fem!sherlock cosplay

It’s been such a hectic week trying to catch up with work and organize, but Voltron is coming back in just a day!! 🦁❤️

Oooohhhkayyy i know i haven’t posted here in a loNGGG time but i wanted to show off my new obsession and what I’ve gotten myself into 😂😂. I’m almost done with my fem! Yuuri Katsuki cosplay for katsucon and its coming out soo nicely! Also dont worry the skates definitely have covers on! ⛸ oh! And guys seriously don’t worry, i will not be wearing skates at the convention! That’s seriously such a dumb idea based on how dangerous it is. I will be wearing white flats and have my ice skates on my shoulder. Alsoo these are my own skates that I’ve had for years haha.

Three is the Magic Number

Get off me!

You seem to like the muggle lifestyle so much…

You can heal like a muggle.

Sirius: Rem? You- you’re supposed to be in the hospital wing.

Sirius: How are you feeling? I visited earlier, but you were -

Remi: Asleep, yeah. I’m fine now.

Remi: Hey, you should try and sleep.

The bed lurches suddenly.

Jamie: Getting cosy, are we?

Jamie: You should still be in the hospital wing anyway, missy.

Sirius: Unless it’s the naked kind. Naked fighting is allowed.

Jamie: There’s some definite sexual tension here. Sirius has been giving me the eye all day.


Jamie: G’night ladies.

She settles down against Sirius. Within moments, she’s asleep and snoring softly.

Sirius: You shouldn’t have snuck out. But thanks.

Remi: Those hospital beds are horrible. And it was weird without you.

They lie in silence for a moment.