The longer Chloe and I work on our cosplays, the more we draw comparisons to the Spongebob episode Frycook Games. It doesn’t help that I found cap panties and you bet your buttons I’ll wear them under my Bucky costume!

I’m not super good at drawing victory curls.

Captain America/Winter Soldier © Marvel

Artwork © Megan Fabbri

Me and my sister at ECCC2015 cosplaying as Steve (her) and Bucky (me). A reporter wanted to take a picture of us for an online news site (which is why the camera quality is so good lmao) and he also got some pictures of us fighting and reenacting stills from CATWS. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the rest of those pictures yet. But the con was awesome, and I’m definitely going back next year! ^)^

(Please don’t repost or use without my permission! Thanks. :))


Sorry for the long time absence! I’ve had no motivation for cosplay…


So I discovered Captain America, and since my good friend cosplays Bucky perfectly, I thought hey! So I made a Fem!Cap cosplay, based off the comics and movie, because i’m not dorito enough to be the man version. Steel boned corset, military belt, a shield that will soon be attached with earth magnets, and my own hair! Nice! 

All ready for the premier of Civil War! I even got my ticket!

Danish Tongue Twisters

@lovelybluepanda asked me about some danish tongue twisters.

In Denmark tongue twisters are very weird (like in any other place), if you do not know alot of danish, but I’ll present 6 to you anyways and translate them for you!

“Da de hvide kom til de vilde, ville de vilde vide hvad de hvide ville de vilde.”

Translation: When the white came to the wild, would the wild know what the white wanted the wild.

“Præstens ged i degnens eng.“

 Translation: The priest’s goat in the parish clerk’s meadow. (It’s funny because in danish it sounds like the priest took a s*** in the parish clerk’s meadow).

“A æ o i æ ø i æ å.”

Translation: I’m out on an island in a stream. (This is south danish, it’s not because it’s written like that, it’s how they sound like when they talk).

“Rødgrød med fløde.”

Translation: Red porridge with cream. (This is only funny to us danes, because foreigners can’t pronunce this).

“Stativ, stakit, kasket.”

Translation: Tripod, fence, cap.

“Fem flade flødeboller på et fladt flødebolle fad.”

Translation: Five flat cream puffs on a flat cream puff dish.

(We could say that this is vol. 1 for now, and I might do a vol. 2 sometime, but here are some for your satisfaction).

The Prom Photo! AKA: the Black & White Ball picture! It was our first Ball and it was a lot of fun. And it was a lot of fun to wear our fandom dresses! The dimmed light in the ballroom also made the arc reactor have a lovely glow. 

Fem!Iron Man and fem!Cap by: @arteetmarteduos

Lunar New Year Mei by @terracanta​ (thank you for joining us and dancing like dorks to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 [etc.]!)

Special thanks also to @seasaltaddict​, @destinyofamerath, and @mononoke2468 for teaching us a bit about dancing!

Steve Rogers/Captain America - Lovers

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Imagine Steve getting dominant with you after you tease him.

Not requested I just wanted to write some dom cap stuff thanks to @nerdflash who wrote a fantastic dom cap fic for me yesterday (the link is here if you want to check it out which you totally should because its awesome)

Steve x Fem!Reader

Warning: Dom Cap (lots of smut)


You and Steve had been together for over a year now and you loved each other more than anything. Like him, you were an Avenger, your power was controlling the elements which Steve found very attractive. Steve was kind of protective over you and he hated it when you went on missions without him because he was constantly afraid for your life but that was what life was like as an Avenger.

Chapter 1

“Steven Grant Rogers! You get your ass back here right now!” you yelled as you chased Steve through the tower. He had woke you up this morning by spraying whipped cream on your hand and then tickled your nose so you wiped whipped cream all over your face. So now here you were running through the tower with whipped cream all over your face chasing after a giggling Steve.

“Bucky! Thor! Protect me!” Steve yelled as he ran towards the two men. “You got full named pal. Nothing we can do to help” Bucky replied.

