• Will: Sounds like somebody needs to sing a Christmas Carol.
  • Nico: No way.
  • Will: The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.
  • Nico: Thanks, but I don't sing.
  • Will: Oh, well, it's just like talking, except longer and louder, and you move your voice up and down.
  • Nico: I *can* sing, I just choose *not* to sing. Especially in front of other people.
  • Will: If you can sing alone, you sing in front of other people. There's no difference.
  • Nico: Actually, there's a BIG difference

Friendly reminder that Jason Grace, son of Jupiter, was Nico’s first friend.

Okay but after Jason and Nico date for awhile, Nico gets a lot more comfortable. Jason gets really into mythomagic for Nico’s sake and ends up falling in love with it.

“Did you hear about the new holographic Hades card?”
What?! What do you MEAN?! Why didn’t you tell me about this Jason. Cmon, we have to go right now. I’ll shadowtravel us somewhere to get it.”

Jason has never seen Nico this excited. Near Jason are Annabeth, Percy, and Piper, all of them giggling. Percy with a relieved smile on his face, says “I’m glad to see he’s happy again.” 

  • 2007 Apollo: I spend hours in front of the mirror every morning putting up these hair spikes with special products, and I'm very proud of how they come out.
  • 2013 Apollo: Nah it's just a little water keeping these spikes up, no big deal
  • 2016 Apollo: came outta the womb with this shit
Steve Rogers/Captain America - Snow Storm - Part 4

Part four of my Cap series Snow Storm! The first three parts are on my Snow Storm Master List. Enjoy!

You’re on a mission with Steve, a simple, run of the mill mission. The two of you end up getting caught in a snow storm so you find a small cabin to stay in while you wait it out. You’d never had a chance to be alone or this close with Steve before, so this was going to be rather interesting. You realize that your firewood supply is running low and you know that you have to conserve it because you have no idea how long you’re going to be here. Since it’s so cold and you have a very limited supply of firewood, the two of you have no choice but to share a bed for warmth.

Steve x Fem!Reader

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