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And the rose said to the knife, “I don’t know who started the fire, which is to say, I don’t know who of us is the matchbook girl and who is the spilled kerosene, but with you, it seems as though I have always been burning.”

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Prompt! Fem!Doctor x Rose + Pride

“Oh, it must be a Pride month,” the Doctor sighed as they stepped out of the TARDIS and into what could only be the aftermath of a rainbow explosion. Rose looked around, wide-eyed and stunned, at the throngs of people surrounding them.

“What is this?”

“Weekly Pride parade,” the Doctor said with a small smile. “If I’m not much mistaken, we’re in the year forty-six-fourteen–”

“You mean if you actually landed us right this time?” Rose teased.

“Oh shush. Anyways this is Voprides, one of the many planets humans found and inhabited when they branched out. For some reason this particular planet has become a hot spot for the LGBT-plus community. During Pride months this is the place to be.”

Rose looked back at the Doctor, tilting her head. “What’s Pride?”

The Time Lady looked surprised for a moment. “Oh, two-thousand-five, right,” she murmured, then moved on before Rose could question that. “Pride is a celebration of the LGBT-plus community. They get together, hold parades and parties and celebrate being themselves. These days it’s more for fun – homophobia isn’t as much of a thing anymore, but who doesn’t love a good excuse to get together and party?”

There was a twinkle in her eyes at that, and Rose suddenly wondered if she had really landed them here by accident. It wasn’t really a secret to anyone that Jackie didn’t really… understand her daughter being bisexual. Hell, Rose barely understood it herself sometimes. The Doctor knew she struggled.

Maybe seeing a brighter future, where everyone was accepted, would help.

“Shall we join the party, then?” She asked, her tongue poking out of the corner of her lip as she smiled. The Doctor beamed back.


Send me femslash prompts?

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26 fem!doctor (ten) and rose!

26: A “spin the bottle” kiss

This was written from this list of prompts that I made from combining two prompt memes from @doctorroseprompts.

@skyler10fic, you also prompted this (I hope you don’t mind I went with fem!Ten on this one…if so, please feel free to prompt me another number)

And I’m also claiming this for @legendslikestardust‘s Pride Month.

Rose watched with bated breath as the bottle spun ‘round and ‘round. As it began to slow, everyone in the circle tensed and leaned forward to see who Rose would be kissing.

“Oooh, pucker up Doctor!”

Rose flushed. Of course, of course, the bottle head would point to only the most gorgeous person in the room, the girl Rose had had a tentative eye on for months, and incidentally one of Rose’s best friends.

Janessa Noble. The girl who had moved to London from Scotland at the beginning of term. The girl who sat next to Rose in her eight o’clock art history class. The girl who started bringing her a coffee for those early morning lectures, and the girl with whom Rose built a deep friendship with over the course of the semester.

Rose glanced over at Janessa, and noted with a swoop in her belly that Janessa was smiling at her. No, no, she wasn’t just smiling—she was beaming. It looked like she’d been given the lottery and all of her life’s dreams had come true all in one moment.

“Hey,” Rose said lamely, turning to face her friend. “Let’s do this, yeah?”

Janessa’s smile faltered for just a second before it returned, albeit stiffer. Rose wanted to smack herself when she realized how she just sounded.

Instead of trying to backtrack, Rose reached out and cupped her hand around the back of Janessa’s head. Her hair was soft and silky, and Rose couldn’t help but massage her fingertips into Janessa’s scalp as she tugged the other girl forward.

Rose heard Janessa’s breath hitch as their lips met in a soft kiss. A soft kiss that was much more heated than any of the other kisses Rose had given or received that evening. Rose angled her head to the side to slip Janessa’s plump bottom lip between her own and her nose pressed into the other girl’s cheek as Rose unwittingly deepened the kiss.

Before Rose could be embarrassed at how far she had let the kiss get—and really, it was bordering on snogging now—she felt Janessa’s lips moving in tandem with hers. She felt soft, warm hands wrap around her shoulders before they scrabbled at her back. But Janessa seemed to not know where she wanted her hands to be, because the next moment she was cradling the back of Rose’s neck as she breathed sharply through her nose.

That sound alerted Rose to the burning in her chest, and she popped away from the kiss for just a moment to gulp down a lungful of air before she seized Janessa’s lips in for another kiss, heedless of the wolf-whistles coming from all of their friends.

Rose was blind and deaf to anything but the beautiful woman in her arms, and how it felt to kiss and be kissed like this.

“Oi, get a room!”

“No, please don’t! This is quite the show!”

