Embo’s hat means so much to me because I just….imagine if you will:

  • Embo sledding down a hill in his hat
  • Embo tossing a salad in his hat
  • Embo cooking noodles in his hat
  • Embo using his hat as a footrest
  • Embo decorating his hat so it looks like a Christmas wreath
  • Embo giving baby Marrok a bath in his hat
  • Embo playing “go fetch” with Marrok using his hat
  • Embo giving Felucian younglings merry-go-round rides in his hat
  • Embo holding up his hat to hide from socializing
  • Embo covering his face with his hat in the morning so the sun stops hitting his eyes
  • Embo doing practical things with his hat (◕‿◕✿)


  • Embo hanging his hat on a hook and accidentally breaking the hook off the wall