people in the homestuck fandom really like to under appreciate roxy and put her off as some dumb bimbo who drinks all the time. like really? Roxy Lalonde is so many things and here are some of them:   

  • has a thing for hacking
  • loves video games
  • super into science and reading
  • Ectobiology nerd
  • likes cats
  • likes to write
  • likes wizards
  • digs antiques (like nintendo)
  • plushies
  • looks up to her mom

Roxy is more than alcohol.


So my genderbent Kylo Ren is mostly done. Because it’s basically the same costume as my crossplay Kylo Ren. The only differences are that I switch wigs, tighten the belt, and put on some lipgloss. And I now have a helmet. Which is actually kind of an interesting mindfuck to wear and I didn’t expect that; I’ve never felt less like me in a cosplay with the mask on because it’s so anonymous and inhuman looking so it feels like a muzzle. Although overall, it’s really interesting how much more comfortable I feel being fem!Kylo than being dude!Kylo, even though it’s the exact same clothing. Like I’m really glad I crossplayed it first because that was something I swore I couldn’t do and wouldn’t do, so I showed myself that I can if I want to. But ultimately I’m just more comfortable as a girl. 

The helmet isn’t quite done yet, it still needs a lot of detailing and a visor. But I’ve been like lowkey shrieking over this cosplay for about a month and I wasn’t expecting that because it was supposed to be an easy cosplay but I’m incapable of making anything easy on myself, so I’m relieved that the end is in sight. 

Everything was hand made by me. You can find more details of the build in my Kylo Ren tags

Roisin (Pronounced Ro-sheen, meaning little rose), 18, Scotland, Vegan, Feminist, Waitress. I’m very introverted but sociable at the same time, I like staying in and watching Netflix or gaming, I love studio ghibli and anime (I’m a little bit of a weeaboo) and I also love tv shows like pretty little liars, Orange is the new black, and the vampire diaries but I especially love horror movies (Japanese ones are super cool). I’m interested in photography and anything cutesy and I love writing creatively as well as reading, and meeting new people :3

Ps I’m also a cat person 👌🏻


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