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fem!larry eu te venero!! fiz um thread no fc de fem!larry e resolvi fazer uns iconzinhos com algumas das manips, espero que gostem :)

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Because fem!larry is a blessing.

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anonymous asked:

Hi love, I was wondering if you had any girl direction smutty fics to recommend? Thank you!


  1. Shades of Pink (Crazy in Love) 
  2. Who Runs The World? (Girls!)
  3. And We Live Like Legends Now 
  4. Lumiere, Darling 
  5. Breaking The Rules
  6. I Love Your Demons
  7. Back and Forth
  8. The Beautiful Game 
  9. Lips Won’t Let Me Go
  10. Riding Comfortable
  11. Lonely In A Crowded Space
  12. Baby Girl, Let Me Work My Magic
  13. A Bright Future Behind You
  14. Hot As A Fever
  15. And This Is How It Starts
  16. Line ‘Em Black, Have A Blast
  17. Baby, I’m A Put On A Show Kind Of Girl
  18. Unexpected
  19. Said I’ll Always Be A Friend
  20. How Proud I Am To Be Yours
  21. Rush Crush
  22. That Good Girl Faith
  23. Tabletop Games
  24. Right Now I Can Be Your Vice
  25. All The Pretty Things That We Could Be
  26. Your Eyes Look Like Coming Home
  27. We Are Surrounded By All These Lies
  28. Oh Baby I Want You To Die For, For You To Die For My Love
  29. Is It Too Much To Ask
  30. You’re The One That I Want At The End Of The Day
  31. The Wheel Breaks The Butterfly

Disney AU where Louis, the reckless princess and Harry, the local farmers daughter, meet and all in love.

For the anon who asked for “Disney princes/princesses inspired larry”!! :)

anonymous asked:

Lis! Do you have any favorite femme larry fics?? i really like them but the mayority are just about sex and i would like something with some plot, you know? :) if you have some, could you leave a link??? thank you lovee ❤❤

Hello, love! So here is a link to my favorite fem fics. Here are some that have a solid plot and not just smut:

I Love Your Demons : Harry didn’t plan to join the football team. She didn’t plan to sleep with the captain of the football team. She definitely didn’t plan to sleep with the closeted captain of the football team, who promptly acted as if nothing happened and left Harry a pathetic, pining mess.

You’re The One That I Want At The End Of The Day : Everyone is born with part of a tattoo on their body. It grows every year until the person is 16 and it becomes complete. When they meet their soulmate, the tattoo becomes colorful. Louis’ tattoo happens to be colored in when she meets Harry in the toilet at their X Factor auditions.

That Good Girl FaithHarry and Louis are camp counselors. They hate each other. The amount of sex they have in the camp showers probably contradicts that.

And We Live Like Legends Now Harry works at a juice bar and Louis is the cute girl that skates at the park right next door

Back and Forth : They all work at a magazine. Liam is the big boss, Zayn is her girlfriend and raises her eyebrows a lot. Louis is 24 and a sports journalist, and not equipped to deal with Harry, who’s a gorgeous 21 year old intern, that will be leaving at the end of the summer - so it’s not like she should get involved anyway, right?

The Beautiful Game : The one with football vlogging, food blogging, salsa dancing, late-night cooking, Brazil sightseeing, way too many bathroom encounters, the recommended amount of unnecessary pining, a bunch of staggering examples of bad stadium etiquette, a Balotelli shirt and a whole lot of snogging. girl!Direction

We Are Surrounded By All These Lies : Harry is a nineteen-year-old philosophy major and Louis is a famous actress in her late twenties