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Anime - Last Game Movie

~Keith take my hand
‘Cause we are more than friends
I will follow you until the end
Keith take my hand
I cannot pretend
Why I never like your new boyfriends~
Yes they are the sweetest girlfriends and love each other madly thank you.

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Can you draw baby FrUk? It'd be so adorbs!!!

So originally when I read this ask I automatically assumed you meant FrUK with England x fem!France so I drew this =v=

Because for me they are basically my default FrUK ; v ; But then I thought that maybe you meant regular FrUK so I also drew this~

I hope you can enjoy them both either way~

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Hello there! I ADORE your art~ <3 I was wondering, could you draw your idea of what a female version of one of the mercs would look like? :) (You can choose which one you want to do, though, if you can't pick, I am very fond of Medic~)

This is actually rlly old but i’ve drawn fem medic before :0

These hoes ain't loyal

Lesbian Kurotsukki fic part 1! Enjoy this shit idk what to name it

It’s was nearly midnight when Kuroo saw her. She was working at the cashier of a 24-hour mini mart. Actually she wasn’t working, she was reading one of the newest magazines that came in morning. She knew that only creeps and weirdos came in around this time but she needed the overtime. Kenma’s birthday was in a couple of days and she wanted to get some sexy lingerie for her lil red head girlfriend and maybe the new pokémon game.

She sighed letting out a deep breath and that’s when she came. The bell of the sliding doors tinged and Tetsurou looked up to see if it wasn’t another wondering cat.

Instead of another ball of fur she saw her. She almost looked like a model despite her ruined make up and strange walk which probably meant she was buzzed. Her hair was blond and curly making it look fluffy. Her skin was fair and her legs, dear god her legs. Long and sexy in that tight glittery black dress that made her ass look great. By the looks of her red bottom heels she’s probably rich and is a model.

She looked at Kuroo with beautiful golden eyes and huffed making her way to the frozen aisle. Kuroo was happy to not be a man or else her boner would of been noticeable af. The blond was soon back with a large tub of strawberry shortcake ice cream, a bag of frosted animal crackers and 4 packs of strawberry hi-chew.

“Looks like someone’s looking for a good time.” Kuroo chuckled looking back up at the blond who was trying out a pair of aviators. “Will that be all blondie?”

“Shut up,” she tosses the glass onto the pile, “give me… two bottles of vodka one cherry one whipped cream and your best bottle of fucking tequila.”

Kuroo blinked before retrieving the bottles. She scanned the goods ignoring the fact that the blond was looking at her breast.

“That’s 132 and 45 cents will that be cash or credit?-”

Kuroo had just seen the hot blond before her pull out a credit card from her tits. Kuroo felt a slight blush come on as she took the card.

“Oikawa? Turoo? You have a guys name?” She raised a brow.

“Isn’t that none of your business?” She played with her hair while giving a smile.

Kuroo shrugged and swiped the card. She bagged her goods and thanked the blond for coming. She watched her walk away until she stopped and walked back.

“Your pretty, here have this.” She pulled off to what appeared to be a wedding ring.

She gave it to Tetsurou and walked away.


The next day came along Kuroo came to her morning shift and grabbed a magazine off the rack. The door’s bell tings and she’s here again.

Kuroo looked up happy to see the blond again. She wore leggings with a hoodie topped with a jersey that appeared to say ‘Aoba Johsai’. Her face was hidden underneath the hood and the aviators she bought the other night.

“Morning blondie.”

“Shu- just give me some Advil.” She sniffed.

“Mm I wonder why you need them-”

“Shut up, please?”

Kuroo chuckled and scanned the pills.

“Alright Turoo I’m going to need your card again.”

“God please don’t say that name.”

“Oho? Then what should I call you blon-”

“Do you always ask your customers this much?” She tilted her head.

“Just you sweet heart~”

The blond grunted and handed Tetsurou the card.

“The name sounds familiar though.” Kuroo slides the card. “Oikawa Turoo, isn’t he a famous volleyball ball player?”

The blond sighs and takes back the card.

“He’s my, boyfriend?”

“Oh.” Kuroo felt her heart drop.

“Well, not really?”

“Oh?” Look out world! She’s back!

“Asshole cheated on me with my best friend, it turns out they’ve been doing it for months not like sex was a problem I just don’t know what whent wrong and why would she do that? I don’t know and now I’m here telling this to some random cashier… I’m sorry I just-” Kuroo could see a tear run down her cheek.


“Hey,” Kuroo handed her the pills, “hey, it’s okay.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, no I’m sorry for bringing it up it’s okay.” Kuroo walked out the counter and hugged the blond.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay.” She pulled down the hood and brushed her curly hair.

Anon asked: What are the chances I could get #52 with Akashi Seijurou and a chubby lady? Pretty please? ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

52. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.”

Well anon, the chances are pretty high! Here you go! Hope you like it sweetie! Since you asked all nice and everything and even put that adorable emoji face!

Originally posted by basketballbakas

Your laugh filtered through the air making Akashi smile at the sight and sound of if. Your soft, round cheeks were puffed out, a slight red hue adorning them. Your eyes were closed as he got a chance to openly admire your beauty as he savored this moment.

“Okay, I shouldn’t laugh, that’s horrible, but the way you put it was so funny!” Giving a final giggle to the situation, your (E/C) orbs shifted to look at him once more.

He resisted the urge to just take you and kiss you right then, it was so tempting though. The way your plump lips were parted, that blasted smile that made his heart skip a beat…everything about you was so fucking intoxicating; it was like he couldn’t think straight around you.

He’s loved you for so long. Wanting to tell you every waking moment you both were together, but he felt like it was never the right time.

Biting his lips, he decided he was going to do it now. He wants to start a life with you as his queen and he’d be damned if something little as nervousness was going to stop him.

Grasping your chubby hands into his large ones, he gently pulled you toward him, your soft form falling into his lap. “Akashi, let me off,” You struggled in vain as his arms tightened around your torso keeping you in place. “…I’m too big.” Whimpering this part out, he let out a low growl at your words.

“(Y/N), you’re not too big, you’re perfect just like this.” Being bold, Akashi let one hand free as he slid it up and down the dips and curves of your side. His soft touch making you gasp.

“I’ve wanted to tell you something for so long (Y/N),” He left it in the air as you craned your neck up to raise a brow. “What is it, you know you can tell me anything,” A small smile lifted on his face, hand resting upon your hip. 

“I know,” Sighing lightly to calm his nerves, Akashi continued, “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.” Looking into your eyes, tears sprouted at the edges as a large smile broke out onto your face.

“Really?” A few tears started to fall, rolling down your cheeks. “Of course, always have and always will…my queen.” Biting your lip, you replied, “I’ve been in love with you as well Akashi…for my entire life.” Wrapping your arms around his neck, you captured his lips with your own. 

Both of you entranced in the pure bliss of newly confessed love to worry about anything else at this very moment.