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some Fem!Nine/Rose bedsharing for you and @rainstormlullaby


Rose shivered as she tried to pull the thin blanket closer to her. She and the Doctor were stuck in this cell overnight and while the Time Lady hadn’t seemed to notice the temperature, Rose couldn’t think of anything else.

She stole a glance at the Doctor who was sitting against the wall opposite the small bed, tinkering with something she’d found in her pockets.

Rose shivered again.

“Rose? Are you alright?”

She looked up again and found the Doctor’s blue eyes locked on her, worry seeping into her gaze.


The Doctor hissed a few chiming syllables under her breath and surged to her feet. “I didn’t realize the temperature had dropped this much.”

“S’okay. Nothing you can do about it,” Rose said, trying to smile.

“Budge over,” the Doctor said, shedding her jacket as she crossed the cell. “I can help you warm up.”

Rose sincerely hoped that the color that surged into her cheeks was imperceptible in the low light. “Yeah, alright.”

The Doctor lowered herself onto the bed and worked her way under the blanket and then laid her leather jacket over top of that. She pulled Rose tight against her, resting her chin on the top of her head.

“Double body heat should help until the ambient temperature goes back up.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” Rose whispered, snuggling closer.

“Anytime, Rose.”

*Shows up 52 years late with Starbucks*

… ‘Sup?


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modern fem!ares + aphrodite

And the rose said to the knife, “I don’t know who started the fire, which is to say, I don’t know who of us is the matchbook girl and who is the spilled kerosene, but with you, it seems as though I have always been burning.”

“I’m a Time Lord. I’m the last of the Time Lords. They’re all gone. I’m the only survivor. I’m left traveling on my own, ‘cos there’s no one else.”

“There’s me.”

-Oxy&Azalhea <3
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Matchmaker- Rose (BLACKPINK)

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Prompt: Sometimes, being a kindergarten teacher is super fun. Like when your favorite student and his three aunties try to set you up with his super gorgeous single mom.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Single Parent!Rose, Teacher!Fem!Reader

Pairing: Rose x Reader

Author’s Note: Thank you anon, for requesting this! It’s a very good scenario prompt! I hope you love it!

You walked down the hallway, the heels of your shoes clicking on the hard wood floor. You took a sip of the iced americano in your hand as you opened the door of your classroom. You took your place at your desk, setting down your books. 

“Good morning, class!” you beamed, staring at your eager students. 

“Good morning, Miss Y/L/N!” the little ones cheered, bowing their heads in unison. 

“Today we’re going to start the class by reading a story called “Red Train,” on page four of your workbooks!” 

You glanced around the room as your kindergartners pulled their books out from under your seat. You couldn’t help but notice that little Park Minho bore a bright smile as he eagerly flipped open to the assigned story, bringing a grin to your own face. 

“Would anyone like to volunteer to start reading?” you asked warmly. 

Before anyone else, Park Minho shot his hand up in the air. You smiled before pointing at him to signal your approval to start reading.

“Thank you Miss Y/L/N!” he beamed, before reading aloud. 

You sat at your desk as you waited for him to end the page. Park Minho was by far your best student, not to mention your favorite. He was always eager to learn, wanting nothing more than to succeed in his classes and make his mother proud. You knew it wasn’t the first thing you should think about regarding your student, but you couldn’t help but notice that he had an extremely attractive mom. An extremely attractive single mom.

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Prompt! Fem!Doctor x Rose + Pride

“Oh, it must be a Pride month,” the Doctor sighed as they stepped out of the TARDIS and into what could only be the aftermath of a rainbow explosion. Rose looked around, wide-eyed and stunned, at the throngs of people surrounding them.

“What is this?”

“Weekly Pride parade,” the Doctor said with a small smile. “If I’m not much mistaken, we’re in the year forty-six-fourteen–”

“You mean if you actually landed us right this time?” Rose teased.

“Oh shush. Anyways this is Voprides, one of the many planets humans found and inhabited when they branched out. For some reason this particular planet has become a hot spot for the LGBT-plus community. During Pride months this is the place to be.”

Rose looked back at the Doctor, tilting her head. “What’s Pride?”

The Time Lady looked surprised for a moment. “Oh, two-thousand-five, right,” she murmured, then moved on before Rose could question that. “Pride is a celebration of the LGBT-plus community. They get together, hold parades and parties and celebrate being themselves. These days it’s more for fun – homophobia isn’t as much of a thing anymore, but who doesn’t love a good excuse to get together and party?”

There was a twinkle in her eyes at that, and Rose suddenly wondered if she had really landed them here by accident. It wasn’t really a secret to anyone that Jackie didn’t really… understand her daughter being bisexual. Hell, Rose barely understood it herself sometimes. The Doctor knew she struggled.

Maybe seeing a brighter future, where everyone was accepted, would help.

“Shall we join the party, then?” She asked, her tongue poking out of the corner of her lip as she smiled. The Doctor beamed back.


Send me femslash prompts?

