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Daughter’s First Date

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Imagine: You and Barry have been married for years now and have a teenage daughter. Tonight is the night every parent dreads, the night of their daughter’s first date.

A/N: This was so fun to write. I love overprotective dad Barry. If anyone doesn’t catch it, I named his daughter after his mother. If you want to request anything, just send it to my inbox!

Barry has been pacing the same section of the living room for an hour. You look up from the book you are reading. Barry runs his hands through his hair. “Are you okay sweetie?”

“No, my daughter is going on her first date. With a boy!” You chuckle. Barry is quite frantic. Although you are also nervous, you trust your daughter and know nothing will happen.

“Okay, calm down,”

“I can’t calm down. It’s our daughter we’re talking about,”

“Just think about it. You were in the same position as him once. How nervous were you when you met my dad,” His face pales. Barry was incredibly nervous and nervous Barry equals clumsy Barry. “We turned out alright,”

“But she’s my daughter. I don’t want to her be alright. I want her to be my baby girl forever,” Barry slumps down onto the couch beside you and leans his hand on your shoulder. You run your hand through his hair. When there is a knock at the door he sits up straight.

“I’ll get it,”

“Don’t scare the boy,” You get up and walk over to the stairs. “Nora! He’s here!”

“I’ll be down in a few minutes,”

Nora’s boyfriend walks into the living room. He’s wringing his hands and looking at the ground. You hold out your hand. “Hi, I’m Mrs. Allen. Nora’s mom,”

He hesitantly takes your hand. “Hi, I’m Jackson,”

“You can sit. Nora said she’ll be down in a minute,”

Jackson takes a seat on the opposite end of the room. Barry takes a seat beside you on the couch. “So, Jackson, how did you and Nora meet?”

“We’re in the same AP Chemistry class,”

“Are you two in the same grade?”

“No, I’m a grade above her. Though we’re the same age,” Jackson rushes out the second half of his statement.

“How are you a grade above her if you are the same age?”

“I skipped a grade,” You glance at Barry, though he quite oblivious. He is too consumed with interrogating Jackson.

“Where are you two going?”

“I’m taking her to visit STAR Labs. They just opened it as a museum. I thought she would like it since we both really like science,”

“Hi, Jackson,” We all turn to Nora standing on the stairs. Jackson stands. He smiles brightly at her.

After they leave, you look at Barry. “See you didn’t need to worry. He’s just like you,”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re both smart guys. And do you remember where you took me on our first date?”

“The planetarium. Oh,” He smiles. “I guess we don’t need to worry. I mean we turned out alright.”

Barry wraps his arm around my shoulder and pulls me into a hug.

Fem! Barry Headcannons Random

Just a few random ones.

As a child Barry had a particularly hard time growing her hair out. Several of her bullies would stick gum in it and the like until she wanted to give up. Her mother encouraged her to be herself and do what she liked no matter what the world throws against her.

Barry and her father used to go out for ice cream every Sunday afternoon. Sometimes her mother would come with and they would go to the bookstore after.

Barry loves her long hair which at the time she received her powers reached to mid back. She wears it up in a ponytail as the Flash and tends to braid it at work. When she’s working with chemicals she puts it up in a bun. Iris loves playing with Barry’s hair trying new styles on her sister who generally doesn’t style it. The only thing Oliver and Len will ever agree on is that Barry’s hair is amazing and they both hope she never cuts it short. Cisco is constantly trying to figure out how it’s never caught fire.

Barry binges Netflix on her days off much like she did before the lightning though now she tends to do it with Cisco or Caitlin instead of doing it alone. She and Cisco were very excited when they put MST3K back on it and are eagerly awaiting the new season. She and Caitlin watch Sherlock and cry every time he falls.

Barry is a caffeine addict. She loves coffee and energy drinks though she’s had to cut back on the former because they cause some uncontrollable and noticeable vibration that humans can’t achieve.

Barry cried for an hour when she found out that Hal Jordan went missing while she was in her coma. He was declared dead shortly before she woke up and Carol Ferris made sure to send Barry a few things Hal wanted her to have including a picture of them at Hal’s college graduation and Hal’s old aviator jacket. It’s the one article of clothing she’s super careful about not running in.