Rose rolled her eyes at Jack, and she reluctantly broke the kiss, finally realizing the show they’d been giving to their friends. She peaked up through her lashes at Janessa, and noted with a thrill of pride that the other woman looked just as breathless and faint as Rose felt.

“I’m tired,” Rose proclaimed, standing up from the circle. She glanced down at Janessa, who was fiddling nervously with her hair. “Care to walk back to my flat with me?”

Janessa grinned happily, and jumped to her feet.

They bade goodbye to all of their friends, resolutely ignoring the lewd and suggestive comments being thrown at their retreating forms, and stepped out into the cool night air.

Long fingers probed against hers, and Rose automatically slipped her fingers through Janessa’s.

“That was really nice,” Janessa murmured, speaking to their linked hands.

“Yeah, it was,” Rose said. “I didn’t mean for the kiss to get that far, though.”

“I’m not complaining,” Janessa snorted. “In fact… is that something we might do again?”

Rose tugged on Janessa’s hand to pull her to a stop, and she slipped her hand free of Janessa’s to wrap her arms around the girl’s neck. She lifted up onto her tiptoes to brush a soft kiss to Janessa’s lips.

“Yeah, it is.”

fanfic writer wednesday: june 7th

some of the wonderful fics that i’ve read this week! finally catching up on a little bit of my reading :)

Pyrite by @sequencefairy – Bad Wolf fic, Ten x Rose – read this immediately if you haven’t done so. it’s breathtakingly beautiful and thought-provoking and such a uniquely wonderful take on the ramifications of Bad Wolf

the breach by @lesbidar – Buffy Summers x Rose Tyler – lydia writes these two beautifully and i just love the way the interact and connect and !!!

Tying Laces by @tryingthisfangirlthing – Nine x Rose, nsfw – like all i can say about this is HOT DAMN. this is everything i wanted and more from that corset smut prompt :D

Fem!Doctor/Rose ficlet by @dimensionhoppingrose​ – Fem!Doctor x Rose – this is such a cute little ficlet and Rose’s reaction to experiencing Pride for the first time was just !!!!

Fem!Nine/Rose ficlet by @escapadesofanaskboxficfairy​ – Fem!Nine x Rose – this was such a welcome surprise to find in my inbox!! all of the ficlets by this wonderful fic fairy have been stellar and this tiny piece of fem!nine heaven just warmed my heart <3 <3

Hairpins & Old Lace by @sequencefairy​ – Ichiruki – so… i don’t go here but i’m always up for some of Jess’s beautiful writing and this was a treat. the language is just gorgeous and the emotions on point. instant classic, i think <3 (i say as i do not go here but i’m calling it anyways)

that we whisper by @lvslie​ – Ten x Rose – i’m just going to live in this fic. like… this is where you will find me forever because i love every single syllable of it. nightmare h/c is always a weakness of mine but this… this is a whole other level and it’s perfect.

like golden stars by @rose-tylers​ – Ten x Rose x Clara – ahhh the imagery in this is just spectacular and gorgeous and the love they all have for each other is palpable and i adore it <3

Unprecedented Spark by @skyler10fic​ – Ten x Rose – the demi!Doctor fic that i’ve always wanted!!! skyler did such a beautiful job of handling this topic and it is actual perfection and i think i’ve read it like fifteen times. it just resonates.

Ficlet by @goingtothetardis​ – Nine x Rose – such a beautiful little reunion ficlet. hit me right in the emotions with so few words!!

Minuet, Part III by @megabadbunny​ – Ten x Rose – i LOVE this fic and i was so excited to see a new chapter!!! emotions everywhere!!! this is just such a delightful and different take on the GitF fix-it and aftermath and i loved getting Mickey’s knowledge of how the Doctor acted when Rose was gone!!

if we were the last by @lauraxxtennant​ – Hardy x Miller – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (okay, full disclosure, rows of exclamation points is how i feel about every single fic by laura but that doesn’t make it any less accurate!) this fic just felt so cozy and right. it’s them and it’s perfect and i haven’t even watched s3 of broadchurch but i’m going to revel in this fic anyways <3

As Long As We Both Shall Live by @chocolatequeennk – Tentoo x Rose – I adore the way Nancy writes bonding and telepathy and this is no exception!!! This chapter featured a beautiful bonding scene and Bad Wolf and it’s amazing!!

