•• Keeping Up with the Joneses [[2016]]

•• Free State of Jones [[2016]]

•• Whiskey Tango Foxtrot [[2016]]

•• Fifty Shades of Black [[2016]]

•• God’s Not Dead 2 [[2016]]

•• Nine Lives [[2016]]

•• Pride and Prejudice and Zombies [[2016]]

•• The Infiltrator [[2016]]

•• Swiss Army Man [[2016]]

•• Independence Day: Resurgence [[2016]]

A snippet from a very short gag strip I uploaded at WP today. ‘Tis the continuation of the password protected doujin strip. 

Made this gag strip public. I kinda’ feel numb today so I don’t feel shame, lol. At least it gives you a hint on what the secret strip was about. ;)

Muzzle training day 1:
I started off by introducing him to the muzzle and he got a click for any interaction with it (looks, a move in its direction, etc.). When he grew more confident I went on to only clicking when he targeted the muzzle with his paws and nose. I faded the clicks to only nose targeting and gave him jackpots whenever he’d push his snout inside the muzzle. At the end of the training session he understood that when I give the muzzle a slight shake he has to push his snout in for a reward.