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A MASSIVE STRESS DUMP OF … my queens and wives … and a some other people from the past few days this is a mess


You’re m 11:11 wish.

APH | { Pastel. } Nyo!Hong Kong & Nyo!Iceland.  

loganludchen  asked:

Your last fem!Iceland was so cute!! *A* if i can ask, do you prefer iceland (and fem iceland) with light blue/blue eyes or with reddish/purples-ish eyes? also i'd have a request, to celebrate the new Sorting Quiz on pottermore (are you a fan of hp? what house do you belong to?) hufflepuff!fem!iceland and slytherin!fem!hongkong, if you want! (but of course if you dont i completely understand, eh! v-v)

Thank you! ;u; hmm… bluish/purplish with a hint of pink~ haha. Oh right, new sorting. I’m a proud Slytherin! Here, have pottertalia hongice!

(yes that is totally blond and not-that-smart hermione. with a puffin instead of a cat.)

masikeu  asked:

I must say I simply adore this blog and it totally made me start RP'ing the li'l puffin babe. But anyway, I was wondering if some HongIce fluff would be okay? (and also could it just be regular HK, please and thank you! c:)

(( There you go <3! Sorry it took so long!
Thank you so much for this kind message, I’m so glad I inspired someone to start rping ; u; ))


With you it all just seems a little bit more colorful.

APH | { Red & Blue. }  Iceland & Nyo!Hong Kong.

So here’s a sequel to my Countries of Europe vocab post! Once again, if you spot any mistakes, don’t be afraid to point them out to me; like I said before, French isn’t my first language, so there’s bound to be plenty. There’s also probably more mistakes (not just in translation) in this one, because I have to admit I know nothing about Asia. The I’ve-never-left-Europe sort of “I know nothing”. Anyway, without further ado:

Eastern Asia

China - Chine (fem.)

Hong Kong SAR - Hong-Kong (masc.)

Macau SAR - Macao (masc.)

Tibet - Tibet (masc.)

Taiwan - Taiwan (masc.)

Japan - Japon (masc.)

South Korea -  Corée (fem.) du Sud

North Korea - Corée (fem.) du Nord

Mongolia - Mongolie (fem.)

Northern Asia

Russia - Russie (fem.)

Western Asia

Georgia -  Géorgie (fem.)

Azerbaijan -  Azerbaïdjan (masc.)

Armenia -  Arménie (fem.)

Turkey - Turquie (fem.)

The Middle East

Syria - Syrie (fem.)

Lebanon - Liban (masc.)

Israel - Israël (masc.)

Palestine - Palestine (fem.)

Jordan - Jordanie (fem.)

Saudi Arabia - Arabie (fem.) Saoudite

Yemen - Yémen (masc.)

Oman - Oman (masc.)

United Arab Emirates - Les Émirats (masc.) arabes unis

Qatar - Qatar (masc.)

Bahrain - Bahreïn (masc.)

Kuwait - Koweït (masc.)

Iraq - Irak (masc.)

Iran - Iran (masc.)

Central and Southern Asia

Kazakhstan - Kazakhstan (masc.)

Kyrgyzstan - Kirghizistan (masc.)

Tajikstan - Tadjikstan (masc.)

Uzbekistan - Ouzbékistan (masc.)

Turkmenistan - Turkménistan (masc.)

Afghanistan - Afghanistan (masc.)

Pakistan - Pakistan (masc.)

India - Inde (fem.)

Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka (fem.)

The Maldives - Les Maldives (fem.)

Nepal - Népal (masc.)

Bangladesh - Bangladesh (masc.)

Bhutan - Bhoutan (masc.)

South-Eastern Asia

Myanmar / Burma - Myanmar (masc.) / Birmanie (fem.)

Thailand - Thaïlande (fem.)

Laos - Laos (masc.)

Cambodia - Cambodge (masc.)

Vietnam - Vietnam (masc.)

The Philippines - Les Philippines (fem.)

Malaysia - Malaisie (fem.)

Singapore - Singapour (masc.)


Brunei - Brunei (masc.)

Timor-Leste / East Timor - Timor-Oriental (masc.)