Making your acquaintance (fem!mystrade <3)

Mycroft blinks in surprise at her sister’s text:

You’re too early. Drive around in a circle a few more times. -S

Oh, she will do no such thing. Mycroft raps on the glass divider. 

“Stop the car.”

She has hardly opened the door when the realisation hits her, just why Sherlock was trying to avoid her again. Yellow tape. Police. Cars. And Sherlock, standing in the middle of it all, in typical rant mode, hands flying every which way. 

Mycroft rolls her eyes. “Oh, Jesus Christ.” She storms forward. “Arrested, sister mine?” 

Her voice is deliberately loud, and Sherlock cringes as she spots her. 

“I told you to wait,” she replies.

“You are being ridiculous. Utterly-” Mycroft takes a deep breath. “Come on. We’re going.”

But, before she’s even considered how to persuade Sherlock to actually get into the car, an even louder voice bellows across to them.

“Oi! Just who the hell do you think you are?”

Mycroft does a double take as another young woman joins them, striding across with confidence, white shirt sleeves rolled up in a way that could only suggest outrage.

“Well?” the woman says, hands on hips now. 

Sherlock snorts.

Mycroft clears her throat and vaguely wonders why she fears becoming tongue-tied. “I am Sherlock’s sister.”

It’s the woman’s turn for a double take, now. She gapes at Sherlock. “You never told me you have a sister!”

Sherlock shrugs. “Evidently. Must have slipped my mind.”

And the woman is glancing between them, back and forth, with the beginnings of a smirk. “Actually, I can see the resembl-”

“Oh God, please don’t-”

“Excuse me,” Mycroft cuts across them. “If I could just clarify exactly what damage my sister has wrought and I’ll be able to pay a sum of-”

“Eh?” The woman is staring at her, and Mycroft feels odd- as if she’s in some sort of spotlight. “God, don’t you know? Your sister’s a genius. She’s working on a case for me. Got the lads bloody clueless, let me tell you, don’t know what we’d do without her.”

Mycroft blinks in confusion again. Of course, Sherlock’s genius is not a surprise, but the fact that she is actually… well. She’s doing very well indeed.

Mycroft clears her throat. “Men are idiots, anyway.”

The woman laughs. Mycroft likes the sound- un-apologetically raucous. “Too right. And a nightmare at work. At everything, really.”

Mycroft smiles. “Always.”

“Oh, what line are you in?”

She considers, and studiously ignores Sherlock’s grin. “Politics,” she replies, which is true as it stands.

The woman grins. “Ooh, hark at you. Right, dear,” she nods at Sherlock. “Are you free to go over that with me one more time?”

Sherlock actually hesitates, and Mycroft internally winces. She decides to say nothing, and she heartens at her sister’s confident reply when she realises Mycroft will not interrupt her: 


Mycroft has already began to step back when the woman looks earnestly at her, and she freezes.

“We’ll only be another ten minutes, that alright with you?”

Once more, Mycroft blinks. “…I suppose I can go on a short drive.”

“Cracking.” The woman sticks out her hand. “Georgia Lestrade. But, don’t call me that. George works.”

Mycroft shakes her hand. “Mycroft Holmes.”

“You never told me your name,” Sherlock says indignantly.

George (George, Mycroft’s mind echoes) tuts. “You cheeky beggar, you’ve stolen my ID, how can you not know…”

Ten minutes later, Mycroft promptly returns. She opens the car door and slides out to give Sherlock room, only to nearly trip on the kerb at the sight of George Lestrade standing there.

Sherlock shuts the car door. They both ignore this.

George runs a hand through her hair. “Listen, Mycroft, can I ask you…”

Her heart is categorically not in her throat. “Yes?”

George grins. “Why are you carrying around an umbrella like that in summer?”

Mycroft blushes. To tell the truth, she almost forgets that it’s hooked over her forearm. “It goes with the image,” she lies.

“So I see.” George winks at her. “Maybe.. explain more at a… well, don’t know if you do pubs.”

“Fish and chips,” Mycroft says quickly, and feels her face growing even hotter.

“Uh- alright, then. Fish and chips. Sounds perfect.”

There’s a laugh in that, but it’s not mockery, which Mycroft appreciates. It could even pass as… fond.

She shakes George Lestrade’s hand one last time, and braces herself for a teasing car journey with Sherlock.

