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It's open *,* omg can I request a scenario where Shintarou and Atsushi introduce their girlfriend to their mothers? I guess will be fun if their mothers starts to say embarrassing things about them haha (sorry if there's some mistakes, english is not my first language)

Your english is great sweetie! Thanks for requesting, this was fun to write!

Midorima’s hand tightens around yours as he unlocks the door. You’re not sure if it’s to reassure you, or to reassure himself. Your heart thumps against your chest as the door opens, Midorima didn’t speak of his mother too much, so this situation felt somewhat ominous.

You can hear faint commotion from within the house. You’re not sure what’s going on, but Midorima has a pretty vivid image in his mind, involving his reckless sister. As you walk through the front door, you’re met by his mother. The shared features are obvious, her large green eyes crinkle as her lips curl into a beautifully aged smile.

Your boyfriend’s mother quickly ushers you two inside and shuts the door, there’s a spark of excitement in her eyes and in the way she walks. “___-san, come in! It’s so nice to finally meet you!” Her voice is pleasant and silvery, each word is spoken like a gentle caress. “Shintarou never told me that you were so cute!” Her fingers tense, resisting the urge to pinch your cheeks.

Your boyfriend then took the time to cough loudly, to remind his mother that he was still there. She looked over to him briefly, but her attention fell back to you again. “If I’l be honest, Shintarou never says that much, Whenever I asked about meeting you, the boy would just blush like a tomato and-“

“Oka-san!” He cuts her off before she can say anything else, eyes widening in embarrassment as his cheeks were stained with coral. He was dreading what his little sister had in store, as she was equally as interested in meeting you.

“Ka-saan, ___-chin’s here.” Murasakibara drawls from the hallway. Even when trying to shout from the other side of the house, there’s still that tiredness in his tone that won’t shift. He steps aside to let you in. His house is warm, cosy and the smell of what’s most likely cinnamon wafts through the air as you take your shoes off.

“___-chan, it’s nice to finally meet you!” His mother says as she hurries down the stairs, eyes widening as you stand up to greet her.

“Thank you for inviting me, Murasakibara-san.” You spoke, bowing. It’s only as she approaches that you realise how small she is in comparison to her children.

Atsushi’s mother smiles at you. “You’re so sweet, there’s no need for such formality! You just missed my husband, he went out to buy some drinks, he’ll be back home soon and then we’ll all eat dinner.” She explains, Atsushi is about to open his mouth to say something, but his mother doesn’t let him get a word in edgeways.

“Have a seat, can we get you some water while we wait?”

“D-don’t worry, I’m fine.” You feel almost overwhelmed by the small bundle of excitement beside you. Murasakibara spots the pile of photo albums on the coffee table, and his face drains in colour, anticipating the worst. His older siblings all had to put up with this, and know it was his turn.

“It feels like so long ago that I was giving Atsushi advice on how to ask out a girl! At least it worked out well for him!” She chirps. You look over to Murasakibara, catching his gaze for a second until he looked away with a meek pout, not denying or confirming what she said.

Once Upon A time

Pairing: Fem!Phan (Cinderella!Dan/Princess!Phil)

Summary: Dan spends a magical night falling in love with Phil, who neglects to mention she is actually Princess Fiona. You know how the story goes from there. 

Notes: A simple fem!Phan Cinderella AU, because I’ve been wanting to writing fem!Phan for a while now. I’m posting this late on February 13th because this is also my submission for phandom valentines.

(Let me know if you notice any mistakes- it was hard to remember to use female pronouns the whole time so I might have slipped up.)

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Yay! I caught your ask box when its open! I love your writing :) Could I please see Nijimura, Kagami, Aomine, and Haizaki struggling with not touching their s/o for a week because she is punishing them after they did something that made her mad. Thanks! ❤

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

Aomine has made it a habit to kiss you in the morning as he walks you to school. It’s only when his attempt is thwarted that he realises how serious you are, and rather than meeting your soft lips, he’s met with a sharp glare before you continue walking alongside him.

He gets progressively crankier as the week passes. He always found it so relieving and calming to hold you in his arms, or to just lay his head on your lap as he slept, and being without that left him with a nagging sense of absence.

His teammates end up begging you to not extend your punishment, as he’s becoming so unbearable to work with.

Nijimura apologises to you quite soon after your argument, but by then the damage was done. Your annoyance was understandable, after a long day, he ended up projecting his crankiness onto you. It was embarrassing to just remember.

But understanding how you felt didn’t necessarily make it easier when you refused to touch him. It was strange to walk you home without the comfort of feeling your fingers lace with his. He doesn’t realise it, but the scowl painted across his face is obvious. He isn’t looking forward to enduring this for the rest of the week.

Kagami tries, but he doesn’t last the week. You were sat in his living room, borrowing his clothes as yours were soaked from torrential rain. Your eyes were trained on the window, so you weren’t expecting Kagami to quietly approach you and wrap his arms around your shoulders.

“Kagami, what are you doing? Let go!” You scolded, thrashing from his grip. His arms only tighten around you, pulling you into his chest.

“___, I’m sorry.” His voice is low, and his cheeks feel hot as he continued. “I’ll make it up to you however you want, so can we stay like this for a little while?”

Haizaki lets out a low growl as his hand is slapped away from your waist for the umpteenth time that evening. It was only the second day of this hell, and he was already nearing his tether.

“Shougo, I’m serious about this.” You frowned, shooting him a glare that only heightened his annoyance. Your arms folded across your chest as you huffed. You had the cutest scowl on your face, an expression which he couldn’t even do anything about now.

He sighed. You were definitely going to make up for lost time after this week was done.

Oboro: “There you go. You may be from the outrealms, but that’s no excuse not to look your best when meeting with Takumi-sama.”

Robin: Such beautiful garments; I’ve never seen any robes resembling these back in Ylisse.“

Happy Valentines Day! Here is my art piece made for the Fire Emblem Valentines Exchange. It’s a 3D sculpture featuring Oboro using her kimono-crafting skills to outfit Robin in a traditional iromuji, the appropriate garb for meeting with the Hoshido royal family. I hope you like it! @butler-joker @fe-gift-exchange

(Btw, I hope I tagged this correctly for everyone… O.o )