I don’t know how to fully enjoy any of these moments without wondering if it’s the last.
—  Jay Asher, What Light

A snippet from a very short gag strip I uploaded at WP today. ‘Tis the continuation of the password protected doujin strip. 

Made this gag strip public. I kinda’ feel numb today so I don’t feel shame, lol. At least it gives you a hint on what the secret strip was about. ;)

Eric Clapton, Tessa Niles and George Harrison. Photo courtesy of Tessa Niles and her book Backtrack: The Voice Behind Music’s Greatest Stars.

“George was sweet, generous and always funny. He’d arrive at rehearsals [at Bray Studios, 1991] with flowers and on one occasion ordered a cake from the company of his old friend, Jane Asher. The cake, a huge replica of the stage set, complete with detailed marzipan figures of each musician, was immediately given pride of place in front of the stage.

On closer inspection Andy, a blue-eyed Welshman, was found to have been made from black marzipan, resulting in his new nickname, BB Fairweather-Low.

Everyone wanted to please George. His charm and fun-loving nature was in stark contrast to Eric, who seemed introverted and withdrawn, still hurting from his son’s untimely death.

Friends and family, including Ringo Starr, Jimmy Nail and Phil Collins, came down to the studios for a private performance of the show shortly before we left for Japan. The set included music  from The Beatles years and solo numbers from George and Eric.

George’s voice was in good shape and his confidence had grown over the course of the rehearsals. It was such a blast performing The Beatles tunes, If I Needed Someone, and my favourite, Taxman, sounded amazing. George added new lyrics to Taxman to update it. Instead of the original ‘Ah, ah, Mr Wilson’ background vocals we sang, ‘Ah, ah, Boris Yeltsin.’

Eric had for years had a love affair with Italian fashion designers and worn Gianni Versace outfits on stage. For the Rock Legends Tour of Japan he chose Giorgio Armani, and the band were ushered off to the Armani store in Bond Street to be kitted out.

Eric had suggested we all wear suits and the guys looked amazing in theirs. However, despite the exquisite tailoring, Kate and I looked frumpy in our pinstripe numbers, worn with striped shirts done up at the collar.

‘Is that what you’re wearing?’ said George with a smirk. ‘Well, it’s an interesting look, I suppose. You remind me of airline stewardesses.’

Not exactly the rock ‘n’ roll edge we were hoping for.

[…] George was swarmed by media representatives deprived of seeing him for a generation and considerably less attention was focused on Eric, who performed in Japan every year. It was difficult to tell if Eric was relieved or miffed at his unhindered passage through the airport [in Tokyo].

The first of the seven Rock Legends shows was in the city of Yokohama. We travelled to most of the gigs on Japan’s high-sowed bullet train. At Tokyo station the local branch of the Hare Krishna movement and a small group of devotees, who had heard George would be traveling on the train, appeared on the platform to hand him gifts and food through the window. The show in Yokohama was a resounding success. The band sounded incredible and George, still nervous, gave a masterly performance.” - Tessa Niles, Backtrack: The Voice Behind Music’s Greatest Stars

Here’s the last commission from the lineart slot sale. This one is a little special because the commissioner, @voidssync, wanted something more specific that turned into a bust, so I offered drawing a second character to make up for it.

This one is probably my favorite of all the commissions I’ve done, I love this person’s Shepard too.

Someone on Tumblr: A problem that feminism wishes to eliminate is how men’s emotions are forcefully constipated, men should be allowed to cry, men should be allowed to express their emotions.

Literally the same person: Also!! This male character who is really emotional and cries sometimes?? AHAHA WHAT A FUCKING LOSER FOR CRYING. CRYLO. WHINEY. WEAKLING. EMO LOSER CAN’T WAIT FOR HIM TO DIE. 

Okay, so the trainer who fosters a lot and works with a lot of difficult/reactive/teenage troubled dogs who’s real enthusiastic and seems like the kind of fun, casual trainer that I’m looking for… has her reactive classes coming up soon.

She’s the one who was gonna eval Asher but forgot to respond and then her fall classes started, so I let it go. Now I’m wondering if I should just go straight into reactive classes to be safe? Because I can directly register online instead of crossing fingers and hoping my email gets seen.

Her reactive classes are 4 sessions, starting on the 18th, then doing Jan. 8th, 15th, and 22nd. What do you guys think? @blueboyluca @mango-pup She keeps the class limited to 4 dogs.

I swear I’m not making him do this, even though it kind of looks like I am…

We had a little holiday lab party this evening and for some reason, we are very tired. So it’s all snuggles and Netflix this evening and Gunner just wrrriigggled half of his body into my lap like that.

And Asher just wants to know what’s goin’ on.