Angel and the fallen(Closed rp)


Alfred was fixing his bike outside in the drive way. He whippe the sweat off his forehead from the heat. He stuck his tongue thinking on how his going to continue fixing his bike. He was wearing a tank top, a flannel around his waste, jeans and a red cloth in the back pocket with it sticking out a little. You could see his top back tattoo peaking out from under his shirt and you can see it sayd we and ople. on his left arm it has a roman numberal L on it,


 I adore how Bioware created their characters. I love all squadmates in Mass Effect . I want hug everyone as tight as I can and as long as they might allow me(and a bit longer). They’re like another family for me, helping, supporting and fighting with me. Every time I run the game and choose another mission I dream about how I hug them and tell them what they mean to me. I just love them, that’s it.

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Master post of all my pictures from my shoot as Pickles/Chickles!

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