*distressed laughter* 

I wanted to make something fun and stupid before I delve deep into hell-month.

There’s really no rhyme or reason. I doodled a kuribohyugi and I was like “omg this is so cute” and couldn’t stop myself as more came plooping out? WHATEVER. Maybe one day I’ll make them buttons or something. =w=;;


I decided to take all my fanart/ sorta studies of @milliekou ‘s mirror ideas and compile them all into one post. If you haven’t checked out millie’s art, then you really should, she’s hella talented! She is also my current top tier art senpai, if you haven’t already noticed hahahaa ;; 

(just a side rant cuz i need to get this off my chest; I do take a lotta inspiration from millie, but I don’t want to be labeled a knock off. Even though I don’t believe in art style theft, I still get super nervous when I feel like my drawings are too similar her’s. I’m not trying to be unique or anything, I just don’t want known as “The Dingo Animation of Yugioh anime art” or something. That’s why I like the Miho doodle the most out of all of the; because it looks the least like Millie’s. So just to be clear, I’m not trying to steal from her, these are just sorta studies. I like her art because it has a bit of the Kyoto Animation/ Studio Clamp feel to it, and I want to capture that same warm feeling I get when I see art like that. Also before anyone asks, no, Millie isn’t my only art senpai. I get inspiration from all kinds of artists and studios. But as you can see above the description, I only focused on one senpai. And that can be really dangerous for a young artist. The anatomy in these were SO BAD, I had to crop out the legs in the first one, so I wouldn’t offend anyone! Anyway that’s all I wanted to say regarding Millie, style theft and such. Don’t make these rookie mistakes, and take this art with a pinch of salt)

Thank you!~~~      


This blog will never die, I swear. I just got busy with RL for a while, so I couldn’t update like I should. Can you guys forgive me? :’D

These two pieces are based on an RP thread that I was a part of where the characters were put into a 1920s America setting with gangsters in fedoras and flapper girls and prohibition and all that fun stuff. So I couldn’t resist drawing Kaiba and Girl!Ryou as a gangster head and a flapper girl, respectively.

I just have a weakness for period clothing. And Kaiba in a suit and fedora. It’s really becoming a problem :’D

Media: Corel Painter 4 for Drawing, Pixlr.com for resizing and slight recoloring.

Kaiba Seto and Bakura Ryou © Kazuki Takahashi
All Rights Reserved.