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Was bored over lunch break so I made this and then slapped on two of my favorite filters for good measure:D

Hancock: canonically experiences racism in the fallout universe that is unequivocally such and has major consequences

Hancock: canonically can fall in love with both a male and a female sole, making him bi, pan, or demi

Hancock: canonically super supportive of a female Sole in power as the General of the Minutemen and also trusts his right hand woman Fahrenheit to lead his fucking town while he’s gone

Hancock: canonically allows drifters to sleep in his attic so no one has to be homeless while he’s in charge

Hancock: canonically approves of you helping out people, giving them things, hates when you steal, and will turn hostile if you murder a civilian

assholes: nooo … he c an’t be    an  s j w  he just can’t he’s my Edgelord McGrimDark favorite!!

Saturn (Sherlock X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Sherlock X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: None


Request: So there’s this song, this one gorgeous song that makes me emotional and make me feel happy and sad at the same time. Whether it’s the instrumental version or the vocal, they’re both beautiful and tell the same thing. The song’s name is Saturn by Sleeping At Last and I was wondering if you can write a Sherlock x Reader based on this song. How she changes his perspective on life and it’s meaning. It’s all in your hands, thank you so much and I love your creations.

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You had changed Sherlock’s whole perception in only a year, just by being you. You taught him so much when he thought he knew everything, and it was the little things.

He remembered how he had met you in the middle of the park at midnight, laid on your back on the grass, watching the stars. He thought you were a victim for a second, but coming closer, he realised you were alive and well. “What are you doing miss?” He asked you curiously. You took your eyes off the sky to look at him, a soft smile on his face.

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Hamilton au where everything is the same but one gender of the characters is genderbended

“Sherlock you’re a drama queen!”

And finally here we are! ❤ Fem!Teen!Lock.

Fem!Ballet!Lock by Oxy.

Fem!Soccer!John by Azalhea.

We had so much times and made a lot of photos and in the end we are so proud even if we had some problems (no one made the photos, autoshoot is the way)

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Deaf (Sherlock X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Sherlock X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Harrassment, assault

Request: sherlock x reader where the reader is mute or deaf and she uses ASL to communicate but she is having some problems with some ignorant people and sherlock jumps into action to help and defend her

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Your hearing had always been a problem. You had Grommets when you were only 5, since your hearing was already bad, but it only seemed to get worse, and by the time you were 18, there was no point in having hearing aids anymore.

So when you witnessed a murder, you didn’t know what to do. You hadn’t had speech therapy and you were basically mute, so you couldn’t go talk to someone. You tried signing to police but they couldn’t understand you.

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The Bar Where It Happened (Maria x Reader)

Words: 988+

Warnings: None

A/N: sorry i took so long bc im a jerk D:

Tag: @ghcstflower (because you requested a maria X reader 2 centuries ago)

You were a bartender at a local pub near your home. It wasn’t the most ideal job, but you tolerated it. You needed the money, and this was the only choice that you had. Your father abandoned your sister and mother, leaving you as the sole breadwinner of the family. Your mother was too fragile and innocent to work anywhere, and you refused to allow your sister to do anything. She was too young to deal with men and the issues of job life. She was too young to deal with the stress. Your mother suggested that you work at a brothel, but you just shook your head at her.

No thank you.

“Excuse me, miss. You haven’t given me my drink yet, and I’ve been waiting for ten minutes.” A man said to you, snapping you out of your daydreaming. You apologized, grabbed a glass and beer, quickly pouring it. You handed him the glass, and he latched onto it, his fingers tight on yours. “What’s the rush?” He said, a smirk on his face. You frowned, trying to tug off. He resisted, holding even tighter.

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