Barry has a large collection of Star Labs clothes as they have a lot of spares pretty much just laying around and she goes through clothes pretty quick when she accidentally sets them on fire.

Barry went to Coast City University as they had a higher ranked criminal science program than the one in Central. It’s the farthest she’s been from her father since her mother was killed. It’s also how she met Hal Jordan.

Barry was in an international show choir in college. They made it to the state finals before the director found out about her father and politely asked her to leave. The choir lost. Hal pranked the director mercilessly until the day Barry graduated Coast City University.

After meeting Felicity, Barry begged the other woman to take down any info about her association with that show choir she could find. Felicity complied but kept a USB stick of all of Barry’s performances with a promise to herself that when Henry Allen gets out of jail he’s going to be the first one to see these rather embarrassing videos.

I’m Not Letting You Go (Snart X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Leonard Snart X Fem!Reader

Universe: DC, Flash

Warnings: Mention of violence, murder, mild swearing, guns

Request: A Snart reader where he has to physically stop her going after a crime boss who killed her parents because he knows she won’t survive it? Happens at star labs and they’re all shocked by his concern? Xx

Originally posted by coldsflash

You had lost your parents when you were little. But not little enough to not remember the whole traumatic experience of seeing their bodies. It was no secret that your parents were low on cash, so your dad took a loan out, unfortunately with loan sharks, who raise the price dramatically every week they can’t pay, and after a certain point, they go after the people who owe them money.

Your parents had reached that point. They broke into your house, while you played outside. You heard the gunshots and ran into the house as they drove away to see their bodies, and screamed.

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Finer Things

Request: “Do you do Cisco Ramon Imagines? If you don’t that’s okay you can do any DC/Marvel but can you do one with the line “What can I say? I do have an eye for the finer things in life.” or something like that (sorry for bothering you)” 

Ship: Cisco Ramon x Fem!Reader

Warnings: fluff, LIKE SO MUCH FLUFF, etc. 

Note: My apologizes if it’s too short. 

Third P.O.V

Cisco waited, well, waited wouldn’t be the correct word usage. More like twitched with excitement. To say he had ants in his pants would be considered an understatement. His friends, Barry and Caitlyn eyed each other with suspicion. “You okay, Cisco? You seem jittery.” He tore his gaze away from the front door. He nodded, smiling. Barry continued. “So, as I was saying. Are you still up for going to the club tonight? Get our flirt on.” He said, shimming his shoulders, teasingly. 

Cisco smirked to himself, getting up from his chair. “Nah, clubs are boring.” Barry’s eyes went wide. “What?” The whole while, Cisco’s gaze stayed at the front door. He grinned even more when the Jitters bell rang. “What can I say? I do have an eye for the finer things in life.” He walked past them, his friends eyes followed him the whole way. They went wide when Cisco kissed a drop dead gorgeous woman. She was beautiful, stunning even. Caitlyn’s jaw practically hit the floor, like Barry. 

They embrace, livingly before making their way over towards them. Cisco pulled the chair out for her as she sat down. If they thought she was beautiful before they definately thought she was completely enchanting up close. She was the kind of woman who could walk into a room and demand, not verbally, attention and respect. She look like a force to reckoned with. Cisco smirked as he sat down, glancing at an impressed Barry. 

He cleared his throat, confidently. “Guys, I would like to introduce to you, my girlfriend, (Y/n) (Y/L/N).” Caitlyn practically picked both hers and Barry’s jaw’s off the floor before speaking. “Hi, (Y/n). I’m Caitlyn-” She motioned to Barry. “And this is Barry.” She shook their hands, smiling like a goddess. “Hi! It’s an honor to finally meet you! Cisco’s told me all about you!” They spent the next few hours talking. Cisco and Barry got up to get refills. Barry nudged his friends arm, giggling. 

