ass-blasters-inc asked:

TALK TO ME MORE ABOUT FEM!IAN AND MICKEY PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST like holy fucking shit the only thing that could improve how i feel about these idiots is to make them lesbians ok


  • ian with long frizzy messy curly waist-length red hair that mickey loooves to run her fingers through. ian doesn’t spend v long on her hair in the mornings but it kind of pisses her off when mickey makes it even messier than it was & makes her fix it, but mickey kind of likes washing and drying and doing her gf’s hair (as she doesn’t spend a lot of time on her own)
  • they still share clothes but like, more? back when they were first starting up and it was just about sex, mickey was less annoyed having ian share her clothes and her bed, because people didn’t really view that as abnormal as it is with guys. so if ian fell asleep after sex sometimes, it wasn’t a big deal. and if she happened to grab mickey’s t-shirt instead of her own on the way out the door….mickey maybe liked having it returned to her smelling like ian :)
  • IAN. LOVES. gross grand love songs. she literally “pretends” to serenade mickey with sappy tswift songs n shit and mickey always punches her p hard on the arm for it, but she kind of secretly loves it, watching ian jump around her room singing into a water bottle or smthng and knowing it’s just for her ♥
  • doing each other’s makeup when they have to go out somewhere SUPEr fancy? it doesn’t happen a lot but tbh ian will do mickey’s lipstick or lipgloss and cannot look away from her lips all night, and mickey’ll do her eyeliner for her bc ian’s shit with liquid eyeliner, and she loves getting so close to ian’s face and watching her eyes watch her back so intently. ian also likes doing mickey’s nails, which is weird bc neither of them do their own nails. anyway, it’s all so weirdly intimate and beautiful, they kind of love it.
  • going shopping together and they always go into the fitting room together and “try out” the outfits tbh. bikini shopping together and they end up just making out in the dressing room for like twenty minutes until an attendant comes by to ask how it’s going in there
  • boys always hit on ian and mickey’s always so jealous. also ian’s always like “you’re not rly my type” and the fuckboys get SO offended until mickey comes by looking like she’s ready to bust some fuckin skulls, and ian grabs her hand and kisses her cheek and tells her that she’s pretty sure she’s too obsessed w/ mickey’s ass to turn to dick tbh
  • girls in love tbh i’m so

kapheus asked:

fem!mickey is the most gorgeous but fucking grumpy girl smh she gets in so many fights?? and has a resting bitch face?? she looks s o good with black cat-eye makeup??


  • mickey with a near-constant black eye, and mandy always tries to offer her coverup or foundation but mickey just sneers and says something like, “i’m fucking beautiful, bitch” but really she just thinks she looks badass with the scrapes and cuts and evidence of her fights
  • her mouth is ALWAYS set in a snarl and everyone’s a little afraid of going near her, she’s tiny but she more than makes up for it in ferocity and p much everyone knows not to mess with her (she also usually has a pocket knife or brass knuckles on her)
  • she still wears lots of cargo pants and baggy jeans because they’re comfortable and easier to run away in, which is a shame bc her ass is to die for :/
  • (mickey getting catcalled and she runs after the dudes and slashes all their tires)
  • sometimes she dresses up with cat eyeliner (mandy has to do it bc mickey sucks at makeup) that makes her blue eyes pop even more while also making them seem narrower, accentuating her snarl. her dressing up usually involves flowy high-waisted skirts and a crop top or smthng (she has like b-cups but they look p good in crop tops anyway) but very rarely she’ll wear tight black or red dresses that she fidgets in & complains about all night, and she always wears them with comfortable shoes even though they look ridiculous.
  • boys always think they can eat her up but tbh she would eat them a-fucking-live if she put more than the cursory amount of energy into fucking them to hide the fact that she has a big, gross, lip-biting, heart-pounding, silly-smiled crush on the cute girl from wallace street 8)
  • (she doesn’t write ian’s name in any notebooks but she has a playlist called IG on her phone filled with songs that remind her of her)
  • :)

Amelia and the twins are doing well–She’s becoming increasingly tired as of late, however, so it could be difficult to convince her to get out of the house in order to complete the project.

Felicia: Nessun problema! No problem! I can finished in no time flat! If you can get her out for a day or two, then all will be good.

I don’t doubt you for a second, Felicia, but she may be a bit curious as to why you’ve come to visit if she happens to catch you.

Felicia: Just tell her we are working on a design for the new book! Si–perfetto! Monika can attest to that. Now time to eat! We are going to Piccolo Italia, si?

Wherever you would like, Felicia. I am in your debt.

Felicia: Grazie, Artu!