“I believe Miss Y/N is very angry with you therefore I shall not help you in this case” Thor replied. They both stepped out of the way to let him run past before he barged through them. You followed him not long after, Bucky and Thor and Tony who had just appeared next to the men from one of the rooms watched as you used your power of air to knock Steve of his feet.

You heard Bucky and Tony howling with laughter as Steve fell to the floor with a thud. Since he landed on his front you used the advantage and put one knee on his back while holding a ball of water mixed with mud next to his face. His blue shock-filled eyes met your Y/E/C ones. “You wouldn’t” you smiled at his words before dropping the ball on his head, his hair was sticking to his face with little bits of mud in it. “Oh but I would Captain” you said before walking off to get a shower.

Bucky, Tony and even Thor were laughing as you walked past, Bucky and Tony held out their hands for high fives which you gladly gave before going back to your room.

You made sure to lock the bathroom door so Steve couldn’t barge in like he usually does when you shower. There was a knock on the door “Y/N? How long are you going to be? I need to get this mud out my hair” you grinned remembering what you did to him. “Sorry Steve, I’m gonna be a while. Go use Bucky’s shower!” you heard him groan before he walked out of the room again.

You hopped out of the shower a couple of minutes later and grabbed one of your nice summer dresses from the closet and pulled it over your head after you had put underwear on. The dress you had chosen to wear was Steve’s favorite, he said it showed off every asset perfectly, of course today you chose it on purpose. What would be the harm in teasing him a little?

Chapter 2

You walked into the living room and found Bucky sat by himself trying to find something to watch. “Hey Buck. Where is everyone?” you asked as you plopped down on the sofa next to him and placed your legs on his lap. “Hey doll. Well Steve is in my shower after the move you pulled which was brilliant by the way and everyone else is out doing their own thing. I think the girls went shopping or something and the guys went to get shawarma. Again.” Bucky as now using your legs as an arm rest as he settled on a film to watch, which was apparently Pride and Prejudice. Definitely not what you thought he would have picked.

“They love their shawarma . Was Steve pissed after the stunt I pulled?”

Bucky shook his head “No he just looked shocked and then just laughed a little before going to your room to shower but you made him go in mine instead” he chuckled.

“Why did you make me use his shower anyway?” you and Bucky turned to see Steve stood in the doorway. “You usually don’t mind me sharing a shower with you” he winked at you as he finished his sentence which earned a disgusted grunt from Bucky. “I’m getting a drink. Want anything Buck?”

“Just a glass of water doll” you winked at him as you walked off. You felt Steve’s eyes on you as you walked to the kitchen. “You’re really wearing that dress?” you felt Steve’s hot breath on your neck as whispered in your ear. Even that made you feel something in your most intimate area. “Yup” you whispered back before heading back to the living room with yours and Bucky’s drinks, you purposely swung your hips a little more than usual because you knew Steve was staring.

After watching the film with Steve and Bucky you headed back to your room, all you wanted to do now was curl up in bed and read a book. You changed into one of Steve’s shirts, the shirt was like a dress on you so you didn’t bother to put pj bottoms on and then you got into bed and started to read. You must have been alone no longer than five minutes when Steve entered the room. One side of the shirt had fallen down a bit exposing some of your shoulder. Suddenly the book was ripped from your hands and thrown on the floor and then Steve was on top of you looking down at you with those blue eyes of his that always made you melt. “Want to explain to me what that was about?”

“What do you mean?” you knew exactly what he was on about but you decided to have a little fun first.

“You know exactly what I mean. The dress Y/N, why’d you wear it? You know what it does to me” you gave him a sexy, mischievous grin and you could practically see the light bulb go off in his head. “You wore it one purpose didn’t you?” he asked.

You pretended to be shocked at his statement “Now why would I do that Steve?” you added a wink at the end just to tease him a little more. His jaw clenched, which you found incredibly sexy, hen he grabbed your thigh and moved it so he could settle between your legs, this move sent shivers throughout your entire body and you felt a pool form in your panties. Now the fun was really beginning.

