This blog will never die, I swear. I just got busy with RL for a while, so I couldn’t update like I should. Can you guys forgive me? :’D

These two pieces are based on an RP thread that I was a part of where the characters were put into a 1920s America setting with gangsters in fedoras and flapper girls and prohibition and all that fun stuff. So I couldn’t resist drawing Kaiba and Girl!Ryou as a gangster head and a flapper girl, respectively.

I just have a weakness for period clothing. And Kaiba in a suit and fedora. It’s really becoming a problem :’D

Media: Corel Painter 4 for Drawing, Pixlr.com for resizing and slight recoloring.

Kaiba Seto and Bakura Ryou © Kazuki Takahashi
All Rights Reserved.


But wait. This maid Fem!Kaiba wasn’t alone.

A friend was my maid Fem!Ryou ❤️❤️

So ofcourse we took some cute pics together~ [Here you can also properly see the Blue Eyes horns on my headdress lmao]

Photo’s by Shaniva Werkman
[Shitty] editing & Maid Fem!Kaiba by me
Maid Fem!Ryou by Saeragusi cosplay