the whole time 

(Request insp. by this post)

Warnings: Dorky!Clay. That is all. (I also made this a Fem!Reader even though the gender wasn’t explicitly stated in the ask, so I hope that whoever requested this is going to be ok with that)

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Title: Stutter
Summary: Request -  Steve is an  awkward, blubbering mess throughout his and Y/N’s relationship. Or, they’re both n e r d s.
Pairing: Reader x Steve
Word Count: 802


Natasha was very easily one of the most perceptive people out there; she could read anyone and everyone like a book.

That being said, even Tony Stark (who could barely distinguish sadness from happiness) could tell that Steve was desperately in love with Y/N. It was also extremely clear that he was terribly awkward when it came to talking about it. Or to her.  Or about her.

Even during missions, when he wasn’t Steve Rogers and he was Captain America, he was terrible at talking to her. Natasha was starting to get frustrated.

Example A:

“Status, uh, Y/N,” he said, he wasn’t yelling like he did with the others. He wasn’t calm or anything, his voice was just less angry than when he was talking to the others.

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athenalovesanime asked:

Scenario where murasakibara,aomine and kagami having a bubble bath with their long time girlfriend.

First things first how the hell did they fit in that tub

Even after such a long time, the many times he’s seen you, he’s still in awe of your beauty. There’s something about the sight of your nude form, that’s so intimate and unadulterated, that renders Kagami unable to take his eyes off you as you sit opposite him in the bathtub. 

You look completely at home, relaxing in the almost too hot water that envelops you both, and the tall layer of bubbles. Your knees are against your stomach and loose strands of hair cling to your skin.

You catch his gaze as you scoop up a handful of suds. In the heat of the moment you bring your hands closer to your lips to blow suds at Kagami’s face, a few stick to his nose and his cheek as Kagami crinkles his face and splutters a series of mundane curses.

Your laughter fills the room. Alongside his yelling of course.

You let out a groan of satisfaction as the dull waves of hot water massage stiff muscles after a long day of work. With Aomine’s arms wrapped around your waist and your back against his chest, Aomine is willing away any lewd thoughts. Mainly because he doesn’t want to prove your initial suspicion as correct, but also because he likes these moments, the ones where you open yourself up to him entirely, melting into his body while you whine about your day.

Steam begins to cloud his sight, and his body is littered with a handful of water droplets clinging to his defined form.

“Today was tough as well huh?” He comments as he feels the tension leave your body. “Need a massage?” He offers. “Can’t say it’ll be any good or not.”

“Really?” You make no attempt at hiding your surprise. Regardless, you thank him as he places his hands on your shoulders.

Murasakibara wondered why you two hadn’t done this earlier. Something so simple was so relaxing. The back of his head was resting against your chest, the tips of his hair was dipped in water as bubbles surrounded him from his neck upwards, while your hands lazily twirled his purple strands between your fingertips.

You felt a his weight push you down more than before, and you realised that he was sinking down onto you.

“Atsushi, don’t sink into the bath so much! You’ll flood the bathroom!” You chided before he accidentally caused a catastrophe.

“Fine, ___chin.” He drawls, and out of nowhere, he snaps his neck around to face you and press a short kiss to your lips. His eyes were still as sleepy as ever, but they still held the same sense of adoration. Your company was bliss.

Old Friends 》Liam Dunbar (Part 1)

“There’s this new girl in my 2nd period. She’s a sophomore but she’s super smart and stuff.” Kira said as she bit into into an apple. “Oh. I think I heard about her. I think someone said her name was Y/N or something."Malia replied,sitting next to her.

"But there’s something strange about her."Kira said.” She was staring at me. When I looked, she looked terrified.“

"Maybe she had a rough night."Lydia pointed out. "Or she’s a banshee.” Stiles replied. Lydia just glanced at him, thinking about how stupid his theory is.

“What are you guys talking about?"Scott asked, sitting down with Liam.

"The new girl, Y/N.” Stiles replied uninterested.

“Wait. Y/N L/N?” Liam piped up.

“I think so. Do you know her or something?"Kira asked.

"We went to elementary and middle school together. But she started getting homeschooled in 7th grade.” Liam replied, looking a little sad.

