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Is it just me, or does it feel kind of impossible to find references for female characters in the industry that have…certain traits??? I’ll explain:

A lot of voice actresses who audition for our projects sometimes get confused about how to deliver a line, because a good chunk of female characters aren’t like “Breaking Bad’s” Gus Fringe or Final Fantasy XII’s “Doctor Cid”. I can’t seem to find even a river of references of female characters with the kind of overwhelming presence as Gus, or the eccentric enigmatic overtones of Cid. So a lot of auditions seemed to resort to deliveries closer to anime or familiar archetypes most male writers would never attribute to their male characters.

Obviously my lore is weird, I’m weirder, and I need to find more references.Because I have some very….unusual(?) ladies coming to Women of Xal (when it comes to the types of fem-characters portrayed in media), and not all of them protagonists.


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But like do u think girl!kuroo hair situation is worse than normal kuroo??

way worse! girl!Kuroo hair situation is…A MESS:

  • it doesn’t matter how unruly her hair is, she always keep it insanely long
  • like don’t you ever try tell her she should cut it, she’ll cut your tongue instead
  • good hair always on useless days is her thing
  • “who has time to brush it I barely have time to change my underwear in the morning”
  • in school and practice she always keep it in a high ponytail and lets just her fringe down
  • people think it’s because she looks badass that way
  • truth is she doesn’t own any poppy pins to pin the fringe away from her face
  • she probably doesn’t even know how a bobby pin looks like
  • Tsukishima’s favorite stress relief is brushing her hair with natural oil and washing it afterwards
  • mostly because it’s so intimate but also because it always leads to a hot shower (very hot!!!!)
  • there are days when her hair is so beautiful, shiny and of such a deep raven color that people literally had been rendered speechless by her beauty
  • she knows and she always tries to use it as a weapon
  • “Kuroo stop flipping your hair around I won’t buy it this time”
  • in truth, Tsukki buys it, every time

p.s. If Kuroo was a girl, she would 100% look like Momo Yaoyorozu from Boku No Hero Academia:

So I have decided I will do two Stony (Female Tony) fics. The first taking place after Civil War, where Toni is in danger and Steve is the only person there she is willing to risk and happens to be willing to help her. Reluctantly Toni accepts Steve’s help, and they try to work together all the while fixing up their relationship. It leads to a long, lengthy plot that I hope will be worth the payout. (A lot of angst, healing, acceptance, and trust issue’s- and of course, romance)

The second will be where Civil War didn’t even take place- it’s just going to be about Toni being forced into having to learn how to protect herself because of a mission gone wrong, and Natasha doesn’t feel comfortable with it happening again (I have a headcanon those two are best friends and that relationship will ring true in both fics, fight me) and Steve ends up being forced to help out once Nat can’t and smutty situations ensue. A lot of it, actually. There will be a plot, but yeah.

Thanks for all the overwhelming support, I’ve received messages and notes encouraging both! I really appreciate it! Hopefully I’ll be able to post both soon!

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