If you are a feminist please remember

- boys can be raped
- boys can be victims
- boys are affected by gender roles
- boys can feel oppressed
- boys can be objectified
- boys lives matter just as much as ours
- girls can be misogynists
- girls can be rapists
- girls can oppress
- there are more than two genders
- feminism should be INCLUSIVE
- boys are not monsters, misogynists are


I’m not sure if there’s already a post about this, but I haven’t see one and I wanted to get the word out!

Women On 20s is a campaign to put the portrait of an influential woman on the U.S.$20 bill! All you have to do is vote for 3 women who you’d like to see regularly on our currency. There are 15 incredible candidates to choose from, complete with information about each woman to help you make a better decision!

The site is packed full of information regarding not just the women themselves but also about the U.S. currency system and how the goal can be achieved. Check it out, vote, and spread this everywhere!

And the servant gives his lovely lady 

A token of his ardent affections,

Caresses her golden hair,

Touches the ivory skin.

He would sonnetize her sweet red lips

Burning like the ruby in the lurid flame,

Or worship those big blue eyes

Deep as the ocean, soft as the breeze,

Perchance he is crooning some dulcet lays

To his beloved princess,

"Your heart belongs to me,

And I’ll do anything for you.”

(Or… I received a new tablet as a gift lately and I decided to try it out with another new fem!Arthur fanart. lol. Also a different style of painting to have a try. And the design of dragon pendant is from HERE)

you’re going crazy, the hitmen always find you

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