fem!sherlock cosplay


Me wearing all of my favorite cosplays!


IT’S HERE. The official trailer for our new mini series, Femlock.

Femlock has been in creation/production since January this year, and we are so so excited to finally have a trailer to show everyone and maybe get some hype going!

We are die-hard Sherlockians who want to help other Sherlockians make it through this tough time…hiatus. We aren’t professional film makers or actors, just fans having some fun! :) 

If you could be so kind, maybe reblog or share the trailer with your friends? We’d love to spread this around, as the fem!lock portion of the fandom truly deserves some more visuals to enjoy, don’t you reckon?


( Oldest Fem!lock photos we have! )

❤ Tomorrow we are going to shoot something new (Fem!lock, of course)  ^^ We have some (3, for now) special ideas, someone wants to try to deduce? 

We’re going to use: Flowers, balls, skulls, veils, peculiar kind of shoes and a white coat ;)

The game is on (?)

Plus, we are going to make some Fem!Ninth Doctor photos by Oxy and other not-cosplay-stuff photos ^^  ❤ 

  • Oxy&Azalhea ❤