I’m planning out a Bridge to Terabithia AU fic but I couldn’t figure out who a few characters should be.

Here’s who I have so far:

Jesse - Raphael
Leslie - fem!Donnie Finnerman
May Belle - fem!Gabriel
Ellie - Michael
Brenda - Lucifer
Joyce Ann - Castiel
Jesse Sr. - Chuck Shurley
Mary - Becky Rosen
Janice Avery - fem!Dean Winchester
Miss Edmunds - Donna Hanscum
Mrs. Myers - Jody Mills
Willard Hughes - masc!Lisa Braedon
Madison - Ruby
Alexandra - Sam Winchester

And here’s who I need:

Scott Hoager -
Gary Fulcher -
Judy Burke -
Bill Burke -

Any suggestions?

Awkward bathroom selfie in which I do a quick makeup test for DCC and end up looking beat up but kinda attractive. Should probably make the black eye a little darker but it looks not too shabby for the first time I’ve ever done something like this with stuff I had laying around my room.