Sapphire rose

fem. Tyrell reader x Brienne of Tarth

One shot

Everybody called her ugly. But she wasn’t really ugly in your opinion. She had unbelievable beautiful blue eyes, almost like a rose made of sapphires, and she was strong, probably stronger than some men. 

“Lady (Y/N) Tyrell, my name is Brienne of Tarth. It’s an honor for me to serve you”, she told you and you smiled. Your cousin, Margaery had told Brienne to protect you as long as you are in King’s Landing. 
“Let’s walk and talk a little bit”, you suggested and took Briennes arm. She was so much taller than it, you could understood why people mistook her for a man, especially in this armor. 
“Do you like King’s Landing, Brienne?”, you asked her while walking through the garden.
“It is a cultural and big city, mylady.”
“I hate it. It’s ugly and dirty and this garden is a shame. You should visit Highgarden! It’s the most beautiful place in whole Westeros.”
“I can imagine that, mylady.”
“You are allowed to call me (Y/N).”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course I am. By the way, your armor is beautiful. I never learned how to fight but I was always jealous of my cousin Loras and my own brothers. I always wanted to become a sword fighter.” You chuckled.
“But you’re a lady.”
“You’re a lady too and you learned how to fight!”
“I’m not a lady. I’m tall, ugly, clumsy.” Brienne sighed. “But you, you are beautiful, kind, lovely and tender.”
“Whoever called you ugly must have been blind”, you replied.
"Whole King’s Landing must be blind then.”
“No-one ever called me beautiful. Only in jokes to hurt me. Brienne the beauty.” You stopped and looked up to the big woman.
“You have beautiful eyes, flaxen hair, you are slim but muscular and tall. There is more than one sort of being beautiful, Brienne.” She blushed. It looked weird seeing such a huge woman blushing, but it made you smile.


From then on you spent every day with Brienne. One day you were walking through King’s Landing with her, there was a big market inside the city. You wore one of your favorite dresses, made of light blue silk and a golden necklace with a lavaliere in form of a rose. People were staring at you and Brienne when you both walked through the streets of the city. You hold Briennes arm, walking slowing and smiling the whole time. Brienne seemed to be a little bit uncomfortable.

“What is it, Brienne?”, you asked her.

“This is a dangerous place for a lady like you”, she answered, watching the people around you.

“I don’t think so”, you answered. “And if something happens, you will protect me, right?”

“Of course I will! Always.”

“Always”, you repeated and smiled.

You were looking at some precious pieces of cloths and chattered a while with the seller when you suddenly noticed two men observing you. At first you weren’t sure. They stood a few meters away, whispering secretly. Brienne noticed the two strangers as well.

“Maybe we should go, (Y/N)”, she said to you and you nodded immediately. But as you wanted to leave both men came to you and blocked your way.
“Get out of the way!”, Brienne said in a harsh voice and one man took his sword in response. A fight between him and Brienne started, while his ally grabbed your arm ungently and forced you to follow him.

“Brienne!”, you screamed in panic and as she saw you, she stabbed his sword into the throat of the attacker and rescued you by fighting against the other man. It was a quick fight, easy for Brienne. She was bigger and better than your offender and killed him within only a few moments. Brienne bent forward to you and placed her hands on your shoulders.

“Are you all right, (Y/N)?”, she asked you worried. You nodded slowly.

“Y-Yes. I think I am”, you answered quietly. Your body was shaking, although you knew Brienne would have rescued you.

“Let’s go home.”


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Fem!Lucien/Elain ACOWAR Exchange Fic

This doesn’t have a title bc I’m lame, but here is my week-late ACOWAR Exchange fic, by @squaddreamcourt for @squaddreamcourt. Thank you to @abookandacoffee for betaing!!

fem!Lucien/Elain; sex pollen. NSFW. 2k. A lil bit of angst, a lil bit of fluff, a lil bit of smut. 

Enjoy darling!!

Elain was only just awake when she stretched an arm across the bed, searching for warmth more than the linens could provide. When she didn’t find it, she cracked open an eye.

Luciana was not beside her.

She sighed and rolled back over, burying herself under the covers again with a grumble. She knew this would happen, knew her mate wouldn’t have returned from her latest diplomatic trip to Dawn yet, had discussed it and planned for it, but it was their anniversary. Elain wanted only to celebrate with her mate’s beef stew and her own apple crisp with apples she had ordered specially from Autumn for the occasion, and lots of time spent in their bed.

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for the femslash kiss prompts: #8 for fem!Doctor/Rose (your choice of Doctor :) )

(I chose fem!Ten because she owns my heart <3)


“But Doctor, you’re still blindfol–”

“It’s fine, Rose, just run!”

Rose grabs the Doctor’s wrist and yanks her along, wrenching her away just in time to dodge the barrage of fire that splinters the wall behind them. Running down the corridor, legs pumping-pumping-pumping until they burn, Rose scans the area frantically for any hint of where they entered, any possible avenue of escape from the guards close behind them. She finds none.

