i think one of the main reasons taako is indisputably my fave of the thb is because most iterations of him fuckin smash gender whatever into dust w a warhammer… like i have a shit ton of trouble dealing with my dysphoria and this elf who is indisputably a dude is consistantly drawn in a skirt! its really great and its comforting an i cant really articulate it right but i love him

I Still Love You (Tony X Reader)

Characters: Tony x Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Break in.


Request: Hey I love your imagines. Can I ask for an image of tony and the reader being childhood best friends and than losing contact during college due to them taking different paths to then find each other again under dangerous circumstances and having hurt feelings because they now feel whole after all this years. Since they never stopped loving each other.

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You and Tony had grew up closely. Your parent’s companies were business partners so you spent many days at each other’s manors. You grew up really close.

When you were about 8 is when you got a crush on your best friend. You were playing with him in the back yard of his parent’s estate. He was showing you a cool spot behind a bush. “Hey… Tony?” You asked him. He looked at you. “I like you.” You admitted.

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Fem!Jamilton College AU headcanons

This is really happening. Someone gave me this idea and this is really happening. I think it was @starfreckledlaurens who gave me the request.

-Tamsin Jefferson’s clique is Her, Erin Burr, Jane Madison with the occasions of Jana Adams

-Tamsin is very passive aggressive with anyone who dares insult her friends

-She is an honors student, she takes Law and Art, she also had occasional writing classes and debate classes

-She actually knows Who Alexandra Hamilton is but doesn’t really pay attention

-She really good friends with Angelo, Elijah and Marcelo (Male! Peggy. idk? you guys like it?)

-She is actually very helpful and is very smart even though she acts like she’s not

-She has an off and on relationship with Markos (Male! Martha Wayles)

-She is really good friend with Lafayette and supports the fact that they are non-binary and calls them their preferred pronouns and will defend them

-Her, Erin and Jane are referred to as the SSS (Southern Salt Squad)

-She is very flexible because she was a cheerleader in high school

-She first meets Alexandra when they bump into each other in the hall and Tamsin helps Alex up and Alexandra has had a crush on her ever since

-Alexandra saves up and begs her adoptive dad (Gwash) to give her money and earns money to buy Tamsin gifts and puts them anonymously in her locker

-Tamsin always wears a magenta dress and even own a Magenta varsity jacket with ‘TJ’ imprinted on it

-Tamsin loves to learn languages. She knows 6 languages. English, Spanish, French, Latin, Greek and she knows a bit of Archaic Latin

-Tamsin called Alexandra ‘Darlin’’ Once and Alexandra almost fainted

-Jane has a huge crush on Tamsin and knows Alexandra likes Tamsin and is very jealous

-Lafayette is dating Hercules and Tamsin calls them ‘The perfect relationship’ but also threatened Hercules that if he hurts Lafayette she would personally have his head on a silver platter.

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Madara getting a massage from his female s/o? LOVE YOUR PAGE

And I love you friend :D 

  • Madara would low-key really appreciate it if his s/o gave him a massage. You know he’s got tense muscles, especially in his shoulders. Also, his wrists would be another really great spot, the tendons in his wrists get really sore from holding his scythe and gunbai for long periods of time.
  • She would really have to start casually and slowly, and be perceptive as to when Madara would be in the mood for something like that. He wouldn’t be into it if he was working because it makes him too relaxed to focus well, but if it’s just the two of them that’s the best time for her to do it
  • Madara will be a little surprised at first honestly. This man takes good care of himself, but self-massage isn’t something he considers necessary. Especially so the first time she does this, he’ll be just like “Wait what are you trying to do?” it’s honestly adorable
  • If she comes to stand behind him when he’s sitting down to massage his shoulders, Madara would just sigh and almost lean back into her because it feels so nice to his achy, sore muscles
  • Madara would feel really relaxed and ready to take a cat nap, which is a little unusual for him because he doesn’t normally take naps. He’ll just curl up on the floor and pull her down with him, this is the best opportunity to get relaxed, sleepy porcupine bae cuddles honestly. Mads will bury his face in her hair or neck, depending on how the’re laying

“Me and the madman. Me and Sherlock Holmes.”

We love it SO MUCH ❤

As we promised a fluffy photo, inspired by @archiaart‘s beautiful, amazing fan art (here) ❤