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I miss lulu so much I cry.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY omg i love her, I kinda got bored and SCHOOL, so to relax a bit, I re-drew it, hope you like fem bonnie(?

I’m not part of fnaf fandom anymore though…BUT FUCKING LULU’S DESIGN HOLY SHIT



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"i'm fully aware that it's one o'clock in the morning" and “You’ve got a beautiful voice.” with carisi please?? thanks boo – @amarogasm

I love first-time-dad!Sonny so much???? Enjoy!

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1. “You’ve got a beautiful voice.” and 9. “I’m fully aware that it’s one o’clock in the morning.” | Sonny Carisi

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Your whole body felt heavy, but your heart felt light. Holding Arianna to your chest, you smiled down at your beautiful daughter, amazed at how amazing life was to give you such a blessing.

As you watched her, you noticed her little body beginning to stir, face knotting up into something like a grimace. Before she got the chance to cry, you began to rock her, instinctively beginning to sing some soft lullaby from your childhood.

By the time you had finished the third verse, Arianna had stopped stirring. 

A bright smile on your face, you eased yourself down into the rocking chair. For a moment, you examined her, continuing to sing as you traced your thumb over her cheek. 

God, was she beautiful. A perfect mix of you and Sonny, a perfect personality and a perfect nose and perfect eyes and perfect feet. She was everything you ever could have wished for.

Your family was everything you ever could have wished for.

Unbeknownst to you, Sonny was thinking the same thing at that exact moment.

He had awoken from his slumber to an empty bed. He had to use the bathroom, but he was more concerned about where his wife was than his bladder. He had a sneaking suspicion, though, and his suspicion was proven right as he leaned against the door to the nursery. 

Your back was to him, rocking in the chair his ma had given you when she heard of your pregnancy. Your soft voice carried through the room, a quiet rendition of Hush, Little Baby filling the air. 

It was after the song had ended and a comfortable silence filled the room that Sonny finally made you aware of his presence. “You’ve got a beautiful voice,” he said, his voice still rough from sleep.

Shocked at the sound, you stood, turning to face your husband. You relaxed at the sight, seeing him lean against the door frame leading into the nursery, his arms crossed over his bare chest. He had a tired but lazy smile on his face, and you wanted to kiss him for it. 

“Dom?” You wondered, returning Arianna to her bassinet. “What are you doing up? Don’t you know what time it is?”

I’m fully aware that it’s one o’clock in the morning,” he shrugged, walking into the room to stand behind you. His chin found home in the crook of your neck, one hand resting on your abdomen while the other reached around you to gently brush the hand of your daughter. “But I woke up to go to the bathroom and saw that my girls were up.”

“It hasn’t been long,” you shrugged, letting your hand rest on Sonny’s as it brushed over your daughter’s skin. “She got me up about an hour ago and just settled back into sleep.”

“Why didn’t you wake me? You need some rest, doll. Our angioletto has been keeping you busy all day for the past five weeks.”

“That’s sweet, Dom, but she was hungry. Besides, you work twelve or sixteen hour shifts at a time and you always take time out of your day for Arianna; you need all the sleep you can get,” you mused. 

“I don’t need anything. I already have everything I could ever want right here.”

And he meant it with all of his heart.


Little less conversation, and a little more touch my body.

APH | Nyo!Netherlands & Nyo!Portugal


when you can finally come back to work on your next cosplay ;u; i’m so damn excited!!! can’t wait when i finish it and with a friend, run around con area as UNSTOPPABLE FRYE SISTERS!!! <3
so far i managed to make those few props, still there’s a lot ahead of me, i hope to finish it before next year’s pyrkon festival.

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I have such a bad time with romancing characters. In ME, I tried to get with Kaiden near the end but Liara apparently took that position instead. I’m playing ME2 and honestly I tried to romance everyone but no character really clicks for me. I think I’ll just let my Shepard end up tragically alone when I play ME3.

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Fem!ten x Rose haunted house trick ;)

“Doctor?” Rose called out, backing down the abandoned hallway as she cast her eyes around for any sign of the Time Lady.  “Doctor, this isn’t funny. Where are you?”

Something scraped across the rotting hardwood floor behind her. Rose spun around, heart beating frantic rhythm in her chest, but there was no one there.

“Doctor?” she whispered, voice catching in her throat. “Please, please please, be you and not something bad.”

She pushed open the door closest to her and screamed as the floor opened up beneath her, the noise coming from her throat doing little to cover the dark chuckle that filled the space as she fell.

The Doctor’s head whipped around, brunette ponytail bouncing and hearts in her throat as she took off towards the second floor, following the sound of Rose’s screams. Whatever had trapped them in this house was doing it’s damndest to keep them apart but she wasn’t going to let it have Rose.

Imagine being best friends with Sonny since you were kids

(A/N:Continuation of this will be coming on Thursday. Dedicated to the Anon who sent the Sonny request yesterday. That part two will be your request but I combined it with another idea I had to make it a two parter. Your particular request will be the part two coming out on Thursday.  I hope you all enjoy this!)

