Dazed and Distracted ♡ Jonah Marais Imagine

Title: Dazed and Distracted

Pairing: Jonah x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 388

Summary: Jonah’s live on Younow but he’s more focused on you.

Warning(s): None that I can think of. Message me if you see something I don’t!

A/N: I’m doing good, thank you! And thank you so so much for the request! If anyone would like to request an imagine, you can do so here: x

(Also did anybody catch the Disney reference in the title??)

You were curled up on the couch, reading a book, while Jonah sat a few feet away. He was live on Younow, talking to fans about what he and the band had been up to recently. You were completely focused on your book, so you didn’t realize that Jonah was talking to you.

“Babe…Babe…Baaaaabe,” Jonah said. “Babe!”

Your head shot up, and you looked at him. “Hmm?”

“Whatcha readin’?” he asked. “The fans want to know.”

Meddling Kids. It’s by, uhhh,” you looked at the cover of the book, “Edgar Cantero. It’s, like, Scooby Doo but more mature.”

“Would you recommend it to someone?” Jonah asked.

You laughed. “I mean, I guess. I’m only a few chapters in, so I don’t know how great it is.”

He looked back to the camera. “You heard it here, folks! Y/N is recommending Meddling Kids, and if you end up hating it, blame her!”

You shut your book. “Excuse you!”

He grinned at you. “Love you, babe.”

“Mhmm,” you hummed, reopening your book and continuing your reading.

As you tried to focus on your book, you couldn’t help but feel like someone was staring at you. Lo and behold, when you looked up, Jonah was staring at you with the biggest grin on his face.

“What?” you asked.

“You’re just so perfect,” he said. “Come here, say hi to the fans.”

You set your book down and sat next to Jonah, resting your head on his shoulder. “I’m only here because Jonah’s dazed and distracted if I’m not beside him.”

He glared at you. “Shut up! You can just go back to reading your stupid book if you’re gonna be mean.”

You giggled. “Oh, you know I’m kidding.”

“Mhm, sure,” he said, leaning in for a kiss. “Whatever you say, babe.”

You pulled away from the kiss. “Or I should just leave, because you’re distracted when I’m beside you.”

You started to get up, but Jonah wrapped his arms around you, forcing you to sit beside him. “No, you can’t leave! You have to stay right here.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, you do,” he said, “because you love me and you can’t love me when you’re walking away.”

“I…I don’t think that’s how it works, Jonah.”

“Shhh…Just let me be selfish please,” he said, kissing you again.

Voiceiyuu SNK Shenanigans

OKAY LET ME EXPLAIN. We (Voiceiyuu Members) were all on skype randomly derping around and suddenly Peter sends us an mp3 titled “ErenNO” and we listen and die and then we all piled on reactions and responses and eventually this happened xD;; SORRY TO THE MASSES <3


  1. Peter - Eren
  2. Michaela - Fem!Eren
  3. Jonah - Jean
  4. Helene - Mikasa
  5. Peter - Eren
  6. Michaela - Mikasa
  7. Helene - Annie
  8. Chris - REINER?


Divine Intervention ♡ Jonah Marais Imagine

Title: Divine Intervention

Pairing: Jonah x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 826

Summary: You play 7 minutes in Heaven with Jonah

Warning(s): Alcohol (none consumed by reader)

A/N: Thank you for the request! For the record, I’d just like to say I’ve never played 7 minutes in Heaven and I’m a bit fuzzy on the details of how it may work, so anything about the game has come straight off the VERY reliable source known as wikiHow! Anyways, if anyone would like to request an imagine, you can do so here: x

Also, this is the eleventh of EIGHTEEN imagines I shall be posting today! Why eighteen, you may ask? It’s because today is my eighteenth birthday, and I’m feeling extra af! I hope y’all enjoy!!

