I have a headcanon that powerful mages develop purple eyes once they reach a certain strength. I always make my Hawke Mage with purple eyes straight away but my Inquisitor Mage starts with a natural eye colour and then after the attack on Haven I go to the Black Emporium and change her eye colour. Circle Mages don’t usually get purple eyes so it’s a shock for my Trevelyan Inquisitor when she wakes up one day to see them. If a Mage goes beyond that strength their eyes become yellow/golden like Morrigan’s and Flemeth’s which basically marks them unstoppable.

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Andrew Minyard is gay and would not be with Neil if Neil was a trans girl, for all of you who are writing a trans!Neil or fem!Neil fic. I get it. Andreil is wonderful. But Andrew’s attraction just wouldn’t translate into that alternate universe. It’s not something that would happen.

Quick Thinking (Sherlock X Reader X John) *Platonic

Characters: Sherlock X Reader X John

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Near death, blood, injuries

Request: love your writing!! sherlock x reader where the reader saves john and barely makes it out alive??? and sherlock is super protective of both? and like john feels bad for the reader but she is doing great

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You were helping John and Sherlock on case in the centre of London. There was a murderer on the loose and luckily Sherlock had found his kill list. His next hit was a John, which was pretty vague since there was a ton of John’s in London.

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She is the sublime manifestation of a powerful divinity dwelling, men believe, above the orbit of the moon. Others define her as the personification of a protective power, exercising a general surveillance over the destinies of individuals, and represented in the theogonies of old as the daughter of justice, who from her unseen eternal throne looks down upon all things on earth. Queen over all causation and arbiter and umpire of all events, she controls the urn from which men’s lots are cast and regulates their vicissitudes of fortune, often bringing their enterprises to a different end from that which they designed and confounding their various actions by the changes which she imposes. It is she, too, who binds the vainly swelling pride of mortal men in the indissoluble chain of necessity, and casts, as she alone can, her weight into the scale by which they rise or fall; at one moment she bears down upon the stiff necks of the proud and takes away their strength, at another she raises the good out of the dust and exalts them to prosperity. The myths of antiquity endowed her with wings so that all might understand that she appears with the speed of the bird; they put a rudder in her hand and a wheel beneath her feet to signify that she runs through all the elements and governs the universe.