Nature of War by @cryofthewolf – Eight x Rose – I’m so excited for this fic!!! it’s a fobwatched Eight fic and i’m really looking forward to  how it plays out!! love a good eight fic, me <3

Ficlet by @lastbluetardis – Eleven x Rose – ELEVEN/ROSE REUNION FIC!!! WITH A BOND AND TELEPATHY!!! AND NERVOUSNESS ABOUT REGENERATION!!! i loved every bit of this, hit all of my buttons <3 <3

Fem!Lucien/Elain ACOWAR Exchange Fic

This doesn’t have a title bc I’m lame, but here is my week-late ACOWAR Exchange fic, by @squaddreamcourt for @squaddreamcourt. Thank you to @abookandacoffee for betaing!!

fem!Lucien/Elain; sex pollen. NSFW. 2k. A lil bit of angst, a lil bit of fluff, a lil bit of smut. 

Enjoy darling!!

Elain was only just awake when she stretched an arm across the bed, searching for warmth more than the linens could provide. When she didn’t find it, she cracked open an eye.

Luciana was not beside her.

She sighed and rolled back over, burying herself under the covers again with a grumble. She knew this would happen, knew her mate wouldn’t have returned from her latest diplomatic trip to Dawn yet, had discussed it and planned for it, but it was their anniversary. Elain wanted only to celebrate with her mate’s beef stew and her own apple crisp with apples she had ordered specially from Autumn for the occasion, and lots of time spent in their bed.

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for the femslash kiss prompts: #8 for fem!Doctor/Rose (your choice of Doctor :) )

(I chose fem!Ten because she owns my heart <3)


“But Doctor, you’re still blindfol–”

“It’s fine, Rose, just run!”

Rose grabs the Doctor’s wrist and yanks her along, wrenching her away just in time to dodge the barrage of fire that splinters the wall behind them. Running down the corridor, legs pumping-pumping-pumping until they burn, Rose scans the area frantically for any hint of where they entered, any possible avenue of escape from the guards close behind them. She finds none.

“Here,” the Doctor whispers breathlessly, and Rose immediately understands; the Doctor must know they’re passing by a window, must have felt the light of the sun on her face, must remember that the window is framed by a pair of heavy drapes just thick enough to hide them, if they don’t mind a tight fit. Rose tosses the drape aside and pulls the Doctor with her, dragging the fabric around them until they’re hidden from view.

She has to stifle a gasp when the Doctor pushes her up against the windowframe.

She’s just trying to hide us, Rose thinks; just trying to make us as flat as possible so the guards don’t see. It doesn’t mean anything.

Seconds later, Rose hears the guards’ heavy footfalls echoing over the marble floors just meters away, but she barely notices it; she can scarcely make out anything over her blood rushing in her ears, her heart thundering in her chest, the spare heat of the Doctor’s face radiating so close to hers, so close their cheeks nearly touch, so close that Rose can feel the millimeters buzzing between them. She bites her lip and tells herself that the heat she feels is just the sun-warmed glass at her back, that that swooping feeling low in her belly is nothing more than fear-fueled adrenaline.

Rose waits for the Doctor to move, for her to give the all-clear, but she’s tense, still. At first, Rose wonders if the Doctor has heard something she hasn’t–maybe more guards are coming, maybe the others will return–but then Rose realizes that a slow flush has crept up the Doctor’s cheeks, painting them a soft pink. She can’t think of why until she looks down.

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Fanfic Writer Wednesday, May Edition

Nine x Rose

Up in Flames by @perfectlyrose – This is the wonderful and long-awaited sequel to Watch it Burn! A gorgeous bank robbers AU! wip 

Ten x Rose

At Last by @chocolatequeennk – This is such a sweet and tender moment of then finally giving in and snogging :’)

The Promise of Paradise by @skyler10fic – This is an adorably fluffy proposal AU.

Path to Paradise by @skyler10fic – This is an adorable prequel to The Promise of Paradise and how John and Rose got together. AU

Pleasure in Paradise by @skyler10fic – This wraps up the Paradise series with some really hot sexytimes as John and Rose celebrate their engagement! AU. nsfw

In the Shadow of a Ghost by @chocolatequeennk – This is such a sad but gorgeous look at Martha realizing who Rose was to the Doctor.

Holding onto Forever by @chocolatequeennk – Such a gorgeous post-reunion morning after moment :’)

Fool Me Once by @pellaaearien – This story is so amazing! It’s a glorious reunion, and an amazing fix-it in the works! wip

Forever and Never Apart by @chocolatequeennk – OMG IT’S HERE!!! My favorite series has a new installment :’)

Redefining Forever by @chocolatequeennk – Such a gorgeous fic as the Doctor and realize they’re biologically compatible, and they think about if kids are something they might want some day. wip.

In the Middle of the Night by @txrdisblues​ – Such a beautiful scene between the Doctor and Rose, as they deal with post-reunion emotions. 

