fem!thor cosplay

Oooohhhkayyy i know i haven’t posted here in a loNGGG time but i wanted to show off my new obsession and what I’ve gotten myself into 😂😂. I’m almost done with my fem! Yuuri Katsuki cosplay for katsucon and its coming out soo nicely! Also dont worry the skates definitely have covers on! ⛸ oh! And guys seriously don’t worry, i will not be wearing skates at the convention! That’s seriously such a dumb idea based on how dangerous it is. I will be wearing white flats and have my ice skates on my shoulder. Alsoo these are my own skates that I’ve had for years haha.

OOC: Happy Four Year Anniversary!

((This ask blog is FOUR years old today! Unbelievable. I’m nearly crying this is absolutely wild. I cannot believe it has gone on for so long. I’ve met some wonderful and amazing people <3 Who I treasure so much. Thank you for always indulging my hobby, and giving me a place to grow and learn more about this character and the world around me. Thank you so much.))

How to Identify a Werewolf

10.30am - Defence Against the Dark Arts

Professor: …and with your O.W.L examinations taking place soon…

Professor: …ensure you are revising these lessons outside of the classroom…

Professor: ….additional homework to help you prepare effectively…

Severa raises her hand, interrupting the monotonous droning of their teacher.

Severa: Could you tell us whether the O.W.L exam will be covering werewolves, at all?

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Dance with me

Fem!Sirius played by @asktheblacksheep <3

The Gryffindor common room hums with laughter and music, students crammed together in a happy ensemble.

Sirius and Remi huddle together in a corner by the fire.

Sirius waves her hand dismissively.

Sirius: You’re not beating me this time, Lupin.

Remi laughs. Sirius watches her.

Remi gapes at her, stunned.

Remi reaches across to take away Sirius’s glass, and Sirius sways forward. Their faces are very close.

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