“DUDE!” He nodded, jumping on his tip toes. “I know right, she’s amazing! And she’s a huge movie fan! AND, a nerd! I think I’m in love!” Barry hugged his friend, genuinely happy. “I’m so happy for you. You deserve the best.” He looked back at his friend. “Thanks, Barry. That means a lot to me. C’mon, don’t wanna keep the girls waiting.” They spent the rest of the evening, laughing and talking. (Y/n) finally kissed Cisco goodbye and made her way home. Caitlyn grinned at Cisco. “I like her.” He blushed. “Me too.” 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

65. Iris West x Fem!Reader

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Summary: After a devastating battle with Zoom you slip into a comma. This is just as you were finally going to confess your feelings for Iris. After six months you finally wake up but as it’s soon discovered you’ve lost your memory. You have no recollection of your feelings for Iris, or who she even is. So Iris, like the rest of the team Flash, has to reintroduce herself to you. Will you fall for her all over again or is that possibility lost forever?

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Fem! Barry Headcannons Coldflash

Alright bitches, Coldflash. Again most of these are present in my story on fanfiction.net A Flash in The Dark.

Len and Barry actually briefly met before the lightning. She accidentally ran into him knocking them both off their feet on the way to the crime scene where we learn about the Mardon brothers.

Len was disappointed to see the face of the pretty brunette on the news reel of people injured by the particle accelerator but never really looked into it.

A few days after Barry woke up they ran into each other again, this time at jitters where he bought her coffee and she gave him her number. Two days later he took her out for Italian and they ended up going home together.

He told her he was in art acquisition, stubbornly stating to his sister that it wasn’t technically a lie. He never strove to find out what she did for a living, thinking that she worked at the mostly defunct Star Labs due to the amount of time she spent there and her brilliant mind. Though part of his avoidance came from nervousness that she might work at the precinct as he had seen her entering and exiting it on many of his trips to the dinner across the street.

He discovered what she did first but did not break off the relationship. He was never sure why he didn’t. When asked by his sister he would become mysteriously wrapped up in whatever he was doing.

She only discovered what he did for a living after her first confrontation with Captain Cold. Her injuries were quite severe as she had managed to jump between the blast from the gun and the security guard saving his life but not his left arm. She was thrown into the stage and several pieces of set collapsed on top of her breaking a few ribs and collapsing a lung. She was in too much pain to recognize his voice at the time but later that day he called her to see if they were still having dinner together. His laugh gave him away.

He figured out that she knew during that phone call and although never stated out loud that was when their relationship ended, but not their feelings for one another.

About a week later Barry received a delivery of three dozen ice blue roses and a small package. The package contained a note stating that he was sorry and would not contact her again without her permission and that he’d never meant to hurt her or use her. It also contained a locket engraved on one side with her initials and on the other with a snowflake into which was set a small sapphire. At the bottom of the package Barry found a receipt for both the roses and the necklace.

Len broke his promise however and contacted her nearly a week later after word reached him of a hostage situation at the CCPD. She answered her phone, not knowing the number as he was using a burner, and he never said a word. To this day she doesn’t know it was him but he had to make sure she was alright.

Mick refers to her as Len’s CSI. Lisa refers to her as ‘the one that got away’.

Alright enough sap for now

Close Your Eyes (Snart X Reader)

Characters: Leonard Snart X Reader

Universe: DC

Warnings: Mild swearing, nyctophobia, mention of threats and being arrested.

Request: HEYY, I just LOVE your acc so freaking much!!! AND could u do a Snart x Reader fanfic aaand the reader has nyctophobia (fear of the dark/night) and Snart at the the beginning not taking it seriously but after that he protects the reader from everything, he cares about the reader? Love ya thank u so much hug from Hungaryyy x

Originally posted by eaion

When you first told Leonard you had a serious fear of the dark, he laughed it off. He’d sometimes switch the lights off just to mess with you, or wake you up in the middle of the night just to make you worry. He would even grab you in the night just to terrify you. You almost immediately regretted the decision to tell him.

You had told him within the first few days of knowing him, since you worked closely with him and he did his ‘work’ at night, you often had to go out with him then, and you got the creeps every time you did.

