i just remembered eridan ampora wears a cape. he’s wearing a goddamn cape. he’s a SEADWELLER. have y’all ever tried to swim with a cape on? it’s like dragging a heavy ass blanket behind you. this asshole tires himself out swimming in his home for fashion. oh my god.

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SO MUCH YES to Natasha just being beautiful when she is slummin' it in sweats and hair buns, and being a damn GODDESS when she is all dressed up. Steve and Bucky would not be able to look away. Imagine her heading to a gala, tho. Where Pepper insists that she wear a dress this time and hooooly hell legs for days. It doesn't matter that she is short, their girl is the most gorgeous one in the room and they need to damn near beat people off her with sticks when they arrive.

Just imagine Natasha lying on the bed as Pepper holds up one of the many dresses that Natasha keeps tucked in the back of her closet. She’s constantly saying no to each one and whining about how she doesn’t want to wear a dress because she wants her suits!

Pepper tells her to quit being such a baby and wear a dress just this once so if she does, she can wear whatever she wants to next two galas she attends in the future. Natasha battles the deal out in her head before sliding off the bed with a huff and going, “Fine, I’ll wear the stupid dress.”

“Perfect.” Pepper says, smiling because she always wins.

The dress is form fitting and stops an inch or two above her knees, the color of it a lovely maroon. The neckline is quite wide and has long sleeves which Natasha wishes had thumb holes in them. Her hair is styled to perfection and a simple necklace rests around her neck. 

Even though she may not like dresses so much, she does feel gorgeous in them and is always feels nice when someone compliments on how she looks which happens more than you’d think. 

But I think it would be hilarious if Steve and Bucky kept rather close to her or stayed near enough to observe what’s going on around her. They are Protective Boyfriends and will always come to Natasha’s aide if a certain person is making her feel uncomfortable. It’s obvious to tell because Natasha’s eyes will still wander as she tries not to make contact with them, a false smile at her lips because she wants the person to go away but doesn’t want to lose a potential buyer or business partner. 

Steve and Bucky getting the message before making their way over to her and standing behind her. The sight is intimidating as it is and the person soon grows uncomfortable themselves before bidding Natasha quick goodbye, excusing themselves as they hide in the crowd. 

Natasha is so gorgeous but if someone touches her without her consent, they’re in big trouble. 


Oh My Stars (Thorin Oakenshield Imagine)

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x fem!reader (with all the Queen stuff)
Warning/s: Fluff, Thorin being cute and can I just have like 12 Thorins please??
Word Count: 1973 (went overboard with this)
Song inspiration: Oh My Stars by Andrew Belle. It’s !!such!! a beautiful song; I listened to it on replay while writing this hehe. Go listen to it!

A/N: I haven’t written any pieces of writing (as in creative writing) in a long while so I’m a bit rusty and stuff might not make sense and stuff but pls bear with me! And I will edit this later (add in italics and proof read properly) but enjoy! I hope!

It was all finally over: the war, the quest, the reclaiming of the Mountain. After a year of fearing for your lives, you finally felt like you could draw breath in peace.

Erebor had successfully been reclaimed, and Thorin had taken his place as King Under The Mountain on his rightful throne. By the time the last of the dwarves had arrived from the Blue Mountains, everyone had celebrated their home and new King for days on end.

To you, it was still an amazement that you and the company had actually made it. Ever since you agreed to join the quest in Bag End, the whole journey had gone by in a blur, save for the few moments forever imprinted in your mind. The glances over the fire, hushed words in the night and arguments during the day which held so much more than met the eye.

Thorin, the leader of the company and newly crowned King was a stubborn dwarf with trust issues, yet he had somehow made his way into your heart. Since that night in Bag End, he had found you unfit to be a part of the company. With unsatisfied grunts and discouraging words, he didn’t hesitate to show you his disapproval.

One night watch, however, changed the course of everything. He had woken you for the next watch, but didn’t return to his bedroll until you woke your replacement.

