(please heed all authors’ tags/warnings)

*‘Til Break of Day by bendingsignpost. oneshot. ace!bilbo and demi!thorin(i think so anyway!). bed-sharing, cuddling. pre-botfa.
Two of a Kind by Neyiea. short oneshot. modern au. asexual relationship, fluff. extremely adorable!
Wedding night blues by Signe_chan. oneshot. post-botfa, marriage, ace!thorin, relationship negotiation, very mild angst.
*until the red dawn breaks by lilithiumwords. oneshot. the middle-earth zombie apocalypse au you didn’t know you needed but you really need it! asexual relationship.
Tangled by xxSparksxx. oneshot. post-botfa, ace!bilbo. thorin is wonderful in this (and demisexual i think). very mild angst.
*The Noise Inside My Head by WuNsChKiNd89. oneshot, post-auj, asexual relationship. cuddling, sharing a bed, nightmares, emotional h/c. 
*Righting Wrongs by diemarysues. series. fem!bagginshield. post-botfa. ace!thorin. thorin being a worrier, bilbo being a sweetheart, cuddling.

* = fave
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dedicated to anonymoussong in gratitude for my demi!thorin icon <3


Tekken 7′s newest character, Josie Rizal. 

Her fighting style is said to be Eskrima + Kickboxing.

Eskrima… Since this is Tekken, I guess we won’t see her fighting with weapons, but so far, her style looks like a more grounded version of Lili, but more powerful (almost like a mix of Asuka and Lili OuO). 

I can’t wait to know about her backstory~! >w<


Guess who headcanons humanized Wheatley as british-indian ~

Sorry, halfway through the request I somehow forgot that you asked for humanized characters and not for fem!stuff - I still hope you enjoy it. I didn’t draw a humanized GLaDOS because I basically just imagine her as a badass-cyborg-version of The Administrator .. But speaking of it .. Maybe I SHOULD draw that. Unfortunately I don’t have so much time atm, but I will keep it in mind.

Requests are closed atm!