“You liked her didn’t you?"Malia asked with raised eyebrows. Liam blushed looking down.

"She’s sitting over there. You should go talk to her."Lydia said, pointing at a  few tables behind Liam, where Y/N was sitting.

"That would be a bit wierd wouldn’t it? I haven’t talked to her in like, 4 years.” Liam said, reeking of anxiety.

“Just talk to her Liam. You shouldn’t be worried about it.” Stiles said, eating his fries.

“Fine. I’ll do it.” Liam said sighing. And getting up. As he walked over to the table Y/N is at, he started to get really Nero is and doubt his decision.

“Y/N?” He asked when he reached her table. She jumped and looked at his, like she was afraid. “Liam? Liam Dunbar?” Y/N asked, standing up. “Yup.” He replied looking down.

His eyes were fixated on his shoes until he felt someone’s arms around him. “I missed you.” Y/N whispered. “It’s been so long.”

“Yeah, it has.” He whispered back.

After a while, they pulled away. “Do you want to come meet my friends?” Liam asked, pointing to the pack.

Y/N looked over at them. “You’re friends with them?” She said looking scared, stepping away.

“Yeah. Look I know they’re seniors and they seem a little intimidating.They don’t bite.” Liam said with a soft smile.

“How do you know they don’t bite?” Y/N said, staring at the seniors. Liam looked at her shocked. She knows something,he thought.

“Liam… just please stay away from them. It’s for your own good.” Y/N stated, backing away. She then turned around and left the cafeteria.

“Guys….. she knows something. I - I think she knows we’re supernatural.” Liam said worried.

“Look. I have an idea. All of you guys come to my house and ask her for the truth. There’s nothing wrong with being straight forward.” Lydia said, looking at her friends.

“Alright.” and"Sure.“ Were heard by the pack but Liam hasn’t replied."Let’s do it."Liam finally said

I Know

Title: I Know
Summary: Request -  Y/N helps Bucky recover, she actually spends all her time on it. (or, Steve is a jealous bitch and Y/N is so done with him)
Warnings: Swearing, FLUFF ALL THE FLUFF,
Ship(s): Reader x Steve Rogers, Slight Reader x Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 1093



“Really? You’ll go out with me?”

“’Course, Stevie. I’ve always liked you like that.”


Steve Rogers was totally the jealous type. He didn’t like other guys even looking at his girlfriend, let alone touching her. But he trusted his friends around her; they knew she could kick their ass (and if she didn’t want to, Steve would for her). So, it was incredibly ironic that the person he had to actually worry about stealing his girl was his best friend.

When Bucky was found, he wasn’t Bucky. He was a shell of a person who looked like Steve’s best friend.

It was Y/N who brought him back. The person he hadn’t know, the person he had no past connections to was the one who brought Bucky Barnes back to life. (Not that Steve wasn’t grateful; Steve knew he owed her the world.) With that came something else, a physical devotion to Y/N. He never wanted to be away from her, they were always touching.

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anonymous asked:

Can I get the boys confessing their love to fem/reader on a specific holiday? (valentines, christmas, pocky day, her birthday etc. your choice) for kagami, kise, midorima, takao & aomine

A yawn passes your lips as you walked home from school. You could feel Kagami’s eyes bearing into you, but his expression isn’t any different from usual. He has a habit of furrowing his eyebrows, so you don’t really know what’s on his mind. He hasn’t been speaking as much as he usually does though, so it’s definitely something.

Kagami’s tanned skin seems to be illuminated in the sunset’s amber. Suddenly, he stops and rummages through his near empty book bag, and hands you a wrapped box small enough to fit in your hand

“S-Sorry I left it until the end of the day. ____, Happy Birthday.” He cuts himself short before he rambles, his eyes suddenly dart away from yours as he scratches the back of his neck. Your eyes leave your gift to watch in curious suspense.

“I l-like you. Do you want to go out sometime?” 

It feels a little strange to be the one confessing, but there’s no denying how Kise’s pulse flares in excitement when he finally sees you. He also thinks that calling you to the roof may have been a little cliche, but it doesn’t matter as you’re already here. 

