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Raise your hands if you think Jaal would immediately hug Scott once he’s out of his coma! He’d be so happy that his dearest Sara, finally gets to see her brother alive and well he just hugs him really tight. Jaal would be so emotional he wouldn’t realize Scott is very confused and alarm some huge unknown alien is hugging him. Not to mention the fact Sara seems totally chill with him.

I imagine scott would tease her. “First new alien species and you end up in a relationship with one. Wow sis.”

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hehe iggy is my #1 too. ^.^ may i request a young!iggy with a fem!s/o drabble where they sneak out with noct to check out a new trendy food place in the city and get caught by cor, but cor lets them off the hook? heehee. thanks!

I’VE WAITED SO LONG TO FILL THIS REQUEST DEAR ANON YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I SQUEALED AND BRAINSTORMED FOR THIS LITTLE (ahem, read that as LONG xD) ONE-SHOT! :D :D :D *I am super excited, hope I didn’t scare anyone with my caps*. Okay, okay- let’s do this!

The boyfriend, the girlfriend and… the prince?

You tap your foot impatiently against the foot of Noctis’ chair, and the fifteen year old prince actually has the gall to scowl at you over his homework. You reach over and ruffle his hair, because you know that he dislikes people touching his hair immensely. Ignis throws you a look full of exasperation over Noctis’ head, and you smile sweetly in your boyfriend’s direction in return. Ignis can only shake his head and return back to preparing what you assume is Noctis’ dinner for that night and school lunch for the next day.

You sit quietly for a grand total of three minutes before huffing and snatching Noctis’ literature homework from him and jotting the answers to the questions down off by heart. The young prince smiles in relief while Ignis lets out a groan from his position in the kitchen.

“Y/n, how will he pass his exams if you keep doing his homework for him?” Ignis chides you. You pout at your stern boyfriend in turn and point dramatically at the analogue clock mounted on the wall.

“It’s almost seven-thirty! I’ve been starving since six! I swear, Noct’s been acting inept on purpose this whole time!” you cry out dramatically, draping yourself over Noctis’ homework. The young prince chuckles and pulls a strand of your hair in jest, earning a yelp from you. You glare up at the boy who is two years younger than you, and watch as he stands up from his place at the dining table and collects his books into a neat pile. He carries the pile towards his room, throwing Ignis a meaningful look as he passes his advisor.

Ignis can’t help but smile at the hopeful look in his young charge’s eyes, and he nods his silent assent. Noctis immediately breaks into a grin and, gods, you have never seen that boy move so fast in the year that you’ve known him. You turn your perplexed gaze towards Ignis and raise an eyebrow at him.

“He’s worked hard- I thought he could accompany us out for dinner tonight.” Ignis answers your silent question. Your jaw drops in disbelief as you stand immediately and gesture at the food Ignis was packing away on the counter.

“Um, excuse me? Then what is all of this?!” you point at the pair of colourful lunchboxes filled with rice, omelette and finely chopped and seasoned bell peppers. You reach forward, you mouth suddenly watering out of hunger, and try to steal a small cocktail sausage from underneath the omelette. Ignis immediately grabbed your hand and brought it to his lips, pressing a soft kiss onto your knuckles.

“It’s Noctis and Prompto’s lunch for tomorrow, love.” Ignis replies easily, letting go of your hand. You can’t believe it- Ignis packed a lunch for the prince and his blond chocobo friend…

“You never pack me lunch…” you frown and cross your arms against your chest, feeling hurt- and then feeling stupid for feeling hurt. Ignis catches the petulant expression on your face and chuckles with mirth at the obviously silly look on your face. Your boyfriend quickly replaces the packed lunchboxes into the refrigerator and shuts the door before making his way around the kitchen counter and towards you. You feel his arms snake around your waist and he pulls your back flush against his chest before nuzzling his nose into your fragrant hair with an amused, yet happy sigh.

“That is because you insist on purchasing that cheese bread from the Crownsguard Cafeteria every day, sweet pea,” you flush at the term of endearment and half-heartedly wrestle your way out of his grasp before turning around and sticking your tongue out at him. Ignis gazes upon your animated form with deep adoration- you are his exact opposite. Where he is stern and calm, you are exuberant and jittery. But you have a great mind on you and are very flexible in your problem-solving process. Ignis admires you greatly for your abstract thinking ability and your willingness to throw yourself into uncertainty for the greater good.

“Yeah, well that stuff’s delicious, Iggy. And gosh, I cannot believe you’re letting the bratty prince crash our date!”