“Here,” the Doctor whispers breathlessly, and Rose immediately understands; the Doctor must know they’re passing by a window, must have felt the light of the sun on her face, must remember that the window is framed by a pair of heavy drapes just thick enough to hide them, if they don’t mind a tight fit. Rose tosses the drape aside and pulls the Doctor with her, dragging the fabric around them until they’re hidden from view.

She has to stifle a gasp when the Doctor pushes her up against the windowframe.

She’s just trying to hide us, Rose thinks; just trying to make us as flat as possible so the guards don’t see. It doesn’t mean anything.

Seconds later, Rose hears the guards’ heavy footfalls echoing over the marble floors just meters away, but she barely notices it; she can scarcely make out anything over her blood rushing in her ears, her heart thundering in her chest, the spare heat of the Doctor’s face radiating so close to hers, so close their cheeks nearly touch, so close that Rose can feel the millimeters buzzing between them. She bites her lip and tells herself that the heat she feels is just the sun-warmed glass at her back, that that swooping feeling low in her belly is nothing more than fear-fueled adrenaline.

Rose waits for the Doctor to move, for her to give the all-clear, but she’s tense, still. At first, Rose wonders if the Doctor has heard something she hasn’t–maybe more guards are coming, maybe the others will return–but then Rose realizes that a slow flush has crept up the Doctor’s cheeks, painting them a soft pink. She can’t think of why until she looks down.

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fanfic writer wednesday: june 7th

some of the wonderful fics that i’ve read this week! finally catching up on a little bit of my reading :)

Pyrite by @sequencefairy – Bad Wolf fic, Ten x Rose – read this immediately if you haven’t done so. it’s breathtakingly beautiful and thought-provoking and such a uniquely wonderful take on the ramifications of Bad Wolf

the breach by @lesbidar – Buffy Summers x Rose Tyler – lydia writes these two beautifully and i just love the way the interact and connect and !!!

Tying Laces by @tryingthisfangirlthing – Nine x Rose, nsfw – like all i can say about this is HOT DAMN. this is everything i wanted and more from that corset smut prompt :D

Fem!Doctor/Rose ficlet by @dimensionhoppingrose​ – Fem!Doctor x Rose – this is such a cute little ficlet and Rose’s reaction to experiencing Pride for the first time was just !!!!

Fem!Nine/Rose ficlet by @escapadesofanaskboxficfairy​ – Fem!Nine x Rose – this was such a welcome surprise to find in my inbox!! all of the ficlets by this wonderful fic fairy have been stellar and this tiny piece of fem!nine heaven just warmed my heart <3 <3

Hairpins & Old Lace by @sequencefairy​ – Ichiruki – so… i don’t go here but i’m always up for some of Jess’s beautiful writing and this was a treat. the language is just gorgeous and the emotions on point. instant classic, i think <3 (i say as i do not go here but i’m calling it anyways)

that we whisper by @lvslie​ – Ten x Rose – i’m just going to live in this fic. like… this is where you will find me forever because i love every single syllable of it. nightmare h/c is always a weakness of mine but this… this is a whole other level and it’s perfect.

like golden stars by @rose-tylers​ – Ten x Rose x Clara – ahhh the imagery in this is just spectacular and gorgeous and the love they all have for each other is palpable and i adore it <3

Unprecedented Spark by @skyler10fic​ – Ten x Rose – the demi!Doctor fic that i’ve always wanted!!! skyler did such a beautiful job of handling this topic and it is actual perfection and i think i’ve read it like fifteen times. it just resonates.

Ficlet by @goingtothetardis​ – Nine x Rose – such a beautiful little reunion ficlet. hit me right in the emotions with so few words!!

Minuet, Part III by @megabadbunny​ – Ten x Rose – i LOVE this fic and i was so excited to see a new chapter!!! emotions everywhere!!! this is just such a delightful and different take on the GitF fix-it and aftermath and i loved getting Mickey’s knowledge of how the Doctor acted when Rose was gone!!

if we were the last by @lauraxxtennant​ – Hardy x Miller – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (okay, full disclosure, rows of exclamation points is how i feel about every single fic by laura but that doesn’t make it any less accurate!) this fic just felt so cozy and right. it’s them and it’s perfect and i haven’t even watched s3 of broadchurch but i’m going to revel in this fic anyways <3

As Long As We Both Shall Live by @chocolatequeennk – Tentoo x Rose – I adore the way Nancy writes bonding and telepathy and this is no exception!!! This chapter featured a beautiful bonding scene and Bad Wolf and it’s amazing!!

Nature of War by @cryofthewolf – Eight x Rose – I’m so excited for this fic!!! it’s a fobwatched Eight fic and i’m really looking forward to  how it plays out!! love a good eight fic, me <3

Ficlet by @lastbluetardis – Eleven x Rose – ELEVEN/ROSE REUNION FIC!!! WITH A BOND AND TELEPATHY!!! AND NERVOUSNESS ABOUT REGENERATION!!! i loved every bit of this, hit all of my buttons <3 <3