Class Trip by @stupidsatsuma – Dawww, such an adorable first meeting ficlet!

Projected Longing by @chocolatequeennk – This is a cute and sweet ficlet as the Doctor and Rose realize they can feel each others thoughts/emotions (and that they both want to kiss each other). It’s adorable!

Fem!Ten x Rose

Who We Are by @wordsintimeandspace – This is such an excellent soulmates AU! I’m completely hooked on it! wip 

Tentoo x Rose

Doting Daddy by @hanluvr – This is adorably wonderful Daddy!Doctor fluff!

For Warmth by @hellostarlight20 – This is such a tender, bittersweet moment between the Doctor and Rose.

Do You Ever Think About… by @whatwecanfic – Guhhh. This is a meta turned fic, and it is deliciously hot and sexy! nsfw

Five Days by @ofstormsandwolves – This is an adorable look at Rose being home alone with her kiddos for five days while the Doctor is out of town. So much fluffy cuteness!

Fingerpainting Ficlet by @skyler10fic – This is an adorable moment between the Doctor and Rose and their young daughter. Kid fic.

Ficlet by @fadewithfury – This is a cute sweet birth (nothing explicit) and family ficlet.

As Long as We Both Shall Live by @chocolatequeennk – This is such a beautiful and heart warming and precious fic with a marriage bond and Bad Wolf Rose!

Ficlet by @skyler10fic – An adorable ficlet as the Doctor and Rose tell their daughter she’s going to be a big sister. Kid fic.

Bedtime Stories by @dimensionhoppingrose – Such an adorably fluffy story where Rose overhears the Doctor telling their kiddo a bedtime story! So gorgeous!

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I need a Fem!Tentoo, and a really sweet parallel version of the Christmas Invasion moment, "Well, I just thought, 'cause I'd changed..." --"Well, I thought, 'cause you'd changed, you might not..." and a kiss, and basically what if Tentoo were a woman?!?!


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I dunno about y’all but I need that in fic like I need AIR. Maybe more than air.

fanfic writer wednesday: june 14th

some of the fabulous fics that i’ve read this week!

askbox ficlet by @escapadesofanaskboxficfairy - Fem!Doctor/Rose - just a gorgeous gorgeous little ficlet that i love to the moon and back <3 <3

The Problem With Cats by @dimensionhoppingrose - Fem!Ten/Rose - this is just DELIGHTFUL!!! cats and them being neighbors and just that little bit of outside angst that sets off all the fluff and happiness to perfection <3 <3

A Marriage of (In)convenience (ch 1) by @lastbluetardis - Ten/Rose - eeeee i’m so excited to see where this one goes!!! i just know it’s going to be wonderful and the parallels that have already been set up between James and Rose make me go !!!! :D :D

for her by @lesbidar - Clara/Rose - this is gorgeous okay, read it immediately. it’s a bit of smut and a lot of feelings and just !!!!! lydia is so talented and i love this a lot

When You Least Expect It by @chocolatequeennk - Eight/Rose - so this combines three of my favorite things so OBVIOUSLY i’m head over heels in love with it!!! i mean… eight/rose + coffeeshop au + soulmates au/ua = perfection and nancy hit it out of the park <3

Untitled kiss ficlet by @megabadbunny - Jenny/Clara - this is just so sweet and adorable and perfect and i love it ♥♥

Catching up by @ofstormsandwolves - Tentoo/Rose - this is just such a lovely story with them being so open but taking a minute to get there because Rose is understandably nervous but then the Doctor is so accepting and it’s *happy sigh* it’s wonderful

One Fateful Barbecue by @skyler10fic - Ten/Rose - ahhh this was so cute!!! and grey!ace Ten is just such a good and their friends all betting on them and setting them up was hilarious 

Crash into You by @jeeno2 - Jyn/Cassian - okay so i feel down this rabbithole this weekend because i watched Rogue One for the first time and i’ve been reading rebelcaptain fic since then and this one is just SO GOOD <3 (i mean, who doesn’t love a good bedsharing fic ;D )

Feels Like Home by @lastbluetardis - Ten/Rose - ahhh what a gorgeous drabble!!! just comfort and home and doomsday <3

Shatter and Collide by @pellaaearien - Ten/Rose - an absolutely lovely reunion piece :D :D just made me have all of the smiles!!

Spoiler Alert by @chocolatequeennk - Ten/Rose - like… this WOULD be them. it’s so them. i adored this little soulmates AU and all of it’s lovely fluffiness <3

by any other name by @megabadbunny - Ten/Rose - what the heck this wrecked me. like… i’m still thinking about it and i read it days ago and MBB… what have you done to me???? 

