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Arranged Marriage AU Drabbles

Posting about this AU. Cloud and Sephiroth have actually been king and queen for about a year with this happens and they’ve been married for even longer. They’re in the middle of a war, if you couldn’t tell and Cloud…well Cloud is extending her rule over the battlefield, shall we say?

Sephiroth could hear the commotion approaching him. The flurry of footsteps, the men’s voices calling out. At first he thought there had been a second attack.

Then he recognized a female voice in the fray.

“Step. Aside,” Cloud’s voice said authoritatively, “That is my husband in that tent.”

“…Yes ma’am,” the guard’s voice said. Cloud stormed in, hair flying behind her. Her dress, at least, looked plain.

“Cloud I’m fine,” Sephiroth croaked out.

“No, you’re not,” Cloud said, “Stupid idiot.”

“Cloud…” Sephiroth started.

“Let me see it,” Cloud said, already tugging at the sheet covering him.

“Cloud, it’s fine.” Sephiroth said, tugging it back up, “The doctor said-”

“The field doctor is an idiot,” Cloud said, “Let me see it.” Sephiroth sighed and let Cloud click over the long slice on his thigh.

“Fucking idiot,” she said.

“Me or the doctor?” he asked.

“Both!” she snapped, “for gods’ sakes that needs to be stitched up and bandaged.”

“Cloud…” Sephiroth started, “it’s not safe for you here. We could be back in battle at any moment. And the enemy archers-”

“They won’t shoot me,” Cloud said, “There’s no honor or glory in killing an unarmed enemy…and I’m a woman.”

“You don’t know that–OW! Goddamnit Cloud!” Sephiroth said pushing her away from where she was poking at his wound.

“I do so know,” Cloud said, “and you are going to die from infection. Where’s this fucking doctor.”

“I’m sorry, your Grace…what are we looking for?” Lieutenant Zackary Fair was working on direct orders from his Majesty himself: protect his wife and help her with whatever she needed. He tried not to make eye contact with her…pet, which was eyeing him suspiciously as it followed its mistress.

“Medicine,” she said, “Keep up.” Zack jogged forward to catch up to her, one eye still on her…dog. It apparently found more interest on the trail her majesty seemed to be following.

“Medicine, your Grace?” Zack asked, “It’s uh…more safer outside the treeline-”

“We’re fine,” she said, “here we go.” She squatted down near a plant growing near a stump, plucking off all it’s leaves.

“Ummm…your Grace?”

“Find a plant with leaves like this,” she said, holding out one for him to take, “when you crush it up and mix it with boiled water it will clean wounds and make them heal faster.”


“Yes,” she said, “start searching.”

“…uh…yeah…yeah!” He slowly side-stepped the dog, paling a little when it growled.

“Vera!” her majesty “called, “go get your stick!” She stopped growing in an instant and began hunting for that stick.

“Toss it a few times, you’ll be best friends,” she assured him.

Sephiroth jerked awake when he felt hands on his legs. He caught the wrist poking at his wounded leg, then recognized wild blonde hair.

“Cloud?” he said.

“Hold still,” she said, “this is gonna sting at first.” Sephiroth hissed when her free hand started rubbing some sort of gel onto his cut. Moments after contact it began to feel sort of cool and soothing. Cloud was liberal in her application. Sephiroth tried to bat her hand away from going any higher and received a slap for his efforts.

“We’re married,” Cloud said.

“Yes, but-”

“They guy before you didn’t complain nearly as much,” Cloud said resuming her treatment, “He seemed properly grateful.”

“Well…a beautiful woman with a magic cure…” Sephiroth pointed out.

“Damn right,” Cloud said, wiping off her hands before pulling out some bandages, “that field doctor should be coming to get you proper stitches soon.” She pressed a kiss to the top of his head before moving to the next bed. Sephiroth sat back on his pillows with a smile.

“She’s an angel. A right angel sent by the gods to bless us and save us.” Sephiroth smiled at the gossip going on behind the sheet dividing him from other injured men. He was still in “serious condition” and required rest and privacy.

“She’s no angel,” another man’s voice said, “you’ve seen the beasts she’s tamed and we haven’t had a ninja raid in weeks. No angel could do that. No…she’s a goddess, one of the old ones. She’s come down to lead us to victory.”

“She’s god-touched,” another interjected, “the god’s have chosen her to be their vessel. Those beasts are signs of her power and status.”

Sephiroth could have laughed. Cloud? His sweet little Cloud, a goddess in human form? Well…he wouldn’t quite deny it entirely. But he’d seen those “beasts” roll over for belly rubs enough times to know that it wasn’t really a divine power that Cloud held over them.

