fem!jake cosplay


Photographer: azahed-dehark (thank you!)

Fem!Jake: Psychocereals


Some photos of my Fem!Jake cosplay from this years Animuc, it was raining that day but surprisingly you cannot see a lot of it on the photos and i think they came out wonderfully!
Special thanks go out to Achim for painting the awesome skull logo on my shirt at 3am the night before (i love you so much thank you).

It was fun cosplaying FemJake yesterday! I haven’t cosplayed her in yearsssss.

Photography Credit: reignave

Seriously, arienreign’s photography is AMAZING. He makes me look so good. >w<


Some personal highlights from the con. My boyfriend had the glorious idea that i could cosplay fem!Jake since i wanted to do at least something semi new that weekend and there we are. Also he took the photos. I don’t even know why i like the last one so much.
Also Mortis gave me the fabulous red hat together with a blue one our tavrispirite had been wearing on sunday.

enjoy my face


Trololololooloo! Guys, I make an awful fem!Jake. Especially with my american ladder shades. Sorry, I’ve had those on almost all day. Sorry for being so awful! I even took pictures with my glasses on for you all and I hate wearing those things. <33333

Am I cool yet? Am I? /gross sobbing