“Hey!” Noct calls out from his room, “I heard that, you ingrate!”

You roll your eyes good naturedly before setting your wide, pleading eyes on Ignis. He bites his lip, averting your puppy dog eyes.

“Iggy?” you ask slowly, digging the tow of your light blue vans into Noctis’ wooden floor. Ignis immediately shakes his head.

“No, I promised Noct. He’s been having a hard time lately with his magic training and he deserves a treat. Besides, he likes your company-”

“I do not!” Noctis petulantly whines from his room, opening his bedroom door and finally emerging. He’s dressed in an old pair of jeans and a faded moogle mascot t-shirt. Wearing ratty old sneakers and a black baseball cap over his bangs, Noctis looks like a picture perfect high school kid. You cluck your tongue in your mouth at the sight while Ignis nods in approval.

“Your familiar behaviour around y/n suggests otherwise. Also, well done Noct- perfect disguise,” Ignis praises Noctis, though one confused look from Noctis has you bursting out into uncontrollable laughter. You wipe tears of mirth from your cheeks as Ignis fixes a bewildered stare on you. You gasp for breath before grinning up at him.

“I don’t think that’s a disguise, sweet cheeks, I think those are his actual casual clothes-” Noctis flushes at your words and begins to back track into his room.

“Um, I can wear something else…” you feel somewhat guilty about the way the young prince has reverted into his shy and awkward ways. You shook him an apologetic smile and shake your head quickly.

“Nonsense, you look great as always my little bean puff!” you coo, earning a grimace from Noctis. Ignis sighs and glances at his wrist watch as you and Noctis bicker.

“Enough, children. Let’s make for the car before any tears are spilled, hm?”

“Oh my freaking Six, Jen- isn’t that the fucking prince?!”

Ignis immediately frowns and grabs Noctis’ arm as soon as the three of you pass through the front threshold of the trendy down town restaurant Ignis let you to. You tut at Ignis’ behaviour and slap his possessive hand away from the prince.

“Iggy, chill out! You’re just going to draw attention to him if you go all ‘mother hen’ on him here,” you speak softly but firmly. Ignis withdraws his hand, and instead places his arm across your shoulders- a bit warily mind you. You snuggle into his side, liking the way you are tall enough just so you can perfectly lean your head against his shoulder when he holds you like this. You let Ignis lead you to a booth towards the back of the restaurant, and you can hear Noctis shuffle after the both of you.

You almost feel bad for the kid… being the third wheel and all. That is, until you realised Noctis was the one who invited himself to your date. You shake your head and press yourself closer to your boyfriend, earning a raised eyebrow from the young man you were pressing yourself against.

“Is something wrong?” Ignis asks. You shake your head, feigning innocence.

“Oh, no dear. This is super romantic!” you hear Noctis scoff softly behind you and you turn your face away from Ignis to hide your grin. You can feel Ignis heave an exasperated sigh before ushering you into the booth. He shuffles in after you and Noctis seats himself opposite the both of you.

You turn to face Ignis, only to catch him critically eyeing the patrons dining within his chosen establishment. He glares at a group of young women making googly eyes at the prince, and you smack him lightly on the chest with the back of your hand.

“Ignis! We’re on a date- focus!” you coach your boyfriend with a sharp tone of voice. Ignis lets out what you classify as a miserable sigh and slumps slightly in his seat.

“This was a terrible idea… the security risks are too great…” Ignis mumbles to himself. You shoot a glance at Noctis, who is too busy scouring over the menu with his midnight blue eyes wide open in wonder. You can’t help the slight warmth that spreads through your chest- the boy was seriously deprived. You were feeling slightly less salty about Noctis gate-crashing your date.

You flip your gaze back to Ignis and rub his arm up and down in what you hope are soothing motions. It seems to work minutely as his stiff shoulders relax the tiniest bit.

“Iggy, Noct is dressed like a hobo right now. We can just say he’s an enthusiastic Noctis cosplayer-”

“Darling… I have never seen any sane young man cosplay as the prince,” Ignis frowns down at you. You lean forward quickly and press a soft kiss to Ignis’ adorably pouting lips- he probably has no idea he’s pouting. Ignis retracts from your public display of affection and you swear to the Six you saw him flush at least seven different shades of red before clearing his throat and unbuttoning one of his shirt buttons out of embarrassment. You can’t help but smile fondly and bop Ignis on the nose.

If Noctis hadn’t been so enthralled by the diner’s menu selection, he’d have probably thrown both the salt and pepper shaker at your faces. Alas, the kid prince is currently marking all the junk he’s going to eat on the menu with little ripped pieces of napkin.

