Steve Rogers/Captain America - Snow Storm - Part 4

Part four of my Cap series Snow Storm! The first three parts are on my Snow Storm Master List. Enjoy!

You’re on a mission with Steve, a simple, run of the mill mission. The two of you end up getting caught in a snow storm so you find a small cabin to stay in while you wait it out. You’d never had a chance to be alone or this close with Steve before, so this was going to be rather interesting. You realize that your firewood supply is running low and you know that you have to conserve it because you have no idea how long you’re going to be here. Since it’s so cold and you have a very limited supply of firewood, the two of you have no choice but to share a bed for warmth.

Steve x Fem!Reader

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Pre-Kerberos Relationship AU / Wayward Memories: Shiro picks the wrong time to make a bad joke. 

Connected to this scene. Katie Holt in this scenario is old enough to consent.

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