Like Mother Like Daughter (WIP)

Coz I’m busy panicking about and working on a comic atm, I haven’t had as much time to write a new fanfic for my “short conhayth stories” as I would’ve liked to…
That’s why I’ve decided on uploading this snipped with fem!Connor and fem!Haytham. It’s pre-slash and really short and unfinished and un-beta-read, but I wanted to show you guys I haven’t abandoned my OTP =)

Pairing: Haytham/Connor (pre-slash)
Length: 647 words
Rating: General Audiences
Author’s Note: fem!AU

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Some days I miss my dreads, for a while I only had one and I admittedly straight-up ripped off Connor Kenway with it
(I realize his was more of a braid but i digress)

Man I really wish I had done a fem!connor cosplay while I had it?? Like I thought about that for a long time and I’m wondering why I didn’t