You didn’t even want to be at the damn party to begin with. Your friend, Claire, had insisted on dragging you halfway across town to some preppy kid’s house and said that you had to participate in fun at least once in your high school experience. Frankly, you didn’t give a damn about social outings and anything else that kids swore was the best thing ever.

It was no secret that you were the biggest nerd at school. You had the best grades, was a member of all the honors societies, president of over half the clubs. You took AP classes and had been on the All A Honor Roll probably since birth. You weren’t the type of kid to just go to a party on a Friday night with your fellow classmates. But when your boyfriend, the captain of the basketball team, had broken up with you for some girl at another school, your best friend had taken the initiative to bring you out of what she called the “post-breakup-slump”.

But you weren’t even that upset about the breakup anyways! If he hadn’t broken up with you when he did, you probably would have. There was no shed tears, only a mutual agreement that the two of you weren’t right for each other. You stayed on friendly terms—in fact, most of your classmates hadn’t even realized you’d broken up.

You fell victim to Claire’s persuasion and indulged in her dream of you finally going to a high school party. You stayed by yourself most of the night, hiding in the kitchen, watching as your classmates drank and danced and did things they’d regret when sober. You didn’t talk to many people while you hid in the kitchen, except for you’d lie through your teeth and tell Claire you were having fun on the rare occasions she would check in on you.

It was well into the night when Claire came stumbling into the kitchen, declaring you were going to be playing 7 Minutes in Heaven with the rest of the partygoers and you had absolutely no choice in the matter, nosiree!

You sat in a circle with some other people and watched as Claire dropped yours and her name into a hat. You watched quietly as couples entered the chosen closet and emerged a giggling mess seven minutes later. You rolled your eyes every time, not understanding what was so enjoyable about this game. Then—

“Y/N,” the person drawing from the hat declared, “and…Jonah.”

Your face turned red and you looked across the room, seeing Jonah standing next to your ex-boyfriend. The boy gave your ex a wary look, before following you into the closet. He shut the door behind him and immediately said, “Look, we don’t have to do anything. I know you’re with Quentin and—”

“I’m not,” you interrupted, trying to find a comfortable place to stand in the closet without being chest to chest with Jonah. “We’ve been broken up for a few weeks now.”

“But you guys—”

“We’re just friends. He’s dating someone across the county now.” You crossed your arms over your chest. “What about you? You got someone special?”

You couldn’t see his face because it was so dark, but you were sure it was bright red. “Umm, sort of. There’s someone I like, but I didn’t think she’d be interested in me…”

“Why wouldn’t she like you?” you asked. “You’re honestly one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met.”

“Well, I sort of thought she was dating someone else…I only just found out she was single.”

Your lips quirked up into a smirk. “Are you talking about me?” 

“…That depends. Do you like me as much as I like you?”

You felt bold for once in your life and wrapped your arms around his neck. You moved your face close to his, your lips ghosting over his. “You tell me.”

His lips met yours and they danced to a beat only the two of you understood. The seven minutes passed before either of you realized, and the door was yanked open. You pulled apart, watching as some kids cheered because two of the dorkiest kids were getting it on. But what made you grin was seeing your ex go stomping out the room, realizing that he wasn’t as over you as you were over him.

The rest of the night, Jonah stayed by your side, laughing and telling you jokes. By the time you went home with Claire, you had his number and a promise to go on a date Sunday night. 

You drove to your house, Claire sitting in the passenger seat. “Soooo,” she said, “did you have fun??”

You smiled. “Yeah, all ‘cause of some divine intervention.”

She snorted. “You’re an idiot.”

“An idiot who got herself a date.”

“Because of me! I’m already calling dibs on being maid of honor at your wedding.”

You laughed. Best night ever.

(In case you didn’t get it, the Divine Intervention thing is a joke because it’s 7 minutes in Heaven and Heaven is Divine and it’s like joking that God set the two of them up because they wouldn’t have gotten together otherwise and now I’m going to leave I’m sorry)