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Hancock: canonically experiences racism in the fallout universe that is unequivocally such and has major consequences

Hancock: canonically can fall in love with both a male and a female sole, making him bi, pan, or demi

Hancock: canonically super supportive of a female Sole in power as the General of the Minutemen and also trusts his right hand woman Fahrenheit to lead his fucking town while he’s gone

Hancock: canonically allows drifters to sleep in his attic so no one has to be homeless while he’s in charge

Hancock: canonically approves of you helping out people, giving them things, hates when you steal, and will turn hostile if you murder a civilian

assholes: nooo … he c an’t be    an  s j w  he just can’t he’s my Edgelord McGrimDark favorite!!

“You. It’s always you. John Watson you keep me right.”

Fem!Sherlock Holmes and Fem!John Watson from BBC Sherlock.

…My OTP </3 with my Bff, again ❤

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I’m Looking Right At Him Pt 2 (Sherlock X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Sherlock X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: None

FLUFF (In the end)

Request: Omg can you please do a sequel to I’m looking right at him? I’m sorry it was so good! Have the best day ever!

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After you admitted to Sherlock that he was the father of your daughter, he stood frozen, looking at you, before taking off. You sighed, trying not to get emotional. You wiped your tears.

You had gone without him for four years, you don’t need him.

“Come on Rosa! Time to go home!” You called. Your little girl ran into your awaiting arms, and you took her home.

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FemJohn Headcanons

-Jonna “Jon” Watson is plus sized 

-like a size 12-14 or smth

-bc she has very thick thighs

-n a lotta tiddy

-n a cute soft tum that she got after She moved in with femlock who always makes sure she eats enough

-she is self conscious about it at first but she feels super cute now and enjoys her body

-She wears lacy undies and bras because she is (was) a man eater and she likes to look good asf

-she burns people alive when they call her a slut for having so many boyfriends

-Jon loves wearing tight, thin jumpers and t-shirts with big, wide necks or a plunging v.

-It definitely has nothing to do with how it makes her figure stand out

-or how Femlock seems to lose her train of thought anytime she bends over.

-bras are never a mandatory thing when not on a case.

-Jon in high waisted jeans and a lil long-sleeved crop top when she goes out on the town

-Jon wearing heels and still being shorter than Femlock

-Jon being feminine and also badass. She can be both.

-Jon cutting her hair into a bob again for the first time since Sherlock died and smiling and fluffing it all the time because she missed it so much


-Jon embracing her personal style more after she comes out as bi and there is probably a button down or two now in her closet

-and she looks like a the worlds hottest pta mum with them tucked into her jeans and unbuttoned to the middle of her chest

-she and Sherlock have matching bee hairclips

-also Jon is the one to finally break down and ask Sherlock out. And she makes sure she wears some 6 inch heels that make her the same height so she can kiss the other woman properly.

-just… Fem!John being very cool and great and her character not being compromised by her being a woman bc she’d be the same character and she’d still be a flirt and a giant nerd and the trash lord supreme all at once.

“This is family-”

Fem!Lock Family by Oxy and Azalhea.

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The Bar Where It Happened (Maria x Reader)

Words: 988+

Warnings: None

A/N: sorry i took so long bc im a jerk D:

Tag: @ghcstflower (because you requested a maria X reader 2 centuries ago)

You were a bartender at a local pub near your home. It wasn’t the most ideal job, but you tolerated it. You needed the money, and this was the only choice that you had. Your father abandoned your sister and mother, leaving you as the sole breadwinner of the family. Your mother was too fragile and innocent to work anywhere, and you refused to allow your sister to do anything. She was too young to deal with men and the issues of job life. She was too young to deal with the stress. Your mother suggested that you work at a brothel, but you just shook your head at her.

No thank you.

“Excuse me, miss. You haven’t given me my drink yet, and I’ve been waiting for ten minutes.” A man said to you, snapping you out of your daydreaming. You apologized, grabbed a glass and beer, quickly pouring it. You handed him the glass, and he latched onto it, his fingers tight on yours. “What’s the rush?” He said, a smirk on his face. You frowned, trying to tug off. He resisted, holding even tighter.

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Why Not? (Sherlock X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Sherlock X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Sexual themes

Request: Sherlock x reader where he bluntly chooses her to lose his virginity to

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You were just a friend of Sherlock and John, nothing more. You popped by the apartment every so often to make sure they weren’t dead and to help Sherlock if he texted. John had told you that you were one of the very few people he was willing to go to for help.

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