Marvel is like that aunt that seemed cool when you first met but over time has started to get annoying and it’s slowly becoming apparent she doesn’t really care about you

DC is like that distant relative you didn’t know existed but now that you’ve met they’re trying to make up for lost time

signs as ashton irwin quotes
  • Aries:"people that fat in elevators are the worst people"
  • Taurus:"apparently i had a boner in the acceptance video..."
  • Gemini:"tadpoles are baby turtles"
  • Cancer:"my balls are so sore"
  • Leo:"Calum literally proposed to me when he asked me to be in the band. He got down on one knee. It was really romantic"
  • Virgo:"Wearing green underwear today, I feel like a frog"
  • Scorpio:some people are sass monsters on twitter, like honey you need to chill"
  • Sagittarius:"Do I look like I know how to twerk? I'm a small blonde boy"
  • Capricorn:"pelicans are scary mother f-erz
  • Aquarius:"P O O P I N G"
  • Pisces:"If things are going bad and life is tough, hang in there. Ride it out. Come out on top"