The wind rustles through your hair, blowing strands in your face. You scrunch up your features as you try to move it away, the stifled chuckle you hear tells you that Kise saw the whole thing.

“Kise-kun, what’s going on?” You ask as you approach him. The close in proximity you are, the more Kise’s fingers tremble behind his back.

“Here! Happy White Day!” He chirps to mask his worry. He gives you a box of chocolates, filled with intricate truffles and delicate treats. It’s clear that it was far from cheap, and your eyes begin to widen as you look up from the box, to him.

“I really like you, _____cchi.” He confesses with a beaming grin.

By the time you arrive at the cinema, Midorima is already standing outside, staring into his phone. Despite wearing a coat, scarf and gloves, his nose is tinged with a hint of coral.

“Midorima-kun, Happy New Year!” You twittered as you saw him. He almost jumped in surprise, and then after a moment of stillness, was swift to turn away his gaze.

“Happy New Year ____-san. You look very nice today.” He said. An understatement in his mind, but his cheeks are already simmering. Luckily, it’s concealed by the icy weather.

You were surprised that Midorima asked you to come with him to the movies of all places, on first glance you would assume that he’d prefer a museum or gallery. You don’t even remember what it was he wanted to see, but it’s nice to see him outside of school. His demeanour is a little more relaxed.

“___-san, I hope you don’t mind, but is it alright to consider this as a date?” He murmurs. He’s not looking in your direction, again, but you can both tell that a blush is enveloping his face.

Takao, just who I wanted to see,” You comment as you spot him. He’s alone for once, perched on one of the benches outdoors that has a perfect view of the sports track. Daisies are beginning to sprout from the grass and blossoms bulbs are growing in the trees. Takao turns towards your voice, eyes widening and lips curling into a grin.

You sit down beside Takao. You almost get lost in the scenery, but then you remember what you wanted to give him. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” He’s surprised to receive a small bag of cookies, tied with a little red ribbon.

If possible, his grin gets wider as he thanks you. It’s probably far better than his store bought sandwich. “I guess I owe you sometime good for White Day.”

“You don’t have to go that far.” You mutter, but still appreciate the thought.

“___-chan, of course I need to for the girl I like.” Takao’s tone is playful, but his eyes are completely serious.

Aomine was insistent on walking you home as usual. Perhaps it was his way of making it up to you after dragging you with him for some last minute Christmas gift shopping. As it was Christmas Eve, it was crowded with people who were just as unorganised as him.

He hasn’t been speaking much. Usually, he tends to listen to you rant, or allow his mind to wander wherever, but something feels a little different. Regardless, you take no heed as the bitter cold is bad enough to numb your fingers and toes. At least he’s the one carrying the shopping bags.

When you arrive home, Aomine hands you your gift. You’re not sure why he’s only giving it to you now, but all you comment on is the wrapping. “I’m guessing by how much tape is on this that you did this one yourself.” 

“Oi, if that’s all you’re going to do I’ll take it back.” His eyes narrow at you, but the threat is empty. There’s an envelope stuck to it, and you’re about to open it before he stops you. “Don’t read that here.” He turns away in mild embarrassment, remembering the contents. 

He only wanted you to read it when he was nowhere near you, but the small smile on your face as you teased his wrapping skills gave him hope.

Can We Keep Them?

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Fem!Reader

Pairings: Sam x Reader friendship, Dean x Reader friendship

Word Count: 1259

Warnings: cursing, very slight angst, lying

Summary: fluffy little imagine that I wrote forever ago, not set in any specific time period of the show, no spoilers


As soon as you heard the door open, panic began to set in.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!”

You put the box in the closet and shut the door quickly, hoping that the boys wouldn’t be snooping around there anytime soon.

“(Y/N), we’re back!” Dean shouted down the hall of the bunker.

“Kay, be right there!”

You ran down the hallway and tried to put on your best ‘I didn’t do anything’ look on your face. Dean was oblivious to your odd expression as he sat on the couch and turned on the TV but Sam immediately noticed that something was up.

“Hey (Y/N), you okay?” Sam asked.

“Oh yeah! Yeah, everything is good. Everything is… yeah, good. How are you guys?” you asked, trying to change the subject.

