I don’t even know, I call it Sailor Star Trek^^ I was kinda in the mood for drawing something Star Trek and then I listened to the Sailor Moon opening music on youtube and… yeah. I’ve always loved the white dress she wears as princess Serenity and from that fem!spirk kinda happened. Spock is wearing Ami’s dress (I hope that’s what she’s called in english as well) because their personalities match quite well and also it’s blue :3

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If you’re going on an away mission,
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair 🌸🌸🌸

Guest star: @demiquartz as ms Spock 💙


“I’ll try not too.” Jamie rubbed her fingers with T’Pock’s enjoying the small electric like feel that shot up her arm from the contact. She looked back at T’Pock’s face and smiled shyly. “Since we’re kissing the vulcan way.. maybe-”
Jamie didn’t finish her sentence because T’Pock captured her lips with hers and proceeded to kiss her captain both the human and vulcan way.

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