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Hi! I don't know if you've been active on tumblr lately but I've just been scrolling trough your blog and I love your art! Could you please draw more nyo!Finland and maybe sufin with a jealous Sweden (seperate)?😊 Also I'm new to your blog and I was wondering if you're a boy or a girl (sorry if it's a stupid question 😅) PS. Mäkin oon Suomesta mutta tuntuu oudolta kirjottaa suomeks täällä, vaikka en kyl tiiä oliko toi mun enkku ihan parasta (ja muuten mistäpäin oot, ellei oo liian yksityistä 😊)

I’m active when I feel like posting xD And thank you so much!♥ And why not combining those…~? Also it’s always okay to ask, I’m a girl :D

Plus fiilaan, mäki vähän arastelen suomen kanssa. Ja hei sun enkku on oikein hyvää ei tartte huolehtia! (Ja tällä hetkellä mä oleskelen Lahden seudulla vaikka alunperin Turun paikkeilta oon :D)

Western Europe

France - France (fem.)

Monaco - Monaco (fem.)

Germany - Allemagne (fem.)

The Netherlands - Les Pays-Bas (masc. pl.)

Belgium - Belgique (fem.)

Luxembourg - Luxembourg (masc.)

Switzerland - Suisse (fem.)

Liechtenstein - Liechtenstein (masc.)

Austria - Autriche (fem.)

The British Isles

England - Angleterre (fem.)

Scotland -  Écosse (fem.)

Wales - Les pays de Galles (masc. pl.)

Ireland - Irlande (fem.)

Northern Ireland - Irlande du Nord (fem.)

The United Kingdom - Le Royaume-Uni (masc.)

Great Britain - Grande-Bretagne (fem.)

Northern Europe

Norway - Norvège (fem.)

Sweden - Suède (fem.)

Denmark - Danemark (masc.)

Scandinavia - Scandinavie (fem.)

Iceland - Islande (fem.)

Finland - Finlande (fem.)

Estonia - Estonie (fem.)

Latvia - Lettonie (fem.)

Lithuania - Lituanie (fem.)

Eastern Europe

Russia - Russie (fem.)

Belarus - Belarus (masc.),  Biélorussie (fem.)

Ukraine - Ukraine (fem.

Poland - Pologne (fem.)

Czechia / Czech Republic - La République Tchèque (fem.)

Slovakia - Slovaquie (fem.)

Hungary - Hongrie (fem.)

Moldova - Moldavie (fem.)

Romania - Roumanie (fem.)

Bulgaria - Bulgarie (fem.)

South-Eastern Europe

Slovenia - Slovénie (fem.)

Croatia - Croatie (fem.)

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bosnie-Herzégovine (fem.)

Montenegro - Monténégro (masc.)

Serbia - Serbie (fem.)

Kosovo - Kosovo (masc.)

Macedonia - Macédoine (fem.)

Albania - Albanie (fem.)

Greece -  Grèce (fem.)

Cyprus - Chypre (fem.)

Turkey - Turquie (fem.)

Southern Europe

Spain - Espagne (fem.)

Andorra - Andorre (fem.)

Portugal - Portugal (masc.)

Italy - Italie (fem.)

The Vatican - Le Vatican (masc.)

San Marino - Saint-Marin (masc.)

Malta - Malte (fem.)

So here you have it! All 50 countries of Europe, along with three extras. However, French isn’t my native language, so if you see a mistake, feel free to tell me and I’ll happily change it! (also someone help me with Belarus)

Amelia often hangs out at the police station with the baltics when Ivan has to work overtime and talks to the offenders that Ivan brings in during his patrol. Every knows that the station is not a kid’s area but can seem to get the courage to tell Ivan that. 

Also Feliks and Sofia are partners. They work in vice and manly do sex worker cases. Sofia was sent to vice because the other (NPC) boys in blue wanted to see her in hooker clothes for the undercover work. They where shocked to find that Feliks much rather play that role instead.

Belarus is looking at Alfred’s records because he was rectally attack (I’ll draw it later) and the description of his attacker was very similar to Ayana’s appearance. She’s trying to find if anything in his past matches any of the past murders she thinks Ayana has committed.  


Amelia is still odd, gets braces, crazy acne yet has more self confidence than the all of her classmate put together. Most of the time Ivan  does not have anything to be proactive of.but he never though that she would be dating at the age of 13….Which she really isn’t She kept asking Mattie to go with her in till he caved.

So I’ve never really thought about this AU so far in the future. So all the plot lines  I have would been resolved . Which is why Edward is fine with Alfred and both Alfred and Toris are life partners  as are Ivan and Edward.

Ivan often keeps change in his coat that Amelia is allowed to use to buy snacks from the vending machines. (Starburst candy is her favorite.)  Though she mistakes Ivan’s 3 year sobriety chip for a large quarter. It’s not the first time she’s thought it was currency. She had given Ivan’s 2 year sorority chip to Mattie who collects coins. 

In this picture (which I don’t really know where it falls in my timeline yet) Ivan and Edward have been dating for awhile and Ivan has been keeping that part of his life secret.


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