Due to the fact that metals are utilized in virtually everything used in modern society, from pots and pans to cell phones, they have become a staple of our culture. However, the result of careless management in the metal mining industry in regard to solid waste treatment can also cause devastating effects on the environment, exacerbate socio-economic problems, particularly in developing countries, and ultimately gravely impact society as a whole.

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 I adore how Bioware created their characters. I love all squadmates in Mass Effect . I want hug everyone as tight as I can and as long as they might allow me(and a bit longer). They’re like another family for me, helping, supporting and fighting with me. Every time I run the game and choose another mission I dream about how I hug them and tell them what they mean to me. I just love them, that’s it.

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Angel and the fallen(Closed rp)


Alfred was fixing his bike outside in the drive way. He whippe the sweat off his forehead from the heat. He stuck his tongue thinking on how his going to continue fixing his bike. He was wearing a tank top, a flannel around his waste, jeans and a red cloth in the back pocket with it sticking out a little. You could see his top back tattoo peaking out from under his shirt and you can see it sayd we and ople. on his left arm it has a roman numberal L on it,

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Can I request The Gom+ Kasamastu seeing a black girl for the first time (like actually looking at)

I hope this was what you had in mind!

It’s almost as if in that moment, Kuroko had found his antithesis. Her presence was effortless, immediate, yet he always faded into the background. He wasn’t sure how long he’d been staring, but it was long enough for her to spot his blue hair and show him a dazzling smile that showed the bronze glow of her cheeks. He flushed, heart pounding for a split second.

When she catches Kise’s gaze, he imagines her as a model, with her striking features and the wide range of colours that would suit her dark skin, it’s hard to imagine what wouldn’t look cute on her. He soon realises that he’s mentally been playing dress up with a stranger, to which his cheeks heat in embarrassment. 

Midorima was curious about her, but also her background, as he rarely sees people with features such as her own. Or at least that was what his internal justification to wanting to ask for her phone number. He didn’t realise how long he was looking at her until he found her looking back, resulting in him most likely making a fool of himself.

It’s not everyday that Aomine sees someone with skin as dark as his own, but it’s a pleasant sort of surprise. The fact that she was easy on the eyes is icing on the cake. It wasn’t long before he was scolded by Momoi for holding them up again for the sake of checking out a girl.

Murasakibara sees her dark skin and immediately thinks of chocolate, but the thought is fleeting as he admires her features. He does consider approaching her, but retreated under the intimidating aura that cute girls had.

Looking at her reminds Akashi of warm honey, he isn’t quite sure why, but he thinks it might be down to the soft glow of her brown skin under the afternoon sun. Drawn to how she carried herself, there was something flawlessly ethereal to it. He’d like to know how her voice sounds, too.

Kasamatsu can’t stop shaking. And staring. And then shaking a little more, but he covers it somewhat well. Or at least he hopes he does. He was always intimidated by women, the fact that she was cute was even worse for his poor heart.


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Might have been influenced by 2P!Nyo!USA


Just a tiny bit XD

It wasn’t supposed to be her, that’s why there’s a French word next to her :0

Anyway this was just to try my new markers I got the same day, I also wanted to draw these kind of vintage clothes I guess ?? So yeah :*