Interview of Capital FM
  • Interview of Capital FM
  • Tom Felton

The lovely Emma Watson said you’re the only person she kissed on the Harry Potter movie franchise that turned her on. How you feel about that Tom Felton?

T: Honestly, I c–I ahh, wow, idk, another big statement. Uhm, uhh, yeah very flattering–d-d, Emma and I have been friends for a long time so kinda feels a little strange that she’d say that but um..

Even though you’re not it the room I can see actually see you cowering into the corner– and blushing!

T: (mumbles)–honestly!


Uh, pretty hardcore. She’s got a mean right hook, that girl. It was originally a slap I think, so I said, “Let’s test it out now. Give me a slap and try to work on it,” meaning give me a screen slap, a fake slap. But she actually smacked me on the face pretty hard, and I walked away from that rather listening impaired with my tail tucked between my legs.
—  Tom Felton on “What was it like being punched by Emma Watson?” (x)