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  • Interview of Capital FM
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The lovely Emma Watson said you’re the only person she kissed on the Harry Potter movie franchise that turned her on. How you feel about that Tom Felton?

T: Honestly, I c–I ahh, wow, idk, another big statement. Uhm, uhh, yeah very flattering–d-d, Emma and I have been friends for a long time so kinda feels a little strange that she’d say that but um..

Even though you’re not it the room I can see actually see you cowering into the corner– and blushing!

T: (mumbles)–honestly!



Happy Birthday you gorgeous, gorgeous man! It’s 12 here, so here I am wishing this astoundingly handsome man a happy 27th birthday. Do come to your senses and realise that I’m your true soul mate (Ah, if only) 

Here are some of the hilarious quotes of Tom along with gifs of him and his Hp cast members. And of course, the little Tom (Adorable puppy!) 


Uh, pretty hardcore. She’s got a mean right hook, that girl. It was originally a slap I think, so I said, “Let’s test it out now. Give me a slap and try to work on it,” meaning give me a screen slap, a fake slap. But she actually smacked me on the face pretty hard, and I walked away from that rather listening impaired with my tail tucked between my legs.
—  Tom Felton on “What was it like being punched by Emma Watson?” (x)