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During the treehouse live at E3 2016, when asked about Zelda spin offs Eiji Aonuma briefly mentioned talk among his staff about a Sheik game. 

So I lost my fuckin marbles and thought it’d be interesting to conceptualize a story about where the title of Sheik came from and what it means. Perhaps a story that takes place just at the tail end of the sheikah people’s mass genocide.

This is SUUUUPER self indulgent.

fem!larry fic rec masterpost

Because fem!larry is a blessing.

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i tried fem!finland because i ship her with fem!norway

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I did a thing..

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summer rhink headcanons

the semester’s officially over & i’m on summer break!! let’s celebrate with rhink!!

  • glasses!rhett reading a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel in bed on a sunny summer afternoon, link curled up next to him atop the covers in nothing but a flimsy crop top and spanks to beat the heat, head on rhett’s shoulder, round little buttcheek fitting perfectly in rhett’s huge right hand, the left flipping pages nonchalantly as link reads along with him
  • both of them flopping down on the set couch in between takes while filming buddy system when link’s hand accidentally lands on rhett’s thigh but they’re both too exhausted (and gay) to do anything about it
  • strolling down the LA streets in the sweet golden sun, talking to and taking pics with all the fans that approach them, moderating each other’s moods and offering breaks in cool shady areas when they can feel the other getting antsy and tense 
  • fem!link rockin’ a white tank and blue jean booty shorts as she presses her tall girlfriend up against a ranch fence and wraps her arms around her waist, smooching her proudly bc she just looks so pretty in a dress with her long amber hair coiled up in a loose braid, hot farmer’s daughter
  • kid!randl swimming and tubing on the lake ‘til they’re burnt as hell and have to recover by sitting side-by-side on a wooden bench, munching hot dogs and watermelon slices, soon ready to go again
  • rhett napping on the beach while link and jessie play in the ocean, accidentally dreaming of both his dark-haired beauties leaning over him, water dripping down their tan, bare skin, eyes glittering as they both kiss his neck and mouth… he wakes up all frazzled and hot lmao 
  • college!link asking rhett to help him bleach his hair so he’ll “look good for summer” and rhett doing it so gently, staring at the nape of link’s neck as he goes, smitten as hell and blessed to have such a punk best friend 
  • next door neighbor AU where teen!randl meet at their designated spot - a rope swing overlooking a valley - swinging the day away until the sky turns pink and making promises to stay together forever
  • kissing underneath fourth of july fireworks 
  • day trip to san francisco in a red convertible, both in sunglasses (rhett’s - amber, link’s - silver), cruising across the bay bridge and watching the fog creep over the bay and diffuse the jagged city skyline in gray mist, wind on smiling cheeks, fingers entwined in link’s lap 

I’m a difficult DL nigga. I don’t link with fems bc I fuck bitches still. I don’t do vers sex either I’m the top or bottom (id fuck my top tho wouldn’t let my bottom hit), I don’t send face pics (I see what y'all do with them). Msgs like “fuck me” or “let me suck your dick ” are turn offs. I’ve been catfished as far as niggaz saying they DL but just be discrete I cut them off soon as I find out. Scared to do parties, hate feet, picky asf but a quality can attract me. Hope I didn’t forget anything. This should help with those of you messenging me. And no I don’t give out my social media’s just my txt free number 😂💯💯

ask-irl-fem-link-deactivated201  asked:

(( If the four swords boys were to pick birthdays, would they pick different days do you think? Or one big day for all of them? I think red would go for a summer of spring birthday because of how warm and pretty it is... then again, I can also see him picking Hyrules equivalent to Christmas too... What do you think? ))

I think that the first year, they probably tried to celebrate on the same day, but…

It didn’t seem wise to try that again.

Blue and Green would probably fight over who gets the “original” Link’s birthday.  They’d probably settle on Green gets the original day, but Blue gets the day they pulled out the Four Sword.

I like your theory about Red wanting either the warm, bright time of year or the same time as the winter holidays.  I think he’d probably be conflicted on the subject until Vio points out that, strategically, it’s best to have a summer birthday so you’re never more than half a year away from either your birthday or the winter holiday.  (For himself though, I don’t think Vio would care all that much, so he’d probably just pick a date at random.)

college fem!randl goin to the park for link’s birthday as well as the kickoff to pride and they have a picnic and just spend the day talkin and kissin on the grass and fem!rhett’s just so beautiful in a forest-green tank and light gray shorts, worn sneakers and a long ponytail and she’s absolutely glowing tan in the golden sun and she climbs into fem!link’s lap and gives her lots of birthday smooches and link’s just gripping her waist for dear life, drowning in her tall blonde gf oh my god

i am in love with nomnomroko’s fem!medic!!! i don’t usually draw genderbends, but i absolutely love her design! *v*