“We’re been guided again..by the Millennium Puzzle”

A year ago today, on 23.4.16, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark side of Dimensions was released in Japan. 
So it would only be fair to celebrate by drawing the eternal bond between those two!

There goes my Saturday evening… I spent him with Reyes and Sahara (and a glass of pinot noir… because I felt posh enough for red wine) … (wasn’t the worst company)

“Fixed” Reyes outfit… 
The outlines took a lot longer than usual… won’t pull off that level of quality every time I fear… Three hours for outlines is about three times of what I normally take to outline… 

This will get colored… but not today… 

Upcoming new fanfiction of Fem!Sanji

Many people asked what would be the story if Sanji was a woman (especially in Whole Cake Island Arc). So I was wondering whether I could build fem!Sanji-cetric fanfiction in AO3 (of course some arcs will be skipped) and what her life was in Germa Kingdom and so on…Reiju is Reiji as a man, Pudding’s also gender bent (but the name will be kept the same). The plots will be slightly altered and some of the antagonists will be also different. 

P.S. Cosette becoming a Revolutionary Spy is head-canon in this fic.

Pairing(s) with Sanjina

LuSan (slightly)

ZoSan (one-sided)

PedroSan (Pedro’s protective towards Sanjina)

one-sided VitoSan (Vito’s a freaky stalker, but nonetheless Sanjina-holic)

one-sided GinSan (Gin will appear)

one-sided DuvalSan (Duval’s Sanjina’s big fan)

PuddingSan (I ship it HARD!!!)

VinsmokeSan (sibling love, etc…Yonji’s Sanjina’s big baby)

Side Pairing(s)

Praline x Aladdin

Cosette x ??? (you’ll figure out)

Reply “YES” or “NO” for the fanfiction. If you want it to be published, say yes!

Do you all want this fic?