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If you do requests can you please do a Mike Faist x reader (if you don't do cast can you do Connor Murphy) where they play 7 minutes in heaven

this was originally going to be short but i got carried tf away and now it’s 3800+ words SO
i have never done connor so like i KNOW this is going to be wildly out of character???? I JSUT RLLY LIKE SEEING CONNOR HEALTHY AND HAPPY IM SORRY SO let’s see how i Fuck this up

this is……….. probably not what u requested 

connor x fem!reader - seven minutes in heaven

Seeing Jared Kleinman and Evan Hansen at a party was a wonderful rarity. Seeing Connor at a party was even crazier. But seeing Connor at a party, enjoying himself with friends and not angrily smoking a joint in the corner of the living room until the host kicked him out? It was nearly unheard of. It was borderline impossible. And it simply made your heart swell.

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The gay DEH trio as girls because I can

Fml it looks blurry, click on it for better quality

Headcannons under the cut

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fucked up (poly sincerely 3 x reader smut)

requests; prolly a lot

hehehe okay coolio

Word count: 1666

TWs; poly poly poly, uhh pet names, fem! reader, dom connor and jared, sub evan and reader, light bondage, its just straight up sin, idk

“Connor and Jared will be here soon.”

“It’s fine.”

Those were the words you had mumbled to your boyfriend Evan in between breaths while the two of you passionately made out on your bed, your body grinding against his. He was hesitant to allow you to continue, but he couldn’t resist the feeling of your body against his.

You would both find out soon that it was not exactly ‘fine’.

When your other two boyfriends arrived at home and didn’t see you or Evan immediately running down to greet them, they exchanged a mutual look of suspicion. “What do you think they’re doing?” Jared questioned, glancing around the house. “Napping?” Connor assumed, running a hand through his hair. “Maybe.”

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Knee socks ( Connor X fem!reader)

Warning ⚠️: smut and fluff, swearing, depression, body confidence problems

AN: I do a lot of Connor x reader cause that’s all the ideas I get! But I do take requests and stuffers!

To feel everything and nothing is a trip, a good one. You have to force yourself to feel things now a days due to the fact that the only people who love you were your group of 5 friends. You sit in your bed blaring music because your parents weren’t home long enough ever to yell at you. You saw your mom maybe once that week and your dad twice? You run your hands by your sides looking for your phone. You stare at your lock screen. It was your small group of friends in maybe the best picture to ever exist. Evan and Zoe were looking at you and Connor which you two were in the middle. They were acting surprised and covering their gaping mouths slight with their hands. Alana and Jared were on the other side high fiving each other with pure happiness bleeding from their ear to ear smile. In the middle was you and Connor. Connor was dramatically dipping you and you were looking at the camera with a surprised face and Connor was looking at you. You chuckle remembering the moment the picture taken. You finally unlock your phone and scroll through Tumblr. It was mid winter so your feed was filled with snowflakes and cute outfits. You make you way to your messages and click on Connor. He was Con🖤🍂 in your phone and you rarely actually called him Connor in real life. You felt a twinge of sadness fill your body.

Why would Connor ever like you? He could get so many better people. So why would he ever like you?

You start to cry and that turn into full out sobbing. Shaking, you pick up your phone and begin to text him.

You: hey Connor, you awake?

Con🖤🍂: its 2:39am why would I be asleep, and why did you call me Connor? Are you okay? What’s wrong?

You: nothing, do you think, you could, um come over?

