After seeing Mashima’s Male Juvia sketch; I got the urge to Genderbend again…. I haven’t drawn my genderbent babies in a LOOONNNNGGGG time… I’ve missed drawing my Queenie Natsu…

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This has probably been mentioned somewhere before but; All three main characters in Disney's 'Up' are autistic. Ellie is very special interest and sensory focussed, and doesn't get social rules and stuff. Carl is routine oriented, change is horrible and life changing and just bad so he avoids it at all costs, and of course he loves his special interest too. And Russel doesn't get social rules or sarcasm but he loves learning and focusing on his wilderness explorer club and getting all the badges

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AkaMidoAo husband sfw & nsfw headcanons please :)

Separating the NSFW in a different post. Also I’m in need for love and I might have gone overboard with these.


  • He’s busy with work most of the time, and you might feel very lonely during certain nights. Akashi is a perceptive spouse, however, so rest assured: he’ll take one or two days off to make it up to you, and during that time he’s going to spoil you like crazy okay.
  • And by spoiling you like crazy, I mean he’ll take you out to dates; it can be as simple as a movie date or something far more extravagant like a dinner at a five-star restaurant, depending on your preferences. 
  • Imagine this: Akashi dressing you up and giving opinions on your outfits. He’s not exactly critical towards what you’re wearing, but he’s always sure to put it more effort in his feedback. Instead of just “you look beautiful”, he’ll add in stuff like “that color looks gorgeous on you”, or “I like your hair like that”. 
  • Basically Akashi complimenting you verbally. A lot. Beware: some blushing on your part might occur.
  • His favorite way of greeting you is hugging you from behind when he gets home from work as you’re preparing dinner around the kitchen. Strong arms will wrap around your waist and he’ll press a sweet kiss at the side of your neck, murmuring “I’m home” as he breathes in your scent.


  • Ah, darling Midorima. It takes a lot for him to trust someone to the extent of marriage, but it doesn’t meant that he’ll be completely not tsundere. He’ll still be tsun. It’s just that the level of tsun-ness is lower.
  • He’s so. gentle. okay. like he’s going to look at you with a really soft, loving gaze while you’re not looking back at him. This will probably happen when you’re doing something small, like while you’re serving him his seconds or when you’re cleaning up his lucky item of the day. 
  • But once you turn back to look at him he’ll act nonchalant. “No, I wasn’t staring, nanodayo.” You’ll learn that it’s a lie, and if you send a smirk his way, he’ll blush as if he’s been caught doing something indecent.
  • Never leaves the house without a kiss—you might be the pioneer of the idea, but he’s the one thoroughly enjoying it in secret. You’ll give him a peck on the lips when he leaves for work and he’ll act as if it’s nothing, it’s just routine… but in reality he feels warmth seeping in his blood every time you kiss him and wish him a good day at work.
  • Midorima isn’t one for cuddly sleeping, at first, because of his stiff sleeping position. With you, though, he’s willing to compromise. It might take him some time to adjust to this new sleeping position, but now you’re always welcome to rest your head on his chest. 
  • He’ll wait until you’re asleep to plant a soft kiss on the top of your head and the he’ll tell you he loves you.


  • Man oh man. If he’s already affectionate before the marriage… then he’s a PDA monster now. A younger Aomine might blush every time he reaches out to hold your hand, but now he’s perfectly confident with that. What you don’t know is his heart still beats faster every time he has your hand in his.
  • But no in all seriousness I headcanon that he’s a PDA monster now that you’re his spouse. Family dinner? He’ll smooch you right in front of everyone, he’ll put his arm around your waist, he’ll play with your fingers when he holds your hand. Also, he’ll unconsciously trace the silver band on your finger every time.
  • Sleeping with this guy though. Some days he’ll sprawl his four limps like a cat across the bed (an enormous cat, to be precise) leaving you little to no space to lie on. Other days he’s clingy as hell, trapping you in his arms as he buries his face in your chest. 
  • Aomine will lowkey show you off as his spouse to his colleagues, e.g. if you’ve got dem cooking skills he’ll sublty brag about how your cooking is excellent every time he eats the homemade bento for lunch.
  • Naughtiness aside, he actually really likes bathing with you, especially when you let him wash your hair and back. Aomine finds it relaxing, borderline therapeutic even, and the experience is augmented with the sounds of water and your quiet conversations.
And the Law Won

July, 1979 - Charing Cross Police Station

Sirius:  Listen. I’ll take the blame, say it was all my idea. They’ll let you go, it’ll be fine.

Sirius:  Hey, I don’t want to be here either. I should be at The Clash right now! I’m sacrificing myself for you, okay?

Sirius: They’re just muggle police!

Remi: Oh yeah? Tell me that when you’re sharing a cell with some bloke -

Sirius: *smirks*

Sirius: Lets focus on how we explain the fact we opened a double-locked door without leaving a single mark.

*A policeman enters the room*

Policeman: So, ladies. Care to explain what these are?

*He holds up their wands*

Policeman: Right. And… you used these wands to magic open the stage door, I suppose?

Policeman: …What did you call me?

Remi: *interrupts quickly*

Remi: We were just trying to get in to the concert.

Policeman: And you used these sticks to break a double padlock, is that right?

Remi: I used this. Standard hair pin, oldest trick in the book.

Policeman: I see. Well I’m going to have to confiscate any hair pins before we lock you up… can’t have you picking the locks again, can we?

Sirius:  Sending us to prison over some teenage shennanigains?

Remi: Oh God…

Policeman: Alright, both you kids simmer down. You’ve escaped being hardened criminals for now - someone’s bailing you out.

Policeman: I’d thank Mr F. Potter instead. You’re lucky this is your first offence… if I see you or your “magical sticks” in this station again, there won’t be a second chance.

Remi: Thank you sir, we promise it won’t happen again.


Part 1

Sirius played by the cheesecake, aka @lizziebennetinjapan


“Hard day at the office, dear? Hah? Well, c'mon then, will ya? Dinner’s gettin’ cold.“© 🍻

Fem Cassidy: @ascendead–master
Fem Jesse Custer: Hyde

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So Annabelle may or may not have something interesting planned for the cop when he gets home.

“Anna?? Anna I’m home…” Souji walked inside their apartment, wiping the hair from his eyes, a faint smile on his lips. It was a hard day, as usual, but coming home was more and more pleasant, knowing that Annabelle would be there… “You here??”