Somebody Like-Likes You part 1

Pairing: Enoch O'Connor x fem!Reader (not shown yet), Jacob Portman x fem!Reader (platonic)

Warnings: friendly teasing

Author’s Note: I love Finlay (and Enoch) so much, and so, have an entire collection of pieces for him just waiting to get posted. Get ready, Tumblr. Thangs is bout ta get peculiar.

Word Count: 652 (Finally did One of these)


You wave to Emma as you and Jacob make your way through the cairn. As soon as you’re out of earshot, you snort at Jacob, “Really, Jake?” You ask, chuckling at him. Your friend narrows his eyes at you, “What? I didn’t even do anything.” You laugh even louder now, “There’s only one reason I’d stay…” You mock him, your voice raised a few octaves.

Jake blushes at your comment, “I wasn’t - you - didn’t they teach us eavesdropping was bad in elementary school?” You’re prepared to continue making fun of him, but he stops in his tracks, hands on his hips and eyelashes fluttering, “Oh, Enoch, throw me over the table and hurt my feelings with your bad attitude.” He says in a voice you assume is supposed to be yours. “Nothing like that ever happened!” You exclaim, pushing the now laughing Jake lightly.

His laughing begins to cease as the two of you start walking again, “And for your information, Mr. Me-And-My-Grandfather-Want-The-Same-Women, Enoch doesn’t have a bad attitude. He just doesn’t like you.” Even though it’s a jab, Jacob smiles, “Look at you, taking up for your grouchy little boyfriend. It’s cute, really.”

Your lips pull into a taut line before you smile widely. “What? Why are you so happy all of a sudden, because I want you to know now you aren’t funny.” Jake tries to sound threatening, but he just sounds like the little kid in preschool telling you that his tripling and falling was definitely funny.

“Oh, nothing…” You trail, backpedaling farther away from Jacob and closer to your destination, “Just, thinking about how your dad was super dad-cool about you wandering around, but it would be crazy if he thought we actually lost each other, right? If I told him how, Jakey left me all alone in this strange and - and scary place all alone?” Now he catches on to your game, “Y/N, I swear,” You speed up, a smirk making it’s way to your face, “I do declare, that from way back there, Jakey can’t make good on his swear.” You say, turning around and running toward the pub, laughing as Jake tries to run after you.

*     *     *     *     *

That night, as you’re laying in bed with your ear buds in and hands swiping at Jake’s twitching sleep feet, a snazzy song comes on, helping you do everything but sleep. Double clicking the screen of your phone, you see the song is titled Somebody Loves You by an artist going by the name of Betty Who. Curse Jake to pieces, the song makes you think of Enoch.

With a small smile on your face, you nudge the top of your foot against the back of Jake’s head, “Hey, Jake.” You whisper, trying to wake him up. The boy does nothing but nudge you back. Rolling your eyes, you nudge a little harder, pairing this one with a pinch to his calf, “Portman!” You stage whisper, the pain waking him. “Ow, what?” He asks, sitting up, one hand rubbing his head and the other his leg. Following suit, you sit up to, the two of you now face to face, “We’re really going back tomorrow, right?”

Jacob’s eyes widen, “That’s what you - Yes! Good God, I swear, you’re gonna be the death of me.” He groans. You lay back down with a smile on your face, “At least my ‘grouchy little boyfriend’ will be able to bring you back, eh?” This makes Jacob laugh, “You’re such a jerk. The two of you deserve each other.” He says as he lies back down also. “There’s only one reason I’d stay…” You mock again with a chuckle, causing Jake to toss his pillow at you. “Goodnight, Y/N the Jerk.” He says, settling back in for sleep. “G'night Jakey the Jerk.” You say back, tossing him back his pillow and rewinding the song.

The Trouble with Pocahontas/Connor Kenway Cosplays

Halloween isn’t the only time that I see people dressing up as Native Americans. No, I’m not talking about various sports team events, or Coachella. I’m talking about Conventions.  

It irks me and I silently judge when I see a Pocahontas or Sexy Fem. Connors (Assassin’s Creed 3) . Yes, you look beautiful, Yes you may have put tons of hours into your beautiful cosplay, that is amazing and I commend you for it, but that’s the thing. To you, it’s a cosplay, a costume, one you wear for a couple hours until YOU decide to take it off.  To me, that’s my culture, and I just CAN’T take my “costume” off.

 Do you really understand how problematic Disney’s Pocahontas is? Yes, they did get Native actress, Irene Bedard , to voice her,  they did some research,  they did visit the Pamunkey Reservation. Yes! The animation was beautiful and it did break some boundaries for it’s time, but despite all this….she still remains a stereotype (POCAHONTAS WASN’T EVEN HER REAL NAME! It was Matoaka ). Look at her clothes, take away the name “Pocahontas” and tell me, what do you see?  I see, just another generic Native costume that we see year after year in Halloween stores. 

Now Fem.Connors, I don’t really have a problem with, the ones I DO is the ones who feel they need to…sex it up. I’m all for sexy cosplay, do you boo, but just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. In this case, sexy Connors irks me, because it just reinforces the sexualization of Native Women. Which statistics have shown, that Native Women are at the highest rate of any ethnicity to be sexually assaulted, raped, or murdered.  You can still be a gorgeous, bomb ass Fem.Connor, without showing the boobs (which I’m sure are lovely) and a bare midriff (Lovely as well),and without reinforcing a harmful stereotype. (Seriously, you can! I’ve seen some amazing Fem.Connors!!)

Yes, you look beautiful, you look gorgeous, hot, sexy whatever it maybe, at the end of the day, you’re still portraying a character that is Native American, and by applying rule 63 to Connor, and making it sexy, using obvious Native motifs, your “costume” is no different than the Pocahottie costume on the rack in the Spirit Halloween store, except for the fact it’s made better.

p.s. to the Connor cosplayer I saw a few years ago at Otakon, who wore a stereotypical Headdress with it. Fuck you.