“Terrible,” Dean answered.

“The hunt didn’t really go as planned,” Sam clarified.

“The hunt didn’t happen at all. As soon as we got there, all the demons scrammed. We couldn’t snag a single one of them,” Dean explained with obvious irritation in his voice.

“That’s weird,” you said in response.

If Dean’s in a bad mood, things are not going to be good when he finds out about-

“So, what were you up to today, (Y/N)?” Sam asked.

“Not much, just went to the store, came back, sat around. Nothing interesting,” you said, trying to be convincing.

“Huh, sounds fun,” Dean said never looking away from the TV while Sam stared at you with a questioning expression. Before either of them could say anything else, you quickly stated,

‘Well, I’m gonna go back to my room. Bye.”

You hurried back down the hallway into your room and locked the door behind you. You couldn’t have the boys sneaking in and discovering your secret. You opened up the closet door and peeked into the box.


“Hey, Dean?” Sam asked as he sat down beside his brother and handed him a beer.

“Yeah, Sammy?” Dean answered as he opened the beverage and took a sip.

“Do you think (Y/N) is acting kind of strange?”

“No. Well, maybe.”

“What do you think’s going on?

“I dunno, but I doubt she’d tell us.”

Just as the words left Dean’s mouth, they heard a crash coming from your room.

“Maybe we should ask her,” Sam told his brother.

“I think that’s a good idea,” Dean responded.


“Hey, come on now. Why you gotta knock stuff over?” you said as you picked up the lamp off the floor. Just as you straightened everything up, you heard a knock at the door.

“(Y/N)? You okay?” Sam asked with concern in his voice.

“Uh, y-yeah! Everything’s good! I’m just clumsy, you know me. Haha…” you said as you quickly gathered up all the evidence of your secret.

“Wait, where are they?” you said to yourself.

“Where are who? Sam asked.

You could hear the doorknob rattling as you searched behind your vanity.

“Unlock the door, (Y/N),” Dean said with a stern voice.

“Okay, just give me a second!” You said as you looked underneath the bed.

“We’re coming in, (Y/N),” Dean said. Just as the boys pushed the door open and came in, a pair of kittens walked out of the closet.

“(Y/N)… what are those?” Dean asked as he crossed his arms and gave you a disapproving look.

“Please don’t be mad, but when I went to the store I found these two kittens all alone out by the dumpsters. They were hungry and cold so I picked up some kitten food and some litter and took them home. I was waiting for the right time to tell you guys,” you explained as you grabbed the kittens.

Dean was still not amused, but Sam was grinning at you.

“(Y/N), you could have just told us,” Sam said.

“I didn’t want you guys to be mad at me.”

“We’re not mad, (Y/N). Right, Dean?”

Dean sighed and said, “We’re not mad, but the cats have to go.”

“Why?” you whined.

“They make messes and they eat your food and they shed and they don’t do anything.”

“Yes, they do! They give you love and affection!” you said trying to convince Dean, “And besides, they’re too little to be on their own.”

“Come on, Dean. Just until they get a little bigger,” Sam said, taking your side. Dean was still unconvinced so you took matters into your own hand by shoving the kittens into Dean’s arms.

“No, no! (Y/N), don’t-” Dean protested, but it was no use. Sam laughed as the black and white kitten jumped on Dean’s shoulder and started tickling his neck.

“Hey, hey! Get this thing off of me!” Dean shouted.

“Come on, Dean. He loves you! You can’t get rid of him now. He’s bonded with you,” you pleaded.

Dean sighed and said, “Fine, they can stay. But as soon as they get big, they’re gone.”

He handed the kittens back to you and left the room. Sam looked at the kittens and smiled, then followed his brother.

*fifteen minutes later*

“We’re out of beer, so me and Dean are gonna make a run to town. You need anything for the kittens?” Sam asked.

“Nah, I think they’re fine,” you replied.

“Okay, we’ll be back soon.”

*an hour later*

“(Y/N), we’re back,” Dean shouted.

“And we have friends,” Sam said.

You ran down the hallway and found Dean carrying grocery sacks and Sam carrying a box with three more dirty kittens in it.