Chapter 3

Steve pulled your hair and made you look at him, which only turned you on more. He used his free hand that wasn’t in your hair to lock your wrists above your head. You loved it when he got like this, all dominant and incredibly sexy. He crashed his lips to yours, keeping your wrists locked above your head with one hand and his other entangled in your hair. You moaned against his lips. He pulled away and looked at you, gently pulling your hair again “Don’t make a sound” he demanded.

“Whatever you say, Captain” he growled at you, he loved it when you called him captain. He removed his hands from your hair and your wrists but gave you a look to tell you to keep your wrists where they were.

His fingers trailed down your thighs which made you shiver but you didn’t make a sound just like he told you. He played with the hem of your shirt and he looked up at you, watching your breasts heave underneath the fabric. Without warning he tore the shirt in half and threw it to the floor. His eyes wandered up and down your body, appreciating every part of you.

He began trailing kisses down your neck to the curve of your breasts, you just watched him as kissed, nipped and sucked his way down your body. A small moan escaped your lips as he sucked on your hip bone, you knew there would be a mark there later but you didn’t care. He looked up at you as you softly moaned and moved back up your body until his face was hovering over yours.

“Thought I said not to make a sound?” you didn’t reply to him, you couldn’t you were too busy panting. He looked at you, your eyes were hooded with lust just like his were. He trailed his hand don your body and he ripped your underwear before tossing it with the torn shirt, he then removed his shirt and his jeans so he was left in just his boxers.

He started trailing kisses and bites down your body again, each one making you want to moan louder and louder. He pushed his finger inside your folds and teasingly played with your clit. “Steve. Please” you begged him for more.

“I love it when you beg but right now I’m in control and I’m saying that I’m going to tease you just like you teased me. He continued to slowly toy with your clit until you were bucking your hips into his hand. Then his finger was replaced with his tongue.

Just like he did with his finger he moved his tongue up and down your slit slowly, just the feeling of his head between your thighs almost pushed you to the edge but he wouldn’t allow you to come just yet. He began to move his tongue a little faster, he grabbed your butt and lifted it in the air slightly so he could get to your special spot easier.

He was still licking and sucking your clit, he sped up his pace a little and then as soon as you got close to the edge he slowed down again, this turned into a rhythm and after a while he stopped and looked up at you. “You can come now baby girl” he said before continuing to lick and suck your clit at a fast pace, you began bucking your hips again which was a sign you were going to come and then you did and it was magical.

You barely had time to come down off your high before he removed his boxers and positioned himself at your entrance. He unclasped your bra painfully slowly while he kept himself at your entrance but never pushing himself in. Your bra joined the rest of the clothes that were strewn about on the floor. He clasped your hand in his and looked down at you before slowly sliding himself inside you. “Make as much noise as you want” Finally.

He wrapped your legs around his waist so he could enter you further. He started off slowly before picking up the pace a little, soon he was going as quickly as he could and then he slowed down again and pulled out of you, you whimpered at the loss bu then he quickly thrust himself into you again and hit that one spot that he need to. A smirk appeared on his face when you moaned loudly at him hitting that sweet spot. He drove in and out of you and each time he thrust in he made sure to hit that sweet spot and each time it sent more and more pleasure coursing through your veins.

“Come for me Y/N”

He pulled out again and then hit your sweet spot one more time and you saw explosions as you came again. He came not long after and he rolled off of you and pulled you to him so you were laying on his chest, your legs entwined under the covers, the only noise that filled the room was the two of you panting. “Well that was fun Captain” he chuckled at you and kissed the top of your head which was slick with sweat. “It sure was Y/N” he replied, you could hear the smile in his voice. The two of you just laid there for a while until darkness consumed you and you both slept in each others arms with content smiles on your faces.


My fem!Steve/Peggy!Cap (can’t decide which…) office-comfortable Halloween costume! Based on this GORGEOUS PIECE OF ART by @alexschlitz, I love how it turned out! Still have some details I want to add before it’s con-ready (like the belt pouches, the shoulder harness, and the SHIELD OF COURSE), but this is good enough for office workers who don’t know cosplay.