Good to know he’s doing a double whammy with his medical degree and comedy chops. This is gold

Touch // Spencer Reid

A/N: Just a short little piece written at 4 am. I’ve been thinking about physical affection a lot lately. I apologize for any typos or for how shitty this turns out to actually be once I wake up tomorrow and actually fully process what I’ve written.

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Other Me (Bucky X Fem!Reader) *Platonic

Characters: Bucky X Fem!Reader

Universe:Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Needles, stabbing, blood, death

Request: Can you write one where the reader joined the avengers before Bucky. He sees her as sweet, shy and innocent but during missions she’s a complete psycho? After missions its like nothing happened. So he asks Steve about it and he says she’s like that cause before missions they take her off her meds that keep her in check. If she doesn’t have them she’s kinda over the top angry.

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“Hey Buck, ready?” Steve asked. Bucky nodded, grabbing his gun and getting on the plane.

Bucky had been in the avengers just over a month now. He settled in quickly with help from Steve. However he made a close friend: You. You had been an avengers a few months longer than Bucky. You were really sweet with him, complimenting his metal arm, and challenging him to pick you up with it and arm wrestles. He liked how quiet your voice was and how you didn’t really speak up that much, and how it seemed to get quieter in larger groups.

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You’d be my sun; you’d be my light
If I was a simple man… (x)

Pastel Kaneki in heels 👌