Can we just talk about how Jimin always finds a way to comfort his members? x

We all know he does it a lot with Taehyung, but look how genuinely caring this guy is even towards his other members. Rapmon crying is not a common sight to see, and Jimin knows how much this guy always tries to stay strong and composed as their leader. The fact that he ran/stayed back to comfort him while the other members went off (even then, I could see Jimin starting to tear up with Namjoon towards the end too.) says a lot about him.

The members previously said that Jimin gives them the most comfort in the group. I honestly don’t doubt that, cause I really think it’s true. He’s definitely the one that pulls the members’ spirits up when they need it the most.

babywarrior5’s lovely Shepard, Jillian!

Turns out I actually got her done sooner than expected, haha. One of my requests isn’t going very well, so in my defeated frustration I loaded up refs, started scribbling and out came this xD

Apologies that her appearance is off. Whenever I draw on whim I tend to get carried away with stylizing…


Aaron and Robert (Emmerdale) - 30th July 2015

"OH NOOO!!!!!!!!"
  • Romania:You've just split Fem!Norway into five versions of herself!
  • Denmark:...you okay, Nor?
  • Viking Fem!Norway:*angry* I told you not to mess around with that thing! *smacks Denmark*
  • Denmark:*rubs cheek* Ow!
  • Chibi Fem!Norway:I don't like it here... *hides behind Student Fem!Norway*
  • 2pFem!Norway:*takes Denmark's hand, seductive voice* What's not to like? *bats eyelashes*
  • Denmark:*chokes and turns 50 shades of purple*
  • Punk Fem!Norway:*burps* *falls on face*
  • Britain:*sigh* Typical day with the magic club...
  • Belarus:You and I are surrounded by idiots...