“You found more?” you asked excitedly.

“Dean dug them out from underneath the dumpster.”

“Dean? The kitten hater?” you asked dumbfounded.

“Hey, I do not hate kittens. I just don’t particularly like them. The damn things kept scratching me when I was getting out from under there,” Dean said as he put the beer they’d bought in the fridge.

Sam and you smiled at each other knowingly as you took the kittens from him and started cleaning them up. The two you’d already found were happy when they were reunited with their three siblings. The boys had also picked up a couple cat toys and a big fluffy bed (Sam said Dean picked them out, Dean scoffed and grabbed another beer) which made the little family of kittens very happy. You and Sam played with the kittens all night while Dean sat on the couch watching TV and occasionally mumbling,

“Five damn kittens.”

*3 months later*

The five cats, or what Dean had (un)affectionately dubbed ‘The calico squad,’ were all grown up. Dean had yet to say anything about sending them off into the cold, cruel world, so you and Sam never brought it up. There were three girls, Buttercup and Kelly, who were both calico, and Wanda, who was solid white. Buttercup adored Sam and never left his side while Kelly and Wanda were both partial to you. The boys were named Mike and Ozzy. Mike was an orange tabby that was a bit of a loner and Ozzy was a black cat with white socks that loved Dean. (Yes, the same one that jumped on his shoulder the first time he held him.) Dean constantly tried to keep up the whole ‘tough-guy-who-doesn’t-like-fluffy-soft-things’ act but failed miserably every time Ozzy jumped in his lap. On nights after long hunts, you would all sit around and the cats would cuddle and mew and be cute until you forgot all about the hunt. Sam described it as almost therapeutic. Dean never said anything about it other than,

“Five damn cats.”

Makoto Tachibana x Fem! Hitchhiker! reader: Perfect Stranger

WARNING: Mention of stories heard of rape and murder.

~In readers point of view~

I always thought that I’d be able to love in the comfort of my own home with no one else around and I could do what I want, that is until my mother of all people told me that I can no longer live with her because of something I had done and gave me an hour to pack up my stuff and getting the fuck out. Now here I am walking and trying to catch a ride so I can get to a motel, so far hasn’t worked, I’ve been walking for an hour and I’m still nowhere near a motel and no one has picked me up and now it’s raining, so I’m cold, soaked and needing to find shelter. I got tired so I found something to sit on and just kept my thumb up, of course I was just making my being wet even worse, but my legs are tired, so it’s worth it. It was about an hour before someone actually stopped where I was. From what I could tell it was a male in maybe his early 20′s, but that was all I could before he rolled the window down. When the window was rolled down I could actually see who exactly it was.

“Hey do you need a ride?” The man asked.

“Oh um yeah.” I say as I scratch the back of my neck.

“Go ahead and get in you’re soaked.” He says as he opens the door to his truck.

I grab the door when it comes my way and hop in. “You can just take me to a motel and I’ll be out of your hair.”

He says nothing and starts driving away after I shut my door. We drove past motel after motel, he didn’t stop at a single one and of course I got worried about it, I mean I’ve heard stories of people getting murdered and raped by the people who picked them up, even though this guy looks like he’s about as violent as a butterfly stuck on a marshmallow I should still be careful. It seemed like we drove for a long time before her stopped and pulled up into a driveway and he got out and walked over to my side and opened the door for me. I got out a bit nervous because he wasn’t saying anything to me all he was doing was leading me to a front door. When we got inside the warm air hit my cold, wet skin and he sat me down on the couch.

“Why the hell are we at some house, I said you could take me to a motel.” I say.

“Listen, just because you said that you just needed a motel, but that costs money and assuming you don’t have a job, the money you have will run out soon, so I might as well give you a place to stay so you don’t have to worry about money or shelter.” He says as his ears go to a bright shade of red.

“Well you’re good at assuming, I don’t have a job, but still I would have found a way to get more, I didn’t need you to bring me to what I can assume is your house.” I say as I get up from his couch.

“Hey Makoto why the hell are you two arguing just come down stairs so we can finish getting set up for the party.” A male with black hair says as he comes up from the stairs.

Well I know his name now.

“Sousuke, not now.” Makoto says.

