Today is Sandy’s 1st Gotcha Day! A year ago today, Matthew and I moved into our new home permanently with our little boy <3

We were warned at Dog’s Trust that it could be a stressful day for him and that he could be weary of us and take up to six months to settle in. That was never the case for Sandy!

I sat in the back of the car with him on the way home from Dog’s Trust and he spent that time covering our old Renault Clio in dog hair with a furious tail wag, while trying to remove all of my makeup! When we got home, he was equally excited to explore his new home and made himself at home almost instantly! It should also be noted that he had just undergone a herniotomy and neutering and we were also told that he would be lethargic….yeah, that didn’t happen either!

A year later and we are definitely his humans and Mickey is his partner in crime! Sure he may have eaten a Sat Nav and various other items and chipped my teeth (fixed now!) but nothing is worth more than waking up to Sandy trying to kick my head off of my own pillow for his own comfort ;)