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Song-Love by Creep-P (Eyeris)

Art- Some old art made by me from the time I had no computer to draw so I had to stick with paper.

Loving you isn’t really that much of a chore
But tolerating your whims, oh that’s a fucking bore
Gimme that holy book keep it right here
Flipping through its pages, Laughing at your cheatery

Seeking love like a little bitch
You’re so desperate, like you’re in heat
Saying that you’re changing, one more lie: that’s how you’re faking
Won’t fool anyone but yourself

You are absolutely hopeless
You are a goddamn liar
Yet I just keep making love
To this ugly, ugly you..–

I’m in love with you
(Like the piece of garbage that I claimed you are)
Desperately clinging onto you
(Without me, you’d be a lump of broken shards)
In desperate need for you
(Loving me just for your goddamn self-pity)
I’ve fallen for you
(Living through this love just for sheer sympathy)

Oh, loving you, was as simple as chewing needles
Wanting you was a complete waste of my damn time
Needing endless care, your ego so small and feeble
Loving me, filling your facade, it was all just a lie

They love me, then they love me not
Sayin’ that they gotta make me theirs
It’s so unclean and just sinful
This thing we call love is so baleful

Keep on talking; keep lies moving
Lean in closer, and keep on lying
Love me.. Love me!!

They keep on praying
And I’ll keep on playing
I can’t stop yelling “Stop me! Save me! Take me from self-pity!”
All those who said they’d do
anything to show me their love
bow down to your sin, to your lies, to your lies, to all your dirty lies .

anonymous asked:

But like do u think girl!kuroo hair situation is worse than normal kuroo??

way worse! girl!Kuroo hair situation is…A MESS:

  • it doesn’t matter how unruly her hair is, she always keep it insanely long
  • like don’t you ever try tell her she should cut it, she’ll cut your tongue instead
  • good hair always on useless days is her thing
  • “who has time to brush it I barely have time to change my underwear in the morning”
  • in school and practice she always keep it in a high ponytail and lets just her fringe down
  • people think it’s because she looks badass that way
  • truth is she doesn’t own any poppy pins to pin the fringe away from her face
  • she probably doesn’t even know how a bobby pin looks like
  • Tsukishima’s favorite stress relief is brushing her hair with natural oil and washing it afterwards
  • mostly because it’s so intimate but also because it always leads to a hot shower (very hot!!!!)
  • there are days when her hair is so beautiful, shiny and of such a deep raven color that people literally had been rendered speechless by her beauty
  • she knows and she always tries to use it as a weapon
  • “Kuroo stop flipping your hair around I won’t buy it this time”
  • in truth, Tsukki buys it, every time

p.s. If Kuroo was a girl, she would 100% look like Momo Yaoyorozu from Boku No Hero Academia:

Damon Salvatore - It Was Always You - Part 3

After your shocking request, Damon has some thinking to do, as do you. Your friends all have differing opinions on the matter, but ultimately, the decision is completely up to you. Damon takes you out on your first real date where the two of you can be alone and you both agree that you should take some time to think about all of this and eventually, you make your decision.

Damon x Fem!Reader

Warning: Brief mentions of blood and death

It Was Always You Master List

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The First Day Of Summer

This little one shot is dedicated to @doublepasse since she won my 200 followers give away on my main blog (:

This fanfic was brought to you by procrastinating with all my heart x3 I hope you guys like it!

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Fem!Natsu x Lucy

Words: 1478

The girl was excited. Fairy Tail had been invited to a big party at the Lamia Scale premises in Margaret Town to celebrate the first day of summer. A warm wind was playing with her long, shiny hair as she walked through the streets and felt the evening sun on her shoulders. Her soft, white dress floated around her ankles and tickled her legs. The light fabric reminded her of the waves which had kissed her skin earlier this week when they had been swimming and relaxing at the beach. All lost in those happy thoughts she almost forgot what she was up to.

Only the faint smell from the florist shop had the power to bring her back into reality. Flowers! Of course! The mage entered the little room, head held high. Her gaze wandered over the numberless vessels, a little baffled by all the unknown scents around her. It took her some seconds to take her bearing. Huge shadows covered the walls inside the shop since all the light came from the two windows next to the door. A young woman stood behind the counter, greeting Lucy with a gentle smile.

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