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DR1 Boys and S/O in sexy lingerie (Kinda NSFW)

DR1 Boys proposing to their S/O

DR1 Boys and hand kisses

DR1 Boys S/O flashing them to get their attention (Kinda NSFW)

DR1 Boys having  a nightmare about their S/O being killed in the killing game, when they try and go see her it turns out it wasn’t a nightmare after all

DR1 Boys & Virgin S/O (NSFW)

DR1 Boys reacting to S/O’s death in the killing game

DR1 Boys & S/O unexpectedly sitting on lap

DR1 Boys & S/O first time they said ‘I love you’

DR1 Boys & Celebrating S/O’s birthday when others forgot

DR1 and SDR2 Boys reacting to their S/O coming out as asexual

DR1 Boys being given the “kill or S/O dies” motive

DR1 Boys & ticklish S/O

DR1 Boys & sex on fem S/O’s Birthday (NSFW)

DR1 Boys & S/O walked in on during sexy times (NSFW)

DR1 Boys & S/O singing a love song about them

DR1 Boys reacting to their S/O being the killer/being executed

DR1 Boys & nightmare about S/O’s death

DR1 Boys & fem S/O having a wet dream beside them (NSFW)

DR1 Boys’ Kinks (NSFW)

DR1 Boys spending time with toddler

DR1 Boys & S/O sending nudes (NSFW)

DR1 & SDR2 Girls’ Kinks (NSFW)

DR1 Girls reacting to Fem! S/O in sexy lingerie (NSFW)

DR1 Boys & S/O under influence of aphrodisiac soup (NSFW)


SDR2 Boys & Free time with S/O 

SDR2 Boys reaction to fem S/O suggesting making love (Kinda NSFW)

SDR2 Boys kissing S/O’s hand

SDR2 Girls finding S/O asleep in bath

SDR2 Boys & Crush with cheating boyfriend 

SDR2 Boys & S/O kissing them on the lips for the first time

SDR2 Guys’ reaction if their S/O was killed during the killing game

SDR2 Boys (Yandere) if their S/O got a death threat

SDR2 Boys walking in on their s/o wearing their clothes and trying to act like them

SDR2 Guys were given a motive that they had to kill someone or else their S/O would be killed

SDR2 Boys either reacting to their S/O being the blackened and having no regrets or what would happen if they were forced to kill their S/O

SDR2 Boys & Virgin S/O (NSFW)

SDR2 Boys & S/O sitting in laps unexpectedly

SDR2 Girls & discovering fem S/O is ticklish

SDR2 Boys & S/O sending them nudes (NSFW)

SDR2 Boys & S/O finding out they’re pregnant

SDR2 Boys – Boobs, Ass, Hips, Neck or Thighs (Kinda NSFW)

SDR2 Boys reacting to their kids somehow finding out about their past as the Ultimate Despair

SDR2 Boys & fem S/O flashing them (Kinda NSFW)

SDR2 Guys’ reactions when their S/O is kidnapped and murdered by some people who suffered in the apocalypse and think that the Ultimate Despair don’t deserve any happiness

SDR2 Boys & S/O walked in on in sexy times (NSFW)

SDR2 Boys & fem S/O having a wet dream beside them (NSFW)

SDR2 Boys (Yandere) react to S/O dying in killing game

SDR2 Boys & S/O with broken leg

SDR2 and DR1 Boys reacting to their S/O coming out as asexual

SDR2 Boys reacting to their S/O dancing and singing to Candy Store from Heathers

SDR2 Boys having  a nightmare about their S/O being killed in the killing game, when they try and go see her it turns out it wasn’t a nightmare after all

SDR2 Girls react to their kids asking them about the Ultimate Despair

SDR2 Boys & Autistic S/O

SDR2 Boys & S/O with tattoos

SDR2 Girls reacting to their S/O being killed in a dream but it not being a dream at all

SDR2 Boys & Fem Popular School Idol S/O

SDR2 Boys proposing to their S/O

SDR2 Boys helping S/O with period pain

SDR2 Boys confessing to Fem crush who doesn’t like guys in that sense

SDR2 Boys reacting to their S/O waking up from the NEO World Programme after being “murdered”

SDR2 Boys Kinks (NSFW)

SDR2 Boys reacting to S/O’s nipple piercing

SDR2 cast & the suicide of their S/O (Trigger warning: Suicide)