You sat on the wet log in silence with Thorin by the fire. It was your watch, yet the leader hadn’t retired for the night. The fire was crackling away, when you heard Thorin let out small yawn.

“It’s my watch, you know. You can go to sleep,” you told the gruff dwarf, whom you felt turn to look at you. You stole a quick glance at Thorin and your eyes met his. The deep blue that you had learned to know through sneaky glances was now enhanced by the dancing flames.

“You are not a bad swordsman,” he replied. It took you by surprise, as the crownless dwarf king had never complimented you. You felt your mouth shape into a small ‘o’, as you shifted your gaze towards the flames.
Thorin saw this as a sign for him to continue. “I feel I owe you my… gratitude for joining this quest.” He shuffled a bit in his spot, and you saw him from the corner of your eye folding his hands in front of him. “I know I protested your addition to this company in the start and now I feel foolish for it.”

For a moment there was silence between you two, save for the crackling of the burning fire. You felt a small smile form on your lips, as you thought about what just happened. The leader of your company, who never stooped low to anyone, had just apologised to you, of all people, for his actions. You couldn’t help but feel butterflies in your stomach, as the thought of warmed your heart.

“I forgive you,” you said, letting the smile take over your face while heat started to burn your cheeks. You heard Thorin let out a small breath and together you remained sitting there comfortably until the end of your watch.

The same Thorin was now standing in front of you and the rest of the company. He had gathered you in the main hall with the rest of Erebor watching the ceremony.

“Dear companions,” he started. The crown he wore shone as he moved to look at each of you in the eye. You felt his gaze linger on you for a while, before continuing. “I have gathered you here to honour the agreement that each of you have honoured and followed with a willing heart. Over a year ago, in our dear hobbit’s home, reclaiming Erebor seemed like a mere dream.”

You heard Bofur sniffle at this, and a pat on the back with Nori calling him a “big old softie.”

“Look around you now, dear friends, for you have ensured that dream became true.” Thorin was visibly smiling and had slightly raised his hands to enforce his words. You turned to look around you, seeing Erebor basking in the lights of burning torches. You noticed everyone was watching you, so you quickly turned around to fix your gaze on Thorin.

“Over a year ago, I made you a promise to give you your share that you more than deserve, so Balin, if you please,” Thorin said, while beckoning Balin, the first of the line to come and receive his share on the small platform.

Each dwarf that was summoned to the stage received a huge amount of riches, keys to their own personalised chambers and a deafening amount of applauds.

You were standing next to Bilbo, who was about to be called up next. He was sniffling a bit, trying to suppress them with his handkerchief. You nudged him a bit, which got him to look up at you. “Hey, we made it,” you told him while giving him a bright smile. You received a watery smile in return, and a squeaky reply of “Yes, yes we did.”

“Lastly, our dear hobbit, Bilbo,” Thorin said while leaving you confused. Lastly? Had he forgotten about you? “Surely not,” you thought. “He definitely saw me.”

With deafening cheers, the company was applauded at as a whole, and they stepped down from platform. People started to scatter as they saw the King come down as well, and you felt a sense of betrayal rise. What about you? Spotting the leader, you started to walk towards him. You demanded an answer, for you had not just risked your life for over a year all to not be rewarded. Thorin noticed you walk up to him and gave you a small smile.

“Thorin-” you started, only to be cut off by him.

“(Y/N), come with me. I shall present you your reward personally.” He took a soft hold of your hand and started to guide you up the closest staircase. You looked back towards the other dwarves and heard them cheer, some of them winking at you while Kili wolf-whistled.

You felt your cheeks heat up as you let yourself be guided by Thorin. Staircase after staircase, you climbed to the highest level of Erebor. The only thing you knew of residing here were the private chambers of the royal family.
Your eyes seemed to be as wide as saucers, for Thorin chuckled as he saw your expression. “Do not fret, that is not why I brought you here.” You felt your face burn from the comment, but proceeded to walk forward with Thorin. Suddenly he came to a sudden halt, and you nearly bumped into him. Turning to face you, he said, “Close your eyes.” You looked at him, confused. How private could the reward possibly be if you had to even close your eyes for it?

