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btw wahts your fav girl direction headcanon????

oh gosh, this is interesting!

definitely that they all protect each other. If there’s a nasty guy in a bar who tries to feel Niall up, they all rip him to pieces. Niall punches him, as does Louis, Liam calls the bouncer and gets him kicked out, Harry lectures him on slut shaming and gets every man in the bar treating the ladies with the respect they fucking deserve.

I also think Louis and Harry are the biggest exhibitionists going. They have sex everywhere - bunks, tour bus, shower. biggest head canon is that they encourage Liam to have a threesome - maybe Louis and Liam share a room, which naturally means Harry does too. Louis and Harry have sex in the shower and leave the door open, and Liam can hear Harry screaming. And Liam is completely soaked between her legs, frozen to the bed, and Harry comes out of the bathroom and there’s still slick  on her chin.

Louis has her nipples pierced and her belly. Mostly because she loves the way it makes Harry’s eyes light up, but also because it makes her feel like a goddess. Niall also has her nipple pierced, in a drunken bet with Bressie. (They also fucked that night, Bressie tugging on the piercing until Niall came, but she doesn’t tell anyone that.)

Louis considers getting married in a suit, but decides on a short dress. Harry gets married in a sleek, vintage number - like this - and also wears a veil.

Liam struggles the most with her sexuality, plagued by the taunts from her childhood. She cuts all her hair off one day because people on twitter are calling her a dyke, and she decides that she fucking well is one, so she might as well look the part.

Louis finds her on the floor, scissors in her hands and golden strands all around. Louis juts her chin and promptly hacks off her own hair until it’s barely brushing her ears.

Harry is bisexual - or pansexual, she’s pretty fluid. She loves people and that’s that, she doesn’t care what gender they are. She sleeps with Taylor once, but Taylor isn’t ready to come out and she respects that. Taylor also tells her that she said Louis’ name when she came, and after blushing for a month Harry sends her some thank you cookies and photo of Louis’ feet tangled with hers.

Harry never wears a bra. She doesn’t see the point when there on the tour bus and she deliberately wears sheer shirts where her nipples are straining against the fabric. It means it’s extremely easy for Louis to turn her on in public, cuddled up together in front of a move, one finger playing over the swollen buds.

Louis still has her little tummy. She hates it at first, especially when Okay magazine throw a few barbs. But Harry peppers it with kisses each morning, and Niall refuses to let her stop eating, and slowly she stops tugging her shirt down at every opportunity.

Then she gets the belly button piercing and it looks so pretty that she smiles for the first time.

Harry has love handles. They are cute and squishy and soft, and they show each time she wears skinny jeans. Niall thinks they’re especially cute; she squeezes them and pets them, and Harry has never been that self conscious.

They’re all feminists. Harry has to explain the definition the first time - that it’s not hating men, it’s gender equality for all. Harry posts quotes from Sylvia Path on her instagram, and tweets Emma Watson after her HeforShe campaign.

Liam quietly funds charities that support body positivity for young teenagers. Louis is lethal when someone tries to slide their hands up one of her girl’s skirts, or calls them sluts. Niall goes white lipped and angry, and wears whatever the fuck she wants because she should be able to.

It’s not easy sometimes and they make mistakes, but they stumble through because they have each other and that’s all they need.

under the cut you can find #50+ small and medium, mostly hq gifs of the absolutely adorable & gorgeous erendira ibarra, who is most recently known for her role in sense8. i take no credit for these gifs, and apologise for any repeats. please keep in mind that erendira is mexican when using her has a fc. some of these gifs are nsfw.

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What ifs...

Here is some uncolored, randomness that popped into my head. xD I wanted to add more charas, but I didn’t know what to classify them. And I know my doodles are a little hard to decipher, so we’ve got Allan on the left, Lukas, Chiara, Alfred, and Gilbert. And my muse as a daycare employee. xD