“Fine, I’ll just go do it by myself.” Sousuke says as he goes back down the stairs.

“I’ll just be leaving.” I say as I start walking towards the door.

Before I could even get to the door he grabbed on to my sleeve and stopped me in my tracks. He was now standing behind me and he pun me around.

“It’s here or alone and cold in the rain.” He says in a calm tone.

I stand there for a second, thinking about why a stranger would care so much about some random girl he picked up off of the street, I mean he would have no gain if I stayed here, but yet of he cares enough to let some random female stay with him to keep them out of the rain.

“So of I stay here you’ll take care of me? Even though I’m a stranger.” I say.

“But you’re the perfect stranger.”


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Can I have the first meeting between Izaya and his gf and it happens after he gets stabbed by Yadogiri and she runs to help him when she sees him fall down even though they're strangers?(hope that wasn't too specific and made sense)

warnings: angst, blood, hospitals

In a big city like this, strange things occurred constantly. It would take a lot to surprise people who’ve been confronted by weird events for multiple times already. Apparently though, an event like this was more than enough.

This day has been stressful and hectic, as if the world and its habitants couldn’t run fast enough. But when the girl witnessed a truly strange, weird, odd scene right before her eyes, everything seemed to slow down for a moment. 

Somehow though, everything still happened too fast for her to truly understand. One moment she was walking down the street, the other moment the man in the furcoat suddenly stopped. His phone slipped from his hands and fell to the ground and after stumbling he decided to follow.

As the man in front of her finally hit the ground, she also snapped back to reality and quickly made her way through the crowd. The girl immediately ran to him and gulped down her own shock.

“Are you alright? Can I help you?” she asked while kneeling beside him, trying her hardest to remain as calm as possible. Upon further examination she noticed the blood oozing from the wound on his stomach.

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Izaya and Shizuo come home to find their girlfriends baking and cooking for them and like their gf is covered in flour and stuff and it's just generally like something exploded(but their food is still top notch )

Izaya took notice of the unusual silence at once after closing the door behind him. Upon entering the kitchen, since it seemed to be the only lightened room, he stopped in the doorway.

“Just what exactly are you doing, (Y/N)-chan ~ ?” he sighed while his eyes roamed the mess of plates, knife and splattered food everywhere. There was even some of it on the wall.

“Preparing dinner, of course. What does it look like to you?” his girlfriend replied with a shrug and as these words left her lips, she turned to face him for just a second, before returning her attention back to the ingredients in front of her.

Her face was basically plastered with flour as was her hair and her entire clothing, despite wearing a kitchen apron. Izaya couldn’t help but smirk at the sight.

“Well, if you’re asking me, this chaos looks like you’re simply having fun destroying the kitchen,” he grinned, walking towards the girl. Once standing by her side, he used his thumb to wipe some of the dough from her cheek and lick it off.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“I’m home,” Shizuo called while entering his home. He heard the voice of his girlfriend welcoming him from the kitchen and decided to see what she was doing.

When his eyes stumbled upon a scenery that looked like someone just lead a war inside this room, he winced. “What the hell happened here?” he immediately asked.

The innocent face of his girlfriend turned to him and gave him a look of confusion, as if she had no idea what he was so shocked about. A smile adorned her lips as she continued to knead the dough in her hands.

“I thought you might be happy about some treat, so I figured I’d make some food,” she explained. When her eyes scanned the messy kitchen though, a sigh left her lips. “I’m sorry, I’ll make sure to clean up later!” she quickly added apologetically.

Shizuo just walked up to her and placed a hand on her head, which matched the flour covered pattern of the rest of the room.. “Don’t worry,” he replied, his lips forming a small smile, “Mind, if I lend you a hand, though?”

Never Doubt You -- Rey x Fem!Reader

Author’s Note: hope you enjoy. I decided to make it a cute, short fluffly one.

Request: i really really really need a rey x female reader fic. Could be fluff, could be smut, i just really want it to be cute and nice.

Warnings: None :) It’s a sweet one

Words: 511

Being the new girl joining the Resistance made you nervous at first, but once you saw how welcoming everyone was you calmed down considerably. You had recently left your home planet to join the Resistance as their new pilot. They were looking for new ones after many of them died.