The sheet pulled to the side. Lieutenant Fair looked pale and nervous.

“Sir, I…I have some news about…well…about her Majesty,” he stammered out. Sephiroth sat up, wincing as his stitches protested.

“She’s alright and everything,” Fair said quickly, “it’s just…an enemy scout tried to shoot at her dog and…and…well…she didn’t take too kindly to that.”

“Please tell me she didn’t run at him,” Sephiroth said.

“She ran at him,” Fair said, “with erm…with your sword.”


“I didn’t think she could pick it up,” Fair said quickly, “me and a few of the lads were showing her a few moves, just defense stuff in case somethin’ happened while we were here. You said we could do that. And then…she just picked it up and started running, hollering at the archer.” Sephiroth buried his face in his hands with a groan.

“He just stood there for a long time,” Fair went on, “He was just frozen until she tried to swing at him and then he started running, dropped his bow and ran. Course the dog caught up to him…but…her majesty let him go.”

“She…let him go?” Sephiroth asked.

“She said to tell his superiors she wanted and audience to um…to stop all this nonsense.” That sounded like Cloud, but still…

“Where is she?” Sephiroth asked.

“Arguing with General Heidegger,” Fair said, “she wants us to move the camp, just in case there’s an ambush. He doesn’t agree but…sir I think she’s right. They attacked the dog, but not her or anyone else. I think they’re planning some sort of attack tonight and didn’t want Vera sounding the alarm.” Sephiroth frowned.

“Tell Heidegger we’re moving,” Sephiroth said, “please tell her majesty I’d like to talk to her right away-”

“Alright you lot!” A stern voice called, “we’re moving camp. Queen’s orders. If you can walk help the others who can’t. Leave the provisions for now. We can resupply when we reach the new area. Any objections will be taken straight to her majesty.”

“Nevermind,” Sephiroth sighed, “Just…tell Cloud I’d like to have a word…if she has a moment.”

“I have a moment, dear,” Cloud said pushing her way in, “Kunsel, Drake, Halloway start rounding up the ones still in bed. Zack, help me with his majesty.”

“I was hoping for a more private word,” Sephiroth said.

“It’s going to have to wait until we’re on the Chocobos then,” Cloud said sweetly. Sephiroth cocked an eyebrow at the ill-fitted armor Cloud was wearing.

“That doesn’t exactly go with your skirts darling,” Sephiroth said drily.

“Oh shut up!”

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Any advice on romance, France?

Mmm, when people ask about romance, they usually mean love. And not just any love, but true, long lasting love. After all, part of romance comes from giving it to someone that you love.

A lot of people do this. They think that just if they can find that special someone that they will be complete, or whole. That that special someone can fill that place in them.

And unfortunately, many people never realize this. So they bounce from relationship to relationship looking and searching for someone to give them that fulfillment and completeness, and finding only heartbreak and disappointment instead.

You cannot rely on someone else to fill that for you. It is not fair to you, and it is not fair to them to put that sort of an expectation on them.

It is not possible for another person to make you complete, or to fulfill you. It is simply not possible for that to happen. It doesn’t stop people from trying, but it is not possible, and it is not that other person’s responsibility, yes, even your romantic partner’s.

And the other person? They will never be happy either. That pressure will be too much for them, and the responsibility they feel towards you can wear them down…or lead to resentment of you. You should not and cannot rely on them for your completeness.

They are not here to make you whole, but you do want someone who can compliment you. They have strengths where you have weaknesses, they can see situations in ways you don’t, your personalities are different, but they can work together. They should compliment your strengths and weaknesses, just like you should compliment theirs. You have to do your part as well. A relationship is not just about you, after all.

I don’t think that anyone is ever truly complete or whole in this life. We are always learning, always failing, always picking ourselves back up and trying again. And we are always searching. But you don’t have to be perfect to have a relationship.

There will be ups and downs and hard times and good times. Such is life. But if you really want to make it work, then you will always be working to make it work. You will work to keep communications open. You will work on problems between you that pop up together. You will have to share blame and responsibility in trying times–because seldom is one thing ever just one person’s fault. But you can do it, if you make the choice to stay together and work through it.

So when you ask me about romance, I know what you’re really asking me about. And if you want true romance, then you need to find someone that will compliment you. Not someone to complete you, because that will not happen. You have to find your completeness outside of another person. You need to find the one who will be there to compliment you as you strive for completeness, and who you will be there for as they strive for completeness too. And I promise you, when you find that, the romance will not be hard to find. Perhaps, at times, it will be, but if you continue to honestly work together to keep the relationship going, then you will find it again.


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