Secret (Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader)

Request - Please write a one shot where the reader is dating Natatsha is secret and the other Avengers only find out after the battle of New York (Anon)

Authors Note - Sorry it’s short! Thanks for your request!

* * *

“Nat! What are you doing?!”

You shouted through the earpiece, seeing your ‘secret’ girlfriend, Natasha, flying on one of the Chitauri’s vehicles. Your eyes were wide as you feared for her life. You looked up from the ground, watching as she flew over you.

“I’m trying to get to Loki.” She replied, as she disappeared out of sight. You could feel panic rising. What if she got hurt? What if she did get to Loki but he hurt her? You knew she could handle herself, she was Black Widow, but you couldn’t help but naturally worry.

“Please be careful.” You muttered, as you returned to fighting the creatures that were attacking. “Just because you’re Black Widow, doesn’t mean you’re untouchable.”

“We’ll see won’t we.” You could hear she was teasing slightly, but it didn’t make you feel any better about the situation.

“Jeez, (Y/N), what are you, her mother?” Tony’s voice rang through your earpiece. “Over protective much.” He joked, causing you to roll your eyes.

“Shut it Stark.” You snapped, kicking one of the Chitauri in the gut as it flew backwards.

• • •

“Stark, what’s Romanoff’s location?” You asked, looking round for any sign of the redhead.

“She’s at the Tower.” He replied quickly before you saw him zoom over the top of you. “But we have more important matters in our hands right now!” You looked confused.

“Like what?” You raised an eyebrow, curious to how the situation could get any worse.

“There’s a missile heading towards the city.” Your eyes widened.

“What are we gonna do?!” You asked, panic evident in your tone.

“Nothing. I’m gonna deal with it.”

• • •

“(Y/N)…” You finally heard her voice again, sighing in relief.

“Nat… Thank god you’re okay.” You breathed out.

“I can close the portal.” She told you, but before you could reply Tony butted in.

“Wait! Don’t close it yet. We got a nuke heading this way.” You worked out his plan. He was gonna send it through the wormhole. You watched as you saw Tony fly up with the missile, directing it straight to the wormhole… But he disappeared with it… Into the wormhole. There was several moments silence, everyone hoping to see him come back through… But nothing.

“Close it.” Steve’s voice came through as you sighed, looking down.

“What’s that?” Nat spoke, breaking the silence. You looked up, seeing what looked like a limp body falling towards the city. You smiled slightly, glad Tony got back through.

• • •

After you reached the tower, you looked round for Natasha. She was your priority. You then spotted familiar red hair, as you instantly ran towards her. She turned round, smiling as she saw you run towards her. You wrapped your arms around her body as you sighed in relief.

“Thank god that’s over.” You spoke quietly, as she hummed in agreement. “I was worried about you. I know I shouldn’t have been, I mean you’re THE Black Widow… You’re strong and you can fight your own battles.” You paused, still holding her. “But, you’re also my girlfriend. And I can’t help but worry about you.” She pulled back, smiling.

“I know. I worry about you too.” She then kissed you, gently. Both of you relieved it was all over.

“Woah woah woah!” You heard a familiar voice interrupt you both. You both pulled away, looking over to see the whole Avengers team staring in shock. Natasha had a smirk plastered on her face whilst you looked a bit more embarrassed. “Have I fallen into another world or something?” Tony asked, raising an eyebrow. “Was I starved of oxygen too long?”

“So, er… You and (Y/N)?” Bruce spoke up, gesturing between you both. Natasha sharply nodded. You looked to see Clint smirking at Natasha, as Steve and Thor wore small smiles on their faces, happy for you both.

“Kept that quiet.” Clint spoke up, still smirking. Natasha laughed as you nervously joined in.

“Shouldda seen that coming.” Tony spoke. “I mean, explains all the over protective mother hen act.” You blushed as Natasha turned to you. “And (Y/N) wouldn’t shut up about how amazing you were a couple of days ago… Wow, explains a lot.”

“Shut it Stark.”


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