Con🖤🍂: I’m already on my way, be there in under 5

You pull your blankets up towards your stomach, exposing the knee socks you had put on earlier due to your feet being deathly cold. You hear your window unlatch and you don’t bother to turn your head. Connor just looks at you, sobbing on your bed in knee highs. He immediately rips off his shoes and climbs next to you. He asks if he can hold you, making sure not to touch you if you didn’t want touched. You nod your head and he pulls you into his lap. You wrap your one hand around his neck and the other in his soft hair.you sob into his shoulder as his rubs circles on your back with his thumb. He is whispering things and trying to help you calm down such as “it’s okay, I’m here, nothing matter but you and me right now” and it does help you calm down. You had a crush on Connor since you met him back in 8th grade and repressing it had made it so much worse. Now he’s here, holding you and gripping your thigh. You realize you weren’t cry now and that you were just holding him and he was holding you. You look up at him and see those eyes, the eyes that pulled you in so many years ago. His hands were cold against your thighs. “C-Connor, can I kiss you?” You whisper. He didn’t respond he just leaned in for a response. His lips met yours and and the kiss lit up your body and you felt happy. This feeling wasnt forced like usual. You start to giggle, and it turns into a full on laughing fit with a scrunched nose. “ y/n what the fuck, are you laughing at me?” Connor said moving so you weren’t on his lap anymore. You look at him and we’re genuinely hurt he thought that way. You scoot back toward him and cup his face. “Connor, I am laughing at no one besides myself, I’m laughing because if you yes, because you made me feel happy, genuine happiness Connor! I love you!” And as soon as you said those last three words a rush of heat flew to my face. Connor bursts out laughing and I hide my face into the bed. Connor lifts up your head “ I love you too dork.” You just stare at him. You rush to his face and kiss him again, but this time it more rough, more needy. His tongue swiped your bottom lip . You parted your lips grating him access to your tongue. After a intense make out, you begin to pull at his hoodie which you guys swiftly break and he takes it and his shirt off. You place your warm hand on his slightly chill chest and then wrap them around his neck. “Can I?” He asks pulling at the oversized sweatshirt you had on.“ You nod and he proceeds to lift it off your body gently as if you were made of glass. You then remember you were only wear a bra and underwear under that sweatshirt and your and hands go straight to your stomach. You look at him and he gives you the most loving look you have ever got from anyone ever, and he push you onto the bed and starts to feather kisses onto your stomach and down to your hips. He looks at you for consent and you shake your head and he begins to pull down your underwear and kiss your inner thighs. The making his way to your core and inserting two fingers and you makes a noise that gets caught in your throat. You hear Connor chuckles as he quickens his pace. Then he places his thumb on your clit and you arch your back slightly. You began to moan his name and that makes him go wild. He slips off his pants and slips on a condom and slides himself into you. You arch your back completely dig your nails into his back. You guys finish up and clean up and you throw you sweatshirt back on and climb into bed and Connor put on some of the sweatpants you bought that were way to big because you wanted to hide in your clothes. You wrap your arm around his now warm chest. ” glad I warmed you up" you giggle and cuddle into his side. “Nice knee socks dork” Connor whispered pressing a kiss into your forehead

The Trouble with Pocahontas/Connor Kenway Cosplays

Halloween isn’t the only time that I see people dressing up as Native Americans. No, I’m not talking about various sports team events, or Coachella. I’m talking about Conventions.  

It irks me and I silently judge when I see a Pocahontas or Sexy Fem. Connors (Assassin’s Creed 3) . Yes, you look beautiful, Yes you may have put tons of hours into your beautiful cosplay, that is amazing and I commend you for it, but that’s the thing. To you, it’s a cosplay, a costume, one you wear for a couple hours until YOU decide to take it off.  To me, that’s my culture, and I just CAN’T take my “costume” off.

 Do you really understand how problematic Disney’s Pocahontas is? Yes, they did get Native actress, Irene Bedard , to voice her,  they did some research,  they did visit the Pamunkey Reservation. Yes! The animation was beautiful and it did break some boundaries for it’s time, but despite all this….she still remains a stereotype (POCAHONTAS WASN’T EVEN HER REAL NAME! It was Matoaka ). Look at her clothes, take away the name “Pocahontas” and tell me, what do you see?  I see, just another generic Native costume that we see year after year in Halloween stores. 

Now Fem.Connors, I don’t really have a problem with, the ones I DO is the ones who feel they need to…sex it up. I’m all for sexy cosplay, do you boo, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. In this case, sexy Connors irks me, because it just reinforces the sexualization of Native Women. Which statistics have shown, that Native Women are at the highest rate of any ethnicity to be sexually assaulted, raped, or murdered.  You can still be a gorgeous, bomb ass Fem.Connor, without showing the boobs (which I’m sure are lovely) and a bare midriff (Lovely as well),and without reinforcing a harmful stereotype. (Seriously, you can! I’ve seen some amazing Fem.Connors!!)

Yes, you look beautiful, you look gorgeous, hot, sexy whatever it maybe, at the end of the day, you’re still portraying a character that is Native American, and by applying rule 63 to Connor, and making it sexy, using obvious Native motifs, your “costume” is no different than the Pocahottie costume on the rack in the Spirit Halloween store, except for the fact it’s made better.

p.s. to the Connor cosplayer I saw a few years ago at Otakon, who wore a stereotypical Headdress with it. Fuck you.