Training was all that you’d been doing for two months and you hadn’t actually been on an actual mission, until now. You felt nervous. Not the ‘butterflies fluttering in your stomach nervous’, but nervous as in ‘I feel like I could throw up at any moment’ nervous.

You were geared up, waiting by your x-wing, waiting for the signal to go.

“(Y/N)?” you heard someone say and turned around to see Rey. You had recently become friends, despite your attempt to befriend her when you first arrived to the base. She had interested you from the moment you saw her and you wanted to get to know her. Rey was the type of person to not give away her friendship or trust easily and it took a while before you actually spoke to each other, but when you did it was an instant connection.

“Rey,” you greeted in return. You tried to smile, but it probably ended up looking more like a grimace.

“How do you feel?” she asked, walking closer to where you were standing.
“Nervous,” you admitted, wringing your hands together.

“(Y/N), you’ve been training for ages. You’re going to do great,” she said, grabbing your hands in hers and pulling you closer to kiss your cheek.

You felt yourself grow red. You had been harboring a small crush on her for a few weeks now, and you allowed yourself a glimmer of hope that she felt the same way.

“Thanks, Rey,” you said, looking into her eyes. You noticed her cheeks were slightly tinted as well. She smiled and leaned in to give you a warm hug.

“You’ll be great. I believe in you,” she whispered in your ear.

“(Y/N)!” you heard Poe call out and the two of your separated. “Time to go!”

You smiled at Rey. “Thank you, Rey,” you said and started walking away, your thoughts on the beautiful woman you were just with.

The mission went brilliantly. You smiled as you landed back on the base, your heart still pounding hard because of the adrenaline that had been going through you during the mission. It was terrifying and exhilarating, all at once, and you could not wait to go on another one. You exited the X-Wing and hugged Poe.

“I think someone’s waiting to talk to you,” he said, pointing behind you. You glanced back and spotted Rey.

You made your way towards her and she smiled.

“I told you you’d do great,” she said excitedly.

“Yeah, I guess I should never doubt you,” you said. You leaned up slightly to reach her and kissed her on the lips. Once you separated she looked a bit shocked, but a smile spread across her lips.

“No…you shouldn’t,” she said, and returned her lips to yours.

Kaneki Ken X Fatal Car Accident! Fem reader: Broken

It all started with a god damned argument over something completely stupid that made her storm off and end up in an accident and it’s all my fault, I just had to fucking be stupid about it and now this fucking happens.

~An hour ago~

“Kaneki, I have to tell you something.” She says.

“You’re not pregnant are you?” I asked worriedly.

“What would you do if I was?” She retorts.

Oh shit, I think that’s what she was going to tell me. “Well uh, um uh…” 

“Well Kaneki?” She asked.

“I don’t know what I’ll do Jesus Y/N!” I yell.

That’s what did it, she ran out the front door and the next thing I hear is the car starting and the tires screeching, I run as fast as I could assuming that I could catch up to her. It was no use, I couldn’t catch up to her, I need to get her back here thou, so I pull my phone out of my pocket and sent her a text. “Hey I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap on you like that, I didn’t know what to say, just come back here and we’ll sort this out and I would be really happy to be a father Y/N, I love you.” I slide my phone back into my pocket and just silently play the waiting game. A couple minutes later my phone was ringing, I eagerly answer it thinking it was Y/N, but i was wrong it was a police officer calling to tell me Y/N had been in a serious accident and that a squad car would be coming to get me. I start bawling right there where I stood, when the squad car came and got me my bawling got worse. I sat in the back with my hands to my face and tears running down my face and the officer was just up front telling me that I’ll be okay, she’ll be okay and I don’t need to worry about it, but he doesn’t realize that she means the world to me and I don’t want to lose her, I can’t she’s my rock. When I get to the hospital room it was a shock, she was hooked up to machine after machine. I walk over to her and sit next to the bed, I grab her hand and intertwine it with mine, I hold it close to me and kiss her hand and start praying to god she’s gonna be okay, but I was wrong she wasn’t going to be okay, she was already gone by the time I got there, it left me broken and alone, it will never be the same and it’s all my fault.


