Watership Down||Felynn

Her lips tugged further back into a side-smirk with each step she took, descending the stairs that led to the pool. It perplexed her that an asylum had so little security even the dead could roam the building freely. Surely a staff member was aware of her immortal existence, for there weren’t many times she hid. Had no one recognized her? Perhaps her death had just been another turn of events in Belikov’s history After all, there were three others who met a similar fate under it’s care. Felix being one of them, Lynn was not surprised when he agreed to spend time together. Spirits connected stronger than humans; she saw that true long before death. He hadn’t, however, mentioned the fact that they were alike. In his defense, she too left out that detail. Hypocrisy wasn’t a trait Lynn favored, yet she herself had been displaying it. When she heard of his current state, her first instinct was to play games. That was, of course, the only thing she could do properly, in life and death. But the poor soul deserved a chance; as did she.

Taking a seat on the ledge, she dipped her pale toes into the cold water, sending a jolt of energy down her spine. It had been a while since she swam, too long for her to remember. There was also no telling when she last spent quality time with another person. If she was going to befriend anyone, it may as well be a fellow ghost.

Hide and Seek - Felynn

“I’ll hide first.” Felix said, smiling sweetly at Lynn. “No peeking!" 

He waited until she had her eyes covered to start running. He tried his best to stay quiet, knowing that if he was too loud, he’d give himself away.

"Where to hide, where to hide..” he mumbled to himself, still running as he looked around. He passed the entrance to the pool and got an idea. Felix pushed the door open and quietly shut it, instead of letting it slam close like usual. He pulled off his shirt and his pants, hiding them in the shower room, and jumped into the pool. It was freezing cold, but he didn’t mind too much. This would hopefully be the perfect hiding spot. Especially since he didn’t need to breathe. He swam over to one of the corners and compressed himself into a teeny little ball, waiting.