“- I think this is too much, Hannibal…

- I think… you look beautiful.”

OKAY GUYS fem!will graham and fem!hannibal

I need fem!hannibal buying a lot of things to fem!will, specially new fresh suits and beautiful dresses for their dinner parties and fem!will (so smol with her long messy hair, puppy eyes and grumpy) being all awkward and “no hannibal this is too much” or “this is too expensive” and hannibal buying all anyway.


Name: fem!Hannibal\fem!Will - Sham 
Vidder: HoneyMonsterNoNo 
Genre: gen, fem-slash
Song: Archive - Sham

Imagine an ADA Halloween

Ranpo: Sherlock Holmes

Fukuzawa: Garfield the cat

Kunikida: Nothing (but Dazai brings him panda ears and black face paint so he’s not left out)

Naomi and Tanizaki: Sexy cop and prisoner 

Kenji: The Hulk

Yosano: Fem!Hannibal Lecter

Kyouka: Creepy af girl from Orphan

Atsushi: Tigger from Winnie the Pooh

Dazai: A mummy


Hannibal AU: fem!murder family 
Caroline Dhavernas as Willow Graham & Gillian Anderson as Dr. Hannah Lecter