SDR2 & DR1 Girls’ Kinks (NSFW)

SDR2 Boys and a S/O who loves make up

SDR2 Boys being caught masturbating by S/O (NSFW)

SDR2 Boys going down on Fem! S/O (NSFW)


Warriors of Hope and reader in a sibling relationship


DRV3 Boys & Sick S/O 

DRV3 Boys & Free time with S/O 

DRV3 Boys with a S/O wearing their clothes & pretending to be them 

DRV3 Girls Sleepover 

DRV3 Boys & S/O unexpected embrace 

DRV3 Boys & Jealous S/O 

DRV3 Boys wanting to confess to crush but they say they have someone on a dating sim 

DRV3 Boys telling their S/O they want to have sex (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys kissing their S/O’s hand

DRV3 Boys as Yanderes 

DRV3 Girls and confessing S/O 

DRV3 Boys (Yandere) keeping S/O locked in to keep them ‘safe’

DRV3 Boys Reader’s sleep confession

DRV3 Boys & Virgin S/O (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys & S/O who’s scared of the dark

DRV3 Boys & Discovering S/O fanfiction about them

DRV3 Boys & S/O sitting in laps unexpectedly

DRV3 Boys & S/O pregnancy with twins

DRV3 Boys playing the pocky game

DRV3 Boys & crush accidental kiss

DRV3 Boys & Call from anxious S/O in night

DRV3 Boys & S/O walked in on while having sexy times (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys & S/O with bite kink

DRV3 Boys tripping into their crushes skirt

DRV3 Boys & first night alone with baby

DRV3 Boys outside delivery room while S/O gives birth

DRV3 Boys’ Favourite candy/confectionary

DRV3 Boys & S/O asking to be tied up (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys & S/O rough sex (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys - boobs, ass, hips, neck or thighs (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys with a S/O who accidentally killed someone during the killing game for self defence reasons

DRV3 Boys reacting to their s/o nearly getting them killed

DRV3 Boys (Yandere) reacting to motive of S/O being killed

DRV3 Boys & Kidnapped S/O

DRV3 Girls supporting S/O going through rough patch

DRV3 Boys & S/O sending nudes (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys with a blind crush asking if they can touch their face and telling them they think they look handsome

DRV3 Boys and their S/O get stuck in handcuffs together

DRV3 Boys & fem S/O tied herself up (Kinda NSFW)

DRV3 Boys’ reaction to S/O who is the blackened and when they’re about to vote for the wrong person S/O doesn’t let them

DRV3 Boys having  a nightmare about their S/O being killed in the killing game, when they try and go see her it turns out it wasn’t a nightmare after all

DRV3 Boys & S/O Aphrodisiacs soup (Kinda NSFW)

DRV3 Cast meeting their S/O for the first time during the killing game

DRV3 Boys and their S/O both got kidnapped and they have to try and escape

DRV3 Girls & S/O accidental boob grab

DRV3 Boys and their S/O in an amusement park

DRV3 Boys & S/O with stalker

DRV3 Boys coming home and discovering their S/O playing HuniePop

DRV3 Boys & fem S/O flashing them (Kinda NSFW)

DRV3 Boys + Ryota Miterai & depressed S/O

DRV3 Boys having a S/O who seems calm, mature and independent but then they stumble upon her crying and worrying about being forgotten and useless

DRV3 Boys with an S/O who’s normally very quiet but when she gets extremely tired she’s suddenly much more talkative and tends to giggle a lot

DRV3 Boys confessing after crush breaks up with ex

DRV3 Boys & child having nightmare

DRV3 Boys & ‘Birthday gift’ from Fem S/O (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys reacting to their adorable S/O being into hardcore metal

DRV3 Boys sleeping with their S/O for the first time (No NSFW)

DRV3 Boys going down on fem S/O (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys crying over something and their S/O comforts and cuddles them

DRV3 Boys and Reader as friends

DRV3 Boys recieving nudes from Male S/O (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys finding out their S/O squeaks when startled

DRV3 Boys & S/O’s sweet spot in sex (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys & fem S/O having a wet dream beside them (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys losing their S/O in a crowd

