Homestuck quizzes be like

*dont kill me* Whats your favorite color?
*hides behind Gamzee while sharing a faygo*


2) rust red 0_0 (no that looks stupid) 私のコックを吸います


4) mu2turd yellow

5) :33;)) ) r4d1c4l!!

8) wee8eeeeellllllllllllllll i w8uld think 8LUE w8uld 8eeeeeeee a superi8rrrrrrrr color :::;))))

9) a STRONG bl00!

10) I cAn HeAr CoLoRs MoThErFuCkEr :o)

11) sexually frustrated sea dwweller purple

12) GLUB!! Royal m—–Egent(whale)a pink!! Glub!

13) slime ghost green! :B

14) black or lavender purple 😒

15) coooooooooooool red B/

16) blue!!!!! :D

17) hoo hoo!! Well gosh diddily darn tootin hmmmmmm welll maybe light blue!! 8B

18) i leik uhh ponkkk (like* punk* pink*)

19) self loathing daddy issues orange

20) im not interested dirk

One of the only times anyone has seen Eridan laugh was when he came to a “Gaming party” with Rose, Roxy, Latula, Jake, Karkat, Sollux, Feferi, and Terezi. They were playing Harry Potter Kinect that day and he ended up losing it because Roxy and Terezi started flailing their arms and it caused the character to try and do both of their actions. It was a mess, and Terezi accidently hit Sollux in the face, but everyone there can agree Eridan’s laugh was one of the cutest things they’ve ever heard.

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Fem!Phan (3) Masterlist

part one, part two

101 Reasons Why I Love Dan - thatonevideochangedmylifeforever

Summary: Fem!Phil writes everything she loves about Fem!Dan in a journal, Fem!Dan finds it and confronts Fem!Phil about it, Leads to Fluffy Smut.

dan(ielle)isnotonfire - dannihowell

Summary: This story follows the timeline of phan as we know it, but with one huge difference.

Day in the Life of Danielle and Philippa! - weebohowell

Summary: A regular day in the life on Phil’s 29th birthday only this comes with a feminine twist.

Having Fun? - lipu-sticku

Summary: Phil gets bored and Dan decides to unbore Phil.

Quench My Thirst - thegaywallofchina

Summary: Fem!Phan, alpha and omega, suburban, Phillipa is an alpha training to be accepted into a vampire cult. Dani is a younger omega who falls for Phil and her ways.

Seeking - dannihowell

Summary: When college dropout Daniella applies to be a nanny, she meets Phil, an overworked almost-single mother of precocious twins.

Teaching A Lesson - huggabae

Summary: University AU. Dan and Phil are both girls and they’re dating PJ. He’s cheating and neither knows about the other until one day Dan is ditching her psychology lecture when she sees him kissing Phil and runs away to sit on the stairs of the dorm crying. After a while Phil’s going to her room and sees Dan and tries to comfort her. Dan tells her about PJ. They decide to date to get back at him but end up falling for each other.

The Man - amazingphilia

Summary: “Fiona wants to set the man free, but she’s afraid. She hopes the man understands that she is doing this to keep him safe, but he’s getting smarter and smarter every time Fiona goes on to understand more about the people like her: people who felt they weren’t in the system.”

The Season’s End is a New Beginning - transdimensional-void

Summary: Lady Daniela and her close friend Philippa take a fateful stroll in the park. (Fem!Dan and Fem!Phil, Regency romance parody AU)

You Were Like Home To Me - amazingphilia

Summary: Even though it’s unhealthy and detrimental to the both of them, Daniella always comes by every other day to Philia’s house even though she’s already broken up with her, because Philia is all she ever knows.