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it's 12:30am and I need fics where everyone is just living in erebore really happy after Botfa and everyone lives and just really fluffy and familyish and SO CUTE JUST PLEASE DO YOU KNOW ANY GOOD ONES

YES, fluffy Bilbo-stays-in-Erebor AUs coming up,

also check here on my blog, i rec’d fluffy fics a couple other times!

Your name is TAVROS PEIXES and you’re going to a GREAT time at askthetipsyhacker‘s SLEEPOVER.

How “———-EXCITING”!

(( Time to start the event!! Send some asks!! also, there are the other peeps are are in the event!: askthetipsyhacker (host), a2kthat2nake, ask-the-fem-strider, whatsuplatula,ask-g-cat,ask-ghosty-heiress, asktheserenejester, ask-vantass, and gcs-inbox!))


(Full view please ^^;)

This will be an event where you can ask us questions about our sleepover while we play a round of Truth or Dare and later play Seven Minutes In Heaven!

The blogs that will be participating are: askthetipsyhacker (me), ask-the-fem-strider, whatsuplatula, ask-ghosty-heiress, ask-g-cat, asktavrospeixes, a2kthat2nake, asktheserenejester, ask-vantass, and possibly gcs-inbox !!!

Let’s all have fun at our giant sleepover!

Mun: Soo umm.. I did a thing I’m really wanting to consider making a bloodswap muse, but I want also genderbend, because I like genderbending. It’s interesting. Only thing is I don’t want to do this au alone, due to Soooo many characters to handle at once. Thing I want to do is: 

If you think I should do a bloodswap/genderbend au ask blog then like it!

Also if anybody was considering wanting to partner up and make one together, message me in an ask. Not fanmail. I know it’ll be asked, but I will be this character above.

The Survey Corps Con Mission:

During the MCM Manchester 2015 Comic Con my squad was given a mission from Commander Erwin Smith to find out more about these things called cons. Also known as my friends con scavenger hunt 

Mikasa Ackerman’s report: Below is enclosed some of the best examples of the results of the mission. Not all because there is way too many so have some favourites

I had to fight a sleepy Levi into bed. (Let me tell you it’s NOT easy)

I watched helplessly as the Smiler Titan ate Mrs Jaeger… Again. Seriously… I had to live through this AGAIN.

We recreated this thing called a “Meme”

Saved Eren from the Titans… Again

We were charmed by these two who said they were part of a “Host Club”

Finally I did some PrattKeeping

Mission Status: Success.

Featuring: Mikasa - Myself

Hange/ Fem!Eren- angelof-waitforit-thursday

Annie: ginny-bear

(If you see yourself or anyone you know feel free to message me and I’ll happily tag/credit the cosplayers)