DRV3 Boys with a video game loving S/O who thinks she’s bothering them

DRV3 Boys walking in on masturbating S/O (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys with a S/O who’s sensitive to loud noises

DRV3 Boys & S/O eating aphrodisiac-laced soup (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys finding out S/O got kidnapped by a serial killer

DRV3 Boys & S/O sleepwalking in underwear

DRV3 Boys and S/O being separated in a shopping mall

DRV3 Boys and Fem S/O dressing up as heroes/villains

DRV3 Girls in a club losing their S/O only to find her in the bathroom

DRV3 Boys and their favourite scents

DRV3 Boys making S/O breakfast in bed

DRV3 Boys & Fem S/O in sexy lingerie

DRV3 Boys Drunk Headcanons and reactions to drunk S/O

DRV3 Boys giving S/O a lap dance

DRV3 Boys and S/O accidentally turning them on (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys in sexy lingerie for their S/O

DRV3 Boys reacting to their S/O calling them by their first name

DRV3 Boys & S/O discovering their honeymoon on a porno film

DRV3 Boys making out with S/O

DRV3 Girls telling their S/O they’re pregnant

DRV3 Boys making their S/O orgasm for the first time (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys ‘Type’ of girl

DRV3 Girls trying on their S/O’s clothes

DRV3 Boys & really submissive S/O (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys reacting to Fem! S/O making cute noises during sex (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys & quiet Fem! S/O who’s loud during sex (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys sexual fantasies (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys & Fem! S/O who takes a long time to cum (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys accidentally cumming inside their S/O (NSFW)

DRV3 Boys after sex (NSFW)


Hinata, Tanaka, Souda, Amami, Ouma, Saihara and Komaeda – Neck, thigh or lip kisses (Kinda NSFW)

Mondo, Fuyuhiko & Hoshi – S/O as hostage

Gonta & Hoshi True loves kiss (+GontaxHoshi as a ‘bonus’)

Leon, Souda, Kaito and Hoshi reacting to S/O telling them they love the for the first time

Hoshi reacting  if his S/O grabbed him in her sleep and used him like a teddy bear (And how would he react if he realized she was only pretending to be asleep)

Mondo, Ishimaru, Hagakure, Imposter, Kuzuryuu, Teruteru, Nekomaru & Hoshi – Kinks (NSFW)

Ryoma being comforted by reader when he feels suicidal or that no one loves him

Kazuichi Soda & fem S/O biting

Kaito x Shuuichi - NSFW Headcanons (NSFW)

Kiibo – NSFW Headcanons (NSFW)

Ouma having a night to pamper his S/O, kisses, bites and a lot of teasing

Rantaro Amami NSFW HCs (NSFW)

Fukawa, Komaeda and Amami comforting Reader after they’ve been rejected by their crush

Kaito Momota birthday HCs (NSFW at the end)

Hanamura making his S/O a special meal only to find that she’s allergic to the main ingredient

Short S/O asking Ishimaru, Gundham and Gonta for a kiss

Shuuichi Saihara - NSFW Headcanons (NSFW)

S/O (Gender neutral or boy) falling asleep on Korekiyo, Ouma and Rantarou

Ryoma Hoshi – S/O held hostage

Kokichi x Maki NSFW HCs (NSFW)

Angie Yonaga birthday HCs (NSFW at the end)

Gonta/SO/Ryoma Headcanons (NSFW at the end)

Rantaro/SO/Miu Headcanons (NSFW at the end)

Leon, Kokichi, Korekiyo, Nagito and Byakuya - Toddler drawing

Gonta Gokuhara NSFW HCs (NSFW)

Yasuhiro Hagakure & S/O Headcanons

Ouma x S/O x Saihara Fluff

Ouma, Nagito, Makoto, Fujisaki, Shuuichi and Kiibo playing horror games with their S/O

Mahiru Koizumi & S/O Birthday Headcanons

Aoi Asahina & S/O Birthday Headcanons

Nagito Komaeda flirting like Pepe le Pew for Hajime Hinata

Chihiro, Makoto, Fuyuhiko, Teruteru, Kokichi, Ryoma and Kiibo & Tall S/O using cutesie words

