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What is ur thoughts on feminists trying to change the gaming industry? Are u with or against? And what do u think about the Fem nazi in general?

I am a feminist. I believe that women should have EVERY single right and benefit that men do, in every way. Period. 

I don’t concede to super extreme feminism though. At least, extreme feminism in the way that it’s usually portrayed on the internet. But I usually don’t concede to extremism regaurdless of the subject matter. Personally, I value realism as well as open mindedness. Emotion and empathy are useful and good, but acting and thinking only with only emotion can be dangerous and can hurt a lot of people.

As far as feminism in gaming? I think gaming could use more positive female representation. Both in terms of the people creating the games, as well as the characters within the games. I don’t think the gaming industry needs radical change though. Just more variety and representation. And I don’t really see why anyone would have any problems with that. The larger variety of people creating games, the more games there are for people to enjoy. And if you don’t enjoy them, just don’t play them.

On The Men's Rights Movement.

I think one of the reasons that MRA’s piss me off so much is the fact that their movement could have been so much more.

MRA’s as they are today are a hate group. They speak nothing about improving the rights and equality of men (especially given the fact the certain groups of men (Gay men, Black men, and Trans men, to list a few) desperately need help and assistance.) They are, as of today, a hate group against women that purports itself as a noble and righteous group of crusaders against “fem-nazi” oppression. They fight “oppressors” who are, in all actuality, the oppressed.

An ideal version of a men’s rights movement, to me, is a group that recognizes their inherent privilege and uses it as a means of supporting those without it. A group that defends black men (and women) from racism, and not a group that perpetuates that same racism against the people they claim to represent. A group that celebrates and fights for the gay community, rather than a group that demonizes and finds gay men repulsive and lesbians acceptable only as fetishized sex objects. A group that sees trans men being killed and assaulted and responds with outrage and horror, instead of either not caring, or thinking that something positive happened.

Basically I want a men’s rights movement that actually defends people, rather than a bunch of whiny, hateful, rape culture apologist pissbabies. 

Why can Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nikki Minaj sing “you know you want it” in a song about sex and are celebrated for being awesome strong females (especially Nikki Minaj) but Robin Thicke is made to be a piece of shit perverted rapist when he did the same thing in the same context?

Me thinks tumblr social justice fem nazis are hypocrites once again.

I’m not saying either song or any of the artists are bad or wrong. Just pointing out the obvious hypocrisy.

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Just saw your international male day post, fem nazi's like yourself think you are so hilarious. In reality no guy will ever wanna date a girl like you if you act like that in real life. good luck ending up alone honey.

I sincerely think at this point I would benefit from having an f.a.q stating my gender… So I made a joke when an anon asked why there wasn’t a international mens day. There is on it’s on november 19th. But being a guy hasn’t ever been an discriminatory issue in the history of oh I don’t know the universe so why would we need a day? Also If I was a female I don’t think I would ever want to date a guy (such as yourself) who feels emasculated or offended by a tiny joke (which is only funny because of how truly sad and honest it is). Good luck continuing to stay alone buddy. Also I have an article for you to read Here.