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OKAY PROMPT TIME. Fem!ten x rose (obvi) and I'm thinking a prom au where the Doctor is nervous about asking Rose the cute girl who sits in front of her in english.

Deep breath, Theo told herself. You can do this. It’s just a conversation. You’re usually brilliant at talking.

Which was true except for when it came to trying to talk to the pretty girl in front of her in English class. Rose Tyler seemed to be her exception. One look at the blonde with the sunshine smile and Theo’s tongue felt like lead.

She’d managed to get through a few conversations here and there without completely embarrassing herself but discussions about whatever they were reading in class was hardly the same as attempting to ask her to the dance that was coming up next week.

“Hey, Rose, wait up,” Theo called as she caught sight of the object of her thoughts. She made a dash through the crowded corridor, long limbs almost tangling together a few times in the process.

“Hey there,” the blonde said, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear as she smiled up at Theo.

Theo’s heart tripped over itself and she almost forgot that she was supposed to be talking again. “Do you, um, I mean, do you have plans for the dance next week?” she stuttered out, free hand sneaking under her hair to rub at the back of her neck.

This was a disaster. She could feel the blush lighting up her cheeks.

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X-Men Remix Madness

This year I was able to squeeze in four (count ‘em 4!) fics for Remix Madness (self-five)! Thank you to @awfullythick and @professorofeljay for running the challenge and for everyone who helped cheer me on!

Denial (Regrets Remix) is based on @awfullythick‘s amazing post-XMA fic Regrets, about Erik and Charles sleeping together and it being much too soon for Erik. It was deliciously painful to read, and so I decided that the world needed more of that kind of pain, only with Charles being the one to call a halt to it in my version. 

I’m Going To Save You (Nothing But Hope Remix) is based on still_lycorisNothing But Hope, about Apocalypse’s successful attempt at taking over Charles’ body from Charles’ POV. It’s BRILLIANT and creepy and I loved it so much! And so I wrote what happens right afterwards, when Erik finds out (dun, dun dun…)

You Read My Mind (Two in a Bed Remix) was written for my darling interweb spouse @lachatblanche, who writes the most amazing Xavierine, Steve/Charles and Tony/Charles fics for me (and the 4 other people in fandom who like those pairings lol)! This is a prequel to her fic Two in a Bed, where Charles is quite unhappy about Nick Fury calling Steve away on a mission and leaving him in bed alone. I wrote Steve and Charles’ first meeting, courtesy of one Tony Stark :D  

 And last but not least I wrote Burn It To Ashes (Front Window Remix) for my sweet @widgenstain, based on her amazing dark noir fic Front Window. FW is one of my favorite fics in all of fandom, with creepy, stalker Erik, plus dark!Charles and the mad, intense, incestuous love he shares with his sister Raven. I wrote a moment in time between the two siblings, of the two renewing their sexual relationship after years apart (and the death of her husband Hank). 


Plus I was super lucky to have two of my own fics remixed this year!

Widge wrote When Everything Feels Like The Movies (Dangerous Games Remix), an awesome future scene from my fic Dangerous Games, where mob boss!Erik has finally found out about Charlotte’s role in helping her cop brother!Raven take him down!

And Lach wrote Man in the Middle, a snippet from Logan’s POV of my mob fic The Hellfire Club! Love, love, love seeing Charles from a completely different (and informed) POV, adding much needed dimension to Logan and Charles’ characterizations from the main fic!

“Alive, Together” is a piece I created for a show that 8th Day Center for Justice organized that focused on radically reclaiming our bodies. As our communities dive deeper and deeper into the brokenness and violence of capitalism and white supremacy this piece is about naming and making visible our truest identities. It is about rejecting the structures that these systems create and the labels they force on us. I wanted to celebrate the healing power of living into livelihoods that bring us closer to each other and our collective liberation. #identity #community #collectiveliberation #healing #together #healer #hope #queer #foodgrower #women #fem #butch #protector #justice #illustration #drawing #flowers #art #illustrativeart #reclaim #cutpaper

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Ladies Night ::CLOSED AU::

[[ @lilangelmark ]]

Glitch scurried inside the castle, nearly tripping over her two feet as she stopped in the ballroom, smiling happily. She was wearing a large, pale pink sweater that surrounded most of her thickly curved body, the sleeves much to large, ink black, ripped skinny jeans, and a pair of rosy pink converse. Her thickly curled, ink black hair was covering one of her eyes, her hair cut into a short pixie cut, a small section of the side of her head shaved while small streaks ran through it, the streaks changing colour every few seconds. The skin of her usually pale chocolate coloured cheeks were already covered in blush, and her currently, glowing gold eyes were scanning the area of the ballroom.

Glitch was clutching a large stack of movies close to her chest while she wandered towards the piano, sitting on the stool with a soft sigh. “Angel! I brought the movies!,” she called out impatiently.

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I understand what you're saying about putting some imagination into it, I'm just upset by it because as a feminist (that doesn't hate men!), I feel like female versions are put in overly sexy clothes far too often. You've drawn, now that I'm looking through, A shit ton of cleavage. It's degrading, adding to sexist culture. That's what I find disgusting about it. There's ways to do it without doing that. And the emotions thing? It's not Will. I'm talking about this: (1/3)

Thanks for your suggest again XD 

I didn’t mean that……I just draw what I like.I never think of sexist or whatever,I’m just a girl who loves to draw.

If you think I’m sexist,then why don’t think this way : do you thought that your opinion is a little sexist too??Why can’t girls wear what they really want to wear??Why they need to hide all their body parts and dress like a man?? 



So, I bought Mass Effect a couple of months ago, and then spent the last couple of months trying to get the hang of the controls, stumbling around Eden Prime like I was drunk, getting my whole squad killed, sighing in frustration and then putting the game aside and going back to SWTOR for weeks at a time. BUT I think I am finally getting the hang of it, and plus I FINALLY got done with Eden Prime and now I’m getting to run around the Citadel exploring and talking to people and I LOVE IT.

AND I MET GARRUS. My Shepard is instantly smitten, no I don’t care that you can’t actually romance him until ME2 I WILL WAIT.

(Also met Wrex and Tali and look, Ashely and Kaidan are great so far, I like them both, but it’s making alien friends that really has me excited to play the game some more. THIS IS WHAT I’M HERE FOR. HELLO SPACE FAMILY YOU ARE ALL PERFECT AND I LOVE YOU.)

((Also I love my Shepard, her name is Madeleine, Maddy to her friends except I’m not sure she’s gotten close enough with any of her squad yet to be Maddy to them, she’s a sole survivor who really wishes people she’s just met would stop bringing up Akuze.))