here’s my lineup for a-kon 26 in dallas!!

friday: wirt from over the garden wall with albinopearl as my greg
saturday: fem kon-el (kon kal-el) from nauck and stucker’s 90s superboy run
sunday: lars from steven universe with confusedblob as my sadie (we’ll have donuts!!)

i’ll be all over the place for different shoots and panels and meetups, but if you spot me, feel free to come say hi!! i promise, i’ll be more than excited to meet you B’)

anonymous asked:

Mama Super has to calm down both Mama Bats and Mas!Cass when fem!Timmy goes on dates. Mas!Cass would be like, "They're going to taint my Timmy, she's too good for them. I should go pick her up." And Mama Bats would be like "SHES JUST A BABY"

I swear, this family isn’t going to die from villains but from stress! That right there is fucking canon in any damn universe!

I can see Fem!Bruce buying a gun just to place on her wall or to clean while waiting from Fem!Tim. And then Mas!Cass is slowly circling her til they leave and then the house goes on a rampage.

“Baby, please, calm down! Timmy’s okay. She’s with a good girl.”

“How do you KNOW!?



anonymous asked:

Mas!Cass at Wayne gala events, protecting Timmy, like anybody that looks below her chin is ok his shit list. He also gets worried when Timmy goes on any dates.

This would be Mas!Cass and no one can tell me otherwise. 

Like, Mas!Cass would have a pistol around his waist and flash it off to anyone who gets close to Fem!Tim that he doesn’t like and would tell them the stories of his he’s killed many things with it and the lean in close and whisper.

“Now, if you hurt Timmy, I wouldn’t mind putting you on that list.”

Most boys and girl would freak the hell out and leave but not Fem!Kon!

rasayawong  asked:

I can see manCass death glaring at anyone who looked at his siblings (boy or girl) AND mother/father Bat wrong. (And why is it masCass? Owo What is the mas? Curious!)

I can see him having like a hate list of all the people he has to watch for.

“That boy looked at Jenny bad.”

“He better keep his hands off Regina or else I’m gonna cut them off.”

What.The.Fuck did they just say about my mama?!”

Like, he just gloom’s in a corner of the manor during a party, taking in all the bad vibes and letting off the good ones when good people are around. Like, after a while, I think he would stop sending Fem!Kon the bad vibes and replace them with good ones.


When I’m talking about the Fem!verse, I’m using the word feminine and not female.

When I’m talking about the girls turned into boys, I use Mas! for masculine and not man. 

I don’t know why I did that it just kind of stuck with me to use those words instead of female/male.