“Look at him- we can pass him off as our ‘odd’ friend or something,” you retract yourself from Ignis’ personal space as he stares at you with a deadpan expression, “oh, come on sweetie! Live a little- we’re not going to get caught for this! We’re not even in a dodgy area- he’s totally safe!” you argue your point, willing Ignis’ creased eyebrows to soften. Ignis is about to say something to retort to your statements when Noctis gasps and tries to slip down as far as he can in the booth.

“Aw crap, it’s Cor.”

As soon as those words leave Noctis’ mouth, you duck as well, pulling Ignis down alongside you. Ignis splutters a little, completely flustered and glasses askew. You shoot a panicked look at Noctis, who is doing his best to cover his face with the menu, the napkin scraps he’s placed there all slipping onto the table.

“Are you sure?!” you ask, your voice around three octaves higher than usual. Noctis grunts an affirmative and sinks impossibly lower in his seat.

“I should have just made him hamburgers at home. Why did I think this was a good idea? He didn’t even finish all of his homework…” Ignis laments quietly to himself. You can’t help but smirk at the regret lacing Ignis’ tone.

“This is what you get for letting the prince gate-crash our date.”

Ignis shoots an annoyed glare at you, to which you immediately answer with your own glare. The two of you don’t even notice that the marshal is now in earshot, his eyebrows furrowed in discontentment.

“He said he wanted to try this place, and I couldn’t let him go with Prompto!” Ignis begins to defend himself. You roll your eyes and cross your hands over your stomach.

“Why the hell not? They’re best friends! Noct should be allowed to hang out with his friends!”

“The boy doesn’t know how to defend himself, let alone others. Allowing Noctis out with a commoner with no self-defence training what-so-ever would be a dire compromise to Noctis’ security!” Ignis shoots back, rebuking your argument.

“Hey marshal, fancy seeing you here.” You suddenly hear Noctis’ miserable voice ring out, snapping you out of your couple’s spat with Ignis and back into reality. Noctis is now rearranging his boy so that he’s sitting up straight in the booth. Your eyes flitter over to Cor’s ever-tense form and you physically flinch at the disapproving look he’s throwing yours and Ignis’ way.

“Your father’s been calling your home phone for the past forty minutes. He’s worried.” Cor states simply. You can’t help but hurt for Noctis as his face falls out of guilt. The young prince pushes the menu away from himself and begins to move to shuffle out of the booth. However, Cor stops him by seating himself in Noctis’ way. You and Ignis quickly move so that you are both sitting ram-rod straight, both gazing down at Cor’s hands that were now rested on the red and white table.

“Sir Leonis-” you begin, adopting your ‘official business voice, only to be disrupted by a dismissive wave of Cor’s hand.

“Just Cor here, thanks.” You’re rendered speechless for a long moment, and Ignis decides to speak in your place.

“Cor, I must offer my sincerest apologies. I should have notified the Crownsguard of this little dining excursion, and I take full responsibility for what has happened tonight.” Ignis says, his voice quiet. Noctis shakes his head and has the gall to grasp roughly at Cor’s shoulder, gaining the older man’s attention at once.

“Cor, I was the one who convinced Iggy to bring me here. I just wanted to try the food… the guys at school keep talking about it and I just… kind of wanted to be able to join in,” Noctis explains, and you witness a feint blush form on the prince’s pale cheeks. At that very moment, you can’t help but feel terribly sorry for the prince. Every aspect of his life is planned and monitored with no room to deviate. People would probably think his life was sweet, but you realise at that moment that it’s anything but.

“This was irresponsible, of all of you.” Cor says, his tone even. Ignis’ gaze falls onto the table, and you immediately reach for one of his hands resting idly on his thigh. You discreetly give him a squeeze for support, and he squeezes your smaller hand back gratefully in return.

“Understood, sir- I mean, Cor… sir,” you fumble with your words. Cor’s lips twist into the tiniest smile at your nervousness, and you can’t help but offer a nervous grin in return. The marshal shakes in head, his expression filled with disbelief as he raised his battle calloused hand and pats Noctis stiffly on the back.

“Still, I agree that his highness deserves some down time. So, if you don’t mind the extra company, I can permit Prince Noctis to feast to his heart’s content,” your eyes trail over to Noctis’ face, and you find that your expression is mirrored on his face. Jaw slack and surprise unhidden. Cor pulls out a black and gold card… is that a Crownsguard credit card?!

“Impossible…” Ignis murmurs, his grip on your hand going slack. Cor smirks at the three of you and waves the card around for you all to see.

