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Eleanor Shellstrop: Life events resulting in largest negative point values

  • Altercations with various youths selling various items for various fundraisers (x88)
  • Salad bars sneezed on (x12)
  • Lifetime ban from Build-a-Bear workshop
  • Stole scarecrow from a fall follies display, put it in passenger seat so she could use carpool lane
  • Got health department to give favorite restaurant a “B” rating so it would be less crowded
  • Scalped epipens (x4)
  • Roommate/dry cleaning incident
  • Dogs drunkenly adopted them returned next day (x2)
  • Lied about age to eat off kids menu
  • Cyber-bullying of pregnant woman from spin class
  • Took selfie in bathroom at great aunt’s funeral
  • Started fire in mailbox to get mailman to take off shirt
  • Showed a 9 year-old child The Shining
  • Sticking of gum in public places (x224)
  • Brief instagram flirtation with Kid Rock
  • Strangers flipped off (traffic) (x82)
  • Strangers flipped of (misc locations) (x129)
  • Waiters screamed at (x22)
  • Crashing (and subsequent destruction) of Vanessa Garcia’s quinceañera
  • Movie endings ruined (x35)
  • Heckling of mall santas (x9)

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"I told you, astrology never lies"

“I told you, astrology never lies,” Namjoon grins, pulling you closer by the hips, exhilaration still sparkling like bursting stars in his eyes. Surrounding the both of you, the snowfall is white confetti, tumbling excitedly from above. A suitable celebration.

You feel it too. The lingering hum beneath your skin. The painless simmer on your inner left wrist where his date of birth and the time he was born (right down to the very second) has arisen on your skin in fine, white ink. A full minute has now passed since the world has stepped graciously into the New Year, the last of the fireworks finally fizzling out against the midnight sky. A full minute since millions of people around the world have entered their twentieth 365-day cycle, have experienced the same sensation as you right now.

Right here, with your best friend. The only person you had hoped for it to be.

And albeit the giddiness is contagious, the embarrassment over his words rules through with greater ferocity. You thump him hard against the chest with a closed, mittened fist, and Namjoon does nothing but chuckle, carelessly staring at your mouth all the while. Fearlessly, that is. Now that you know the only heart his own can possibly be tied to, woven with, is your own.

“Just– Just because our signs were compatible d-didn’t mean we would definitely be s-soulmates!” You chatter, eyes watering with the chilly air and sheer relief. The blush furiously spreads to the tips of your ears, feeling ripe and warm. “God I just– You’re so stupid and I love you, I love you, I love you–”

Namjoon has you against him now. Your hips to the tops of his thighs. His palms slipping around to your tailbone where his fingers lace together in a knot, binding you inseparable. Physically united; not solely by the soul. Namjoon smiles so wide you think his dimpled cheeks are at a risk of splitting. But that is okay, because you have always been good at stitching, and he has always adored your work.

“I love you, always have,” he murmurs, dipping his face close, the cold tip of his nose brushing your own. Like the unsure quiver of an unsteadily drawn bowstring, your lower lip trembles, trembles, trembles. Waiting for him to at long last hold it still in the most effortless, sweet caress. “I love you. And I owe you so many kisses that it’s a joke.”

“So let’s start,” you softly urge, the words slipping from between smiling teeth, exposed to the icy night. “We’ve made the stars wait long enough.”

Just because our signs were compatible didn’t mean–” Namjoon begins to mimic in that ridiculous high-pitched tone that sounds not an inch like you, though you cut him short before he can finish with your lips melding to his own. 

There, your mouth ceases to tremble like a heartbeat, and the numbers on your wrist suddenly feel heavy; weighed down by something imperceptible. As though a piece you never completely realised was missing finally slotted itself home.


the process video of my latest drawing ~

Stray Kids Heights!

I know I’m not the only one wondering how tall they are. And since JYP didn’t tell us I’m here to figure it out for myself.

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