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Yay for Halloween themed requests! For the GoM (minus Kuroko, plus Kagami), the guys and their gf have joined a costumed ghost walk in the city, but they end up in a graveyard and the gf has a phobia for those places (I do T.T)! However, she doesn't want to quit the tour, despite being clearly at unease with being there. What do the guys do to help her getting through it? (It'd be very cute to see how you picture their costumes to be like but it's up to you, sorry if it's too much!) Thank you!

I put their costumes in brackets if thats okay!

Kagami(Sandy and Danny from Grease): He’s just as scared but he won’t be telling you that. He’s got to be cool and protect you after all. “R-Really? You’re scared? W-Well if you won’t quit then you might as well hold on to me, you’ll be alright, okay?”

Kise(Bonnie and Clyde): He’s going to jump on the opportunity to be the cool, shining hero in your eyes, wrapping a hand tightly around yours, and tipping his hat with a wink. “There’s no need to be scared ___cchi! I’ll keep you safe and sound until this is over~”

Midorima(Doctor and Nurse if you really pushed him): The number of figures he sees lurking in the shadows is unnerving to say the least. He commends your bravery, but when he notices your slight trembling he’s quick to pull you into his arms, pressing your head into his chest as he runs a hand over your hair. 

Aomine(Clark Kent and Lois Lane): He honestly thought he’d be able to keep his cool, and have you leap into his arms for protection, but he’s doing a terrible job of appearing aloof every time he sees a ghost. He’ll still wrap an arm around you anyways. “It’s okay, ____.” 

“Daiki, are you shaking?” 


Murasakibara(Ghostbusters): He hates seeing that look of sheer discomfort on your face. He’ll take your hand in his tightly, and tell you that you should “Squeeze my hand whenever you feel creeped out. You’ll be okay when we leave.”

Akashi(Daisy and Jay from the Great Gatsby): He’s probably the best person to comfort you, distracting you with little stories here and there of whatever comes to mind, while he urges you to do the same. “___-san, try and think about something else, I promise that I’ll make sure that you’re safe.”

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Akashi figured out that his s/o was being abused/bullied really badly from his over dramatic fan girls. But before he figured out, was s/o fed up with his fans which makes her dumping him and yelling out "you never pay attention to me!" Or something like that (bc she was being bullied by his fans) but after he found out he tries to win her back again? c: angst for the beginning?? And romantic/fluff for the end??

Those girls. Those girls ruined everything. Assuming their hatred was adoration, they tore down everything, tried to destroy that which he loved. You.

It began when your locker was stuffed full of anonymous notes. The contents of them were insults, threats, all with malicious motive. As you scanned them all, you gained an acute awareness of your rapidly beating heart. Your lungs had access to all the air they needed, yet it didn’t feel like it. You were breathless. In a burst of courage you ripped them apart, crumpled them, pretended it never happened as they were binned. The messages were forced to the back of your mind.

There was one message that plagued you; that you didn’t deserve Akashi. You sighed to yourself to dispel your upset. Those fans were treating him like a trophy. He was far more than an object you had to prove yourself for. It was probably just a silly prank.

Before you could further question, Akashi was finally let out from classes and came to walk you home as he always did. You wore the same smile on your face as you always did.

At first, you were brilliant at hiding how much it hurt. Akashi’s days went as normal. According to what he had observed, those girls payed little to no attention to you, their gazes seemed to be entirely set on him. It was bothersome, but at your discretion, he left it, not wanting to embarrass you with any drastic actions. As long as they let you be, he would allow it to happen.

He only gained an inkling when you began to distance yourself from him.

“Let’s… stop walking home together.” You requested one afternoon. He was spending more and more time after school, divided between the student council and the basketball team. Upon the first glance, it was a logical decision with him in mind. But your tone was thick and prickly. He wished you would just be selfish, but he knew by how tired and conflicted you sounded, to not press further.

“As you wish. Please call me when you get home so I know that you’re safe.” He would have to work harder and faster, so he could leave himself more time to be spent with you. It had been too long since he held you in his arms. He wanted to experience that tranquility again.

