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Change it up ((from Tate because I am a little muffin who doesn't know how to write a starter ._.))

Random number generator says: 19. A couple that broke up a while ago and are meeting again for the first time since!

Kylo Ren’s footsteps came to a halt as the face of her ex lover greeted her in the hall.
This was… Unexpected. And confusing. She was glad for the mask as she was sure her face was one of incredulity.
Many emotions swam through her heart and she couldn’s quite hold one down.

“Hello…” her modulated voice cracked with her own as she issued her greeting.



I have no excuse except that i wanted to draw male!Lenalee wearing shorts and blushing fem!Allen

More babblerings + my take on rule63!Allena under the read more

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This weekend I’ll be headed to Katsucon! And I’m so excited to meet people and see a lot of cool cosplays! Please stop by, say hi, and please please PLEASE take some candy! Here’s a list of the approximate stuff I’ll be selling. I have a few old wares as well I didn’t bother putting them in this haha;; A couple of notes, I only have 1 comic left, and no more Noiz or Clear charms (with no plan to reorder.)

I’m table D2! I’ll see you there!!

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"Here." Kylo Ren tossed a pack of cigarettes at the General. She had agreed to replace the pack he had emptied, though he was the one to drop his stick in the first place.

The pack hit Hux in the face and fell in his hands. “Warning, Ren! Warning! I can’t sense things like you do.” He grumbled. His face lit up when he saw the pack. “Where did you get these? We don’t make base contact until next month.” He took one out and promptly began looking for his lighter.