(tags with folk interested under the cut! This is my first try at fem mystrade, but I’d love to do more <3)

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roarrus2017  asked:

Hi! I am so happy that you are doing fine (more or less). But don't worry, very soon studying will be over you'll be a little bit better ;) So, since the story imagine are opened, I would like to request a short story where fem!Mycroft is seducing her future female partner :^) Or is it too much? But thank you anyway! You are an amazing person and writer <3

“Mycroft can you come here?” you call out into the paved garden.

The faint echo of “I’m coming” can be heard wafting across the summer breeze and into the kitchen but given how fast Mycroft trots on any given day its liable to be more than a minute.

Leaning on the marble island in the kitchen area you try to understand why your centaur girlfriend was acting so crazy lately.

First it was the near constant tail flicking you in the face almost every chance that was presented. On morning runs, gardening, trying to watch the sunset-you were halfway mad enough just to cut the dang thing off if Mycroft kept hitting you in the face with it!

Next there was the biting, dear GOD you could not understand why she kept using her teeth on you. You had her to scratch an itch on your shoulder and Mycroft used her teeth to do it instead of her fingers! The mark on your left shoulder was there for over a week and you were hesitant to ask her to scratch anything else in fear of more damages.

The constant falling into you was also an issue as Mycroft by now could understand that her centaur biology could pretty much crush you to being wheelchair bound, the nicking at the most odd times, the head resting had been nice until she started to bodily lean into you (thus nearly crushing you) and the attempts of grooming when you were trying to do yard work was starting to become borderline obsessive.

And finally to top off your centaur girlfriend’s strange behavior Mycroft had started bringing gifts-not like the usual fare she would bring in the beginnings of your friendship/relationship but some really strange ass gifts.

Like the slashed tires of your former boss, lots of unusual fruits, bone necklaces, runes craved from ancient stone and pieces of glittering rocks.

It was just rather strange and you knew what strange was because you were dating a fucking centaur.

Clip. Clop. Clip. Clop. Clip. Clop.

Without even looking out the kitchen window you know Mycroft is near but the smell that’s coming closer just about has you dry heaving.

It was like someone had decided to mix vomit, fecal matter, a dead animal carcass and sour milk altogether in a big moldy pot and let the unholy concoction sit in the sun for an hour. 

What in the fuck? you think trying to fan the offending odor from your nostrils only to realize that the stench is getting stronger as Mycroft’s hooves become more pronounced. 

Quickly rushing outside so the smell won’t further invade your home you are horrified to find it is emitting from Mycroft rather than something she was bringing as a ‘gift’.

“Mycroft what on earth is that smell?” you exclaim trying to (unsuccessfully) shield the aroma from your nose, “Did you  get in a fight? Did Sherlock dump road kill on you again?”

Mycroft looks rather defeated at the mention of road kill as her ears are cast downwards.  She doesn’t speak but instead turns around to sadly trot back into the forest.

“Mycroft, baby wait,” you call after her despite gagging for clean air. You know that if she wants to she can out gallop you no matter how fast you run and seeing Mycroft’s face so desolate and broken is a far more powerful motivator than that of being able to breathe.

Thankfully Mycroft doesn’t seem too invested in running off as you catch up to her but you’re still suffering because holy hell, it gets worse when you’re up close.

Getting in front of Mycroft and putting your hand on either flank you look up to Mycroft, which despite your height is rather uncomfortable for you to do. "Look Myc, I’m sorry that I said you stink but you’ve been acting pretty funny lately. Biting me, crushing me, the tail whacking, finding and gifting me my boss’s tires-seriously, how did you even get them when he lives so close to the city?“ you question suspiciously before getting back to the task at had.

You take a deep breath and steady yourself. Don’t chicken out, don’t chicken out..

Squeezing Mycroft’s shoulder you look into her blue eyes in earnest, “I just want to know…are you trying to break up with me?”

Mycroft responds like she had been shocked with a cattle prod. “What no,” she exclaims looking scandalized that you would even ask such a question. Her whole body is a mess of angry and indignation as her hooves hit the dirt harshly and tail whips around erratically. "I’m not trying to break up with you but attempting to seduce you!“

Gob smacked and becoming less repulsed by the smell you dumbly parrot back, ”Seduce me?“

"Yes,” Mycroft laminates empathetically trying to calm herself, “though I must admit that it would have been prudent to give you a crash course in centaur seduction prior to our relationship but I never thought we would ever have the option of dating you let alone seducing you.”