You felt desolate as the predicament escalated. His fans adored him, and then despised you. They pushed you, put paint in your shoes, shoved notes in your locker. The torment went on and hiding it became a more exhausting task. Your legs felt weak, like a ton had been placed on your shoulders, yet feeling more powerful than a stallion’s. You hardly spent time with Akashi. And while you knew he cared, currently; it was becoming easier to doubt that.

At the end of your tether, you head to the student council room with fumbling steps.

Akashi was in the council room like he usually was during lunches, his attention was torn away from his duties and was turned to your form as you forced the door open and stormed up towards him.

“Sei, I can’t do this. I’m sorry, but I want to break up.” Your fists are balled and you’re unable to look at him. He is speechless in shock and sadness, a painful combination settling into his chest. But before he can regain his breath you leave.

Papers forgotten, he gets to his feet to search for you, to reconcile with you, to make amends for his neglect. He checks your classroom to see if you were there for some reason. Instead he finds a group of people, writing messages on your desk.

He enters the room and the snickering students are reduced to nothing. Vermin. Eyebrows raised, he approaches your desk. Akashi sees what they’ve written, more horrendous notes to you. His expression is unchanging, but his breathing is quicker.

“Tell me everything that you have done to ____” His voice is cold and unrelenting, cornering them. A vicious aura envelops him. Crumpling under the stare of an emperor, the fans make a trembling confession and attempt to flee in fear. Before that, he makes it clear to them that they won’t escape their repercussions.

Continuing his search he heads to the roof, the only other place you would be. He finds you, you turn towards him as you hear the door open. Your face is stained with tears. Those messages on your desk, it was clear that it wasn’t the first thing those scum were doing to you. The gnawing guilt began to consume him.

He pulls you into his chest, his grip tight and unwilling to risk you leaving again. His grip only further tightens as he can tell you’ve started crying again. You can hear his heart throb against his chest, the pace is wavering but with you in his arms, you find that it becomes steady. “___, I promise, if you give me another chance to prove to you, I will protect you.”

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Akashi taking his s/o to a high-class corporate party. His s/o starts to feel that she isn't a suitable partner for him, feeling really out of place in the glitzy setting, as well as threatened by all the beautiful women dripping in jewelry. What would Akashi do or say? c:

The party was almost exactly how you pictured it. The atmosphere was eloquent, delicate, picturesque as mild chatter filled the room. Yet you felt clunky and displaced in comparison.

You were sat at a table beside Akashi, clutching a glass of red wine that you despised, but didn’t have the courage to give to the staff. They looked busy enough just handing out hors d’oeuvres, pouring drinks and satisfying the guests. Any courage you had to speak had been torn away from you, leaving you with nothing.

The occasional glance you stole from Akashi told you that he was still talking to an adult male, about business prospects you didn’t understand. A little disappointed, you tore away your gaze once again, missing Akashi’s eyes following yours for a split second. Despite the number of people at your table, you felt completely alone.

You felt like a fish out of water as you gazed upon the surroundings, and watched the conversations flow as the outsider peering in. The surroundings weren’t too excessive, but every piece of tupperware, every statue and even every painting was obviously of the highest calibre. While the beauty of the venue was astonishing, it is icy and unwelcoming, a chill seeps into your skin while you bask in solitude.

Like the other women you could see, you were dressed for the occasion, topped with uncomfortable heels. But you couldn’t help but compare yourself to them. They were mature, beautiful aristocrat women who seemed to fawn over every word of the heir to the Akashi Corporation. Anything on them looked expensive, as they were adorned in dresses and jewellery, and charming glints to their eyes. They looked natural, like this was the life they were used to.

Your self assurance is ground into the dust as you worry that those women would be better suited to Akashi. Your confidence crumbles, melts away until you’ve lost yourself in a sea of doubts, disconnecting from your surroundings.

