“It’s Samantha now, Dean.”

a lil bit of gender-switching charm for Christmas? On the hunt the witch wanted to have some fun with our boys.
And of course Sammy would be fabulously owning the place like- Well damn, Samantha. [x] [x]

Supernatural needs a genderbend episode

With Amber Heard as Dean

and Missy Peregrym as Sam

and Zooey Deschanel as Castiel

I want a canonical genderbend episode and nothing you say can change my mind


One of my new year’s resolutions is the old “draw something every day” thing, except my version is one layer only, 30 min max, with history turned off so I can’t erase. Even if I don’t always upload my daily sketches, I’m going to do my damndest to at least keep this resolution.

I decided to start off easy with some fem!Dean! Happy new year’s everyone.

The Fallen Angel. The Broken Soldier. The Cursed Hero.

Inspired by amazing art by Jasric. Sorry, we just can’t stop cosplaying your arts :D jasric.deviantart.com/art/Starlight-429522576

Fandom: Supernatural

Сharacter: Team Free Will

Cosplayer: Apromit, Margarita Richie, Tatiana Strange


Photographer: Apromit & Ksusha Armstrong

Retouch: Apromit

Makeup: Apromit, Margarita Richie, Tatiana Strange


“That trench coat looks really nice on you,” Deana said. “I bet it’d look even better on my bedroom floor.”
“Why would it be on your floor?” Cas said, squinting. “That seems unhygienic.”
“Well aren’t you two cute,” Dean said, taking another bite of his sandwich. “I’m real happy for you and not at all jealous.”
“Why should you be jealous?” Cassie asked, confused.
“No reason,” Dean shrugged. He smiled, an idea suddenly crossing his mind. It was petty, yes. But what was he supposed to do, sit around watching Deana flirt with Cas? “You know you have the most beautiful eyes?”
“My eyes appear average in comparison to most of humanity,” Cassie said, shrugging.
“Well you’re not most of humanity, are you?” Dean said, smiling slyly.
“Correct, I am an angel.”
Dean frowned. She was as clueless as her male counterpart and not making this easy.

Requested by anonymous

deanna winchester in a dive bar when she’s like 19ish and no one cares that she’s too young to be there

older guys spend the entire night hitting on her and buying her drinks

and finally one of them is brazen enough to try and whisper in her ear while she’s at the bar between bouts of pool sharking

she looks at the guy and smiles real sweetly, then laughs a bit and says i would break you

then she goes back to the pool table