Fem!North from Rise of the Guardians

Not completely done up like I will be Saturday at DragonCon, and I forgot to turn the lapels down, but here you go. If you see me and my fem!Pitch, don’t forget to tag us on the internet as #guardian queens.

Christ, I’m gonna die of heatstroke.

Nyotalia name meanings
  • Felicia (N. Italy): Lucky, fortunate, happy
  • Chiara (S. Italy): Bright, famous
  • Monika (Germany): Advisor
  • Sakura (Japan): Cherry blossom
  • Maria (Prussia): Star of the sea
  • Amelia (America): Industrious, striving
  • Madeline (Canada): woman from Magdala
  • Alice (England): Noble, exalted
  • Marianne (France): Star of the sea, grace
  • Anya (Russia): Resurrection, God has favoured me
  • Chun-Yan (China): Spring swallow

I want to bury my head in the sand
I want the seas to wash me away
I wish someone was holding my hand
But I’m too scared to ask you to stay

[Rock Bottom- Marco Mengoni]

North x Fem!Reader : Stupid

Written by: Nessie

Summary/Prompt: You and York are the perfect team, but North is a little resentful.

A/N: York is my bae, so he features kind of heavily. There has to be a reason for jealousy, right? Takes place during Project Freelancer, before Tex’s arrival.

Rating: PG

WC: 1,246

T: A short fight scene at the beginning

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AU SERIES: Fem!Bagginshield meets North and South

“I have never loved any woman before: my life has been too busy, my thoughts too much absorbed with other things. Now I love, and will love. ”

When Bungo’s excommunication from the southern idyll of Hobbiton forces the Baggins family to the cold, mountain city of Erebor, Bilbo is quite certain that she will never learn to love the place. Dedicated to industrious development, polluted and rife with social discord, she cannot understand the harsh people, and the hard ways. And she certainly cannot understand Ms Oakenshield, haughty owner of Erebor Ore Mills, and quite possibly the most unpleasant woman that Bilbo has ever met…

inspired by @rutobuka2 ‘s fabulous art