Akashi barely got to speak with you. He saw your presence as peaceful, accepting of him no matter what, unlike the clients he was conversing with. The purpose of inviting you here was defeated as he was torn away from you near immediately, unable to stay by your side as you attend a corporate party for the first time. His time at the party was being dominated by potential business clients, and he knew he was expected to converse with them until they were satisfied. He hated it; he yearned to speak to you, reassure you, to just do something to bring a smile back to your face. 

You looked desolate, and he wanted to rectify that, guilty that you felt upon his request. It’s the image of your meek form wistfully watching on that burns into his subconscious, dominating his decision to leave earlier than expected, the tight grip on your hand was a silent apology. He sees the change in your demeanour now compared to your arrival. You still look beautiful, but there is a melancholy bitterness to the moment.

As soon as he has lead you outside, where it is dark and vacant, and only leaves the two of you, he lets go of your hand to remove his jacket and drape it over your frame, before his fingers entwine with yours, grip tighter than before.

“I shouldn’t have let you feel the way you did. I do hope you’ll allow me to make this up to you.” He states, noting the dull sting in his chest. Nobody else could make his heart burst with happiness like you did. While he disliked attending these events alone, he would never burden you with such a thing again.

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Akashi making out with her girlfriend for the first time? (I hope that this counts as mild nsfw ;-;)

It does! Though i wasn’t sure if you meant fem!Akashi or you made a typo, so message me if i got it wrong!

Akashi leans towards you on the bed, wrapping an arm around your waist while the other hand caresses your cheek. His eyes flicker to your pouting lips for a moment, before asking for your permission to continue, crimson eyes burning a fire into your own.

You nod as he presses his lips against yours. His kisses are gentle, but still slowly drive you to a frenzy due to addicting passion. You grip the covers either side of your thighs as the intensity sinks in. He feels a growing heat in the pit of his stomach and he pulls away from your lips, asking if he may further his administrations, and with a shier nod, as you awaited sampling his lips again, you agree.

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gom reaction to their gfs talking nonsense in their sleep,please?

He was confused yet prideful when you muttered out his name. Turning around to ask if you needed anything, he saw that you were still in slumber. Smiling as he assumed that your dreams centred him, he felt proud until you spoke once more, still fast asleep.

Kuroko’s smile faltered when you mentioned a cannon. Instead, his brows furrowed in confusion, ear alert to see what else you could say, attempting to piece together a story. When he couldn’t string together two incoherent garbles into a sentence, he gave up.

When you woke up the next morning, he was admittedly curious about your dream. “____chan mentioned some strange things in her sleep.”

Kise’s eyes went wide as he nuzzled his cheek against yours at the adorable action. “Kiisee….” Your murmured, shifting in your sleep. “…. spaghett…” You turned away from him and cuddled your pillow. Frozen in confusion he just stared as you smiled into the pillowcase. He made a mental note to himself to ask you about it when you woke up. He completely forgot and so his confusion went unexplained.

You babbled out Ahomine’s name as well as a sloth. Assuming you were calling Dream Aomine a sloth as you had many times compared him to the lazy animal when you were awake, he shrugged it off. But when you mentioned Pinocchio, he sat up in sheer bafflement. Too tired to mentally invest in figuring out your senseless dream, he went back to sleep.

Midorima flushed pink up to his ears as he heard you mumble his name. But as you continued to babble more nonsense about Oha Asa, he sighed, wondering why you had such control over his heart even when asleep. Thank god you were asleep though, at least Takao would never hear of this.

In the rare occasions when Murasakibara woke in the middle of the night, he would usually go back to sleep. But the whisper of his first name from your dozing lips was currently at the peak of his interest. Until you then garbled about sushi and he realised you were sleeping. With a yawn, he went back to bed.

Akashi admired how enchanting you looked to him even when you were sleeping. When he mentioned his name his heart soared, but swiftly crashed when you mentioned Kuroko. As you continued to ramble words about his blue haired teammate, he reached over and gently shook you awake. “____-kun, are you okay? You were saying some weird things.” He said, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you to his torso.