Touch // Spencer Reid

A/N: Just a short little piece written at 4 am. I’ve been thinking about physical affection a lot lately. I apologize for any typos or for how shitty this turns out to actually be once I wake up tomorrow and actually fully process what I’ve written.

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One Last Goodbye (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengera

Warnings: Death, mourning. 

SUPER SAD!!!!!!!

Request: hello! I was wondering if you could write a reader x avengers where the reader died during a mission. Fury give Tony a USB key and told him to watch the video with the rest of the avengers. on the video the reader is talking about how much she loved them and tells each avenger little facts that she loved about them and she thanks them for being her family. I don’t know if that make sense.. sorry I’m french :) thank you if you write my request. bye, I love you xx

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It had been a month.

You had gone on a mission alone. They didn’t have a specific time for you to come back, and you were undercover, so the avengers didn’t bat an eyelid when you didn’t call in and didn’t come back in over a month. But then they heard the news.

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Do you have any headcanons about fem!Enjolras and Fem!Grantaire in modern days?

I sure do! I don’t have toooo many since I need to give them more thought tbh but here you go: 

-Enjolras as per usual leads a student activist group for equality. The thing is, they share a meeting space with the ‘gentlemen’s society’ which is exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of fuckboy dudebros with superiority complexes. She’s picked so many fistfights with its leader that the university is scrambling to separate the two groups 

-Grantaire teaches a basic self defense class that happens once a month (or so. more like whenever she feels like running it) for literally anyone who wants to show up. Her philosophy is that since no matter what there’s always gonna be shit-ass people in the world she might as well let the shit-ass people get what’s coming to them (aka fists and elbows)

-The two of them meet because Enjolras has had her nose broken so many times Courf is just like ‘oh my god please let me introduce you to someone please learn to properly throw a punch or something’ so Courf brings her to Grantaire’s class

-Grantaire is like ‘who is this goddess, she’s beautiful, another person way out of my league so I’m going to go out of my way to make her hate me all night’ because that’s what Grantaire does

-It was a good solid plan, Enjolras did plenty of eye rolling and firing comebacks that Grantaire laughed at, until Grantaire got distracted by Enjolras’ eyes while practicing punches and lowered her guard a bit too much which led to Enjolras knocking Grantaire out

-Grantaire wakes up a couple minutes later with a very worried-looking Enjolras hovering over her and realizes in that moment she’s a goner    

Missing My Voice (Tony X Fem!Reader, Peter x Fem!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Blood, surgery, needles, injury

Request: OK, so I have another request (If you don’t mind, of course)! So can you do a Tony x Reader (adopted daughter/father relationship)/ Peter x Reader (boyfriend/girlfriend relationship) where the reader loves to sing and play the guitar and a ton of other instruments but goes mute during a mission (due to an injury), and how it impacts Peter and Tony? And can Tony like, go to a ton of doctors and stuff to try and find a solution? Whether he does or doesn’t is up to you. Thanks in advance!

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Tony was walking down the hall to your room to tell you, his daughter, and your boyfriend, Peter, dinner was ready. When he got close enough, he heard your guitar and a bit closer, he heard your voice singing along, which brought a smile to his face.

You had loved the art of music since you were a baby. Before you could walk or talk, you always smiled and giggled when your dad put music on. When you could walk you would dance and when you could talk, you would try and sing along. By the time you were 3 you had tried making your own songs, which your dad proudly recorded you singing. You got excited to go see musicals and to go to choir practice, as well as band practice. You had learned the guitar by age 5, and you kept learning new instruments for fun; the trumpet, harp, drums, piano… but your strong point was always your old guitar and your voice. You had sung and played in public, and several record deals wanted you, but your dad told them to come back when you’ve finished school. He didn’t want you to get too overwhelmed and lose your love for music.

He knocked and opened the door, and you stopped and looked up at your dad. Peter was sat watching you, and he turned as well. “Come on you two, dinners ready.” He announced. You got up and followed your dad to the dining room.

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Negan - Foul-Mouthed - Part 6

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Part six of my Negan series Foul-Mouthed. You can find the first five parts on my Foul-Mouthed Master List.

Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive Negan? This ruthless man that you’ve fallen for? Maybe. Only time will give you the answer to that question. A month passes and you and Jesus have grown close. The two of you go on a run together and you end up near Alexandria and despite not wanting to go back there, you both know that it’s the best place to stay for a night since it’s the closest community and the woods aren’t safe at night. Neither of you know that the Saviors are there until you scout the place out. After sneaking in, you and Jesus stay with Aaron and Eric, planning on leaving the next night or whenever Negan left. Of course, not everything can go as planned and you have to reveal yourself to Negan to stop him from doing something that you didn’t want him to do.

Pairing/s: Negan x Fem!Reader

Characters: Fem!Reader, Negan, Paul “Jesus” Rovia, Maggie Greene-Rhee, Sasha Williams, Gregory, Eric, Spencer Monroe, Carl Grimes. Aaron, Rick Grimes, Judith Grimes, and Olivia (mentioned)

Warning: Swearing, mentions of death

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Joining The Team Pt 2 (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warning: Vivid description of torture, blood, violence, mutilation and murder


Request: Joining The Team Part 2 

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“Who’s going in first?” Tony asked. No one raised their hand, not even Natasha or Steve. No one felt safe enough, especially when they felt you staring at them, even when tied up.

“Rock paper scissors?” Clint asked.

“Shortest straw?” Tony asked.

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*Incoherent screaming noises* 

My track suit has finally arrived and it is so comfortable and perfect!! Sadly the costume didn’t include any actual skater skills what a ripoff

soon there will be a proper shoot with this costume but I still have to cut the wig some more because it is still a bit too long I think


“Hello Scarlet!” A familiar voice barked. Barry looked up from her her work and her eyes widened in shock. The face of Leonard Snart smirked up at her as he sat on a STAR labs desk. Barry jerked up and grabbed a paper back and began breathing heavily in the paper bag. 

“You done with your little episode Barry?” Start asked as Barry began to calm down. Her eyes filled with shock. “How?” she asked as her eyes began to fill with tears. “I told you Barry, I was coming back for you, “

he looked down and calmly looked at his nails “I just needed a little help.”

“Barry looked at Len for a moment confusion in her eyes.

Barry suddenly lurched forward and screamed in sudden pain.

Len watched in pain as he watched the women he loved in pain. He knew that reality being rewritten would hurt her somehow, because of her connection to the speed force, time and therefore reality.

Len walked up to her and grasped her face gently. “Relax Scarlett,” len purred softly “It’ll all be over soon.”

Barry stared at Len as a group of men she barley reconized because of how much pain she was in. A bright light suddenly washed over her, before everything went dark.

He Makes Her Happy (Natasha X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Natasha X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: YOU ARE so freakin pretty i'm😍😍 May I request a natasha x fem!reader where nat has a crush on the reader but she don’t say it first because she thinks she’s with Tony? PS: Sorry for my bad english, i’m french :(

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Natasha heard your laugh. Her heart fluttered at the melodic sound, and she smiled. The assassin had realised she had feeling for you a few months ago. She heard the familiar male voice and her smile vanished and her heart sunk. He was the reason she hadn’t admitted her feelings. Tony.

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Nightmare Neighbour (Young!Sirius Black x Female!Reader) Part 1

A/N: Carrying on with the soulmate AUs

Warnings: Mentions of sex, swearing (a lot of it)

Word Count: 239

AU: When you reach 18 you stop aging until you meet your soulmate

Blurb: He has been with practically everyone at school. But when the one girl that has managed to avoid him finds out he’s her new neighbour will the continue being enemies or try again?

Your POV:

There was only one person you didn’t like. Sirius Black. You hated with a passion. There was only one way to put this. He was a twat.

You had never spoken to him of course but you knew of him. Everyone in school had known Sirius Black, the player. 

You didn't know what he did but somehosw he made every girl swoon. Every girl except for you, that is.

He was the manwhore of the school. How could you fall for him?

You were glad you didn’t have to deal with school anymore. Finally old enough to leave.

So you wouldn’t have to deal with him. 

Or so you thought…

What sins had you committed to end up stuck living next to this dipshit?

Sirius’ POV:

999. Still haven't found her. Or him. You had tried guys as well but you were nowhere near finding whoever was supposed to be the one, the love of your life, your soulmate.

Well, it wasn’t anyone from your school, you knew that much.

You had slept with or at least dated every single girl and nearly half the boys in your year and the year above but still, nothing.

It wasn’t any one of the 999.

Now that school was finished you thought it was the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons and look for your soulmate.

Why not start simple.


Or more precisely the girl next door.

Could she be the one?

Probably not.

Too boring stiff frigid 

But… who knows.