He sensed your uneasiness and brought his hands to your shoulders. He gazed into your eyes, studying your face before asking, “Do you trust me?” You thought back to the quest and how many times you had bestowed your trust on him. If he hadn’t let you get hurt on the quest, why would he hurt you now? You licked your lips out of habit, noticing Thorin glancing at your lips for a brief moment.

“Yes, but don’t let me bump into anything,” you warned him and sighed before closing your eyes. Thorin chuckled before starting to lead you forward. You could hear a torch burning nearby and people walking and talking down below. “Please let this be good,” you prayed silently.

Soon enough you stopped and heard Thorin shuffle beside you before granting you to open your eyes. You noticed you were standing on a balcony - probably the Royal balcony, you thought - that enabled you to see the entire kingdom. You gasped at the view, drinking in the view. The smithery resided on the left while the buzzing shop-filled streets were on the right. You could hear faint laughter and the clanging of metal. You could feel the warmth from the fires burning and most of all, you could see the beauty that makes up Erebor.

“Thorin, it’s…it’s breathtaking,” you said meekly, turning to your left to look at the King. You were surprised to find him already looking at you with a fond smile on his face.

”It is,” he admits. His Adam’s apple bops as he swallows hard before continuing, ”And you would be its breathtaking queen.” If you thought you were surprised before, well, you have absolutely seen it all now. Resembling a fish, you opened your mouth to say something, but closed it because you had no words. This continued for a while until Thorin started to twiddle with his fingers and leaned onto the railing of the balcony.

”During the quest, I had these feelings that I’ve never felt before and at first I thought I had an illness of some sort.. Then I figured out that by being around you I felt… Secure, comfortable and grounded. Then, well… I realised I love you and when it came to thinking about the rewards, I was utterly lost with what I would give you. I think you deserve all the gold in this mountain, so I’m offering it all to you.”

He turned his head to look at the smithery, seeing a skilled dwarf work on a sword in the distance. ”Everything you see is ours, if you’d want it to be,” he concluded, turning to look you in the eye with a hopeful smile playing at his lips.

You were still absolutely dumbfounded by the thought. Thorin loves you. Thorin wants you. Thorin wants you as his queen? Thorin wants you by his side? Your head was a jumbled mess, as you tried to sort out your thoughts and process what he had just said.

Taking a while, Thorin’s smile and confidence started to fade as anxiety started to make its way in. “If you don’t feel the same and don’t desire being Queen, you shall of course receive a similar reward as the rest of the company. I-I apologise…” he rambled, looking more hurt by the minute.

You frowned at his hurt expression and took his hand into yours, still trying to figure it out. “Thorin,” you said, “I love you, but are you sure you want me as Queen?” Your love for Thorin was deep, but the fear of him finding someone else more suitable to be Queen gnawed at you.

“Why wouldn’t I be sure?” he quipped. He gathered your hands in his, spreading warmth to your already warm fingers. “Believe me, I have thought about this for days on end and I have always come to the same conclusion. I want you, (Y/N) by my side, as my Queen and as my wife, if you shall have me.” He looked into your eyes, searching for something to put him at ease.

Maybe it was the intensity of his blue eyes that convinced you, or the loving touch he granted your hands, you will never know, but you knew he was your home, your One when you replied,

“Yes. Yes, I will be your wife and Queen, if you so shall have me. I love you, Thorin.”

You only realised the power of your words when you saw Thorin’s eyes light up like the midnight sky. You swore you could see the stars in his eyes when he asked you, “Truly?”

“Truly.” With that one word he pressed his lips against yours. You didn’t feel fireworks or any sort of sparks, but you knew by the tingle of your toes and feeling of comfort that he was your One and that home is anywhere he is.

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