  "Well that makes two of us then because I never would have thought you would have given me the time of day,“ you joke patting Mycroft’s lower chest but it doesn’t seem to have the comforting effect like it normally does.

"Mycroft,” you call up softly. It’s just loud enough for her to hear but you know Mycroft will bend down anyway just to put herself in arm’s reach.

Bringing her face as close as you can to hers and you straining on your tippy toes you press a gentle kiss. “Listen, I know I’m ignorant to centaur things just like you are with human things but if we’re going to make this work we have to communicate more. It’s like your brother says, I’m a ‘dumb biped’ sometimes you have to spell things out for me in order for me to learn,” you state carefully, “I want to be with you always Mycroft but you have to educate me on certain things because we all know I can’t rely on Sherlock for these things.”

Your girlfriend nods in agreement choking back tears and crushes you into a hug that lifts you off the ground. Taking the initiative you wrap your legs around her chest to balance the weight out.

Stroking her bare back you let Mycroft cry out her frustrations as you soothe her. Once Mycroft seems to be back under control you cuddle on the outskirts of your lawn looking at nothing and everything as the minutes pass by. Just enjoying each other’s company much like you had before you started dating. Sharing breath and just being together.

“Besides you don’t have to do much to seduce me anyway,” you insist out of the blue as Mycroft bright you closer to her chest.

“And how’s that?” she inquires.

“Anything really. Do those majestic poses you like to do on rocks to intimidate John, snuggle with me, wear some of the stuff I buy you,” you list causally.

“I thought my breasts were what attracted you,” Mycroft accuses.

“They do,” you agree, “But seeing them in one of those biniki tops or bras would totally drive me wild. It’s seeing something that you normally wouldn’t see that makes it all the more special.”

“In that case I want all the garments that you ordered for me to be delivered to my cave post haste.”

“Mycroft they don’t deliver to caves,” you say while affectionately stroking your centaur girlfriend's shiny coat .

“I know that but you do,” Mycroft counters, “and how else I am to seduce you if you’re not there to wittiness me wearing such garments?”

Mouth suddenly dry at the thought of Mycroft putting on a fashion show with everything you bought her sounds like an A+ idea. “Hold on Mycroft I’ll be right back!” you shout over your shoulder racing like your life depended on it. 

We we’re posed as like those old fashioned portraits back from the Victorian era. Mother likes to put them in the den on our father’s desk. Straight face but with perfect poses.

We also have photos that featured us smiling, laughing, making faces. But those photos belong in my Mother’s private album.


(I am so sorry, that was the longest hiatus ever. I am back, bitten by the Sherlock Holmes bug, excited for Season 3).

He Seems Nice (Mycroft X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Mycroft X Fem!Reader, Lestrade X Sister!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Sexual feelings and attraction

Request: Hi :-) mycroft feeling sexually attracted to lestrade’s sister please ?

Originally posted by imaginemycroftholmes

Your brother was late yet again. You long expected this. He was a detective for the Scotland Yard after all, so it was no surprise that he might be running late.

You had already ordered a drink and waited patiently for your brother to show for your weekly meeting. You had crossed your legs, sipping peacefully on your drink. “Excuse me miss?” A man’s voice asked. Looking up you saw a man in a nice suit looking down at you with a smile. “Is it alright if I sit with you for a while?” He asked politely. You smiled, and nodded. He took a seat opposite you, before offering his hand to shake. “I’m Mycroft, may I ask your name?” He asked you as you shook his hand.

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Fish and Chips

Fem!mystrade part two! (part one here)

As time marches on, Mycroft assumes it was for show. Surely this cannot be a date George Lestrade intends to keep. 

But then, Sherlock, in her own way, dispels all fears. She is loitering in the hallway, rolling her eyes as Mycroft fiddles with the buttons on her shirt.  

“You do know Lestrade meant it? She wouldn’t have suggested if she didn’t.”

“Do you really still not know her first name?” Mycroft deflects with a practiced casual air.

Sherlock tuts. “Stop worrying. You look…” Mycroft glances up at the pause, and smirks as she watches her bite back the genuine compliment. “Adequate,” she finishes.

And so, Mycroft does actually enter the pub. She almost starts at the sight of George already there, chatting away to the barman. She doesn’t know if it’s the heat from the building, or just the effects of the day, but George’s hair has fallen into little untidy wisps around her face and it’s…

It’s rather lovely.

