The Signs as Basic White Girl things
  • Aries:Justin Bieber
  • Taurus:taking pics with your iPad in public
  • Gemini:ombré hair
  • Cancer:tie dye parties
  • Leo:Starbucks
  • Virgo:high waisted shorts
  • Libra:Dylan O' Brien
  • Scorpio:American Eagle jeans
  • Sagittarius:flower crowns
  • Capricorn:white converse
  • Aquarius:crop tops
  • Pisces:writing yourself into a novel/fanfic

nonochuu  asked:

Gaby. Can I have soft spot headcanons for Imayoshi Shouichi, Izuki Shun, Momoi Satsuki, and Nijimura Shuuzou :) thank you! hehe~

(Hey there, I’m previously cilcaro)

From Merriam-Webster:

Full Definition of soft spot

1:  a sentimental weakness <has a soft spot for him>

2:  a vulnerable point <a soft spot in the defense system>

I’m throwing in some relationship soft spots in between y’all. I hope this is correctly interpreted.

Momoi Satsuki:

  • You mean besides Kuroko Tetsuya
  •  I can see her adoring cute things as most of the female population, but I headcanon that her weakness isn’t just any cute thing: it’s something cute that acts as if it’s badass.
  • Elderly people who eat alone. In fast food joints.
  • She feels faint whenever you’re shy to speak your mind; she’ll still urge you to tell her whatever you’re thinking of, but she finds it exTREMELY cute whenever you blush or stutter as you ask her for something. Of course, if you do end up asking her, she’ll definitely give what you want.

Nijimura Shuuzou:

  • When you pout. HE”S SOLD. You look so cute in his eyes every time you do. If you figure out that he actually enjoys seeing you pout or sulk, he’s sure to be reprimanded but he’ll probs just ruffle your hair and half-heartedly apologize.
  • No for real imagine him playing with a labrador puppy in his front yard ugh it’s like a screensaver for HEAVEN”S COMPUTERS
  • He likes it very much when you pat his head and play with his hair although he won’t admit it
  • Also lowkey weak towards chocolate. 70% dark. Even better if it comes in the form of a blackforest gâteau guilty pleasure

Imayoshi Shouichi:

  • KITTENS OK. He’ll be the most affectionate person towards kitties. He’ll tap their nose and let them lick his face if they want to. He’ll wave around kitty toys to attract their attention. He’ll let them nap on his palm or the pocket of his shirt. PLEASE PICTURE THIS YOU’LL FEEL REALLY WARM
  • When you wear his glasses to tease him. He might not see you very clearly but his heart beats faster whenever you do.
  • Wow its hard to think of a weakness for Imayoshi
  • Elderly people who run stores. He’d be very nice to them and he’d make sure to visit to the point where he’s considered a regular, even though he often has to go out of his way to do so
  • A genuine smile from you always gets to him

Izuki Shun:

  • Whenever you’re doing your best to the point where your hardwork is practically visible, he’ll feel so touched he might cry. He’ll be extra affectionate at times like these.
  • IZUKI LOVES BABY BIRBS. Imagine him holding a baby owl or smth in his palm as the ball of floof pecks on his hand to eat food… AHHHH
  • Okay consider this: you’re so tired you just sigh and wordlessly sink yourself into his chest. IZUKI WILL MELT. HE. WILL. MELT.
  • His mother’s cooking. I can picture him going away for college and missing his momma’s homemade dishes the most.

Also one more time about my summer cosplay adventure! I went to Tomsk with friends on cosplay festival.

Me as fem!Kenny McCormic and as fem!Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Thanks to this festival, for nice memories <3

@badacts tagged me to list my five favourtite fics that I’ve written in no particular order (thank you <33)

1. Of Angels <– this one’s kinda old (the grammar and structure is probably really bad hnnng) BUT I was so proud when I first cranked this out and a lot of it was an exploration for me so yEAH old pjo/aph crossover stuff

2. Impulse <– I’ve never written so fast??

3. sickeningly sweet (like honey) <– my child

4. We’re still growing <– listen I l o v e friendship fics and this was so self-indulgent

5. One day <– technically not a fic but super important to me

ummm trying to remember who writes…tagging (only if you want to!): @iceeckos12, @exysexual @a-kingdom-of-foxes, @sbazzing (I think you do??), @tallsinspace, @spanglebangle

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What kind of fem s/o would kougyoku like to have?

Ooh, I like Kougyoku requests because she’s so sweet and adorable

  • She’d like a s/o who would pamper her
  • but also adore her, like a lot
  • She could care less for political reasons if she was really in love with her
  • One who would let her do her hair and dress her up, but also do the same for her if she really asked
  • Someone just as cute as her who wouldn’t mind all the political stuff too
  • Someone supportive but also someone she could talk to freely about her frustrations
  • Someone who’d appreciate every little thing, especially when Kougyoku makes her a flower crown

-Nyo!Germany  Cardverse -

Me as nyo!Germany in personal Cardverse version.
All cosplay is made by myself ^///^

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Photograp. : Gianluca Bia

forgive my bad writing skills ; u ;

huh well, a dirty fangirl here who’s really willing to share her fem!kakuhida headcanons! I hope you’ll forgive me ( ≧ u ≦ )

» pretty much a tomboy, very little curves
and small breasts, pretends that she doesn’t care, but just point it out, she gets furious! keeps her hair in braid which she can’t properly make but boy fab white hair she won’t cut it –
» pretty sure she can have EVERYONE, little himedere, so if you’re not interested HOW DARE YOU PEASANT
» self-centered in sex, doesn’t really like vaginal penetration, her body is young and she prefers being pleased quickly and effectively
» has an inner masochist (hmm, who would have thought–) so pull her hair, pinch those nipples hard and she’ll whimper and beg > u <

» semi-long hair so it won’t get in the way but still look good. nice boobs, she had been a mother of more than one child so her body is mature and experienced (ㆁωㆁ*)
» enjoys full intercourses, is able to cum because of dick, but both ways are more appreciated
» but not so quickly, she won’t waste her time if you’re some pathetic horny teenager. she DEMANDS so if you’re not ready for more than one round you can go home kid
» cold bitch, will make you beg and sob
» sensitive nipples. won’t admit it, but considers sucking them cute so feel free to play~

DW Femslash Week, Day One: Canon Divergent:
  • The Tower of London, UNIT HQ.

“You don’t look like ‘im,” Kimber shook her head rather incredulously, her ridiculously billowing red curls wafting side-by-side as she scrunched up her freckled face at the one opposite her.

The Doctor glanced up, sitting on the grass within the grounds next to a Keep Off the Grass sign, using her sonic screwdriver to tinker with one of the ravens. Her brown coat spilled around her as she sat, and her long brown hair spilled down her back. “Yeah, tell me about it.”

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-Nyo!Germany  Cardverse -

Me as nyo!Germany in personal Cardverse version.
All cosplay is made by myself ^///^

( Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SakurahimesArt 
World Cosplay:  http://worldcosplay.net/member/Sakurahime_Westa 
Cosplay blog: http://femgermany-westa-cosplay.tumblr.com/  
Fem!Germany ask-blog: http://femgermany-westa-cosplay.tumblr.com/   )

Photograp. : Gianluca Bia