S/O x Kiyotaka Ishimaru Fluff

Leon Kuwata x S/O x Kazuichi Soda under influence of aphrodesiac soup (NSFW)

Ryoma Hoshi NSFW Headcanons (NSFW)

Byakuya, Toko, Nagito, Chiaki, Rantaro and Miu & S/O with abusive mother

Nagito Komaeda and his S/O on his birthday

Ibuki Mioda x Fem S/O Fluff

Byakuya Togami, Byakuya Twogami (Imposter) & sexy times with smol, shy S/O (NSFW)

Izuru Kamukura Relationship HCs SFW & NSFW (NSFW at the end)

Yandere Izuru Kamukura Headcanons

Leon, Byakuya, Mondo, Nagito, Kokichi and Korekiyo not taking S/O’s aquaphobia seriously

Mondo Owada x S/O x Kiyotaka Ishimaru Relationship HCs

Chisa Yukizome and S/O on her birthday

Hajime, Sakura, Tenko, Nagito and Komaru friendship headcanons

Mondo & Fuyuhiko - S/O held hostage aftermath

Byakuya Togami Birthday Headcanons

Saihara x Shinguji Headcanons (NSFW [Kinda])

Chaiki Nanami x fem S/O x Nagito Komaeda relationship HCs (Prize)

Masaru Daimon and older sibling on his birthday

Ouma, Amami, Saihara, Komaeda and Hinata reacting to S/O’s weird habits (Prize)

Great Gozu and his S/O on his birthday

Kirumi Tojo and her S/O on her birthday

Mikan Tsumiki and her S/O on her birthday

Kiibo being blunt towards fem reader’s feelings

Sakura, Nidai, Gonta and Gozu with a small, shy and quiet S/O

Relationship with Mukuro Ikusaba Headcanons

Kokichi Ouma cuddling with fem S/O

Hinata, Kuzuryuu, Saihara, Amami, Ouma and Komaeda & non binary S/O having difficulty with their body

NSFW HCs for Mondo, Nekomaru and Gonta with a tiny S/O

Gonta Gokuhara & tiny S/O SFW HCs

Great Gozu and short S/O

Komaru, Miaya, Syo and Toko Fluff

Consequences of the accidental boob grab – Tsumugi Shirogane edition

Ishimaru, Soda and Ouma when their S/O’s water breaks

Kaede Akamatsu x Kiibo Headcanons SFW & NSFW

Kazuichi Soda Relationship HCs

Rantaro Amami Fluff

Rantaro Amami and short S/O on a date

Komaru Naegi and her S/O on her birthday

PDA HCs for Kazuichi, Leon, Yasuhiro and Fuyuhiko

Kiibo/K1-B0 NSFW HCs (NSFW) (It turns out we did it before lol)

Mukuro Ikusaba x Makoto Naegi Relationship HCs

Miaya Gekkogahara HCs

Kazuichi Soda & S/O with toddler crawling into garage repeatedly

Soda, Leon & Gonta with a chubby S/O NSFW (NSFW)

Seiko and S/O on her birthday

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu Relationship HCs (SFW & NSFW) (NSFW)

Mondo Owada Birthday Headcanons (NSFW)

Friendship HCs between Saihara, Ouma, Angie and Korekiyo

Ouma and short S/O

Yandere Kazuo Tengan and female S/O

Sonia Nevermind x Akane Owari Fluff Headcanons

Leon Kuwata x Kazuichi Soda HCs

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56. For Me- Iris West x Fem!Reader

(gif credit: irisandtheflash & unknown)

Summary: Iris is always worrying over you. After every fight with a meta she fusses over you and helps patch you up but not without her lecturing you. Sometimes you wonder why she cares so much, she’s your best friend but she’s fiercely overprotective…..which doesn’t help your crush on her at all. 

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Fem! Barry Headcanons

So many of these, many of which can be seen in my story on fanfiction.net A Flash In The Dark.

Smol speedster. She’s only about five feet tall and refuses to wear heels. She still somehow looks intimidating in the Flash costume though.

So much coldflash! She dated Leonard Snart before she found out he was a criminal. She broke it off but never really got over him. They flirt a lot. It drives Oliver crazy.

