Fem Phys Friday: Nergis Mavalvala

The second one is Dr. Nergis Mavalvala. A Pakistani-born astrophysicist, Mavalvala came to the US to attend Wellesley College, and all women’s college is Massachusetts where she graduated in 1990 already with a publication in Physical Review B: Condensed Matter. Afterwards, she joined the graduate program at MIT where she met Dr. Rainer Weiss beginning her career in astrophysics. Weiss accepted Mavalvala as his student because of her practical skills in machining, electronics and work with lasers.

Her graduate research started as a proof-of-concept: building table-top interferometers designing an automatic alignment system which would be needed for the experiment on a march larger scale. Eventually, her work was incorporated in the design of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, also known as LIGO, which is used to detect the presence of gravitational waves using two mirrors and the idea that a gravitational wave will contract one of the arms, causing a miss-match in phase for a beam that has been split along the two arms.

She joined the faculty at MIT in 2002 where she acknowledges the importance of mentoring students, recalling her supportive chemistry teacher in Pakistan who let her work with chemical reagents in the lab outside of school. She has passing her excitement of science to her own students. Dr. Mavalvala continues to be recognized for her amazing work by being named one of 23 McArthur Fellows, an unrestricted award given to those who are creative, have significant accomplishments and have prospect for future advancements, in 2010. She then was also recipient of the Joseph F. Keithley Award for Advances in Measurement Science in 2013

A self-described “out, queer person of color,” Dr. Mavalvala describes her relationship with her partner as organic and has said that her department has been supportive. They now have a  young daughter. She was a speaker at National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals’ (NOGLSTP) Out to Innovate™ 2014 joint with the 4th Annual oSTEM National Conference which is  and recipient of NOGLSTP’s LGBTQ+ Scientist of the Year award.


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So this is my female versions of Sans and Papyrus.

My headcanon for them is that Fem!Sans started to work for UF Grillby to help pay for the bills and her sister, Fem!Papyrus, found out.

Fem!Papryus doesn’t work directly in the bar (definitely not a bouncer like all the other Papyrus). Instead she works as a secretary/errand girl. This is because Fem!Sans made an arrangement with UF Grillby to not have her sister near the customers (what was his side of the arrangement I don’t know). UF Grillby also used Fem!Papyrus as a leverage over Fem!Sans if she starts acting up (like threatening to put Fem!Papyrus on the floor if Fem!Sans doesn’t do her job properly or something).

Also Fem!Sans has ecto boobs (or jelly like boobs) to attract customers (much like the dicks that the other Sans have). Fem!Papyrus has them as well but they are more for UF Grillby’s preference than for the customers (seeing how he really doesn’t interact with the customers). Fem!Papyrus does knows that work in a strip bar but she think Fem!Sans is purely an entertainer. 

Confusion, frustration, agitation

The Finalizer is the same as the one she’s accustomed to, though everyone was different.
She was the foreign one here.
She was a stranger.

Kylo Ren ducked into an empty conference chamber to collect herself. Hopefully the Supreme Leader would answer her calls soon… She admitted to herself she was afraid of what news he would bring and how this situation will play out.

Her back found the wall as she slid to sit on the floor, having traversed the halls and corridors of the great ship. The day had left her weary and her feet screamed at her. She craved sleep.

The helmet she wore hissed as she disengaged the clasps, deft hands pulling it from her face. Her head made a soft “thunk” as she let it fall back against the wall, helmet slipping from her hands.

A deep sigh rushed from her clenched teeth as she probed at the angry red scar that marred her features. She had to get back to look for that scavenger and Skywalker…
This was a major setback.