something I don’t understand is why rad fems have to spend time convincing people we’re not ‘SWERFs’, but libfems can completely ignore the fact that 92% of prostitutes want to leave prostitution, and WE are the ones not listening to sex workers?

anonymous asked:

Hey guys! Just rolling around over here... I was wondering if anyone could share an opinion about the "The Danish Girl" movie? Tbh idk how to feel about it and I want to see what you guys think! Thanks! (Btw I love to see the blog this active again! Congrats new mods!!)

Roxie says:

It’s an incredible story about an incredible woman, and it’s a pretty good idea to make it into a film.

Buuut…. the main character, Lili Elbe - who was a real life trans woman and one of the first to ever have the surgeries - she’s an iconic figure in trans history, particularly for trans women, and while this would usually be amazing, she’s being played by Eddie Redmayne, who is a cis man. That totally sucks because it’s like equating cis men with trans women, and it’s total erasure of Lili Elbe’s identity and who she was. Plus there are plenty of trans actresses who’d love work but aren’t often given opportunities due to to the transphobic industry. It’s basically super shitty all around.

I won’t be watching it - and if I do, it’ll be online so that they don’t get any money or anything - and I suggest everybody else to do the same. It’s simply unacceptable to do this to trans women, and it’s disrespectful to Lili Elbe herself. It’s a shame, because it could’ve been such a good film.

If you really want to watch it - and don’t get me wrong, it might be otherwise a good film - I suggest doing so in a way that won’t involve you giving them any money.