Past Olivarry. Oliver broke it off because it would be ‘better for everyone.’ But he still likes her, a lot. Oliver is stupid protective of her. He’s stepped over the line a few times but she sets him straight.

Halbarry best buddies since college. The kind of friend you would trust to watch your back but you also know what they look like naked and constantly laugh at each other about the small fling you once had.

Brief Batflash. Bruce and Barry flirted for about five minutes but he was just too serious for her.

Sara Lance convinced Barry to sample Lesbianism for a few weeks. It went well and the two of them are still on good terms. The only other woman Barry has briefly dated is Linda Park. If asked Barry will freely admit to being Bi.

Eobard was never and will never be sexually interested in the Flash or Barry, she is a tool to him nothing more.

She encouraged Cisco’s relationship with Lisa having met the woman before and knowing that, much like her brother, she is a good person under all that thievery.

She is the only person to date that Caitlin will actually talk about the life she and Ronnie had planned with.

She is taking online courses to earn her degree in psychology in hopes of helping reform the meta humans currently locked up in the pipeline. So far she hasn’t gotten any of them to open up but she keeps trying.

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Sorry! (Barry Allen X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Barry Allen X Fem!Reader

Universe: DC, Flash

Warnings: Mention of nudity

Request: Can you write a Barry x Reader where he walks in on the reader naked, and is really sorry. He’s also the reader’s roommate. The reader is okay with it, but doesn’t have anything to wear. So, she asks Barry for a shirt. Later, he stumbles on the reader getting dressed. The reader doesn’t know until he slams the door by accident. He again apologizes and it gets really awkward. The reader is like screw it and kisses him. And you can write the rest. Ik it’s really long.

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You had been roommates with Barry Allen for just over two years. Most people your age would be living separately or with their significant other, but when you moved in together, you worked together so well that there was really no need to go separate ways, and it made the rent a minor thing.

That and you may or may not have a thing for the speedster. You kept your feelings hidden however, since you’d been able to do so for over a year now.

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Fem! Barry Headcannons Villains

Alright one more before work.

Barry and her villains have a complex relationship. During their incarceration in the pipeline Barry was one of the only people who visited them, Dr. Wells being the other but they don’t talk about his visits.

Barry tried her hardest to understand her villains and attempt to help them. Even going so far as literally getting a secondary degree, this one in psychology, to attempt to help them.

After Leonard Snart assisted in their breakout from the pipeline the rouges rallied behind him as a kind of leader and moral center of the group.

At one point Slade Wilson discovered Olivers attachment to the Flash and managed to trap her. He broadcast her torture across Central City and threatened to unmask her if the Arrow didn’t turn himself in. Before he could continue the torture the door was broken down. Expecting the Arrow Slade was shocked when a blast of lightning knocked him off his feet and a blast of ice destroyed the machine he was using to torture the speedster. The rouges proceeded to beat Slade badly and Len ended up face to face with a nearly unconscious Deathstroke showing no fear as he proclaimed that the Flash was theirs and that if he so much as touched her again he would personally kill him. Shauna teleported the Flash outside to where a stolen Star Labs van was waiting with Lisa driving it. The whole of Central City witnessed this. Oliver later arrived, too late to be of any help and informed a groggy healing Barry Allen that her relationship with her villains concerned him.

Once when Barry was sent on a trip at work the Arrow temporarily took over the guard of Central. His methods were quite a bit more brutal than hers and any time he managed to catch one of her villains they all complained about mistreatment and inhuman conditions. When Barry arrived back in town two weeks later Len and Lisa showed up at Star Labs saying that if she ever left the city in the Arrows hands again the rouges would riot. Lisa was very upset as her favorite of the rouges, Shauna was now laid up with arrow wounds in both legs. Barry had a firm talk with Oliver about being human towards even the villains. Oliver left Central stating that he preferred Starlings kind of crazy anyway and that Barry seriously needed to examine her relationship with her villains. The rouges celebrated the Flash’s return by returning everything they had stolen in the past two weeks laid out so it looked like a lightning bolt at the Flash museum. The press had a field day.

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