“When we traced Noctis’ GPS signal on his phone, I had a feeling you’d be having dinner. His majesty insisted upon leaving his personal credit card in my care so…” Cor trails off, pushing the card towards Noctis, whose eyes are comically wide. “I’m guessing dinner’s on the Crown?”

You lean forward, forgetting all about Crownsguard etiquette and grin at Cor Leonis.

“Everyone’s so wrong about you Cor- you freaking rule!”

Ignis, ever so put together Ignis, takes a page out of your book and leans forward with a huge grin on his face, reaching forward with his hands to grasp one of Cor’s in gratitude.

“I must agree with y/n. You truly are incredible, sir.”

“Cor.” Cor corrects Ignis. Ignis retracts his hands and you notice an embarrassed flush making its way across his cheeks. You smile and lean to your side, pressing a single lingering kiss on Ignis’ cheek before smirking at an amused Cor and an exasperated Noctis.

“Well Cor, hope you don’t mind being the fourth wheel on this date. Noctis already claimed title of third wheel himself when he invited himself.”

“Hey, Iggy said I could come!” Noctis retorts, crossing his arms in front of him.

“Well, actually Noct, you threatened to fire me…” Ignis jested light-heartedly. Noctis’ jaw drops in utter betrayal. While the three younger ones continue to bicker, Cor waves a waitress over to their table and smiles apologetically at the pretty young lady, making her swoon under the handsome marshal’s attention.

“The kids will have my usual. And make it fast- they get crabby when they’re hungry. Thanks.”

The waitress jots down the order, glances at the motley group and her eyes immediately widen at the sight of the crown prince. She nods hastily at Cor, recognising his familiar facial features from the news articles she read growing up, and bows once more as she makes off to fetch their order.

“Ah, of course! Right away!”

73. Sansa Stark x Fem!Reader

Originally posted by queenofchaosandashes

Summary: You’re the Bolton heir betrothed to Sansa Stark. Everyone has their ideas about who you are and what this marriage will entail but none of them, not even Sansa know a thing about who you really are.

Notes: I don’t know how well this came out. I haven’t watched game of thrones since season 3 or 4 I can’t remember so lol hope you like it!

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March 19, 2017

March-like weather has finally arrived, so this weekend I planted!

First I brought my IKEA-hack trellis up from the garage and sowed three rows of sugar snap peas in that planter. Peas do well planted thickly which makes them surprisingly suitable for small spaces. Most types do best with a trellis to grow on because the vines can easily reach 6’/1.8m. A support system that takes advantage of your vertical space is ideal for peas and deck gardens!

Next I planted my blue storage tub planter with four types of salad greens - clockwise from top right: ‘Bright Lights’ chard, mâché, spinach, and a mesclun containing mizuna and pac choi among other things. I like to use plastic drinking straws to demarcate sections because they don’t discolour, rot, or grow mildew the way wooden skewers will.

In order to protect tiny seeds and delicate seedlings from potential downpours and to warm the soil a bit, I cover early-season planters with sheets of plexiglass (acrylic).

In addition to peas and greens, I planted nasturtiums, California poppies, and a native wildflower blend designed to attract bees and other pollinators!

Genderists Ruin Everything

It really sucks when you find a lesbian/Butch positivity post, but then you scroll to the bottom and it says:

“💞Absolutely inclusive of trans lesbians/ butches💞 no terfs”

Now apparently you can even be non-binary and be butch??

Uugh it’s so fucking frustrating that ninety percent of of all lg representation​ has been hijacked by genderists.

The Art Of Seduction (Lestrade X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Lestrade X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Sexual themes, Daddy kink, choking kink, flirting

Request: Lestrade arresting Moriarty’s partner and her only flirting without answering any questions? Him getting super sexy and frustrated :-)

Originally posted by whatwouldhuddersdo

You had been partners with Moriarty for a long time, and for good reasons. You were very manipulative with the ability to escape from situations easily and changing your appearance and personality is easy for you. You could steal anything you wanted, but you had a keen eye for the jewels and riches and anything with a high price.

Moriarty had sent you a warning. A warning the police were coming for your arrest. Instead of fleeing, you decided you’d prepare. You got into a tight fitting flattering dress, stilettos, did your hair and your makeup. You made it look like you were about to go out. You applied your lipstick before you saw the flashing lights. You smirked, putting the lipstick in your bra. You crossed your legs and heard them bust open the door. “Hands up!” You did as told, and they handcuffed you and escorted you to the police van.

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