horrortale au, frisk comes back to meet their old friend pt2

genocide continues…
I guess this is before this happens though…

“Sorry Earl, but I’m not longer the 14th you used to know…”


Ok ok ok, enjoy my D.Gray-man phase while you can because I have no idea how longer I’ll be into this AU.

I said before that I have a shiton of headcannons so let me explain, we just can’t lose Allen because he’s the main character, right? It would be stupid for him to totally disappear so I foresee two possible options in the future, either 1) Allen’s self is totally engulfed by Nea’s memory and it is up to his friend to somehow come over and rescue him from oblivion, or 2) the only choice left for him is to assimilate Nea and his memory, thus finally becoming a complete Noah and the 14th himself.

Well, in this picture I illustrated my vision of the second option. I haven’t read the most recent chapters yet, however this scene happens in my AU (yes, this is my fem!Allen that I have been playing with if you’re asking why he looks a bit more girlish than usual).

You’re free to adopt the headcannon if you like, I’m doing this AU just for fun.

Started just with me doodling around again:

Yo! look at it in my dA page!


So i realized today that I have pretty much the same vest as Shiro. I didnt have a wig that would work for him though, so I costested fem Shiro because why not. Will I ever actually cosplay this? Who knows.

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fem!nine x rose "we both want to do something fun and domestic for once but we can't decide which board game to play" no AUs no sex or sexual things oneshot i dare you

also stealing this as a fill for day one of DW Femslash Week: Canon divergence. (it kinda works, shhhh)

“I’m thinking a night in,” the Doctor said, crossing leather coated arms over her chest as she leaned against the kitchen counter.

Rose paused, mug halfway to her lips. “You feeling alright?”

She rolled her eyes. “Am I not allowed to want to relax every now and then?”

“Sure you are,” she soothed. “You just don’t usually.”

“It’s been known to happen!”

Rose snorted. “Not since I’ve been here. What were you thinking of doing?”

The Doctor watched as Rose took a careful sip of her tea, big brown eyes watching her curiously over the rim.

“Know I have some board games around here somewhere. Could play one of them,” she shrugged, “if you want.”

“Don’t know, sounds a bit domestic for you,” Rose said, tongue sneaking out to adorn the corner of her smile.


“Yeah, alright, sounds good,” Rose relented. She grinned and pointed a finger at the Doctor. “But no cheating just because I don’t know the rules to all your alien games.”

The Doctor rolled her eyes again but Rose caught the smirk making the corner of her mouth twitch up before she turned to head out the door, bobbed hair swinging around her neck as she did.

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Your fan again, how about Kon giving Tim the tender love and care he deserves and/or vise versa (also remainder that your writing is 👌🙏👍 [im not good with words])

You’re fine at words and thank you so much for your kind wor-emojis, also sorry I took so long, I’ve been busy lately but I love getting prompts! :D so thanks for making me happy!

Tim was happy it was Friday, he was fantasying about sleeping all day. Technically it was already Saturday, it was just before 2 in the morning. Bruce was extra quiet as they swung over the street of Gotham but that wasn’t that strange. “Ok this my turn off Batman, see you tomorrow night” Tim readied to shoot a line and swing down Broadway toward 9th and where he’d hide the Red Bird. “Robin, wait, you’re… expected at save house number 6″ Tim looked at Bruce confused but he didn’t question it, shifting direction swing down the streets toward the apartment block that had safe house number 6. 

Normally he was good at predicting what Bruce was plotting, but even as he climbed the fire escape Tim felt clueless. He lifted the window without a sound, the apartment’s living room was dark, but a light from the kitchen filled it with a soft glow. As he stepped into the living room an off key singing started up from the kitchen “if I could turn you on!” and a smile crossed his lips. Tim slide into the kitchen and leaned on the door frame watching his boyfriend dance badly, singing into a wooden spoon. 

“Kon, babe you know I love you dearly but please stop murdering that song” Kon whipped around and nearly dropped his spoon while letting out a very unmanly squeak. “Jesus dude! you scared the crap out of me, don’t pull that creepy Bat shit on me!” Tim crossed the room and kissed, long slow and sweet, it was the best apology he could think of. When they broke apart Tim smiled and said “don’t call me dude, we make out, it’s weird. Also what are you doing here?” 

“Well I told Batman I wanted to do something nice for you and he told me about this place”

“wait you talked to Batman? on your own? by choice?” 

“I mean, no, I wanted to do something nice for you, and I wasn’t gonna take you away from your job with out asking him”

Tim smiled and pulled off his mask “okay so whats the occasion?” 

Kon smiled back “no occasion just a kinda reminder you’re special and your boyfriend knows how to cook”

“one thing, babe, you can cook one thing”

“true, but I make it well, ok spaghetti and monster meatballs coming up!” Kon turned opening the tiny oven up and levitated two plates heaped with spaghetti with a fist sized meatball on top of each. “Show off, how long you been working on that”

“only like a week, now shut up it’s not as easy as I’m making it look” Kon managed to get the plates to the small kitchen table without dropping them and Tim clapped before taking a seat. Kon was right he did cook this one thing well, and Tim enjoyed it, but it was nearly 3 and his eyes were drifting shut. Leaning over the table he kisses Kon again “ok babe, I really got to go, need to be in bed when my dad wakes up” Kon grinned a stupid smile “Your dad thinks you left on school trip for the weekend”


“yeah, wonder why Batman’s been keeping you busy all week? it’s so you wouldn’t talk to your dad, we set up a fake school trip he signed off on, he’s not expecting you till Sunday night” 

“so what I get the weekend with you?”

“yep, now come on, we’re gonna get you out of the sweaty uniform and to bed”