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who broke it????
who broke it????

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[Fic] Child’s Talk in April

Title: Child’s Talk in April
Fem!England, India, Wales, Ireland, many, many little colonies, and India/f!England mentioned (but not the fic focus)
Rating: Teen - one f-word
Summary: England. April 1862. England spends some time at home with most of the British Empire on Easter Sunday. Family, imperialism and trouble in the Americas mix only with a headache.

Notes: real life and research means that yes, I am posting an Easter fic a whole month and a bit after Easter. Happy Easter.


“James, for the third time,  get down from the trees!”

Halfway up the old apple tree and with his arms full of branches -  again -  , New South Wales turns his head with the grudging pace of one who knows they are in for a lecture to where England is sitting at a table on the garden patio with India and Wales. Even at a distance and under the steady spring budding of green leaves, the boy’s eyes are huge and wounded, vainly trying to communicate to his exasperated guardian all of the opportunities he feels he is clearly missing out on - all the opportunities she is so cruelly depriving him of.

“But if there’re eggs up here -”

England sets down her empty cup of tea firmly enough its saucer rattles; India begins pouring her more from the still-warm pot without bothering to ask her about it. “I told you at the start: none of the eggs are hidden above eye-level.”

New South Wales swings himself around a thick branch just so he can see the patio better, his tone turning indignant. “But your eye-level is twice the height of ours!”

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With you it all just seems a little bit more colorful.

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masikeu  asked:

I must say I simply adore this blog and it totally made me start RP'ing the li'l puffin babe. But anyway, I was wondering if some HongIce fluff would be okay? (and also could it just be regular HK, please and thank you! c:)

(( There you go <3! Sorry it took so long!
Thank you so much for this kind message, I’m so glad I inspired someone to start rping ; u; ))

loganludchen  asked:

Your last fem!Iceland was so cute!! *A* if i can ask, do you prefer iceland (and fem iceland) with light blue/blue eyes or with reddish/purples-ish eyes? also i'd have a request, to celebrate the new Sorting Quiz on pottermore (are you a fan of hp? what house do you belong to?) hufflepuff!fem!iceland and slytherin!fem!hongkong, if you want! (but of course if you dont i completely understand, eh! v-v)

Thank you! ;u; hmm… bluish/purplish with a hint of pink~ haha. Oh right, new sorting. I’m a proud Slytherin! Here, have pottertalia hongice!

(yes that is totally blond and not-that-smart hermione. with a puffin instead of a cat.)