Bound By Light by @chocolatequeennk - Ten/Rose - accidental marriage at it’s best tbh :D i love when he’s blindsided by a ceremony involving handfasting and can’t pretend that it doesn’t mean something to him :D (plus a tiny bit of meddling!TARDIS which i love ;D ) this whole thing is beautiful :))

askbox fic by @chiaroscuroverse - Nine/Rose - not safe for work and HOT HOT HOT I LOVE IT!!!! <3 <3

Fic Writer Wednesday, 6/21

In which I read Too Much Fic™.

<<Doctor Who>>


waiting for the sun by @perfectlyrose: Eight? Rose? Cuddling for warmth? Yes, please!


a cup of comfort by @boobiedook: in which tea is essential. Post “Father’s Day.”


Sculpting Lesson by @apinkandyellowgirl: How he sees her. Perfection <3

Like Blue Bananas by @chocolatequeennk: The amount I am Here For demi!Ten cannot be measured. This is so wonderful <3

Forever and Never Apart (Chapter 7) by @chocolatequeennk: Conclusion of the Fires of Pompeii arc. Parallels to Gallifrey abound and culminate in some fantastic hurt/comfort!!!

Fifty Ways to Say I Love You by @chocolatequeennk: I am extremely very excited about this new project and every chapter so far has been the height of adorableness <3 <3

Forever’s New Beginning by @chocolatequeennk: Of course, an update to the series means I have to read the whole thing again. Kidfic and a Doomsday fixit makes me a happy happy reader! The h/c in this is top notch, as expected from Nancy of course!

More Than Words Can Say by @chocolatequeennk: perfectly describes the Doctor’s difficulty with the words and how he works through it. Gorgeous fluff <3

Forever Found (Chapter 30) by Hawkerin & TheDoctorMulder: New chapter!! This time, they’re off to Messaline after the trauma of Midnight, and Rose and the Doctor get an unexpected plus one. Very emotional and wonderful <3

A Place for Us to Dream (Chapter 51&52) by @dimensionhoppingrose: the second part of my favourite episode, the Unicorn and the Wasp! Has the somewhat lighthearted adventure truly helped Rose or is she continuing to spiral? And then, the Library! How will Rose react when she encounters someone named River who calls her ‘Aunt Rose’? And how does this woman know about the Doctor? So much love for this story!!

Untitled (29) by @tenroseforeverandever: gratuitous use of nanogenes and please could we have more like this?

tomorrow is promised to no one (but darling, we’ll face it together) by @perfectlyrose: I was on a Doomsday fixit kick, as per usual, which meant I had to reread this gorgeous thing. Perfect, not exactly reunion, but fixit feels!!

A Slight Deviation by orphan_account: Hey, someone else did the thing where there’s no stupid cockblocking Dalek at the end of Stolen Earth! Also random Clara sighting? 

108 by @promisedyouforever: Read this one again too. This is one of the best takes on a reunion/fixit I’ve ever read and I would like more of them please and thank you! <3

Ten/Rose AU

Spoiler Alert by @chocolatequeennk: everything I needed out of that prompt fill. Simply adorable. 

Femslash kiss prompt fic by @megabadbunny: Fem!Ten/Rose and a glorious blindfolded kiss while running from the bad guys; what more could you ask for?

Every Doctor/Rose

Twelve out of Ten by @cherazor: The amount I love this fic cannot be described. Shades of Demi!Doctor? Every Doctor x Rose? The Meaning behind regenerations? I am so Here For this fic I can’t even.

Togther Again by  Creirdyddlydd: While Twelve is on Gallifrey, he runs into the last person he expected to see again. I’m pretty sure this is what actually happened, tbh.


Bakery AU by @dimensionhoppingrose: Sam wrote this wonderful wonderful ficlet based on my prompt and I love it to death!

Femslash kiss prompt fic by @megabadbunny: yessss thank you for feeding my Jenny/Clara need with this fic! Everything I love about them is here!

<<Spies of Warsaw>>


A Lapse in Fate by @lostinfic: I started watching Spies of Warsaw in preparation to read this fic and then I gave up and just read because I was bored and this fic was so much better! Wartime intrigue isn’t usually my cup of tea but the world is evoked so well and the characters are so believable I enjoyed every second! Highly recommended!

<<Dragon Age>>


Fire, Walk With Me (Chapter 57) by @khirsahle: Aveline POV leading into the final story arc! Her adorableness with Donnic cannot be overstated! This fic has been a trip and as excited as I am to see everything that’s coming next, I’m sad to see it wrapping up!