So since i’ve reached my next hundred, I’ll be opening my ask requests again for a few days, but I wanna do them a bit differently this time.

 I’ve slowly gotten into my fem!Ninja again, so you can send Asks/Requests about the fem! ninja. (So: Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Either Lloyd) (And maybe Nelson. I havent designed Nelson yet though)(Also Maybe Morro. Morro wouldve been part of them had circumstances been different) -

anonymous asked:

fancast actresses to be fem!nine and fem!ten?

i am the literal worst at finding fancasts, darling nonny. like… fem!doctor is my JAM but i don’t have solid fancasts. (i have p. solid images in my head of what my fem!doctors look like but no fancasts)

(well… i’m not counting the fact that @megabadbunny‘s fem!ten art is kinda always in the back of my mind when i’m writing fem!ten)

BUT @mariechambers and @angstybananabread might be able to point you towards some fancasts!!! I’m pretty sure Rose Byrne has been put forth for fem!ten :)


And on days like these, people like Itachi were kept busy writing reports, always eager to keep up to a set deadline. He could certainly think of any more fun activities, yet these papers are necessary for the Hokage’s script. Itachi shall deliver on time.

It was then when he took one little break, the water for a lovely cup of tea boiling already, that Nagato joined Itachi in the kitchen; he sensed she was tense somehow, the way she spoke to him, the way she looks at him.

She gained a little weight; finally. His attempts and her good-will to become healthier, stronger especially, finally paid out. It has been worth it, the training, the many times Itachi tried to cook. The days he brought her sweets.

„Mhm?“ And before he could ask, before Itachi was able thinking about something to say, Nagato spoke. Never had he thought these words would come, not so soon however, and it overwhelms him.

The boiling water is left ignored, the leafs he held in his hands put aside in slowmotion. Time seemed to stand still. What mattered were these words hanging in the thin air between them, Nagato’s little smile, tears glistening in her eyes.

‘Itachi, I am pregnant.’ It is soon that Itachi comes back to reality, comes to act, to react; embraces her slender frame, one hand curls ‘round Nagato’s waist and the other rests within her carmine hair.

„Oh, good God…“ More would not come, words did not seem so important unlike gestures. They’d do. Itachi holds her for a long time, kisses Nagato’s forehead and tears now dwell in his eyes, too. Yasuo would become a big brother!

She currently found herself in as much wonder and shock as Itachi. it was what they both wanted, even more so the more time passed, yet from the very beginning of their marriage it felt as if it was going to be denied of them, mainly so because of her.

She suspected it for some weeks now, yet only now had the full confirmation after a proper visit to a doctor. Joy, anticipation and fear were all mangled up inside her and her hands ended up shaking - those hands were no longer the bone-thin pale hands she used to have. There have been 5 years since in which she was committed to regaining her health for she loved her husband and it pained her seeing him so worried for her health at all times, as if she was porcelain about to break. And Nagato grew strong alongside him.

And even if she would be able to bear a child now she’s still afraid that maybe she couldn’t and… god. Dark thoughts clouded her mind and she did not want that. Today was a happy day.

Nagato told him simply and Itachi’s reaction was the tenderest of embraces and a reply that had the same tune as the emotions inside her: ecstasy and fear. It painted an picture in purple and gold.

Her head leaned in on him and her own arms wrapped around his figure. She couldn’t contain her smile still. A strong sense of comfort engulfed and calmed her now: as long as their family stayed united they’ll pull through for better or for worse.

“What do you think Yasuo would say? Should we tell him now?”