Well this changed half way through writing it.

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Broken Home - Kylo Ren x fem!Reader

Anonymous asked: ‘Can you do an one shot where the readerxKylo used to be lovers and Kylo finds out that the reader was pregnant with his son or daughter?’

A/N: Idk if I like this… I’m posting a Hux x fem!Reader most probably in a while and if not, in the morning. Send in requests.

Warnings: none really…

Words: 797

You chased your giggling son son, Agustin, around your X-Wing before heading off to your next mission trying to spend as much time as you could. “The tickle monster is coming to get you!” you grinned and ducked under the X-Wing, grabbing your 6 year old son and gently tickling his stomach and under his arms, “Ah! Help the tickle monster caught me!” he laughed and clutched his stomach.

Your time with Agustin was interrupted when General Organa came to collect her grandson and see you off, “Good Luck, Y/N… and be careful, please.” Leia pleaded with her words and eyes. You nodded and hugged her and kissed your son’s forehead goodbye before climbing into your X-Wing and into the seat.

You woke up restrained in a metal chair, you thrashed around in the restraints but knowing it was no use. Sighing you leant your head back in the chair and began to wonder how long you were here for, last you could remember you were running back to your X-Wing when you got stunned by a Stormtrooper stun gun and passed out.

Which now led you to being restrained and held against your own free will by most likely, him. You rolled your eyes at his childish behaviour which led you raising Agustin by yourself.

Seduced by the dark side and couldn’t even see that his own fiancée was pregnant.

You heard doors sliding open and a robotic-like voice commanding the Stormtroopers on guard to leave, who obliged. The cloaked man who once went by the name of Ben Solo hovered in front of you.

Kylo stared at you through his helmet at you not saying a single word but all that could be heard throughout the small interrogation room, was robotic breathing. “So you became a bucket head too, huh?” You raised an eyebrow. Really Y/N?

The Knight of Ren placed his hands at his helmet and pressed a little button, you could hear a small compressed ‘whoosh’ come from the helmet and then Kylo pulled his helmet off. Your heart did that same little leap the first time you had both met but you tried to push it back. This wasn’t the Ben Solo everyone talked about, who you love. This was Kylo Ren.

Kylo dumped his helmet onto a side table that had wood chippings on it, your eyes followed his every move. “Look, is this going to take long? I have to get back…” you huffed to your former lover, his head snapped to your direction and he stared you into your eyes. “To who?” Kylo questioned in an aggravated tone, trying to make himself sound calm, “To It’s-for-me-to-know and you-not-to-find-out. That’s who,” You spat.

Kylo was standing in front of you, eyes filled with rage “Y/N, I don’t want to dig through your mind but if I have to,” you looked into his deep raged brown eyes and raised your eyebrows. “Take a look almighty powerful Ren, tell me what you see. I doubt you’ll be satisfied with your answer,” you said plainly.

Kylo hesitantly lifted his hand up but didn’t think twice about digging information out of your head, He saw a beautiful young woman giving birth to a baby boy, over the years the boy learning his father had ‘died’ as he grew up, the small boy following his mother to her X-Wing to wave her goodbye for every mission and assignment she went on with the squadron and the latest memory; chasing him around the X-Wing and kissing him goodbye.

Tears were running down both yours and Kylo’s eyes, yours caused by the pounding headache and his by the zero lack of support he had given to his family over the past nearly 7 years.

Kylo lowered his hand that he didn’t realise that he still held up to your head and wiped his tears, “What’s his name?” Kylo asked softly, you looked up with your eyes as you were too limp to move. “Agustin, his name is Agustin,”

The small First Order ship landed just outside the Resistance Base, you walked out of it a little and turned to see Kylo still inside, you frowned and continued down the ramp where General Organa and Agustin was standing waiting for you. You grinned when you saw your little boy and ran up to him, pulling him into the air and your arms muttering “I love you’s” and I missed you so much” several times over in his ear while stroking his long dark hair.

Kylo stood at the top of the ramp of his ship while looking at the little boy who looked just like him, smiling under his helmet at how much of a great mother you are and will be.

Part 2? Yeah? No?