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During the treehouse live at E3 2016, when asked about Zelda spin offs Eiji Aonuma briefly mentioned talk among his staff about a Sheik game. 

So I lost my fuckin marbles and thought it’d be interesting to conceptualize a story about where the title of Sheik came from and what it means. Perhaps a story that takes place just at the tail end of the sheikah people’s mass genocide.

This is SUUUUPER self indulgent.

fem!larry fic rec masterpost

Because fem!larry is a blessing.

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i tried fem!finland because i ship her with fem!norway

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I did a thing..

orignal by @croxovergoddess (go follow and support her art she’s great!!)

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I know that bleebug recently wrote a fem!Hook fanfic for you, so I wanted to ask (assuming that you write fics) if you write/have written any fem!Hook fics yourself?

No idea when this is from since I rarely check my messages. Sorry! And no anon, I’ve never actually ventured into fic writing. I’m an avid reader though and am obsessed with fem!Hook. If you’ve been looking you’ve probably come across these gems, but in case you haven’t, here are some recs:

* = smut

louder than sirens by @emmaofmisthaven  

sing for me by @emmaofmisthaven  *

untitled by @emmaofmisthaven

I need you first above all by Lethally  * 

drabble by @emmaofmisthaven

drabble 2 by @emmaofmisthaven

i go both ways by @literatiruinedme  

lost and found by @bleebug  *

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(( If the four swords boys were to pick birthdays, would they pick different days do you think? Or one big day for all of them? I think red would go for a summer of spring birthday because of how warm and pretty it is... then again, I can also see him picking Hyrules equivalent to Christmas too... What do you think? ))

I think that the first year, they probably tried to celebrate on the same day, but…

It didn’t seem wise to try that again.

Blue and Green would probably fight over who gets the “original” Link’s birthday.  They’d probably settle on Green gets the original day, but Blue gets the day they pulled out the Four Sword.

I like your theory about Red wanting either the warm, bright time of year or the same time as the winter holidays.  I think he’d probably be conflicted on the subject until Vio points out that, strategically, it’s best to have a summer birthday so you’re never more than half a year away from either your birthday or the winter holiday.  (For himself though, I don’t think Vio would care all that much, so he’d probably just pick a date at random.)

SJW Fem Link demand
  • SJW's: Why is link always male, why can't I play as female Link that helps represents us?
  • Me: Because Link is an already established character and is canonically male? Why play as gender bend of a character than an original and already well established female like Zelda?
  • I'd love to play a game where you can play as her, I mean that is the games title?
  • SJW: No we want a female link! Why is Nintendo being so Anti-diverse and sexist?
  • Me: It has nothing to do with diversity and sexism. Link has been and always will be male character. It would make no sense if he'd suddenly become a female. Nintendo shouldn't sacrifice their creative vision to pander to a minority group with a non sensical argument.

Josh is upset Linkle is not Aaron Diaz’s link.

Doesn’t quite understand the concept that even if you put a fem link in the main series, male link will still be seen the default and just lead to “how do I get man link?” and be nulgated anyways.

I like to call it the Peter Pan syndrome: Despite Peter being routinely played by women in most reenactments, Pan is still a boy by default.