George turns in her seat and spies her, and Mycroft hopes she isn’t wistfully imagining how her eyes light up.

“Hello, Miss Punctual!” she calls. “The hour on the dot. Impressive.”

Mycroft smiles and pulls out a bar stool next to her. “Comes with the job.”

George laughs. “Yeah, speaking of- actually, no, sorry, first thing’s first: what you drinking?”

Mycroft lets George buy her a glass of wine. They order two portions of fish and chips, and set both bowls of chips in the middle of the table between them.

After the… third? (or so) glass of wine, Mycroft feels emboldened, and gently swats George’s hand away from her bowl. 

“Stop stealing my chips, you heathen.”

“What’s mine is yours.”

George winks and Mycroft tries to raise one eyebrow in a superior response, but she can’t stop grinning. George taps her foot under the table in a playful kick. 

“What will you do, then, Miss Government? Snipers ready to descend on me?”

Mycroft laughs. “It’s not like it is in the films.”

“Ooh, shame. No state secrets you’re keeping under wraps, then?”

Mycroft leans forward. She feels ever so slightly light-headed, but in a good way. “Oh, yes. Lots.”

George is grinning so fully now. and Mycroft doesn’t think she has ever seen someone so beautiful.

“Was that meant to be a chat up line?”

Mycroft leans back, tries to remain a shred of enigma. “You tell me.”

The effect is rather lost when she tries to down the rest of her wine, and misses her mouth, to George’s delighted giggles.

(Also on ao3 here).

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i just thought about fem mycroft spending hours on elaborate but tasteful hairdos (especially when she’s supposed so be seeing her sister) and honestly i want this to be a thing

Walk Away (Mycroft X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Mycroft X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Break up

Request: I really love your works and was wondering could you please do a one shot where Mycroft finds out that his daughter’s boyfriend broke up with her and doing everything he can to try and comfort her. Thanks :)

Originally posted by imaginemycroftholmes

He noticed you change. You used to come home with a smile on your face, and spend some time on your phone texting, and how you’d ask to go out with… him, on the weekends.

But that stopped. You started coming home with no smile, no texting, only sitting there looking lost, and spending the weekend at home in your room.

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We don’t think we necessarily need to explain the concept of an appreciation week but just in case anyone needs a reminder: it’s basically a week where all of us femlock fans can celebrate (even more than we normally do!) and make a ton of edits, fan art or videos, write fanfics, headcanons etc. about our favorite AU together! (It’s also a nice thing to do to before the special finally hits us!)

Everyone can participate, this event is not only for femlockpals members!

Use the tags #FEMLOCKPALS and/or #FEMLOCK APPRECIATION WEEK so everybody gets the chance to appreciate your posts! And please spread the word by reblogging this post! :-)


Day 1 Victorian Femlock (11/02)
What’s better than femlock you ask? Oh, only femlock in the Victorian age! We can only assume that Doyle would have loved to see a gender swapped version of his Watson and Sherlock, so let’s celebrate the upcoming Victorian special our way!

Day 2 AU!Femlock (11/03)
Yeah, we get it. Generally speaking, femlock already is an AU. But why not talk about femlock in Harry Potter’s magical world, Teen!femlock in college or Retirement!Femlock living in a cute, old cottage in Sussex?
Let your imagination run wild, we’re sure you’ll come up with something!

Day 3 Femlock Smut (11/04)
Roll up your sleeves and show us what you’ve got in terms of femlock smut! The more nsfw, the better ;-) (but please don’t forget to tag your posts, not everybody wants to shock their parents with some explicit drawings at 8 in the morning!)*

Day 4 Femlock Angst (11/05)
Let’s spice things up and pack out your most angsty headcanons! Let’s put each other into femlock hell and burn together! :-)

Day 5 Femlock Fluff (11/06)
After all this nsfw and angsty stuff, we’re all in need of some really fluffy femlock fluff! Put our babes in some warm blankets and assure them that everything is going to be a-okay!

Day 6 Fem!All (11/07)
A day to appreciate all Sherlock characters and gender-swap them! A Fem!Mycroft who is struggling with her diet? Hell yeah! A Fem!Moriarty, brilliant mastermind, with wonderful long dark hair? Absolutely!
Show your love for all the other characters of BBC’s Sherlock!

Day 7 Fem!freestyle! (11/08) Surprise us :)

*this also doesn’t imply that you can only post sfw stuff on all the other days! This is just a day where we explicitly want all the smut!