Imagine being best friends with Sonny since you were kids

There are two reasons why the average New Yorker would know or be familiar with the Reagan family and or the name. The first one and the most prevalent, is that they are the city’s most famous cop families which contained the current and past police commissioner not to mention now  a DA, two detectives and an officer. If you asked any average New Yorker on the street, that’s what they would tell you. However, if said New Yorker was from Great Kills, Staten Island when they heard the name Reagan, the cop factor would be their second thought.

The first thought?


The family that run the cute bakery on Hillside Terrace that everybody loves to go to?

That’s them.

Your Mother, Mary, opened the Bakery after her Father, your Grandfather Christopher, passed away and left her inheritance. Grandpa Chris was an entrepreneur himself so you knew he probably would have been happy with what she did the money, though you could only assume as you never actually met him.

When she opened the bakery, your Mother already had three kids. Your older brothers, Danny and Joe and your older sister, Erin. Before getting pregnant with Danny she was a waitress at another bakery which had since closed down by the time she opened her own. When she got pregnant with Danny and then the rest of them, she took year an eight year hiatus from work. She waited until Joe went to school before getting back into work and therefore opening the bakery.

You have feeling that she thought that she would be stopping at three children. She was wrong, clearly.

It had a slow start but it soon hit a stride and it was only going up. It was two years in and hitting it’s then all time high when your mother found out she was pregnant with Jamie and then two years after that she became pregnant with you. Though this time around because she was so dedicated and loved what she did. She worked all the way through her pregnancies and only took a month off for each of us.  Because business was so good that she could hire an assistant manger to take over.

You loved the bakery for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was your home away from home. It’s where you’d go everyday after school, to do your homework and spend time with your mother, which was the second reason. You loved, spending time with her. She was and still is the most amazing woman you have ever met. In later years you even worked their as a waitress. It was your neighbourhood social hub and it was where everyone went to socialise. It’s the staple of your childhood, its where you had almost every childhood birthday party.

The main reason and not to mention the biggest for you is that its where you met your childhood and current best friend; Sonny Carisi.

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Maybe I Was Better Off Without You

Requested by Anon:  Can I have a sonny imagine where you’ve been friends with him since you where kids and now that you guys are older you live together. He has a gf who also lives with him and one day she tells you she’s breaking up with him because she knows that sonny loves you more. When she does break up with him and she leaves he gets mad at you. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense ps love your writing!!!!!!


Sonny Carisi. Where do you start?

For you, he was your best friend. He had always been, and you were 100% sure he always will be. You two did everything together, and you could talk to each other about anything.

You had a small crush on him, but he had a girlfriend that he loved and you weren’t about to ruin something that made him happy.

At least, not intentionally.

One day, his girlfriend showed up at your front door, asking if the two of you could talk. You had a healthy respect for one another but you never really saw much of her, though that wasn’t really your business to get into so you left it that way. You invited her in and she took a deep breath, seemingly nervous.

“I know you and Sonny are best friends, and I think that’s great. I have nothing against you and as far as I know, you have nothing against me.” You nodded to confirm her sentence, so she continued. 

“But Sonny… he doesn’t really love me. He does, but he loves you more. I can tell, it’s in the way he looks at you, how he talks about you all the time. I just don’t think he realizes, and maybe when I break up with him he’ll realize that he would be happier with you.”

For a moment, you’re floored. “Wait a minute, you think Sonny is in love with me?”

She laughed softly and nodded. “Sweetie, of course he is. You’re a great person, and I know he’s in love with you. I just, I just feel like I’m a filler. I know this isn’t your fault, but I need to break it off with him. I’m just warning you, in case he calls you and you hear it from him.”

Unable to really say anything, you just nod. 

She gives you an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry I had to put you in this position, but it’s for the best.”

You tell her you understand and she leaves, thanking you for being so kind about it. And then she’s gone, leaving you to think about everything you just heard.

That evening, you get a loud knock on your door, startling you, but when you opened it you saw Sonny, with remnants of tears still in his eyes and quite angry-looking.

Before you could even speak, he pointed a finger at you accusingly. “She left me, and she told me that I was in love with you.” He said, his tone of voice hurt and betrayed.

You looked him in the eyes, bewildered. “Sonny, I-”

“No, you knew, she told me you talked about it to you, and you didn’t try to tell her differently. You wanted this to happen!” He shouted. You’d never seen Sonny this angry before, maybe he was just legitimately hurt and he wasn’t sure how to handle it.

“Sonny,” you said softly, hoping to calm him. “There was no changing her mind. She told me she was sure that you loved me, and I knew I couldn’t change her mind.” You explained, feeling like a piece of shit.

He lowered his eyes and started crying again. You came forward and wrapped your arms around him, gently tugging him into your apartment and into a chair.

“I just don’t get it. How could she just leave? Like she didn’t care about the relationship the entire time?” He asked once he had gathered himself again.

You sat next to him, rubbing his back comfortingly. “I don’t know.” You said simply, unsure of what else to say.

Sonny ended up staying the night, volunteering to sleep on the couch because he just didn’t want to be in his own apartment; it felt too empty. 

After you went to bed, he layed there realizing that his now-ex was right the whole time. He really was in love with you