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radfem related ask meme!

i always see lil ask memes floating around and i personally love asking n answering questions and finding out more about the people who fill my dash so i decided to make an ask meme just for us radfem ladies <3 xx 

ya’ll know the drill, put the numbers in an ask box to get the question answered and reblog for some supportive (and maybe a lil curious) peeps in ur box! (also feeel free to ask me any of these, goes without saying)

  1. how did you find radical feminism & what was your first impression of the movement? 
  2. when did you begin to call yourself a radical feminist? 
  3. how long have you been a radical feminist?
  4. were you previously a lib fem? 
  5. who is your favorite tumblr radical feminist?
  6. radical feminist must reads? (or must watches?) 
  7. best experience as a radical feminist?
  8. worst experience as a radical feminist?
  9. your opinion on what the most pressing issue for the feminist movement to solve. 
  10. best radical feminist meme.
  11. radical feminists you look up to?
  12. favorite herstory moments? 
  13. how does your country affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  14. do you believe liberal feminists are feminists?
  15. what was your Peak Trans? 
  16. what do you do for women in your everyday life? 
  17. suggestions for baby radfems?
  18. favorite feminist artists/art pieces? 
  19. your feminist anthem (can be a song, poem, speech, book, etc.)
  20. what parts of radical feminist do you agree with most passionately? 
  21. what parts of radical feminism do you disagree with? 
  22. what parts of radical feminism confuse you (or confused you when you first learned about them)?
  23. are you GNC? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  24. are you LGB? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  25. are you mentally ill? how does this affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  26. how does your race affect your viewpoint of feminism? 
  27. what do you wish radical feminists talked about more?
  28. what do you wish radical feminists talked about less?
  29. do you have more radfem friends online or in real life?
  30. your liberal feminist pet peeve. 
  31. are you “out” as a radical feminist? 
  32. how do you feel the issue of gender should be tackled?
  33. how do you feel the issue of sex work should be tackled?
  34. how do you feel the issue of male violence should be tackled?
  35. how do you feel the issue of kink should be tackled?
  36. best thing about being a radical feminist?
  37. worst thing about being a radical feminist?
  38. do you like discourse? 
  39. when were you most proud to be a woman?
  40. something you wish you could tell your younger self. 

feel feel to keep adding to this!!! 

asmilelikestarlight  asked:

Fem!Ten x Rose and 12 please?? ❤

12. you feel a lot like home


The Doctor nuzzled into Rose’s hair, pulling her closer as they cuddled on the couch.

“Something wrong?” Rose asked. The Doctor was a bit off tonight for them having a almost danger-free outing today.

“You scare me sometimes,” the Doctor admitted after a few moments, talking into Rose’s hair still.

“I’m just me, Doctor. Hardly scary.”

She just made a sound of disagreement and Rose pulled back to look her in the eye.

“Explain?” she asked, reaching for the Doctor’s hand and squeezing it.

“It’s just…” she gestured with her free hand, words not coming easily now that she couldn’t hide, now that emotions were running high.

“Just what?”

“You feel a lot like home, Rose, and I’m going to lose you someday.” The Doctor paused, swallowing hard as her eyes avoiding meeting Rose’s. “I’ve lost my home before and I don’t know how I can do it again.”

“Hey, look at me,” Rose said. Her eyes were shining, unshed tears lingering there as she waited for the Doctor. “No matter what, I’m always going to be right here.”

Rose pressed her hand to the middle of the Doctor’s chest, right between her hearts.

“My home is right here with you, too, and it always will be,” she finished.

The Doctor gathered Rose close again, burying her face in her shoulder. “How long are you going to stay with me?”


When you’re cosplaying your otp in their BEST OTP MOMENT ….and you become a meme.

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